UPADTE: PS3 system software update v.4.50 launches this week

Update: We have mistakenly announced in our PS3 system software update 4.50 blog post one feature that is currently unavailable, “Data can be transferred from PS3 to PC Vita using Wi-Fi and ethernet connection.”

This feature will become available when the latest systemsoftware update for the PS Vita system, currently under development, becomes available.The system software update timing is yet to be decided but we will announce when it is ready.

It also says that the data can be transferred via ethernet connection which is not supported on the PS Vita system. This is referring to the PS Vita TV system which will become available in Japan later this year and in Asia in January 2014.

We apologize for the confusion and appreciate your understanding.

Original post: Later today, the next system software update for PS3 (version 4.50) will be available. We’ve added some great features and improvements to make downloading system updates and Web Store purchases more convenient for all PSN users. In addition, we’ve made it easier to move games, movies and other content from your PS3 to PS Vita with wi-fi data transfer.

Check out some of the new enhancements you’ll find when you update your PS3 to version 4.50:

  • Auto download of system software updates has been expanded to support all PSN users.
  • Auto download support of purchases made on the Web Store will be made available to all PSN users.
  • New options for trophy privacy settings allow users to set which trophies are visible.
  • Data can now be transferred from PS3 to PS Vita using wi-fi and ethernet connection.

Let us know what you think about all the new features in the comments below.

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So we can now hide trophies on PS3? I like that! Just wish there was a way to delete trophies so I can get rid of that stupid Ridge Racer beta trophies which is still annoying me with the sync. And what time later does this take place?

Looks great although i don’t see the point for hiding trophies

Later today, why never give exact times it is the same for psn purchases or title updates like the GTA 5 from today. Why not give an exact time? :)

And I would pretty much like to play custom music in my ps3 with every game thru the gaming headset, would be a nice feature if you could make more games support that, and it would be the first firmware update for the ps3 I actually need :)

Tho of course we all appreciate the work and any bug fixes, thanks.

Pretty meh, Nothing that seems important or useful, The trophy hide thing could be of some use, But if it was delete trophies for games with 0% it would be much better

Will we be able to see if our Vita friends are online now from our PS3 :-P



PS3 > Vita data transfer over wi-fi/ethernet is a welcome addition. :)

Any chance the download list can be sorted? Maybe a search box of some sort?

The Vita ps3 wifi link is about time, it was always strange that you had to use the USB cable.

Hiding 0% trophies will be nice, an option for them to be deleted would of been preferred though.

Meh-ish. I’d rather have trophy syncing be much more transparennt and faster! Takes “ages” to sync :/ But I guess that was the price for hacking trophy support in to the system back in the day. Xbox 360 achievements were always so much elegantly handled, but than again they designed the system around them, it was a late decision that needed to be jammed in.

Where’s Netflix for PS Vita? And PS mobile? The video store? Huh?

Not going to buy a PS4 until you start supporting Scandinavia a whole lot better!


I have two PS3s in the house sharing content so will now both update with the downloads or the primarily system only?
As say i pre order NBA will it download to both systems now once launched?

Will the update make the webstore faster loading and on the subject of faster will the ps3 and vita friends list be made 2000 with the PS4 or is that a PS4 only option?

Yeah, I forgot… like silmorat1 mentions above, the download list is terrible on both PS3 and Vita. You really need to provide customers a much, much better way to manage and access purchases.

I3loodthirsty 01 October, 2013 @ 19:01

Maybe im missing something but why would anyone want too hide there trophies?

a more useful feature would be a search option for our download history as it would make finding items faster for those who have a lot of items.

Wifi data transfer for the Vita is very welcome but apart from that it’s not very exciting. There’s a lot more which seems to be done. I’m worried that we’re not going to see much improvements being made on the PS3 once the PS4 drops. We have barely seen any updates even now for the system. The new “online” mode for trophies for instance is brutally slow and psn friends that are on their vita don’t display properly in the friends list still. You view one game, return to the main list and it will hang for a huge amount of time, making it pretty much unusable.

There is still no sorting in the store download list, most of us seem to have upwards of 1000 plus there, very hard to manage, especially if your dealing with a new or 2nd system. In steam you have a list of your library, what’s installed on the system and what’s not, incredibly simple and user friendly. PSN drastically needs a solution.


Guess this means a Software update to PS Vita also, since I don’t think it support WIFI to PS3 atm

Sorry, but i can’t resist to ask:

Why again isn’t in this FW delete option for insulting, forced, unremovable, undeletable Singstar in XMB? Why it needs to be so aggressive so it shows everytime i change disc, everytime i switch on PS3, even if will never play it? Why do you persistently reject one simple solution? Even dumb person can understand, that delete option can solve all our complaints without harming customers who appreciate forced Singstar in their XMB.

