Shuhei Yoshida shows off the new PlayStation App

Did any early birds among you stay up the week before last to watch the Tokyo Game Show keynote? If you did, you’ll have seen Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida take to the stage to unveil the new PlayStation App, launching alongside PS4 later this year.


In general terms, the new app allows you to take the PlayStation experience with you when you’re away from your console. You can stay in touch with, friends, compare trophies, view friends’ activity (including recorded or live-streamed gameplay on PS4) and access all the latest PlayStation Blog news.

I caught up with Yoshida-san immediately after the show, and asked him to expand on exactly what gamers can expect from PlayStation App later this year.

“It’s an application that anyone can download for free on iOS and Android devices,” he explained.

“There are a variety of things you can do with it. You can connect to your PlayStation profile, and send messages – even voice messages – to friends between your smartphone and PS4.

“A friend on PS4 can also send out an invitation for a multiplayer game, which you can then check on the App, and you can also purchase PS4 games from PlayStation Store. Your game will immediately start downloading while you’re away.”


PlayStation App will also offer ‘second screen’ gameplay features on enabled titles. For example, during the TGS presentation Yoshida-san showed how the app interacts with THE PLAYROOM – he drew a picture of Knack on his smartphone’s touch screen and then pushed it into the PS4 game on his TV, allowing the game’s bot characters to play with the item he’d created.

“There are many big publishers creating their own apps for their games, like Watch_Dogs or Battlefield, and that’s great,” he added.

“But smaller developers can use PlayStation App to connect to PS4 and load an application, like drawing software for example, so that you don’t have to download and install a specific app on your smartphone. It’s open to all PS4 developers to use.”

We’ll have a more in-depth look at PlayStation App in action nearer launch, but for now check out the screens for a glimpse of the interface.

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This is pretty cool. Does this work on older generation iPod touch and all or do we need the newer generation apple products that ruins on iOS6 and 7?

Hopefully it keeps you logged in for more than 24 hours like the current app ;)

Being able to communicate with an always-at-hand device is going to make organising multiplayer sessions at lot easier.

I’m interested to see how all the live streaming and recorded gameplay service providers integrate as I doubt their video technologies are exactly the same.


We’ll give you a closer look soon!


Hi Fred. Do you need PlayStation Plus to be able to send messages on the app or to do some of the other features?


No, you won’t need PS Plus to use the app’s features.

if posting on the blog and such is included and works then thats great.

i hope the vita gets its own app for these types of things like blog interaction(i know we can now but an app is much simpler)

Is there any possibility of this being available on the Vita too


I can’t give specific details about Vita plans today I’m afraid, but we may have news soon.

Hopefully the new app wont silently ignore most of the post you try to make, or nuke on most blog posts, like the current app has been doing for more than half a year without Sony bothering to release a bugfix.

Looks quite good. What platforms will it support?
Any chance we will get it for Windows 8?


iOS and Android platforms are confirmed so far. No word on Windows 8 at present I’m afraid!

duncandudeman 03 October, 2013 @ 18:36

Looks really cool, can’t wait to have it downloaded :)

It did look EXCELLENT(i saw the Video before) :P I just hope it all works o.k from day 1 really that all ;) After loads of stuff going wrong this year with most things to do with online from nearly ‘every company'(GTAV being the latest) i am starting to have no faith in things working right from day 1 :(


I hope so too Carl!

That is great but one really simple question, can you easily brows your downloaded content unlike you can do now for PS3 after 7+ years? If not please start working on that first, give it priority because we need it right now!


Like I said, we’re hoping to give you a closer look at the app really soon. Hopefully we’ll be able to clear up your concerns then.


Will it be usable for PS Vita users? Or will it be only compatible with PS4 (probably -.-)?


And that’s great news to hear. There’s nothing I hate more than being away from both a computer and my console on a Wednesday :P

I take it we’ll be able to get PS3 content on the App as well right? :D


Huummmm dosent Vita already have this and more? I can do this on my vita today at work……I can send text/pics ouse facebook internet youtube look att my psn frends and see what they are playing and if they ouse ps3 or vita and near and more .

Will there be a windows phone version?? I know its Microsoft but it would be great to have the PlayStation app on my 920… Though a kindle fire version will make up for if there isn’t one on windows phones.

Would be cool if the ps vita got a load of new features alongside this


Whats the ETA will this come out pre launch also will ps3 and vita users have 2000 friends list like the ps4 or will they still be limited to 100?



coooooooool :D

well, I got a Sony s tablet which the current PSN/Mobile apps work fine on, but my Sony xperia E phone….the apps PSN or PSM are incompatible….so I am bit it makes no sense why this is so…its android its 4.2…but I cant use the PSN/PSM apps on the phone (SONY XPERIA E) which is daft…

I really hope Sony isn’t pushing the Vita to the side on this one. I expect there to be proper integration of the Vita with these services such as being able to message in real time from the mobile app to a Vita to a PS4 etc. It would be even better if the Vita got these services as part of a massive GUI over hall to bring social/communication and visual aesthetics in parity with the PS4. Let’s hope for the best :)

Suppose we have to wait atleast 4 years before it comes to Norway, if ever?


