Weekend Debate: What makes a great FPS? (update)

The Weekend Debate

UPDATE: Thanks for all your comments in this week’s debate. There was some really passionate discussion this week, but sadly we only have one copy of ‘The Art of God of War Ascension’ to give away. So here’s to this week’s winner…Elegant-Gent! Look out for a PM to your account on the official forums.

ORIGINAL STORY: So, as many of you might have seen, we released a brand new story trailer for Killzone Shadow Fall earlier this week. I hope you’ll agree that Guerrilla Games‘ latest is looking spectacular, and a real stand-out of the PS4 launch line-up. In case you missed it, check it out below:

As a genre, I find the FPS scene fascinating. No doubt due to their extraordinary popularity, there’s such a range of opinions and allegiances out there – certainly more so than with, say, platformers or third person action games.

So my question to you this week: in your opinion, what makes a truly great FPS?

Is it the feel and range of the weaponry on offer? Is it the story and setting? Is it the multiplayer component? Is it the pacing, the size, the set pieces? Or is it the community? In short tell me what your favourite shooter is, and exactly why it has you hooked.

I’ve just one prize this week, but it’s a good ‘un. The most thoughtful response, as selected by our panel of judges, walks away with a copy of ‘The Art of God of War Ascension’ – a lavish 400-page gold-trimmed hardback looking in detail at the creative process behind Sony Santa Monica’s recent epic. Find out more at the official God of War site.


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supersmith2500 25 October, 2013 @ 6:37 pm   1

Back in the old DOS days we had some great shooters from Id Software and I’m talking about the classic Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake. These games in my opinion is amazing. All you do is run through the levels shooting down any monsters and bad guys along the way and it never gets old especially shooting zombies with a trusty shotgun. And yes, FPS games play extremely better on PC.


a 3rd person view :S

chrisboers 25 October, 2013 @ 6:43 pm   3

Since I don’t like to compete against other players, for me, a good FPS has a great Single-Player story, and an excellent co-op online multiplayer. I know the single player part is ignored by most CoD or BF players, but for me, it’s the only part that really interests me.
Whatever people may think of CoD, the Singleplayer is a 6-hour thrillride that is a great enjoyment!
But, the BEST FPS storyline has to be Borderlands 2. It’s witty, high quality, and has a lot of variety. it doesn’t always have to be super-realistic to be great, and Borderlands has proven that!


Guerilla/Guerilla Cambridge

XnoobsquadX 25 October, 2013 @ 6:45 pm   5

The AI made leaps and bounds the last 5 years and i think that it will no rather should be the focus of any FPS trying to set itself apart from the competition. Envorimental eyecandy is what makes an fps immersive but with lack of smart enemies(offline or online for that matter xd) u will get bored real quick. just my 2 cents.

sandystrachan 25 October, 2013 @ 6:49 pm   6

MAG ( Massive.Action.Game .)
The customizations to loadouts and character , the use of vehicle’s , the use of Squad , platoon and O.I.C chain of command .
The huge immersive maps and battles like never before seen in console gaming , the fact it broke the 6v6 players on one map by having 32v32 for 1 game mode and the HUGE 128v128 real people fighting on one map .
MAG came before people was ready to accept it MAG should be the future and what development teams should try to break past as their goals for future online shooters .

kjLoveless 25 October, 2013 @ 6:58 pm   7

1. It has to be true to its word. First Person. No stupid 3rd person view for cut scenes. (Not that I dont like them but a good example – I’m looking at you Far Cry 3).
2. FPS today generally tend to compete for eye bleeding graphics. Not complaining.
3. TBH – Gaming for 15 years has now sort of made the genre stale for me. Since Wolfenstein – Its basically the same formula.
4. I would like some mix up. (Kudos – Bioshock – Would you kindly…?)

Lastly, on a different topic.. Im from India. and there is not PS4 release date or price announcement and I literally check about it every 6 hours. Coul you hint at anything please?? atleast if it will be out in 2013. Please – Fingers Crossed!! (Or should I say trigger ready!!) From one PS gamer to the other. Something!! Also.. absolutely LOVED the PS memories video. Amazing!! – Link –

Totally me!! Grew up with PS. So Fred. Something about PS4 for accross the pond please!