Quote from another forum which nicely sums SCEE arrogance:

– How do i remove this s&%t from XMB?
– You can’t, that’s the new Sony strategy of making customer satisfied.

@1 dark_angel69

I got the same problem:( After downloading that ‘Ridge Racer beta’ my Trophy Syncing has been dreadful:( It takes me over 15 minuets to Sync my Trophies now(well i think it has something to do with the ‘Ridge Racer beta’) & even if i don’t want to Sync my Trophies it keeps trying to sync my Trophies every time i just want to look at them. Oh well the PS4 will end all this & be perfect & have no online problems…hmm…GTAV has been dreadful today to so it’s not just SONY who have things go wrong i guess… :D

Anyway nice to get more features for the PS3 i think so cool SONY keep the updates coming;)


So we get privacy options for trophies, but not for our actual user account. I can hide my trophies, for whatever silly reason I would want to do that, but I can’t sign in invisible or appear offline. Alright.


This is nonsense.. Every system update I have my hopes pinned up on seeing some crucial changes but we keep getting this.. Trophy section and store actually devolved downward over time and are in complete ruin now. Just a few minutes ago I was facepalming in frustration again, having to sit through a loading screen just to get out the trophy section after having to sync for 2 minutes and sitting through the initial slowdown of the icons to show up, just for checking a trophy description without even having unlocked new ones. It’s absolutely ridiculous and I can’t believe nothing is being done to this?! And on top of the constant store issues, the redesign turned it into a mess to browse through. I barely got on store or purchased anything since then. I’m not trying to troll, I’m an actual concerned Playstation fan and this is beneath its standards. These matters are supposed to improve over time, not get worse.. But by all means, keep up on the small stuff. /sarcacm.

@Playstation Firmware Teams. Please Fix/ Add these features for the PS Vita:

1) Email App: Ability to Mark Emails as Read/Unread (I refuse to use the Email app until i can do this).

2)WPA/WPA2-Enterprise Wifi Support: For all the vita users who want to connect to wifi on college campus’s You CANT! The vita doesnt support wifi networks in which the user has a username and password to connect to wifi. The biggest universities in the world use WPA/WPA2-Enterprise. and i’m sure a vast vast majority of vita users want to connect away from home (on campus) to wifi.

3)Web-Browser and keyboard: Please support a Portrait mode. Browsing the web is sooo much more intuitive with a long portrait frame. and the landscape keyboard isnt the easiest to type with.

At first, thank you for still working on PS3 system issues. It would be great if you could also give us the possibility to sort alphabetically our downloaded games. I really can’t understand why this option is not available :/.


Yeah that is the same problem I’m having. It is due to the beta. The trophies only appear when set to offline mode and when we switch to online they are no longer there. The reason for this is because they are trying to sync so they can go online but is failing to do so even tho it says it has reached 100% and this is why it repeats. I think our only option is to wait until the game is released so the trophies are available and that should allow it to sync perfectly. After that we can use this hide feature to clear the trophy list from sight unless you plan on buying it.



Highlight Trophy Collection, press triangle. Switch it to offline mode.


I remember when I asked a bit back why we couldn’t do Vita transfers via Wi-Fi. I feel so good now :D

Also, great to see that you allow what to show in ttophy lists — great for those people who do not like the 0% there :P


@Spiderjam Do your unlocked trophies still sync then?

Nice update!

Like it.

But bring Netflix app to EU PSVita PSN too! USA already has it, The Netherlands got Netflix now too. Am using it on the PS3, but want it on PSVita too.

Just port it already… Waiting for the Sony Pulse app took a long time too after USA already had it for longer time.

An easy port for Netflix would be nice. Gonna try the wifi data transfer tonight!


what about removing trophies once and for all?


How about game categories like this:
We could move Singstar icon for example somewhere :) And more importantly group games by genres.

supersmith2500 01 October, 2013 @ 20:15

Still not released yet. When is it out?


Judging by the last software update, I think I’m gonna wait a while before I snag this.


What we really need is a way to order the content we bought in the store… I have 700 contents in the list and if I need to re-download something, searching it in the list is a real pain…

Sharingan_itachi 01 October, 2013 @ 20:31

PS+ users feel they’re being robbed by making auto download free to all users.

I’d really like to know how SCEE and Sony decide what to include in the software updates. Really… SCEE should do a blog article on the process. In that they could answer how the two most requested changes have been completely ignored for over a year now.. a) make Singstar an option rather than forced and b) a method to search the download list.

Coody-Baroody 01 October, 2013 @ 20:35

Hiding trophies? Why? A delete option would have been much better. But who CARES who can see what on our trophies? They aren’t able to be hidden from US so whats the point in hiding them from others? Apart from the saddest of trophy whores who have Hannah Montana on their list obviously but other than that what is the point?