Defiance 9.95$ in US PSN store vs 29.99£ in UK vs 39.99€ in Portugal

Steam 9.99€.

This UI style needs to be used by the Vita to replace the bubble UI. Just from those images alone it looks so much cleaner and easier to navigate. I love the hell out of my Vita but that UI really needs to be changed.

Hey, Fred, sorry this is unrelated, but Far Cry 3, available on Plus this month, keeps on crashing my system off. There’s something i can do about it? I downloaded it 3 times now… Thanks.

All very well and good and anything that enhances my PS4 game experience as well as bringing my non-gaming m8s closer to me is all very welcome indeed, but, what is really angering me is why do we have to wait two more whole weeks for ps4 to be released over americans, whom grrrrr get theirs on November 15 or 16 grrrrrrr and whom seem to be being, as usual, catered to first in Sony’s quest to beat M$. Let them have their god-awful M$ and start looking after us, your loyal base I say.
I look forward to seeing you all on the new console, eventually anyways…

If you can’t get the Playstation App on Vita, you’re shooting yourself in the foot really.

Soooo coooool!!!! Finally an app that has a full blown purpose !!!!I will download an be using this everyday!!! Thank u sony!!!! as always i appreciate that little bit of extra u throw into everything!!! =D Im one always satisfied PLAYSTATION owner!!!

Now will someone FINALLY make a home version of Silent Scope that uses PSP/Vita as the scope? I’ve only been begging since GBA could connect to Gamecube.

Hi Fred,
With so much focus on the social aspect of PS4, will there now be an option to appear offline on PS4 and being able to control that with the ps app would be great.

EternalChaos72 04 October, 2013 @ 05:15

oooh this will be very handy

Very handy!
Win8 version would be great though,even if it was just a web based app. Lots of us are running on netbooks and ultrabooks but wouls still love to access that sweet playstation content conviniently!:)

Demonkiller2201 04 October, 2013 @ 08:13

Dear Fred Dutton Is There Any Chance On The Lateset Game Gossip Such As When Is Beyond 2 Souls Coming Out If You Get This Message And Reply Thank You.

I hope you can use it to purchase and queue items for PS3 and Vita also, because the SEN webstore kinda sucks on a 5-inch phone screen.


That is excellent Fred, thanks for the confirmation of this.

I3loodthirsty 04 October, 2013 @ 11:22

i wonder if this new app will run on my samsung android tablet because for some reason the current app wont work

Any chance that when the app will be released situation with messages sent from Vita will be solved??

Watining for reply :)

scuderia_tifosi 04 October, 2013 @ 12:11

Sounds cool, cannot wait for more info.

PlayStation + PlayStation Pocket, PS2 + PSP, PS3 +PSP/Vita…
The list is growing.
All cros-platform interaction that the tech-demos wowed us all with, and we eagerly awaited, patiently for those features to come, but they never do.
I’ll get excited about this when it becomes something worth getting excited over.
At the moment it’s just another ‘idea’ that will be painfully underused and never see it’s own potential.
Concentrate on what features you can really do Sony, not what features you think we want, but inevitably can’t deliver.


can we use the app at android maket ore only at appstore(IOS)?

Sorry, but I have not worked Playstation App on Sony Xperia Go with Android 2.3.7

StuieT 5@
great idea .

same like games using tablets ( wy not vita ) bf4( comander ) -Tom Clancy’s The Division (extra persone usage of fly drone )
also minecraft map on ps vita when u play on ps4 ….?

i wil not use tablets ore smartfone to send data ore to dowload to ps4 ( not trust)
if u make sms paying = somting diferent ( i wil use )

After using Smartglass on Win8 with Forza Horizon. I really hope this hits the Win8 App store. I wanna be able to use it with knack. and the only android device I have is a crappy slow tablet. having my 23″ pc monitor as the second screen like with Smartglass would be epic!


i have almost 1500 items in my d/l list and navigating it used to be a pain for me due to lots or reasons, being slow, jumping back to the top of the list after d/ling an item.

however with the web store i have found viewing my download list and queueing items to download when i turn on the ps3 to be far more easy to do than just using the ps3 store direct, it also works with your vita games.

i stumbled across this feature if there was a post detailing this i missed it.


Looking great. Good to see it’s Android and iOS, as that covers 99% of users. Windows Phone is dead and not worth bothering with.

It would be great if you could also create multiplayer events for set dates and times which you could invite PSN friends to. They could then accept, decline or say maybe much like Facebook. Looks like a great expansion on the already existing app.

iOS and Android only?…. I thought those days were over (sigh) so I take it there will be no love for the us Windows Phone 8 users then?

Will it be available for download from the Play Store or from the site? (or both)

Will it be available for download from the Play Store or from the site? (or both)

will it be available in the Google Play Store or on the PlayStation site? ( or both )

As others have mentioned, I too would like to express my interest in the Windows Phone version. :)

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