The most important part has to be the multiplayer component. Although i often enjoy the single player story its the multiplayer you always come back to. As long as there is a good balance of weapons and game modes you’ll always keep coming back. This after all is why games like Call of Duty are so popular and successful.



If a shooter is to considered “truly great” by me it must incorporate splitscreen. There’s nothing better than getting some friends round with an intoxicant of your choosing and proceeding to shoot their heads off. I don’t know what it is about firing guns, but it’s incredibly

My first memory of an FPS with splitscreen was Medal of Honor on the PS1 at my mates house, me and my friends would go round for knockout tournaments or a mini league.

Fast forward a bunch of years and we discover COD World at War for 4 player local madness and splitscreen zombies. I’ve actually got much respect for IW/Treyarch for continuing to put splitscreen in their games, playing the spec ops of MW2 with my bro was especially awesome.

Right now, me and my buddies are enjoying the 4 player zombies in Black Ops 2, still getting to grips with origins. Can’t wait to see wait Ghosts and the PS4 have lined up for splitscreen gaming.


fps =
-fast pace
-max resolution
-60 fps
-no stupid enemis ore help budy .
story = big like borderlands

best fps =
If u give me cod speed – bigger maps -more peopel -ful destruction maps ( vehicles ), lesser quikscopers -lesser kilstreaks .

dark_angel69 25 October, 2013 @ 7:04 pm   11

My favorite shooter is Battlefield 3 as it is a very realistic shooter. In my opinion it makes the best fps as the story was amazing as-well as the multiplayer. Having a large map is great especially when able to fly choppers and jets as an option or even drive tanks or other vehicles. The weapons feels realistic too. Anything with lots of gun fights and explosions makes a great fps. But it must be very realistic too and allow us to destroy buildings.

cycledance 25 October, 2013 @ 7:07 pm   12

– 60fps
– responsive low latency controls
– good reward system (scoring system)
– perfectly matched force feedback
– hitmarker sounds
– realistic gun sounds
– instant respawning
– clean high contrast graphics (think of realistic with a touch of cartoony look)

personally i enjoyed metroid prime series most for single player and modern warfare series most for multiplayer.

VenomousAlbino 25 October, 2013 @ 7:22 pm   13

There are two main things that I look for in an FPS:

First off, I love having a menacing, mean-looking, intimidating enemy to shoot at. The Killzone series’ Helghast, for example – the Nazi-like vibe they give off and those iconic orangey red eyes – and the various grotesque breeds of the Chimera in Resistance.

Secondly, interesting weapons! Using Resistance as an example again, I tend to favour FPS featuring an assortment of weapons that go beyond the humdrum predictability of assault rifles, SMG’s, shotguns etc by adding in ingenius secondary firing functions like the Auger’s ability to shoot through walls, the Bullseye’s lock-on-and-shoot-round-corners-ness and the Fareye’s slow motion zoomed aiming. It makes blowing the heads off those aforementioned cool enemies not only satisfying… but fun, which is something that FPS’S like Call of Duty just don’t provide anymorein my opinion.

declan__watson 25 October, 2013 @ 7:29 pm   14

I actually like a lot of FPS and my very first was actually the original Half-Life on a PC 12 years ago when I was only 3. 🙂 Now at the time I played this, I only ran in the oposite direction, laughing my head while being chased by a Headcrab Zombie, but to me at the time, it was all about weapon selection, Health Display and On-Screen Objectives and now it’s a very different place with FPS. With Killzone: Shadow Fall, you now have the tools to use advance tech in game, KZSH uses a robotic pulse wave machine to show enimies, display a sheld and fire it’s own machine gun. 😉
I also think Sony makes the best FPS 😉
A cool thing to add is Killzone is like Sonys own Real-life shooter because with Gran Turismo, Sony brought in a professional racer Mr Kaz Yamouchi and he and a team of genius individuals came up with The Real Driving Sim.
Id love for a Marine to join Sony and made The Real War Simulation although we already have one with Killzone

Lord_Gremlin 25 October, 2013 @ 7:37 pm   15

Well, in my honest opinion what makes a good FPS is:
1) Gore. I need to see and feel the impact of shots. Those brains, eyeballs and severed limbs are what keep my adrenaline levels up.
2) Good weapons sound and animation. When I use a shotgun, I don’t want it to invoke memories of farting kittens. I want it to invoke memories of angry God, who slammed his fingers with a door to heavens.
3) Interesting level design and nefarious AI. Those 2 always come in together. The exciting cat and mouse game is only possible then.