Judging by some comments here people already got updated to 4.50 but for some reason I can’t update my PS3. Currently having 4.46 and when trying update via internet it says I got the latest version.

Also I would like to uninstall certain titles with 0% trophy that I got because either installed just to see what it is (like singstar) or got them when friend was showing me some of his games on my console which ends up that I did not enjoy so never played them anymore.

Coody-Baroody 01 October, 2013 @ 20:38

Or if this trophy hiding IS going to come in, at least state to others that whoever is looking at their trophies that ‘this person has XXX amount of trophies hidden. That way, when somebody like me who has worked extremely hard to keep a 98.8% completion rate, will know that this persons is fake, when they have 100% completion.

I welcome this, i thought the Ps3 updates be no more but adding things is not what i see here.

you basically downgrade the Plus features on Ps3 so why should i continue buy the sub is cloud saves for “PSN users” :|

Really ???

Hiding the pop-up when u get a trophie has precedence over sorting/cleaning up the download list people have been asking for for over 5 years ????

Coody-Baroody 01 October, 2013 @ 20:40


Not to be funny mate but its your own fault that Singstar is on your list just for downloading and starting it on your profile. Just use an alt account for testing games if its important to you not to have these games on incomplete.

I only ever start games Im going to complete, if Im not going to go for the 100% I don’t touch it.

NightCrawler-72 01 October, 2013 @ 20:47

I agree with alot of comments already posted here.

I would like to see:

– Delete unwanted trophy lists
– Change your PSN ID
– Sort/Filter your Download list – I don’t know how many items I have but I do know trying to find anything is a real pain.
– Being able to sync trophies in the background and the sync itself needs optimizing.

Finally, now that the PSN service is no longer going to be free – it’s more important than ever that SONY listens to its customers.

I know and I understand that it’s my fault, we all do mistakes. Which is why I would like to see and option to uninstall such mistakes, got my point pal?


Slowly getting there, still need the ability to change online ID and region.

Coody-Baroody 01 October, 2013 @ 21:08


Yeah I get your point matey. Why not start a new PSN account? Unless you have plenty of trophies you couldn’t see yourself abandoning or doing again?

Does anyone know if this auto-download feature only downloads firmware updates… or does it also include game patches/updates?


I actually have only a few trophies since I’m new with PS3, I stopped playing consoles after 9 years with PSOne and PS2 and got back early this year. But since I’m more like a Sunday player rather a hardcore one I don’t really wanna repeat what I have done past last months. On the other hand I got that three 0% titles that simply annoys me a little which is why I mention the option to uninstall as that update seems to touch trophies at some point. Will check it out once the latest version will become available to me.

now just let me sort my downloads so i can search !! i have a huge list don’t even known what I have !!

id like where under the names on friends list to hide what game im playing and to hide what game there playing and what mission they are on,its annoying when you see what mission on gta 5 there on its sort of like spoilers in a way

Delete the Singstar-Icon!

I’m sad that these critical and frequently requested features weren’t implemented until a month before the ps4 launch.

Being upset about the Singstar icon is lame, just don’t click on it. Solution is super easy.


Don’t really care about ‘hiding trophies.’ Just want the ability to delete trophy sets with 0% from my list.


I would really like the option to delete trophies if it is possible, there are some games im on 0% which i have no desire to play and it bugs me that it clogs up the trophy list.


I also would like the option to delete 0% trophies… I have like 20 -.-

Hiding unwanted tophies is ONE BIG STEP further I was waiting for. For now it is not same as ability to remove trophy lists I don’t like but absolutely right way. If is it planned to allow us to delete them, let us delete anything we want. Not only 0% or so. Especially if PS4 is comming I will love to make my trophy collection TIDY and NICE looking.

Btw, also think about logos for games in trophy collection (mainly developer and producers). I am really [DELETED] up when games from same series have different type of logo. For Example – What stupid man allowed Splinter Cell Blacklist to have exactly same design of text logo as 3 other SC games but on IDIOTIC BLACK BACKGROUND??? Is there left any person with feeling for series to match the same style? All 3 first parts of SC has only text without any background. Do they use brains?

This is same for many other series. Rectangle background with beauty images are nice too. But if You mix them within same series??? But most stupid is nice...

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Hiding unwanted tophies is ONE BIG STEP further I was waiting for. For now it is not same as ability to remove trophy lists I don’t like but absolutely right way. If is it planned to allow us to delete them, let us delete anything we want. Not only 0% or so. Especially if PS4 is comming I will love to make my trophy collection TIDY and NICE looking.

Btw, also think about logos for games in trophy collection (mainly developer and producers). I am really [DELETED] up when games from same series have different type of logo. For Example – What stupid man allowed Splinter Cell Blacklist to have exactly same design of text logo as 3 other SC games but on IDIOTIC BLACK BACKGROUND??? Is there left any person with feeling for series to match the same style? All 3 first parts of SC has only text without any background. Do they use brains?

