Destiny box art revealed for PS3 and PS4

Destiny PS4 Pre Order Inlay 3D UK

Hey, PlayStation nation. This is going to be an exciting week! First off, check out our box art. In Destiny, you’ll play as one of those three classes of Guardian – Titan, Hunter, and Warlock – all able to wield incredible power, and sworn to protect the last safe city on Earth.

Tomorrow, check back right here to watch our latest gameplay trailer, set in a destination a lot of fans have been asking to see for the first time. We’ll also have some exciting announcements if you’re looking to suit up and explore our new frontier. Stay tuned!

Destiny PS3 Pre Order Inlay 3D UK

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awesome, I like it :)

Can’t wait! Want it now :) hehe

That’s horrible box art. What was wrong with the previous artwork that’s been used so far? ( You don’t need to see character classes on the front of the box. We’re not idiots. I hope they offer it up as a reversible sleeve or something.

I also prefer the previous box art with the sphere above the planet. Beautiful, clean and elegant. Please consider that for a reversible sleeve or a collector’s edition.

Back of the head of dude in center reminds me Master Chief…

The wait is killing me bungie
Hopefully my EB does a midnight launch for this one

is this game that anticipated that a blog post is needed for box art?

Looks nice. The PS4 box looks nicer than the PS3 because I like the blue around it!

Cant wait for this game. Wish it could been a day one release :(

When will we get more news about the game? I mean more like game play news.


Ignore my last bit. lmao. I just realised I missed the part you said “Tomorrow, check back right here”. I blame the box art for being so nice it distracted me from that part :P

Looks COOL:P

How awfully generic for such a promising game. Even bioshock couldn’t resist just sticking the protagonist on the cover with a gun in his hands; it’s what sells. Bungie are saying ‘Look Halo fans we did what you asked here is something different yet pretty much the same.’The previous cover art was a million times better and I hope there’s a reversible/downloadable cover available


Those PS4 boxes still look like Vita boxes with a PS4 logo on it to me.

L-R I’m going with Warlock, Hunter, Titan.

Am I right?

That is one sexeh box!
This is my most wanted game after Dark Souls II and FFXHD!

Are all comments in this post awaiting moderation or just mine? Never had it happen before is because I said shexeh?

Hunter_Of_Fallen 30 September, 2013 @ 17:13


As has already been said, the previous artwork was much, much better. Consider changing it back.

Stoked !!!

Why do publishers insist on putting guns on their box art? Give this one to the gun crazy Americans and give Europe the previous boxart which was far better.

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