Killzone Mercenary update goes live today


Hi everyone. We are very pleased to announce the launch of Killzone Mercenary patch 2.

Firstly, we need to start off with the bad news. You’ll see that the patch size is similar to that of the previous patch and you will need a spare 1190MB in order to download it. When this new patch installs, the first patch will essentially be deleted, but you will need the extra space initially. This download is necessary in order to pave the way for future planned revisions to the game.

We are currently investigating solutions to reduce the overall size of the title and free up more of your valuable memory card space. We hope to be able to share more news on that work very soon

The main focus for patch 2 has been targeting some of the connectivity issues that have been experienced over the last month. We’re hoping that many of you who were previously unable to connect into the community will now be able to enjoy the game to its fullest.

The other main area of work has been to provide a better distribution of respawn points across all game modes. The intention here is to give a better balance to the multiplayer games.

We’ve also addressed the issue that some of you were reporting with load-out slots not being unlocked, in addition to problems with the melee medal (which was always being awarded as a “bronze”).

Finally, there are also a number of stability fixes, to address some of the crashes that have been reported.

Please note that our previous workaround information regarding connectivity is now redundant and it’s recommended that any steps you may have followed in order to connect should now be reverted.

Getting everyone into games (and keeping them there) remains our number one goal on the Mercenary team. Given the myriad of network setups and usage patterns out there, we realise that issues may still arise. As such, we’ve now set up a poll to allow more detailed feedback to be given.

Please be assured that we monitor the forums regularly in an effort to focus our development towards the most common issues and requests.

We hope to be able to share more details on the next patch in the near future. For now though, please enjoy the patch 2 updates and continue to relay your feedback through the official forum.

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Great news, can’t wait to try the patch out. I was having no end of connectivity issues and so haven’t bothered with multiplayer so far.

An immediate question arises, can I simply delete the existing patch to free up space for this second colossus of an update?

I never had connection problems but im more interested in hearing if you ever going to do a small map pack dlc :-D

Does anyone know or anyone at Guerrila know if this patch is on top of the already 1.5gb patch meaning its going to be in total 3gb? Or if it saves over the current one


any plan for DLC ?
thank you :)

@mdogg91 In the second paragraph it says:

When this new patch installs, the first patch will essentially be deleted, but you will need the extra space initially.

supersmith2500 17 October, 2013 @ 17:05

So the previous patch gets deleted to save space? With two 1190MB patches together, it can take up ALOT of space on a 4GB Memory card.

zalwelgoedgaan 17 October, 2013 @ 17:08

I literally couldn’t get a single match going in the beta because of my connection (no Upnp, NAT type 3). Will this patch make a difference?


It says it clearly…


Just try it out.. Says it fixes connection problems. But yours might be different.


@supersmith: Just like with most fighting games, the oldest data is overwritten. The space is needed due the installer and decompression, but the code gets overwritten and ends up adding just the difference :)

supersmith2500 17 October, 2013 @ 17:13

So it doesn’t stack up space.


Dude, read. It says it literally in the text and a couple of posts above you…

“@mdogg91 In the second paragraph it says:
When this new patch installs, the first patch will essentially be deleted, but you will need the extra space initially.”

Ay Caramba! Glad I invested in a 64gb Vita card, I don’t even have killzone yet, but when I do get it, it will likely be up to 10+gb of update patches over the original game download.


Does anybody actually read anything on the internet before they grab the keyboard and go to work on it?

What happen to KZM digital artbook? Can’t find it anywhere in UK PSN Store.


“I don’t got time for no information, I got me some rage brewing”

Any chance of Radec’s Academy coming to KZ:M with the old Wazone modes? If you feel like the map is too big you could always close the doors to the library and theatre. Body Count, Assassination, Search and Destroy and Search and Retrieve could stay the same. For Capture and Hold you could just have one capture point in the middle. Could seem a bit baron at times with only 8 players but I’d love to play it on KZ:M. Radec Academy 24/7 :P


@Ninja-MY A Sony employee wrote on the german blog that the artbook has received a last-minute delay. Source (german):

So, how is it possible that I got the artbook on my PSVita since yesterday?