This is same for many other series. Rectangle background with beauty images are nice too. But if You mix them within same series??? But most stupid is nice text logo on one color background…

Cool update. But the online mode for trophies needs fixing. I dont want to have to wait for it all to load before it will let me go back onto the XMB. Download list sorting and vita friends list compatability are a must.

To people asking about auto download, patches and auto upload of saves are still PS+ only, just read the blog as it states only certain aspects are not for all users

RollingSun2000 01 October, 2013 @ 22:30

How about adding an option to delete (or hide) the SingStar icon.


Not bad :D

Silent_Killer01 01 October, 2013 @ 22:44

I really wish they would allow region and name change of PSN accounts.

OnionMarmalade 01 October, 2013 @ 23:17

Really need to get rid of that disgusting 1% in Battlefield 3. Seriously. F&*%# that game.

Let’s see the option to delete games that have a 0% trophy rating. That would be a great update. Also, appear offline to friends while online, another great update that I have yet to see.

Kudos for moving the auto-updates from out behind the pay-wall.

<2 months until PS4 – WooHoo!!

great tings , buth
stil mising in action =
dowload list folders !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( very urgent )

-games folder in alfabet ore genre
-dlc sub folder under the corect game( al dlc from 1 game under same sube folder )
-advatars folder
-theme folder
-demo folder
-other folder

delete singstar
delete trophies 0 %
speed up sincing = ( i am scared to go in sincing menu ore in trophie section , more then 3 – 5 min )

also update = stil not where i live .

I get the wifi part, but getting the ethernet cable into my vita involves too hard squeeze… is this a subtle nod that vitaTV is coming our way and hit euroshores too? If so i cant wait… if not gonna get it from jpan anyway.


F deleting games that have 0%. I wanna be able to delete ANY game I want from my list. No way in hell am I ever going back to Saints Row 3, Darksiders and all that crap.

CoolRichy007UK 02 October, 2013 @ 00:03

we need a Better update so we can see our downloads in A to Z mode


The people who post here are your most loyal supporters and we have spend 1000s on your brand. Its about time youre listening to us.

– change ID name (i’d even wanna pay for that)
– delete any game you want from the trophy list
– delete singstar
– organize games on hard drive by name
– organize our download lists in the PSN store (full game, dlc, demos, avatars)


I’m not gonna complain about unrealistic stuff like listening to music in games or party chat. Unstable firmware (that bricks the ps3), corrupted HDD, installing of digital games or Blu-Ray discs. Let’s pray PS4 is gonna right the wrongs.
But for some of the simpler complaints there should have been a solution by now.

Finka_Karfein 02 October, 2013 @ 00:23

Hiding trophies? How about hiding SingStar?!

It would be neat if you could customize what trophies appears on your profile card. I think that would be a lot better than hiding them.


“speed up sincing = ( i am scared to go in sincing menu ore in trophie section , more then 3 – 5 min )”

Sort out your internet connection, buddy.

Sony can’t help it if you have a poor connection.


Any chance that the option to extend all PS+ expiration dates on games without going into all of them separately?


Any chance that the option to extend all PS+ expiration dates on games without having to enter all of them separately?


That’s cool, to have an option to hide your trophies.

I have some old trophies that are on 0%, just put the friends disc in my ps3 and didn’t play much to unlock trophies for it.

It takes much space to load unnecessary trophies when I check my friends profiles and for comparison reasons.

At last I can get rid of bionic com.

transpondster 02 October, 2013 @ 02:15

We need:
— Trophy deletion
— Ability to change PSN ID, for a price like on MS console or whatever, just do it
— Remove SingStar icon, c’mon, who need this? It’s fine to be pre-installed, so new users can download and explore, but for others it’s just really annoying

Coody-Baroody 02 October, 2013 @ 02:17

Damn guys so many of you dont read things properly.

1. Its only Auto download of SYSTEM SOFTWARE updates/Firmware that is going to be free for all.
2. Trophies will only be hidden from OTHER people when THEY look at YOUR trophies. So all those 0% games are still going to be there for you to see if you look at your trophies or YOU compare.

Its only for when others compare with you that they will be hidden so thats why i think its POINTLESS.

I appreciate the ability of hiding trophies. Thanks for that.

Please put an option to allow deleting unwanted trophies.
At least the 0% ones!
The user should have control over that :/

The “main competitor” has that feature, so why not Sony?



