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Hey there everybody. I don’t know how the skies have looked where you all abide, but it’s been a dismal autumnal week up here in the UK. Perfect time to catch up on some gaming before the big winter games rush begins, then. Let us know what you’ve been enjoying. Me? I took inspiration from the weather and finally got stuck into Rain. Perfect seasonal gaming, I’d say.

Back to the Blog though. It’s been a frenetic week: two new Store sales; news of Flower, flOw, Sound Shapes and Escape Plan coming to PS4; a killer offer for folks picking up Ratchet & Clank Nexus next month, your first glimpse of the special editions for inFAMOUS: Second Son; and updates on The Witness, The Last of Us, Tearaway and Knack, among others. See the full reading list below.

Finally, a quick apology for the lack of a Weekend Debate. Alas, circumstances conspired this week. It shall return next Friday!

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Hi Fred i bought flower from the PS Store on my PS3 will i be able to download it for free on PS4 when it comes out?

thanks in advance :)


Yes, you will indeed!


Part 1

I’ve been playing Beyond two souls a lot this week. Have the platinum already but I’m still waiting for my email. There was a competition on Facebook saying those that get the platinum before the end of the month will receive an email to get in. Can you check what the hold up is?

Overall I thought the blog was a bit disappointing this week. :( (for the first time). I don’t like the U.S blog but I would say they have done the better one this week as they had two important post up. Where is our Kingdom Hearts 2.5 announcement post and our Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay post? The EU Square Enix blog has the post up so it’s obviously coming to us too. Normally I don’t go onto the U.S blog cos I don’t like it but was lucky enough to have went on to see the wonderful news.


Unfortunately, the Kingdom Hearts post came in red hot during the night while, shame on me, I was asleep. By the time we got into the office, the news was already out there. The game is indeed coming to these shores.


Part 2

Just a couple of things:
1) My PS3 friends list is messed up. A lot of the time they wont show up and I keep restarting my PS3. They are viewable on my Vita just fine tho. Now it’s sorta fixed but some people still end up missing but on the Vita they appear as online.
2) Need PS4 camera news soon. Not long till the console is released so need to know if I’m gonna get one and need to know what games are supported with it.
3) When could we be getting more news about Invizimals? (both PS3 and Vita)
4) I went onto GAME website few days ago and seen something AWESOME! Never knew about it before. Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z for both PS3 and Vita. Need something there too. ;) Really hope it will be a cross buy and cross play.


1) I’m afraid this query is beyond my area of expertise. If the problem persists, please contact customer services.
2) We’re hoping to have a full PS4 Q&A up soon. Hopefully any remaining questions you have will be answered there.
3) Is there anythign in particular you’d like to know? The UK release is currently scheduled for February.
4) That’s a query for Namco I’m afraid!


@Noctis_91 – Yes, it was announced if you purchased Flower for PS3 you can download it for free for PS4 and PS Vita. :-)


^1. does infamos second son get a mltiplayer?^^
II. when do we get grarity rsh II news?^^
3. when will be ncharted GA and gravity rsh 1 replaced?^^


Alas, I’ve got no update on any of these issues today.


Hi Fred this week was very disappointing because of the delays,but I know the wait will be worth it!
By the way,Iin 2014,how many AAA ps4 titles will you give besides Driveclub?(I like Indie game,but I mostly play AAA titles.
I also want to know if we can use vita remote play with all ps4 games that don’t use the camera in every place that have a good wi fi connection?
Keep up the good work!


That’s a tough question to answer! Games are announced all the time be both ourselves and third parties, such as Ubisoft and Activision. And it also depends on your classification of ‘AAA’. The best answer I can give is ‘plenty’!

