Watch out for The Wolf Among Us on PS Vita this autumn

The Wolf Among Us

Hey everyone! We’re super happy to announce that The Wolf Among Us, the latest episodic series from Telltale Games, is coming to PlayStation Vita for download later this year!

What’s this “Wolf” stuff about? Based on the award-winning Fables comic book series, The Wolf Among Us is an often violent, mature and hard-boiled thriller where the characters and creatures of myth, lore and legend are real and exist in our world. These aren’t QUITE the characters you might remember from childhood stories though. Playing as Bigby Wolf – THE big bad wolf in human form – you’ll discover that the brutal, bloody murder of a Fable is just a taste of things to come.

The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us

If you’ve already played The Walking Dead on PlayStation 3 or PS Vita, you’ll be familiar with the gameplay in The Wolf Among Us. It’s all about choice and consequence, but we’ve definitely upped the ante (especially in the action sequences)!

In case you missed it the first time around, be sure to check out the recent PlayStation Blogcast with Episode 1 co-director Nick Herman for more detail on the series and a few hints about what you might be in for…

The Wolf Among Us

Like The Walking Dead on PS Vita, you’ll be able to choose between analogue or touchscreen controls, or even switch on the fly if that’s what you like. Great news for those who prefer to play inverted as well: we’ve added an “invert Y” option in The Wolf Among Us, so you’ll feel right at home.

Even if you’ve already been enjoying Bigby’s exploits on PlayStation 3, the PS Vita version could be an opportunity to make different decisions in another playthrough, any time and any place it suits you.

The Wolf Among Us

We’re working to lock down the release date and price, so stay tuned for more info on that front! In the meantime, check out the trailer to see what people have been saying about Episode 1.

As ever, let us know below if you’ve got any comments or questions! See you in Fabletown!

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i have been debating buying the season pass for this for ps3.

i know i want the game i think id rather just get it when its all out(thats what i did with the fantastic twd) plus there’s always the chance id get a discount on store while its rolling out each month.

that being said if you were to offer a season pass for both versions combined at a slight discount id buy both now.

Steve_Of_The_O 24 October, 2013 @ 18:41

Great to see early PS Vita support for this. Hopefully the second season of Walking Dead will be as quick or alongside general release.

Great news IF it runs better than The Walking Dead does on Vita, the stuttering and freezing really spoils the atmosphere of the game. Still a great game but the performance issues do affect it, thankfully I played it on PS3 first.

any news on if you have worked something out with regards to continuing season 2 of twd on ps4 using our choices from the ps3 game?

If you can confirm it doesn’t freeze up like the Vita version of The Walking Dead, then I’d be very interested in getting this.

I already bought the PS3 season pass. Will I be able to get all the episodes for free for the vita or do I have to buy it again?

Cross-buy? Discount because it is late?

After buying The Walking Dead for my Vita, I think I’m done with Telltale Games. TWD is probably the most technically bankrupt game I’ve played on my Vita. Stu.. stu… stuttering! Stuttering all the time. The game is complete mess and TTG have stated on their own forums that have no intention of patching/fixing the game.

From what I read the console versions have their fair share of issues as well, including stuttering. TTG is a technically inept company that can’t make their simple storybook games run even remotely smoothly.

Buy their broken games at your own risk.

TWD is pretty good content/story wise, but the technical state of the game completely destroyed an otherwise good experience.

Yeah… you guys at TTG aren’t seeing another dime of my money.


Looks like I gonna play The Wolf Among us on Vita also :)

Hopefully I can find 64 GB memory card cheap in Japan.

Telltale need to release some TWD or/and TWAU avatars, quick smart

Video is private :|

The Walking Dead stutters and freezes on Vita so I didn’t buy it and I’m not interested in this if that is the quality that Telltale Games thinks is acceptable.

So, will it be available in Russia? Or will the absurdity continue?

I am interested in the game but if it was on the PS4 then maybe I will buy it.

mellan_Konsten 24 October, 2013 @ 21:35

News of the year, I can’t begin to tell you how glad this announcement made me :-)

Keep up the Good work.

due to the save transfer issue of ps3 to ps4 possibly being an issue if the plan is for more seasons of this will you be making a ps4 version of the game?

