BEYOND: Two Souls available now, check out the TV spot

With today’s release in the UK and Ireland, BEYOND: Two Souls is available now all across Europe.

To celebrate the launch, today we’ve got our TV ad to show you. Hopefully many of you will have seen this on TV or in cinemas locally but if not, here it is above:

If you’ve already bought the game, we hope that you’re enjoying it. And if you’re still thinking about it, download the demo from PlayStation Store now.

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Stonesthrow 11 October, 2013 @ 3:41 pm   1

I believe the controlls can seem a little clunky but in my experience that’s mostly due to the camera behaving awkward at times. I did however expect more finishing touch on a technical level. Framerate spikes, especially in the larger environments and overall the environments don’t look the part of the beautifully animated characters.. Personally I think the Heavy rain type of gameplay is the most interesting because of its controlls and interaction, and the gameplay sections that tend to go towards more traditional games and genres, not that much.. I also expected the game to be a little longer but there’s replayability so..
All in all a great experience I’ll never forget.

VitalogyPJ 11 October, 2013 @ 4:19 pm   2

I didn’t felt any appeal with the demo and the reviews are also not so good a game that had so much hype so IF I get this game it will not be at current price for sure.

dark_angel69 11 October, 2013 @ 6:23 pm   3

Got home from work and my game was right at home waiting for me! Time to start this bad boy up!!

What a great game, really enjoying it

QuanticDream i can not wait to see what you guys can do with the ps4

erichawkins619 11 October, 2013 @ 8:12 pm   5

Is this coming to PS Store anytime soon. Really want to buy it!!!!

nakano1987 11 October, 2013 @ 8:59 pm   6

So far it has been ok/good experience. However, I liked a lot more the more realistic Heavy Rain (even though that game was somewhat depressing). Beyond has too much unnecessary sci-fi elements (e.g. indians related rituals – next time let’s forget sci-fi altogether). Aiden is a great companion to have though. I wish there were just more choices to use/not to use her / decide how to use her (kill or take control of a specific character). Some paths/decisions are also forced too. Hey, as a teenager I want to decide NOT to go to the party! It’s not good for Jodie 🙂

I see you’re now offering extended soundtrack on PSN Store (€4.95). I am a little disappointed with the fact that for the Special Edition pre-order you only provided the €1,45 soundtrack with only 4 songs. You shouldn’t be too greedy and appreciate people more who pre-orders the games!


Just finished the game, I enjoyed it a lot. I still prefer Heavy Rain overall, its story felt a lot more solid despite the plot holes and slightly strange voice acting in some parts, but Beyond was still a great experience. Will definitely be playing again soon.


digital versio = take my money


I only have played the demo, still waiting on the game to be delivered, and was pleasantly surprised. But the controls are not that great. I struggle with the fighting scene’s and movement in the forest is a mess and restricted. If you want to make the controls intuitive you need to make them conventional (fighting game mechanics or cover mechanics). Now it’s all over the places and distracts more than it needs to.
I played The walking Dead (Teltale) and was disappointed at my second play trough. The game was exactly the same as was the story.
I played the second scene of Beyond several times and got different gameplay but still the same outcome. The amount of work that has gone into it must have been amazing but when the outcome doesn’t matter it’s almost as bad as the very linear Waking dead game.
Still I’m glad Sony is making this kind of exclusive and it’s the main reason for me to have a PS3. I hope the PS4 will see more games from Quantic Dreams and more adventures from other developers.


Completed Beyond today. Really enjoyed it in fact I loved every minute of it. The game is no where near perfect. But the story was damn good. The graphics where damn good the gameplay was good but it could be very clumsy at times. But I enjoyed it and I can’t wait to see what is next from Quantic Dream. 8 out of 10 from me for Beyond Two Souls.

iREVOLTER 13 October, 2013 @ 10:19 pm   11

Please a Digital Release!

erichawkins619 14 October, 2013 @ 3:46 pm   12

Can we get a digital release please. I’m from Ireland an live at least 50 miles from nearest retail. And for some reason suppliers never sent out copies and will not be delivered for at least another 2 week’s!!!!!

I know it can’t release just for me but there’s thousands of other people waiting for this game to be delivered