As for your Remote Play query, as above, we’ll have a full Q&A up soon which should answer your questions.

declan__watson 20 October, 2013 @ 12:35

Hi everyone :)
Hello Fred, hope your having a cracking day. On topic about the weather, it’s atrotious up here in scotland. Raining overnight and waking up to a sunny morning, definetly is that lack of autum weather. :)
In terms of gaming over the week, I decided to play some Amnesia: The Dark Decent and it’s a cracking game, be great to have it on PS4, but I think Frictional confirmed that it could be a possibility. Fingers Crossed ;)
And other things is my lack of GTA Online the past few days, it was fine but I guess it’s maybe a bug with my server because alot of my other friends seems to be fine. ;)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend Fred and Bloggers ;)

declan__watson 20 October, 2013 @ 12:43

@Number 5
inFAMOUS: Second Son multiplayer will lightly be the UGC (User Generated Content) we saw in the previous titles

If I were you, I would tactically avoid mentioning the Angry Birds Trilogy fiasco in the blog recap. But probably you can’t do that. On the other hand, maybe it’s good to remind people why they shouldn’t even consider getting that game.

I’m really looking forward to Knack! Also @Fred I’ve still yet to receive my Ratchet Gladiator code. I signed into the forum link that you post and I keep checking but still yet to see anything :( any help please?


Good week indeed. Finally downloaded SFxTK to my Vita — looks quite good on the portable :) Highlights for me are the Nightmare Before Christmas DLC for LBP, the Knack lore post (I was wondering all these months who everyone was :P), inFamous Second Son and the sad DriveClub news. Quite a week on that aspect due Ubisoft as well — I hope both products come out in a good shape at least!

Nifty nice changes you guys have done to the webstore as well, with Download Buttons on every purchased product page — a welcome addition, as the download list is a pin to load and navigate through. However, it seems that the pages do not load properly, with various bought items not makred as bought (but recognised as if) and stuff…

See you tomorrow Fred, looking forward this next week! (Batman, PS Plus and the Beyond prize? Busy week!)

Hi Fred, could you please look into the following issue ?

I noticed that in the Belgian PSN Store Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark isn’t free anymore for Plus members. I had a look at some of the previous Plus updates here on the blog and it’s nowhere mentioned that the game was supposed to have gotten removed.

I’m guessing something went wrong when you added the game to the cross buy sale ?

Or perhaps I’m starting to lose my mind and the game was intended to have been removed a while back, but I’m so addicted to GTA V that I hardly ever visit the PS Store anymore :)


Certainly, I’ll investigate now.

Flugsvampen_97 20 October, 2013 @ 18:44

Hi Fred! Hope you had a good week!
It’s been a while since you anounced here on the blog that there will be two Killzone bundles with PS4 and I havent seen any of them for sale here in Sweden. Do you know if Sweden will get them or not? If not, do you know why?

Thanks in advance! :)


Yes, the bundles should be available in your region. If they’re not live in online stores yet, hold on for a few days – they should appear soon.

Killzone:M needs an update in New Zealand, its been a problem since the Beta, I been saying since the Beta but to no avail this needs to b fixed Ive only managed 4hrs MP never had a full game apart from when joining people overseas.

Did hours n hours on beta only because I added 20+ people who had the beta overseas so I could join seriously this needs a fix & make sure it never happens again


Have you logged-in since the patch on Friday (detailed here late last week)? A number of issues with the game have now been addressed and it should be easy to jump into MP.


From what I can tell the retailers have to contact you to ask which one you want. They are going in order of who pre-ordered first. If you pre-ordered in February you will get first choice and continue down the list until all are gone.

Hey Fred. Hope you’re having a good weekend!

Just voicing my hopes for a Modnation Racers dlc sale particularly for the theme packs at some point, been waiting on it a long time time now.


Noted! Unfortunately, there are no plans for such a sale at present, though it could come up in the future.

Hi Fred, I bought Beyond Two Souls and downloaded the soundtrack (wasn’t happy all extra’s ended up being downloads) but it was only 4 tracks! I feel Sony should have made clear I only would get a sampler and not the full soundtrack. I’m really disappointed in the false advertisement!


