UPADTE: PS3 system software update v.4.50 launches this week

Update: We have mistakenly announced in our PS3 system software update 4.50 blog post one feature that is currently unavailable, “Data can be transferred from PS3 to PC Vita using Wi-Fi and ethernet connection.”

This feature will become available when the latest systemsoftware update for the PS Vita system, currently under development, becomes available.The system software update timing is yet to be decided but we will announce when it is ready.

It also says that the data can be transferred via ethernet connection which is not supported on the PS Vita system. This is referring to the PS Vita TV system which will become available in Japan later this year and in Asia in January 2014.

We apologize for the confusion and appreciate your understanding.

Original post: Later today, the next system software update for PS3 (version 4.50) will be available. We’ve added some great features and improvements to make downloading system updates and Web Store purchases more convenient for all PSN users. In addition, we’ve made it easier to move games, movies and other content from your PS3 to PS Vita with wi-fi data transfer.

Check out some of the new enhancements you’ll find when you update your PS3 to version 4.50:

  • Auto download of system software updates has been expanded to support all PSN users.
  • Auto download support of purchases made on the Web Store will be made available to all PSN users.
  • New options for trophy privacy settings allow users to set which trophies are visible.
  • Data can now be transferred from PS3 to PS Vita using wi-fi and ethernet connection.

Let us know what you think about all the new features in the comments below.

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So we can now hide trophies on PS3? I like that! Just wish there was a way to delete trophies so I can get rid of that stupid Ridge Racer beta trophies which is still annoying me with the sync. And what time later does this take place?

Looks great although i don’t see the point for hiding trophies

Later today, why never give exact times it is the same for psn purchases or title updates like the GTA 5 from today. Why not give an exact time? :)

And I would pretty much like to play custom music in my ps3 with every game thru the gaming headset, would be a nice feature if you could make more games support that, and it would be the first firmware update for the ps3 I actually need :)

Tho of course we all appreciate the work and any bug fixes, thanks.

Pretty meh, Nothing that seems important or useful, The trophy hide thing could be of some use, But if it was delete trophies for games with 0% it would be much better

Will we be able to see if our Vita friends are online now from our PS3 :-P



PS3 > Vita data transfer over wi-fi/ethernet is a welcome addition. :)

Any chance the download list can be sorted? Maybe a search box of some sort?

The Vita ps3 wifi link is about time, it was always strange that you had to use the USB cable.

Hiding 0% trophies will be nice, an option for them to be deleted would of been preferred though.

Meh-ish. I’d rather have trophy syncing be much more transparennt and faster! Takes “ages” to sync :/ But I guess that was the price for hacking trophy support in to the system back in the day. Xbox 360 achievements were always so much elegantly handled, but than again they designed the system around them, it was a late decision that needed to be jammed in.

Where’s Netflix for PS Vita? And PS mobile? The video store? Huh?

Not going to buy a PS4 until you start supporting Scandinavia a whole lot better!


I have two PS3s in the house sharing content so will now both update with the downloads or the primarily system only?
As say i pre order NBA will it download to both systems now once launched?

Will the update make the webstore faster loading and on the subject of faster will the ps3 and vita friends list be made 2000 with the PS4 or is that a PS4 only option?

Yeah, I forgot… like silmorat1 mentions above, the download list is terrible on both PS3 and Vita. You really need to provide customers a much, much better way to manage and access purchases.

I3loodthirsty 01 October, 2013 @ 19:01

Maybe im missing something but why would anyone want too hide there trophies?

a more useful feature would be a search option for our download history as it would make finding items faster for those who have a lot of items.

Wifi data transfer for the Vita is very welcome but apart from that it’s not very exciting. There’s a lot more which seems to be done. I’m worried that we’re not going to see much improvements being made on the PS3 once the PS4 drops. We have barely seen any updates even now for the system. The new “online” mode for trophies for instance is brutally slow and psn friends that are on their vita don’t display properly in the friends list still. You view one game, return to the main list and it will hang for a huge amount of time, making it pretty much unusable.

There is still no sorting in the store download list, most of us seem to have upwards of 1000 plus there, very hard to manage, especially if your dealing with a new or 2nd system. In steam you have a list of your library, what’s installed on the system and what’s not, incredibly simple and user friendly. PSN drastically needs a solution.


