Rocksmith 2014 Edition: the fastest way to learn guitar

Let’s face it; it’s hard to make something that is truly the best in its respective field – especially so in a world as populated as guitar.

When the Ubisoft team at Studio San Francisco set out to completely revamp Rocksmith, that was our goal – to make Rocksmith the unquestionable fastest and best way to learn to play guitar or bass. It was, with no exaggeration, a massive undertaking that took years to complete despite the product’s core engine already existing from the original iteration.

Now, only a month out from the release of the all-new Rocksmith 2014 Edition, we confidently feel that goal was achieved. It would be easy for us to proudly boast about all the improvements, changes, and innovations that make Rocksmith truly remarkable, but we’d rather let some familiar faces do that for us. We let credible, established guitar players, teachers, and researchers try out Rocksmith 2014 Edition and give us their feedback.

Check out what Jerry Cantrell – Alice in Chains’ lead guitarist/vocalist, Marty Schwartz – the #1 Online Guitar Teacher, Brendon Small – creator of Metalocalypse and Dethklok, Jim Rosenberg – President of Epiphone Guitars, and more think of the all-new Rocksmith 2014 Edition:

The experts have weighed in and their reviews are unanimous – Rocksmith flat-out works. Whether your fingers have never touched strings, you’re an on-again-off-again journeyman, or a seasoned player, Rocksmith will help you quickly learn or hone your skills on both guitar and bass. We’re not bashful to say it, in fact we’re damn proud – Rocksmith 2014 Edition is THE fastest way to learn guitar.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition will be available for Playstation 3 on 25th October.

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I haven’t been keeping my eyes on this or keeping up to date on it or anything so I don’t know much about it but is this meant to be like a sequel to Rocksmith or is this the same game but more improved? What’s the difference between this one and the one that is already out?

Is this coming to PS4?

One of the major criticisms of the first edition was the lag if you output the sound through the TV set. Has this been resolved???


I really must make more time for Rocksmith. It’s a great game/teaching tool, and my bass skills have improved VASTLY from playing it :)


The fastest way to learn guitar is to get some sheet music and teach yourself. You Are far more likely to remember what you teach yourself than anything a machine teaches you. I have the first Rocksmith, and as a guitarist who’s played for four years I can say it sucks.
I played the new one at the EB Expo yesterday, and it was just as bad.
Ubisoft, how much money did you pay those people to make a claim that they can’t believe? If a professional says a particular method is the fastest way to learn guitar than they can’t truly believe that unless it was how they learnt it in the first place.

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