Angry Birds Trilogy arrives on PS Vita this week

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Squawk! This not-so-angry bird is Kalle Mäkinen, a producer from Rovio Entertainment, and I’m here to write a few lines about our latest release in the Angry Birds world.

Angry Birds Trilogy for PS Vita will be released on PlayStation Store on 16th October in Europe, priced €39.99/£34.99. Our PS Vita-owning fans have been waiting a long time for this game, so we have decided to delight them at the best possible way we can: releasing the ultimate Angry Birds package!

Angry Birds Trilogy has three award-winning Angry Birds games in one: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. There are over 700 levels to play and some totally new features, like making your own Angry Birds tunes! We have optimised the gameplay for PS Vita and enhanced the graphics – Angry Birds has never looked and felt this good in your pocket before!


When Angry Birds was released, it became an international phenomenon after just a few months on sale and the number one paid application of all time. We managed to bring something big to the world; a story of birds and pigs that people loved regardless of their age. We are really happy to invite PS Vita gamers to join our flock!

We hope that you’ll also love the new version of our dearest. The birds are waiting for you, so get your slingshot ready for those Bad Piggies! If you want to know what we are up to in the future, join our flock in Facebook and Twitter to hear more!


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Truly a great success and a revolutionary game.
Clearly overpriced, of course…

Paul_Morningstar 15 October, 2013 @ 15:35



Sorry to be rude but that pricing is absolutely appalling and you should be ashamed for fleecing Vita owners like that.

Yupp the price is what I expected. Most OVERPRICED game ever.

€5 is what the max price should be for this game.

I think you made a mistake in the pricing… did you mean €3.99/£3.49 ?


Bwahahahaa £35

so 40 euro for the exact same game i got free from the android playstore shame on you if it was 4/5 euro i would do it but not 10 times that price

Oh and who are does psvita fans who wanted this? Not read a single post on the internet requesting a overpriced game.

Pity Space isn’t included. The price is in-line with the other console releases


Meanwhile pretty much every AAA Vita game on the PS Store costs at least 5€ less…


this should be 20€ max.

I have these games on my android device for free. I highly doubt a few added features are worth £34.99. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I will be deleting and never downloading another game from you again.

What are you guys smoking!? £34.99 [DELETED]!

meh , I never liked when it was £.99

Psicojacorral 15 October, 2013 @ 15:49

Ufff, 39.99 Euros?? You’re a bit wrong with the price… And I see that everybody here thinks the same so you have to think about it


39.99 euros!? You are kidding, right?

A_Nonny_Moose 15 October, 2013 @ 15:54

At £1.99 I might have bought this. I wouldn’t spend £35 on Angry Birds even if I won the Euromillions.

Lol, nice price :)


surely a mistake.

HAHAHA either that’s the best typo ever or someone has a few screws loose!

Guys, guys, wait before you condemn Rovio!
They just know all too well that Angry Birds is simply the biggest thing to have graced gaming in the last decade. We obviously should thank them for being allowed to pay 40€.

superpatchy66 15 October, 2013 @ 16:02

Wow, this is at least ten times over priced.

I recall the bod from ‘smart as’ stating a clearly outrageously high release price too (£40 I think), but when released a few weeks later it was a tenner cheaper. I suspect it was reduced following comments on this blog.

I also suspect this price will be quickly reduced too.

Seriously Sony? When you allow a price like this your cheap android competition quickly pays for itself, then it’s bye bye Vita.

Yes i agree with most, it is overpriced. Considering you can pick these up for less than a quid or even free via Android devices.
I do get that its a great game/franchise and the Angry Birds experience on the Vita will be a much better one but £34.99 is still too high. I will be getting this to play on my Vita but not until the price comes down to at least half way.


£35?! Are you kidding?
Why would we pay £35 for this?
Don’t the developers/publishers realise that a lot more people would buy this if it was cheap, a la iPhone/Android.


Great game but HOW MUCH??!!?>! Should be £9.99 MAX

I know Housemarque did the PS3/X360 version, so who did this port?

‘Optimised’… like the PSP version was? HELL NO.

Cataplexy-Pop 15 October, 2013 @ 16:12

Loving all the price-related comments on this post. On a more serious note, what’s up with that price?