Guess this means a Software update to PS Vita also, since I don’t think it support WIFI to PS3 atm

Sorry, but i can’t resist to ask:

Why again isn’t in this FW delete option for insulting, forced, unremovable, undeletable Singstar in XMB? Why it needs to be so aggressive so it shows everytime i change disc, everytime i switch on PS3, even if will never play it? Why do you persistently reject one simple solution? Even dumb person can understand, that delete option can solve all our complaints without harming customers who appreciate forced Singstar in their XMB.

Quote from another forum which nicely sums SCEE arrogance:

– How do i remove this s&%t from XMB?
– You can’t, that’s the new Sony strategy of making customer satisfied.

@1 dark_angel69

I got the same problem:( After downloading that ‘Ridge Racer beta’ my Trophy Syncing has been dreadful:( It takes me over 15 minuets to Sync my Trophies now(well i think it has something to do with the ‘Ridge Racer beta’) & even if i don’t want to Sync my Trophies it keeps trying to sync my Trophies every time i just want to look at them. Oh well the PS4 will end all this & be perfect & have no online problems…hmm…GTAV has been dreadful today to so it’s not just SONY who have things go wrong i guess… :D

Anyway nice to get more features for the PS3 i think so cool SONY keep the updates coming;)


So we get privacy options for trophies, but not for our actual user account. I can hide my trophies, for whatever silly reason I would want to do that, but I can’t sign in invisible or appear offline. Alright.


This is nonsense.. Every system update I have my hopes pinned up on seeing some crucial changes but we keep getting this.. Trophy section and store actually devolved downward over time and are in complete ruin now. Just a few minutes ago I was facepalming in frustration again, having to sit through a loading screen just to get out the trophy section after having to sync for 2 minutes and sitting through the initial slowdown of the icons to show up, just for checking a trophy description without even having unlocked new ones. It’s absolutely ridiculous and I can’t believe nothing is being done to this?! And on top of the constant store issues, the redesign turned it into a mess to browse through. I barely got on store or purchased anything since then. I’m not trying to troll, I’m an actual concerned Playstation fan and this is beneath its standards. These matters are supposed to improve over time, not get worse.. But by all means, keep up on the small stuff. /sarcacm.

@Playstation Firmware Teams. Please Fix/ Add these features for the PS Vita:

1) Email App: Ability to Mark Emails as Read/Unread (I refuse to use the Email app until i can do this).

2)WPA/WPA2-Enterprise Wifi Support: For all the vita users who want to connect to wifi on college campus’s You CANT! The vita doesnt support wifi networks in which the user has a username and password to connect to wifi. The biggest universities in the world use WPA/WPA2-Enterprise. and i’m sure a vast vast majority of vita users want to connect away from home (on campus) to wifi.

3)Web-Browser and keyboard: Please support a Portrait mode. Browsing the web is sooo much more intuitive with a long portrait frame. and the landscape keyboard isnt the easiest to type with.

At first, thank you for still working on PS3 system issues. It would be great if you could also give us the possibility to sort alphabetically our downloaded games. I really can’t understand why this option is not available :/.


Yeah that is the same problem I’m having. It is due to the beta. The trophies only appear when set to offline mode and when we switch to online they are no longer there. The reason for this is because they are trying to sync so they can go online but is failing to do so even tho it says it has reached 100% and this is why it repeats. I think our only option is to wait until the game is released so the trophies are available and that should allow it to sync perfectly. After that we can use this hide feature to clear the trophy list from sight unless you plan on buying it.



Highlight Trophy Collection, press triangle. Switch it to offline mode.


I remember when I asked a bit back why we couldn’t do Vita transfers via Wi-Fi. I feel so good now :D

Also, great to see that you allow what to show in ttophy lists — great for those people who do not like the 0% there :P


@Spiderjam Do your unlocked trophies still sync then?

Nice update!

Like it.

But bring Netflix app to EU PSVita PSN too! USA already has it, The Netherlands got Netflix now too. Am using it on the PS3, but want it on PSVita too.

Just port it already… Waiting for the Sony Pulse app took a long time too after USA already had it for longer time.

An easy port for Netflix would be nice. Gonna try the wifi data transfer tonight!


what about removing trophies once and for all?


How about game categories like this:
We could move Singstar icon for example somewhere :) And more importantly group games by genres.

supersmith2500 01 October, 2013 @ 20:15

Still not released yet. When is it out?