Basically, MAG trophy list has got to go…


Also I think that a lot of these issues and request will probably be met with the release and subsequent longevity of the PS4. What’s the point in perfecting a system that will be replaced in a quarter of a year anyway…

I agree that these options would be great for current players but in a few months the focus of improvement will surely be based on the next generation for Sony



Please, please, please remove that freakin Sing Star icon from the XMB


The one thing that I would like (and like others have been asking for years) is sorting of the d/l list. I have exactly 1600 items and finding one particular thing in the list is a major pain.

each update dosent make much of a difference

Not to be funny mate but its your own fault that Singstar is on your list just for downloading and starting it on your profile. Just use an alt account for testing games if its important to you not to have these games on incomplete.

I only ever start games Im going to complete, if Im not going to go for the 100% I don’t touch it.”

So… who’s the “fake” again? Definetly your strange point of view on hiding trophies behind an alternative account.


Finally, we can play Hannah Montana: The Game, and hide it so our friends won’t see it on our trophy lists!

Thats great!

xXCAPTAIN_NILZXx 02 October, 2013 @ 07:27

please help i updated my ps3 for 4.50 and now the screen is black and i can’t do anything??how to fix this problem

Thanks for the update. Additions are always welcome as long as they don’t ruin the overall experience.

But for me crucial and most welcome updates would be:

– Delete Unwanted Trophy Lists
– Search/Sort Download History In PS Store


That is exactly what I am missing!

I did a quick count on comments so far and I found out that from the near 90 comments until mine approximately:

– 35 want the option to delete unwanted trophy lists (near 40%)
– 15 want to be able to seacrh/sort downloads (near 20%)

Don’t you think Sony FW team that these two should be good to include in the next firmware?


So Singstar icon still isn’t removed…?

outside_the_box 02 October, 2013 @ 08:58

The PS Vita wifi data transfer is not there. I cannot see any option to do it on Vita or PS3.

Also previous update was supposed to add [Closed Captions] option to Video Settings, it is not there either.


Anybody else having problem of not being able to sign in since the update? if you do it signs you out almost straight away?

internet connection is fine but they’ve had issues with updates recently so hoping its not just me


Can we get official “EU is getting censored version of Beyond” thread ?

As long as all EU is forced to get castrated versions of games because of Germany i will continue to vote with my wallet and ask other users to do the same.

Preorder of Special Edition cancelled, will get this game used, save myself $30.

This policy of “all of EU region will get censored content because GERMANY” is disgusting.


I also cannot see the PS Vita wifi data transfer. Every time I go into content manager it asks me to use the usb cable and I’ve updated my ps3 to the new version.

Sameas @94


Okay so now…. Half of the PS Plus benefits gets given to the psn users for free?

So I’ve installed the 4.50 update to ps3 but I’m not seeing a wireless transfer to Vita option anywhere. My Vita won’t do it through the content manager. Does it need setting up somewhere? Or a Vita update?

Auto update still has the PS plus logo next to it too, almost as though the update is ineffective.

online pass for farming simulator


I know Singstar icon is a pain, I know either that 0% trophy case should be solved.
I ask about something different however. Can we have an option to another user’s trophies without comparing them to ours? It shouldn’t be a problem, should it?

I think with PS4 coming out soon, more PS Plus features on PS3 will be accessible to non-Plus subbers.

I also don’t think they would go ahead and create a delete Trophy feature as they would just be opening themselves up to complaints by people who have had some/all of their Trophies deleted deliberately or they deleted some by accident.
Hiding them is probably the best we can get.

@ njblitz

I think what people and me want is to have possibility to delete 0 % trophies only.
Or to hide them from themselves, not from PSN “friends”.


trophie sincing = not mi internet speed
( ps3 foult = can not handel – not have problem on the vita )
+ i goth to many games ( 195 whith trophies + some whitout )

swissarmyknifer 02 October, 2013 @ 11:18

After updating to the new software my ps3 has been at idle. Green light in will eject an accept discs. No signal to TV via HDMI

same as 91, 94, 95, 97

updated to 4.50 and had to use usb to connect vita to ps3


@Nanako1997 – You can already create your own categories for games. Not Singstar. But its easy enough to scroll past it.

Coody-Baroody 02 October, 2013 @ 11:53

@84 Bolthier

“So… who’s the “fake” again? Definetly your strange point of view on hiding trophies behind an alternative account”

I never said that’s what ‘I’ do! I said if unfinished games bothers HIM that much he should use an alternate account. If you had BOTHERED to read my post properly you would have realised that and that I said I don’t start games I don’t plan on completing to 100% in game AND its trophies.

As for FAKE? What I meant by that is now that this pathethic feature has come in, everybody and their dog will have 100% completion rate so it should be highlighted when people hide trophies so we can see whose is FAKE and whose is real.

Hiding Trophies = The most EPIC of FAIL!

Coody-Baroody 02 October, 2013 @ 11:56

What I mean by Epic FAIL is that anybody who hides trophies is that much of a sad trophy whore that they actually care what other people see on their trophy list. Its NOT going to be hidden from themselves so what is the point?