Now I’m an angry bird… :)

In_The_Bottom 15 October, 2013 @ 16:15

Bargain price! I think I’ll get two.

DestructorSVK 15 October, 2013 @ 16:15

It looks pretty good.. But I would like to see it in IGC

no surprises with the price as this will be classed as a console version (not mobile) and priced as such just like they did with the other console versions of this title.

i dont understand this approach myself as even if they brought out the 3 games individually and overpriced them @ £5 im sure they would still sell more units than the bundle together at that price.

sad as i would have liked a vita version of angry birds go after seeing the trailer today on kotaku, looked like a great kart racer but as it would prob cost £20+ on consoles id have to pass.

commenters say console gaming is dying and smartphones are the future, i say its pricing decisions like this that make the likelihood of statements like that a reality.

sort it out guys


I like how GTAV released a few weeks back and some of us paid less than £35 for a game that cost £170 million to make and market…..this releases and its a port of a port of a port and it too costs £35, that’s swell.

I’ll get out of bed tomorrow morning and still laugh about this thread.


For that price it should be the Trilogy+ Space+ Star Wars+ Angry Birds Go!

And even then it would be vastly overpriced.

If this isn’t a typo and you *didn’t* mean to write £3.49/€3.99, I’ll have some of what you’re smoking, please.

Each of these cost around £0.69 on mobile phones. Why are we paying £34.99 for the same thing

zalwelgoedgaan 15 October, 2013 @ 16:29


You shouldn’t smoke what they are smoking, it will permanently damage your brains. =/

Lol no thanks

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to expensive.

Everyone and their dog already played these games, either for free on their tablet/smartphone or otherwise.

And Rovio, you’re forgetting one thing. PSVita users are way to smart to buy the same crap for a premium price. They will invest that much money into buying Killzone Mercenary or upcoming Tearaway.

Not this piece of recycled birdpoo…

Honestly, I would refuse to put the game on the store at that price. It’s an insult to your customers and an insult to you. Seriously, nobody in their right mind is going to pay that for this game. It should be a tenth of that price.

supersmith2500 15 October, 2013 @ 16:31

£34.99??? Really Rovio? Why pull the same overpricing stunt just like what EA and Activision does and why hasn’t Activision made a retail release of this game just like what they did to other platforms even the Wii U!? -__-


39,99€? Ha ha, funniest joke i’ve heard this week XD

@zalwelgoedgaan: Well, then at least I’ll be able to enjoy Angry Birds.

40 Euro for Angry Birds or Tearaway I can get for 29 Euro a PHYSICAL copy that is! What a difficult choice that is lol!

Everybody, give your money to a true creative game like Tearaway and not this please. Rovio got greedy, very, very greedy…

Was actually a bit intrested in this until I noticed the price, I’ll pass until it get a on 75% sale or free with ps+ Sorry but it’s way overpriced!

LuckyNeanderthal 15 October, 2013 @ 16:36

“Angry Birds Trilogy for PS Vita will be released on PlayStation Store on 16th October in Europe, priced €39.99/£34.99.”

*spits out hypothetical cup of tea in shock* What? That much for three mobile games?! You are kidding, right?

I could get all three of those games on my phone for much cheaper than that! So the question is ‘Why buy three mobile games at console game price when you could get them cheaper (or free, even) on your phone?’ I think one of the Activision execs needs their head screwed on properly, quite frankly.

is that price a joke???? LOL you must think Vita owners are lacking in games to play. think again, i can get a PROPPER game for that kind of money.

either that price is a mistake or you guys dont want to sell.

LuckyNeanderthal 15 October, 2013 @ 16:38

Or perhaps Rovio. I just said Activision because they published the console versions.

*chokes on price*

Obviously Angry Birds is a perfect game for PS Vita, but the price is a not-so-funny joke. €40 for 3 mobile games which I can play for free in my smartphone? Gimme a break…

Dear Activision, publisher of the Angry Birds Trilogy, what’s up with you? Not only do you charge €70 for the annual, re-packaged Call of Duty (with no price cut ever, but personally I don’t even care about it, I’m not in FPSs), but now €40 for Angry Birds? Good luck if any serious number of players buy it.

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