Powered-up puzzler Surge Deluxe announced for PS Vita


Hello PlayStation Blog readers! I’m delighted to announce Surge Deluxe for PS Vita!

Surge was originally released on PlayStation Mobile and was well received by press and gamers, who took to the leaderboards (and NeoGAF) to show off their skills.


Surge Deluxe is FuturLab‘s response to feedback received from top players on those leaderboards (and from the NeoGAF community). They demonstrated a deep understanding and appreciation for Surge that was way beyond anything we could have anticipated!

If you’re new to Surge, check out this trailer for the original game. The simple block-chaining and screen clearing mechanics gradually reveal their tactical depth as special blocks get added to the mix. Advanced players will not just vent pressure to stay in the game, they’ll utilise the vents at critical times to multiply their scores and create massive clearance combos.


So what can you expect from Surge Deluxe?

New Look

New Combiner block!
Our research has shown that Multiplier blocks are the most sought after for achieving big scores, but they rarely dropped in the right colour or at the right time. We’ve removed the colour requirement on the Multiplier block now and added a new Combiner block that allows players to create their own Multipliers. If you’re quick and careful enough you can create 5x, 6x, 7x and higher multipliers for use in strategic play!

Pink Beam

New Chain Linker block!
The Chain Linker block allows you to connect different coloured chains together. Simply connect a chain of blocks to the Chain Linker, and then connect to any other coloured block to create a bridge between colours!

The whole chain is converted to the same colour so you can use as many of these blocks as you can find to create MASSIVE chains!


Surge Deluxe is 100% colour blind friendly!
I’m colour blind and acutely aware of the frustration that comes from trying to discern and match colours in games like Surge. FuturLab received a whole host of requests for a colour blind-friendly version of the game, and with Surge Deluxe we’ll deliver just that.

Now each colour is represented by a shape, and we’ve made sure that you only have to glance at two blocks to know whether they are a match or not. I’ll have to find another excuse for being beaten on the leader boards…


Scoring system reworked for top level play!
When Surge was created, a score of around 4 million points was the highest FuturLab had achieved internally. When released to the public, the 10 million mark was broken within days.

The posts on NeoGAF from players competing for the top spot changed from talk about tactics and maximising scores, to discussing the restrictive scoring system. Their feedback was enormously helpful and we’ve used it to improve gameplay. The scoring system in Surge Deluxe has been redesigned to reward better players, increase the score spread, and remove any grinding. So thanks NeoGAF, this one is for you!

Star Colour

PSN Trophies and Leaderboards
Of course

Even More Community Requested Features

Puzzle Mode, Best Clearance Score Leaderboard and Unlockable Backgrounds have also made their way into Surge Deluxe! What can we say, we like making our fans happy J


Awesome Soundtrack

Those of you familiar with our games will know that we have a three pillar approach to quality; gameplay, visuals and music are all equally important to us, regardless of scale.

We’ve had such fun working on the Velocity games with Joris de Man – the award winning composer who made his name on the Killzone series – that we’ve brought him onboard for Surge Deluxe too!

So without further ado, let me present ‘Pressure Playa’ by Joris de Man; eight and a half minutes of bleepy, bouncy, bad-ass FuturLectro bliss!

We are aiming to release Surge Deluxe by early 2014. You can keep up to date
with FuturLab by signing up to the website newsletter at, by following @FuturLab on Twitter, or by following me personally @FuturLabQuality.


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chrisboers 11 October, 2013 @ 4:02 pm   1

As one of those countries that never got PSM, I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on this game! Awesome!

    Dave Gabriel 11 October, 2013 @ 4:09 pm    

    Glad you’re looking forward to it 🙂 Hopefully we’ll have a lot more people to challenge on the leader boards this time around!

Dave Gabriel 11 October, 2013 @ 4:03 pm   2

Hi all, Dave from FuturLab here to answer any questions you have 🙂 By the way, these are pre-alpha screenshots, we know there’s still lots of tidying to do!


Joris de Man’s music is always a treat.


All I saw was Futurlab, and i was sold. You guys have done nothing but impressive work on your games, so looking forward to trying this!

    Dave Gabriel 11 October, 2013 @ 4:24 pm    

    Wow, thanks a lot! As a studio our ambitions are high, and despite this not being our biggest project, it will certainly have everything you expect from a FuturLab game.

jorispelgrom 11 October, 2013 @ 4:05 pm   5

Finally! Here in the Netherlands we don’t have PS Mobile, and while the LBP Vita version ( is nice, it doesn’t give the full experience.

So, definitely a first-day purchase. How early is ‘early 2014’? January 1st will do.

Woohoo great news! What are the chances of this having a platinum? 😛

    Dave Gabriel 11 October, 2013 @ 4:27 pm    

    It’s classed as a small game, so no platinum. We’ll have some golds for you to chase though!

PMurphy1978 11 October, 2013 @ 4:20 pm   7

Brilliant stuff Dave as always. Love Futurlab games. 🙂

These games deserve to be Vita titles in their own right, however with quite a few making the jump from PSM to fully fledged Vita now will many then not bother with PSM? Although that’s a different story. 😛

    Dave Gabriel 11 October, 2013 @ 4:34 pm    


    I think PSM could still be a fantastic gateway to the PlayStation eco-system. The connectivity options next-gen may offer a host of new opportunities for PSM developers.

VitalogyPJ 11 October, 2013 @ 4:29 pm   8

YES! Finally, as we don’t have PSM in Portugal.

By the way, I’m holding you guys responsible when I start missing my train stop when heading to work because I’m sure I’ll be glued on the game LOL

ImperatorA3 11 October, 2013 @ 4:47 pm   9

Looking forward to it, Velocity Ultra (HD) was really good.


Excellent news! You guys are great and are all going fantastic work.



DoYouLikeMyID 11 October, 2013 @ 4:56 pm   11

I loved Velocity Ultra, so I’m definately interested in this game. One question though: Will there be a demo for this game?

HomessaHomem 11 October, 2013 @ 5:05 pm   12

Hi Dave, great news. There`s any more suprise for PS Vita in the next months from Futurlab?

    Dave Gabriel 11 October, 2013 @ 5:13 pm    

    No more surprises just yet. We are a 10 man team so trying to do more at this point would be too much…however, the beauty of being a small team is that we can change direction and pace very quickly. Who knows what next week, next month, and next year will bring!

Retro-Boy99 11 October, 2013 @ 5:08 pm   13

I always loved futur lab games!

Gloom12356776543 11 October, 2013 @ 5:10 pm   14

Great work guys ! I hope that Fuel Tiracas will get a Vita Deluxe edition too ! I would like to see a Ratchet and clank themed Puzzle game from you 😀 good luck


In honor of this momentous occasion, I gave the original another run, and jumped up almost a dozen spots to #9.


Great news! The game was totally fun, intense, addictive and really creative, one of the best puzzles I played these recent years.

The only thing I missed was a graphical update because it felt a bit weak artistically even for a puzzle. Obviously it isn’t important for this genre, but it’s the only ‘flaw’ I saw that I’d improve. I

Other than that is a really awesome game.

FuturLab <3


It’s unfortunate PlayStation Mobile is frozen in hypersleep after it’s launce failing to add countries to the short list the service is rolled out in. It’s a shame for the potential customers who miss out on great content and for developers who where suckered into a promise Sony didn’t deliver on.

Thankfully this game is coming to Vita and I’m a sucker for Futurlab games so I’m sure to pick this beauty up on release. If Sony only would introduce a bigger chip to store all that fun on so I don’t need to be in endless reload mode.

Great job Futurlab and I hope to see many more games of you in the future on PS Vita and PS4!