Hey Fred,
some weeks ago the Killzone Bundle of PS4 with the cam and 2 gamepads was announced. The blogpost said it will be released on 29th November in UK.
But when it will be released in Germany?
I pre-ordered it at AmazonDE and the actual Amazon site says that it won’t be released on 29th in Germany. Is it true?
Looking forward to your reply and hoping that you have something to say about my problem ;)


It’s definitely coming out in Germany. I can’t speak on Amazon’s behalf re. the availability, but it may be that they have limited launch day stock.

Any update for those of us that havent received their gladiator code yet ?


Haha can’t blame ya for being asleep. They sure do like to send it at bad timings. I suppose I was just looking to see more game play and hear whatever else the developers wanted to say about Invizimals. Wanted to see a bit more action on how it plays and what it’s like when it’s trading between the Vita and PS3. I seen some game play on YouTube of both separately but just looking a little more. lol

For Dragon Ball z Battle of Z, I wrote to them on twitter. They never reply to me. :( They just need a little push to get some information out there and tell us something about it. :)

Looking forward to the full PS4 Q&A. Hope it comes soon enough

hi fred
why trophies of new zen pinbal star wars dlc on vita not in list ????

stil 6 weeks to go to have ps4 = :( , why not same date like usa ?

also i alraedy buy diablo 3 digital ps3 version ( convert to ps4 littel price ? )

i hope minecraft ps4 = day 1 ( want to preorder )

Hey Fred

I logged in on the link you gave during the laststore update but I still haven’t recieved my code yet.

any update on how it’s going?


I’ll investigate now. We’ll likely do another mail-out in the next 24 hours.

Hi Fred

I’m the same as @LycanHero, I’ve logged into that link you posted and still haven’t received my Gladiator Code. Thanks for looking into all of this


You should have it within the next 24 hours. Thanks for your patience.

Hi Fred

Can you please check on Rocksmith 2014? Will it be downloadable from PSN and when?

Our American friends have been able to pre-order RS2014 already on their PSN store. I don’t see it on the EU store anywhere.

Hopefully it will be available for download no later than 24/25 October?

Thanks! :)


Yes, you’ll be able to download this on 24th October in EU!

Thanks Fred!! That has just made my day! :)

I’m a bit late, since I didn’t notice the message about the Gladiator codes being sent out through the community forums, but I just wanted to thank you Fred for making sure we finally got them.


Hey Fred
Great week it has been surely pumped for the upcoming updates!
The thing is I to haven’t yet received my code for Ratchet Gladiator…. done everything I saw on the blog ( email , download list , pm in forum ) … any update on what I should do next


Hey Fred Thanks for the reply! But I have no connection issues with Killzone:M – I barely had any problems since the Beta with connection issues. I have a problem finding those connections.

Ever since the Beta I haven’t really been able to join any games with Match Making, I just always end up in a lobby by myself. Late late at night I may be lucky to find some people playing (like 3 players) almost nothing..

So during the Beta I added like 30 people overseas who had the game, so I just always joined them (ranked upto 5th in the world during the Beta only cause I kept joining friends and I just stayed in kept playing). I posted my problem on the beta forums multiple times & beta report + everything else…

Game releases, still the same old problem – can’t find any games unless its super late at night & its still barely anyone.. So far I’ve done a total of 4 hours online!! Gez I did like 80hours during the beta (even that was lucky!!)..

My Vita is DMZ host at my place (NAT2), I’ve gotten into a game on NAT3 at my friends house but was like only 1 person… Ive tried internet @ other places, tried everything to no avail.

I know its the games fault, as I can join (overseas) friends games as easy as anything, but trying match making I’ll be waiting for 20hours before someone pops up..

Hopefully you can pass my message on Fred!! Theres 0 things I can do to fix this, WELL APART from move to Aus or somewhere else…


i got a question, the PSN NA is having a massive sale! is this sale coming to the UK store as well or we stuck with that poor selection already shown of games in the UK store?

just wondering…

oh and they are getting Hotline Miami Free for PS Plus: Members

I haven’t received a code for the Ratchet Gladiator download. I bought Q-Force day 1, played (and got the platinum trophy) soon after, and also got the code for Motocross back when that was distributed, but still no Gladiator code. :(
Who is best to contact about this?

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