Who earns trophies just for other people to look at?

Not me.

Helvedeshunden 02 October, 2013 @ 11:59

Yes, PLEASE fix these major usability issues:

* Sort games alphabetically. The only sorting that makes sense. (By size could be useful at times)
* Sort download list to show either everything / full games / demos / PS3 / PSP / Vita.

* Sort download list as above
* Connect to PSN/Internet in the background. Why should a user ever see this?

These are the biggest problems with the current interfaces. Getting rid of Singstar and other unwanted bits would be a nice bonus.

Coody-Baroody 02 October, 2013 @ 11:59

Just to also be clear to anyone that applies to, I’m of the opinion its FAIL and you shouldn’t care what other people see. Sony should have put the energy in doing this to give you a Delete option of your 0%s. That would be a much better solution.

I feel that if you are a full grown adult who is sad enough to play Hannah Montana just for its trophies, then your shame should be there for the whole WORLD to see and you should just deal with it.


@njblitz that a very good point when you delete the trophy of our list the trophy count will have to change that may be too hard for Sony to make that work just yet you basically taking the game of Sony cloud servers.

Plus once done if you make a mistake and delete the wrong trophy of the list it can’t be undone meaning your 100% Will be gone forever, it just reset to o% when you boot up the game again. :|

transpondster 02 October, 2013 @ 12:28

I was talking with my friends about features they want in firmware update, and every single one mentioned trophy deletion.
Sony, prove, you are listening to your customers. Future with PS4 is good and exciting. But we also need you here and now.
Again, it’s really easy to implement feature. What’s the problem?

Coody-Baroody 02 October, 2013 @ 12:32


I don’t think it IS an easy feature to implement. Don’t forget it would mean we would need access to Sonys servers to delete a game from it. Not just that, but Trophies were updated into the PS3 a very long time after it was released so it seems to me its a system Sony have just done their best with.

Its the same thing as allowing us to change our PSN IDs, it would mean us altering the data on their servers and after the hack I just cant see that happening.

Anyway, maybe they realise hard earned trophies could be deleted by accident?

What’s all with that 100% completion rate? Those my account count average % rate and display somewhere that I missed?

Coody-Baroody 02 October, 2013 @ 12:41


Just input your ID and Update User.

Coody-Baroody 02 October, 2013 @ 12:42


Input your ID in the box on the left and Update User.


After downloading 4.50 I’m now getting an alert after about 5 minutes of the PS3(super slim, 2 month old) being turned on that it’s getting hot and then shuts down. Is anyone else getting this as I’m certain that it has something to do with the FW update as it was perfect up until the auto-update.


OK but it’s not official I guess since the statement on the bottom says the website is not affiliated with Sony. Not sure how the website works but you sure that hiding trophies will affect that score on that site? Maybe it only affects trophy comparison display via your PS3.


I downloaded the 4.50 update and it did… nothing.

Anyone else had this?

just updated now ps3 freezes

might be worth adding my ps3 is slim not super slim

Coody-Baroody 02 October, 2013 @ 12:59

I know its not official Fabivito but it still gives 100% accurate statistics and the Overall Completion rate shows the completion rate for the games are shown.


Just tried in again(4th time) and the fans went into hyperdrive mode and sounded like a jet engine, turned it off as I am now scared of it bricking.


The update keeps freezing for me, same with most updates I download from the PSN.

Any idea when it will be available to download on to usb?

undergroundgr 02 October, 2013 @ 13:04

nice.even if im plus since day one this one was needed.the vita wifi transfer thing is great.


Still no music while playing any games, and no MKV support…
Sad :(

that’s one good step. i hate trophy stalkers. now how about restricting access to our profiles like or ?

Well I understand, or at least like to think I do, how that kind of rankings motivates people and their gameplays but that psnprofiles web seems to make ranking based on your trophy level rather than % ratio. So hiding some games to increase avg % won’t make you up any higher in the ranking. On the other side the compare trophies display will be smother as less games will pop up there so don’t think it’s an fail as you described it.

I would personally just like to uninstall those few 0% from my trophy collection just for my view pleasure, sort of a pedantic point of view you may say. However as few people mention here to not risk accidental uninstall of valuable trophies some sort of confirming password should come as well, if such option ever happen of course.

Anyway not sure how officials on this site reacts on that kind of dialogues here in comments so will end it here. Have a good day all.

Nice to see new privacy options added, though personally I’d only wish to be able to hide trophies timestamps.

why is it when I have an issue with updates my post gets blocked

why evry time I have issue with update my post gets blocked


PLEASE PLEASE tell us how the alleged transfer of data from PS3 to Vita Works!!!

No one can get it working!

ollie_uk_2008 02 October, 2013 @ 13:37

Sounds great!

Can we have wifi update so it remembers more then one wifi point password Please !