Because the artbook was released yesterday.

Exactly, so whats nr. 18’s comment about, and nr. 15’s too…


Delayed in Deutschland.


Th3C0Effici3nt 17 October, 2013 @ 19:27

We got the patch here in the US a week or two ago. Multiplayer works like a dream now, hope you guys enjoy.

Never had connection issues or found a lack of players online. But the campaign mode needs some save points badly .. I’ve tried to play it 3 times on my lunch break at work. But 30 minutes in and I’ve no save point. It’s driving me nuts. I really wish the campaign was pick up and play with auto save points every 5 minutes or so.

I think with the blessing of the internet it’s great games can be patched but a 1 gig patch is telling me de game wasn’t ready when it was shipped. With memory coming at a premium price this adds up and is unacceptable. I hope, in the future, the game will come out including the final version with no need to add a patch on a chip.
This also sends me a signal not to buy any new Vita games and wait until they are able to release the final version of a game without attacking my “disk” space.

@8 the nat issue problems are to do with your broadband hub. I had a bt hub 2 and had numerous problems, I got a bt hub 3 and problems were solved. something to do with available slots? I didnt understand but I got the hub 3 for under £10 on ebay.

lost all data after 1.02 patch install, all SP and MP stats. dont download

lost all data SP and MP after 1.02 patch update. dont install

Works fine for me. Found active lobbies.

loadstone007s 17 October, 2013 @ 22:55

Love this game. Can’t wait for some DLC!

Anyone playing this atm, can you add XSpike so I can join you? Ive only done 4 hours online (after looking up my stats) since the game has came out… I just need that connection overseas in I can get smooth online gameplay just by clicking “join your game” (type thing) :)

Paul_Morningstar 18 October, 2013 @ 07:39

Not working any better for me after the update…

@ XSpike, I take it you are aware you are posting on the EU blog not the NZ one? I’m also pretty sure an update ever 10-20mins, although making you feel better, will have little impact on what the devs are going to do.

Ok so this update hasn’t worked for you this time, fingers crossed the next update does.


@brianmini: This is the NZ blog.

Eu and AU (and with it NZ) territories are shared.

For once, I’ll join the “we want DLC!” crowd. Would be nice to have SP dlc too, some extra missions would work well with the contracts-based structure of the game.


I honestly expected the multiplayer to be more enticing.. I was hooked for about a weekend after the campaign, but the small maps and the low number of them just makes it feel tedious after a while imo.. Maybe I would’ve been hooked a little longer if it weren’t for GTA, but still.. Great game though, give me some more dlc maps :p


Thanks for patch, I have finally managed to connect with some game !! :)

Nothing? Ya being quite rude developers not caring for their customers, least SOMETIMES you guys actually listen on these Blogs. But every so often theses some good complaints that should be noticed & something to be done but you guys just reply to the comments that didn’t need any reply & leave the dude with the important question hanging…

So I’ll say again, I can barely find any games on Killzone Merencies, during the day I’ll never find a game unless joining someone over seas at night late at night I’ll be luckly to get a game with more then 4 players, so not worth playing at low player counts.

Game needs a fix asap, & it wouldn’t even be a hard fix! I know some stuff bout game development & slightly changing the match making so IT CAN FIND PEOPLE where I live should be quite easy..

shattered_neon 20 October, 2013 @ 19:57

Patch is a load of crap, I had no connections issues before and now I can rarely connect. The games OK but not worth the hassle, selling while its still worth something

Fitzmonkey_Devil 23 October, 2013 @ 16:56

If your low on space like me then all I did was copy my save data to online storage, delete the game off the Vita, then re-install the game and the latest patch will be able to be downloaded and installed. Then copy your save data back from online storage, sorted :)

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