The Horror Sale is pathetic, you need to beef it up by including PS Vita games, and I mean, there is only one good horror game on Vita ( Lone Survivor ) , so get on it ;)

Thank you for bringing this to vita :)

@telltale games

I wanted to buy the walking dead for my vita but haven’t done so as the only way to play the European version is to download it, the problem is I have no space on the card and don’t want to delete my other games.

So can you consider making a retail copy please, it would go well with my collection :D

Excellent, was going to hold of for some sort of PS4 GOY edition next year but this means I can have the transition and still enjoy this. I highly recommend the Fables graphic novels to anyone regardless of their stance on video games.


@#8 I usually agree with you but I’ll have to disagree this time. I have TWD season 1 on ps3 and haven’t noticed a single problem with the game, haven’t played it on the Vita because no way I’m going to pay another €20 for the exact same game when cross-buy should be there in first place. The same applies to TWAU, played it flawlessly so far (episode 1) and not a single issue here, haven’t got a single freeze and/or slow down but, like TWD, I won’t be getting it to the Vita (despite I wish to) because I’m pretty sure they’re going the same route and charge the full €20 for season pass. Even if they took 50% I wouldn’t get it, its stupid, games like these should have mandatory cross-buy.


you know we are lucky to get crossbuy at all,sony cant mandate 3rd partys to give there product away for free.

look at nintendo they have games that are the same on wiiu as 3ds and crossbuy has never been considered, saying it should be mandatory make you come off as kinda entitled sounding.

Dear Laura Perusco and dear Telltale Games.

I will NOT consider buying this or any other of your games ever again because your lack of respect toward your customers is insulting at best. At E3 you promised a Vita version of the Walking Dead on par with the PS3 one. Well if you meant the stuttering you did well, it was on par with the (original) PS3 version. The fact that you are NOT planning to release a patch for the game (your official response to complaints on your forum)adds insult to injury. Seriously? Are you happy with how the game is performing? If so how dare you suggest that we should trust your new product, which is based on the same engine? So we can buy another stuttering game? No thanks. A good game does not give you the right to release broken games and say it’s fine.Add to that the fact that you don’t even offer cross-buy option for a year old game and you get the picture.

@#21 The PS3 version of TWD was full of bugs and stuttering, they fixed it ONLY after people caused an uproar on their forums. The Xbox version still has problems and not to mention, again, the PS Vita version.

After “Uncharted: Golden Abyss” and now “Killzone: Mercenaries” there is no excuse and no place for technically flawed games.

Similarly to many people who have already stated it in this thread, I will wait for patch to The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us before paying for either game. I was lucky to be able to see the stuttering and freezes before I actually bought TWD, as a result I haven’g bought it yet – and I was holding out for Vita version, for heaven’s sake. Such a disappointment.

So, I absolutely don’t care about The Wolf Among Us on Vita, unless I read it’s bug-free and fluid. Only then will I pay for it.

Would be nice if you patch TWD on VITA before showcasing your next game.

VictorAnalogy 25 October, 2013 @ 11:10

Yup. Not buying it or anything else from TTG till they fix The Walking Dead. It is totally shocking.


TWD was quite buggy on the PS3, had to do several restarts but it was still very enjoyable as a story!

Will not buy this on the PS3 as i’m transitioning to the PS4 already, but the Vita version would be perfect. As long as there’s not too many glitches! :D

So this is gonna be part of the Halloween sale right? So that Vita gamers can finally join in with the festive spirit.


There’s a lot of ‘huffing and puffing’ from Vita owners regarding the stutterific port of The Walking Dead on the blog here today, but I personally never encountered any framerate issues that were quite *that* bad. Maybe I’m lucky?

Either way, I’ll definitely be grabbing the The Wolf Among Us for my Vita regardless – and I can’t wait..!!!

I like how whenever on this blog there are people with complaints about games freezing/buggy etc developers or SCEE never respond.

I hope TWAU will get a retail release as well and that it’ll be released in Europe. I had to import my TWD from the US :/ Thankfully I didn’t miss out on any DLCs :) I’m hoping for some patches though, TTG just look at the feedback you get from the gamers! You are losing not only money, but credibility as well.


Still need to get this >< Trying to hold out till they all released and preferably had a pricecut :p


Did you guys ever consider not releasing this episodically? I’d probably get it on launch then..


I mean future games, sorry :p

CarotideEtude 27 October, 2013 @ 17:21

Great game, tried the demo, put it on my wish list!

I love Fables and Digby is a favourite character. I am really enjoying Walking dead. So it will be a day one purchase for me.

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