Drive me mad having to set up wifi everytime I move my ps3 to the living room(we have 2 wifi points)

Thanks! :)


CoD4 doesn’t work!!! :(


Hiding trophies is great! You know… for that stupid game someone brought over your house, and now it just sits for everyone to see, with 0% trophies, like you gave up and lost. LOL

Pretty cool update.

The Singstar spam is still there, unfortunately.

how about letting us hide, or even remove Singstar?


To further clarify my statement on 135. Like I have NBA Live sitting on my trophies list. I don’t support that game, and I don’t even want it to be shown I played that game. lol

So, you can hide trophies now but your trophy sorting order is still broken? Good job…
Does anyone know where can I report something of this nature, to someone who would care?

I would like to see a filter option on the Store’s download history as I have over 650 items and its reallyy hard work to find games I want to reinstall among the huge list of games addons demos etc. The store has subheadings on items to state wether they’re games, packs or whatever so why not utilise this???

So, how is this wireless transfer from stuff to my PSVita suppose to work? Will the PSVita get an update too this week so the content manager has the option to wireless contact my PS3? It only gives the USB option on the PSVita, for the PC it has the option USB or wireless…

Can’t get it done on the PS3 either. Hello SCEE look at the comments on page 2 too, it might be time to give a clear answer and get this understandable for everyone how it works.


I have no hate whatsoever with the Singstar thing anymore. It bothered me at first but over time got used to it. It doesn’t affect me in any way. But while people are on topic about looking it removed, just thought I would throw in my vote for that too or even at least hide it. Even if it goes nowhere, then that’s fine with me but as long as it’s an option I’d rather have it not there.

oook.. on it still says that the user has x numbers of trophies hidden by clicking on i icon. So much for trophy hidding. Any explanation why YOU gave to these sites to have access on our profiles?

You can hide the trophies but your trophy count will be the same, so it’s easy to know when someone is hiding something.

streetyboy1999 02 October, 2013 @ 15:31

I’ll be happy when they bring out party chat like Xbox…

Is there anything there of any real use to users of online PSN play.

Ms. or Mrs. Stanford, please, for next time – start similar article with “Sorry, thist is copy/paste article from US Playstation Blog. We can’t react to your suggestions in any way, even if there’s written Let us know…”. It could save us time and even it may save SCEE credibility (which is already nearly non existant).


hmmm random update, id like to have it so i can see when i have a message from a friend but not see friends going off or online, i like to be online to get messages and at the moe you can turn it all off or all on, this makes more sense than turning the sound off for trophies (pointless. my point is if your on netflix or watching a film it sucks seeing people going on or offline, it means nothing, but a message could be important. Rant over lol ;D.
ps im trying to be constructive not argumentative. PEACE!


oh and if ya dont wanna move the singstar icon can we at least have it so the console doesnt boot up on it.

Really Sony? Hide trophies? How about DELETING THOSE DAMN 0% TROPHY DATAS FROM THE LIST??!

xxTANGODOWNxx1 02 October, 2013 @ 17:49

it can only get better when plus is compulsory which they should have done way before now with the excellent instant games collection

jellyhedgehog 02 October, 2013 @ 18:31

Where is PSvita-PS3 wifi transfer? At least be polite and reply or are you too busy plugging your usb cable into your PS3?

Ok update

nice :)


Just managed to crash my PS3 Just looking at the facebook options and pressed the Back button and the console froze. Had to reforce start and now have to wait for the restore file system….


Very disappointed ! So racked off that the SINGSTAR crap is still on my XMB after the update. Why couldnt you just get rid of that or give us the option to do it? I been hating on this ever since you got that dopey PR woman on board and I read her comments to us all on the forum.

Its the first thing I looked for – why? because its the only thing thats bugging me. All other bug fixes – dont even give a care right now. How bout a customization option on the xmb at least? give us some control in an area.

PS3 to PSVita WIRELESS TRANSFER… WHERE IS IT, SONY? Can we please get someone to address this… since so far it looks like you guys lied about it actually being included in this latest FW update.

STDlyMcStudpants 03 October, 2013 @ 03:25

I like this hiding idea, but deleting not so much.
It takes 1 Dbag to get on your PSN to flush all of your “hard work”
I would however like to be able to hide them from myself.
IDC what my friends see…
I’m sick of seeing Singstar and DCU at 0% because I was told it was Free, then no trophy pops because oops you have to pay first. -_-
Or just the option to delete 0% nothing more than 0 though lol


I put a suggestion in to the PSN tech team months ago, asking to be able to sort all downloaded / purchased games. I have over 1000 items, and trying to find Vita games in my list takes ages. A simple search filter would surely not take too much effort? I suggest everyone who wants this as an option does the same – and it might happen in future updates?

ollie_uk_2008 03 October, 2013 @ 13:46

Sounds great!
Can we have wifi update so it remembers more then one wifi point password Please !
Drive me mad having to set up wifi everytime I move my ps3 to the living room(we have 2 wifi points)
Thanks! :)

Ok, i understand your apology about mistaken announcement. But, you know, there are over 100 other suggestions and questions. It’s not nice to asking for our opinion about new FW and then ignore us. Well… it isn’t something new, it’s usual SCEE way.