Judging by the last software update, I think I’m gonna wait a while before I snag this.


What we really need is a way to order the content we bought in the store… I have 700 contents in the list and if I need to re-download something, searching it in the list is a real pain…

Sharingan_itachi 01 October, 2013 @ 20:31

PS+ users feel they’re being robbed by making auto download free to all users.

I’d really like to know how SCEE and Sony decide what to include in the software updates. Really… SCEE should do a blog article on the process. In that they could answer how the two most requested changes have been completely ignored for over a year now.. a) make Singstar an option rather than forced and b) a method to search the download list.

Coody-Baroody 01 October, 2013 @ 20:35

Hiding trophies? Why? A delete option would have been much better. But who CARES who can see what on our trophies? They aren’t able to be hidden from US so whats the point in hiding them from others? Apart from the saddest of trophy whores who have Hannah Montana on their list obviously but other than that what is the point?

Judging by some comments here people already got updated to 4.50 but for some reason I can’t update my PS3. Currently having 4.46 and when trying update via internet it says I got the latest version.

Also I would like to uninstall certain titles with 0% trophy that I got because either installed just to see what it is (like singstar) or got them when friend was showing me some of his games on my console which ends up that I did not enjoy so never played them anymore.

Coody-Baroody 01 October, 2013 @ 20:38

Or if this trophy hiding IS going to come in, at least state to others that whoever is looking at their trophies that ‘this person has XXX amount of trophies hidden. That way, when somebody like me who has worked extremely hard to keep a 98.8% completion rate, will know that this persons is fake, when they have 100% completion.

I welcome this, i thought the Ps3 updates be no more but adding things is not what i see here.

you basically downgrade the Plus features on Ps3 so why should i continue buy the sub is cloud saves for “PSN users” :|

Really ???

Hiding the pop-up when u get a trophie has precedence over sorting/cleaning up the download list people have been asking for for over 5 years ????

Coody-Baroody 01 October, 2013 @ 20:40


Not to be funny mate but its your own fault that Singstar is on your list just for downloading and starting it on your profile. Just use an alt account for testing games if its important to you not to have these games on incomplete.

I only ever start games Im going to complete, if Im not going to go for the 100% I don’t touch it.

NightCrawler-72 01 October, 2013 @ 20:47

I agree with alot of comments already posted here.

I would like to see:

– Delete unwanted trophy lists
– Change your PSN ID
– Sort/Filter your Download list – I don’t know how many items I have but I do know trying to find anything is a real pain.
– Being able to sync trophies in the background and the sync itself needs optimizing.

Finally, now that the PSN service is no longer going to be free – it’s more important than ever that SONY listens to its customers.

I know and I understand that it’s my fault, we all do mistakes. Which is why I would like to see and option to uninstall such mistakes, got my point pal?


Slowly getting there, still need the ability to change online ID and region.

Coody-Baroody 01 October, 2013 @ 21:08


Yeah I get your point matey. Why not start a new PSN account? Unless you have plenty of trophies you couldn’t see yourself abandoning or doing again?

Does anyone know if this auto-download feature only downloads firmware updates… or does it also include game patches/updates?


I actually have only a few trophies since I’m new with PS3, I stopped playing consoles after 9 years with PSOne and PS2 and got back early this year. But since I’m more like a Sunday player rather a hardcore one I don’t really wanna repeat what I have done past last months. On the other hand I got that three 0% titles that simply annoys me a little which is why I mention the option to uninstall as that update seems to touch trophies at some point. Will check it out once the latest version will become available to me.

now just let me sort my downloads so i can search !! i have a huge list don’t even known what I have !!

id like where under the names on friends list to hide what game im playing and to hide what game there playing and what mission they are on,its annoying when you see what mission on gta 5 there on its sort of like spoilers in a way

Delete the Singstar-Icon!

I’m sad that these critical and frequently requested features weren’t implemented until a month before the ps4 launch.

Being upset about the Singstar icon is lame, just don’t click on it. Solution is super easy.


Don’t really care about ‘hiding trophies.’ Just want the ability to delete trophy sets with 0% from my list.


I would really like the option to delete trophies if it is possible, there are some games im on 0% which i have no desire to play and it bugs me that it clogs up the trophy list.

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