SONY i downloaded the new update and after the update it takes me straight to safe mode.i cant access safe mode because i dont have the original ps3 controller.instead i have one with a usb. the usb is not flashing (which means the usb is working) but my controller doesnt seem to be connecting to safe mode. is it meant to be taking me to safe mode in the first place

I have lost the ability to download game patches via playstation plus update facility whilst playing game.

What now happens is that if I active the ps3 controller and press “0” to head back into the xmb whilst it is performing the background downloads, it automatically logs me out and then logs me in again, thus ensuring that background downloading of game patches is cancelled.

I would suggest that other members test this, PS could you please explain why you have removed this facility and not informed us of it?

@Post 163

My apologies, it still works, I think I was not giving the update facility time to start the game patch download

Still no alpha sorting for downloaded games in the XMB!? The most basic feature of them all is still missing after 7 years, unbelievable..

One of biggest fans wants to know if deleting trophies will be available. We do not earn trophies for other people but for ourselves!!! Everybody at Your HQ knows that there is not any problem with this function!!! Each single trophy has a timestamp of when You earned it so if I delete any number of trophy lists from my collection with any trophies earned (from 0 to 100%) Your servers are able to sort rest of my trophies from oldest to newest and recalculate my new level based on trophies that left in my collection. If You do not say anything because You are implementing it, it is so cool instead… Make it password protected, make it confirmed by link to mail, make it paid or only 2 times per year option but make it POSSIBLE!!!


“This is referring to the PS Vita TV system which will become available in Japan later this year and in Asia in January 2054”

“2054”!? Forty years from now?

pwnr_in_trayning 05 October, 2013 @ 04:52

My ps3 is still busted since the last update: (60gb 1st gen psfat)

just stopped reading blurays altogether,worked perfectly fine up until 4.46

Will sony do anything to fix this in an update?!?

I want to instal 4.50 but I want the installer because I don’t have internet in home and I wish to instal it in a USB portal in the ps3


I just was forced to update before entering the Playstation Store, I downloaded a few demos and afterwards I saw flashes when back underneath the GAME-menu looking for a game to start.
Some games also have flashes.
When there are no moving icons to click on the game menu, there are no flashes.
I think that this 4.5 update has a change in video that made my ps3 flash.


I recently had my PS3 changed for an other, and it costed me over a hundred euros (I want my money back). When I received another it was fine. After this last 4.5 update I got these flashes on the screen. What should I do, again pay for another refurbished device that will have to be updated to be bricked?


ethernet = internet
PC Vita = PS Vita


@dark_angel69 : I agree, I would love to be able to delete trophy info for games I don’t even own anymore. I can’t see the point in them being there taking up space.

On an important technical note though, ever since the update I can’t even sync my trophies to look at them. Every time I try it just fails to load and totally freezes the PS3 wherby I get the “3 Beep and reboot” scenario. Is anyone else having this issue?


Correction for my last post. After leaving my PS3 off for a night, the flashes disappeared. I am happy that this time the problem doesnt stay.

ollie_uk_2008 08 October, 2013 @ 13:43

Sounds great!

Can we have wifi update so it remembers more then one wifi point password Please !

Drive me mad having to set up wifi everytime I move my ps3 to the living room(we have 2 wifi points)

Thanks! :)

This update stopped by psn working properly. Now I can’t connect to games online, and my friends list only partly loads (not to mention has become practically broken for sending and receiving messages).

I’ve reinstalled the updated, but the same problem occurs. Any ideas what’s happened?


My player playstation 3 was working perfectly and after the update received error 8002F1F9. Now I’m here with the machine without any usefulness.
And now Sony? Thank you for your consideration.
Will migrate to Xbox One.

im stuck in update loop ???
4.50 sucx

since the update all of a sudden my auto sign in to psn has been disable and still getting no friends list displayed when signed into psn after manually signing in

^- I just notice this too, I was ONCE AGAIN trying to get into a game of KZ:M but it keeps loggin me out of PSN.. ONLY ON KILLZONE:M everything else I’m able to stay connected..

So I decided to play GTA5, but it says “You have no friends” on GTA5 friends thing, I push the PS button and I have no one on my friends list :(

So yeah fix that but most importantly FIX KILLZONE!!

do i actually cancel my pre order if these are the things to come on ps4 ,seems to me everytime sony has an update theres some evil ex in the background f’ing things up

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