And there’s also story, graphics, performance but those start to matter when 1, 2 and 3 are in place. I also like when both you and enemies are very durable and lots of shots are fired before something dies in a shower of gore, but that’s not always a requirement.
I’ve got to say – I loved Killzone series.
What I also have to say, exploding heads are nice, but it’s not enough for next gen. We require more blood, goop, giblets, guts. No guts – no glory. Well, that’s about it. Death to the ISA!

Nothing matters more than balancing imho. A shooter that offers myriads of skills, perks, weapons, mods etc. is worth next to nothing, if certain constellations are OP.
If the result of all those options is that everyone ends up playing the same, than it’s been done wrong. I wish more developers would acknowledge the advantages of minimalism, especially if all they have to offer instead is grinding.


I have a favourite single player fps and a favourite multiplayer fps and they both embody the things that I would look for in the perfect fps.

For single player it has to be Half Life 2, the story in that game drags you in and doesn’t let go until the end credits. It has amazing scenery, fantastic level design and the enemies and weapons are varied and awesome (gravity gun ftw)

For multiplayer it is always going to be GoldenEye for me. I literally cannot count the amount of hours that me and my friends spent playing that when we were younger, it was just so much fun learning all the hiding places in levels and figuring out the intricacies of the huge selection of weapons on offer. I don’t think we even really touched the single player campaign and I think that there is something about split screen multiplayer that made it better, I know it’s more convenient to play online and you can have a higher number of players but being in the same room as your friends as you take them down is just more satisfying 🙂

jimbob12345678 25 October, 2013 @ 7:50 pm   18

A good FPS for me is one that can simulate realism (as much as a videogame can) without the need for a HUD. Don’t get me wrong its useful to see my ammo count, health etc but it takes a lot away in terms of realism.

Some games go mad with what they offer and when you take a step back and look, you start to realise that a pretty significant % of the screen display is taken up by things that aren’t always nessacery, if at all.

I’d like to see more FPS games at the very least, offer the chance to turn off the HUD, so that gamers such as myself are able to take in the visual surroundings that the devs workied so hard on without distraction. Plenty of current shooters have replaced the standared ‘life bar’ with blood splatters, cracked visors and the like but not many have say, replaced ammo counts with a digital readout on the actual weapon. In this day and age of technology, it can’t be too much to ask! 😛

Alphaembryo 25 October, 2013 @ 7:56 pm   19

To have been released before 2010.


-Heavy controls so I feel the movement and impact of bullets.
-Highly detailed guns. I’ll be looking at them the entire game, they better look absolutely bloody fantastic!
-A strong single-player and a varied multiplayer. More effort on single-player because I prefer it but having a nice multiplayer is a great addition.
-Lens flare and sun glare. Gotta love that.
-Particle effects. Same as above.
Basically, Killzone 2,3 ad Shadow Fall. 🙂

The_FoodJacker 25 October, 2013 @ 7:59 pm   21

The bioshock series.


The best FPS games are those with great vibrant imaginative worlds and great atmosphere. Worlds you really get sucked into, that you want to explore and just look at everything there is to see!

One of my favourite ones is actually Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I LOVED SHANGAI SO MUCH so now I kinda want to travel there in real life too see if it’s similar on how it was in the game!

Timesplitters 2. How can there be another answer to this? It had slick, graphics, it had tight controls, it had varied, well thought out maps. It also had zombies – an element which always adds an extra dimension. But even without all of those it had memorable protagonists (and decent bot players at that). But I must stay on track, it had memorable protagonists, many many moons a close friend and I spent putting ‘cultist’ and the man with a fish bowl for a head to the sword (or bullet). I mean even the name ‘cultist’ is enough to want to kill him, but his insipid hat (yes a hat can be insipid – that hat proved it) and his cunning face kept us hungry for his digital death.

Also Timesplitters had a sense of humour – where has that gone in fps? The challenges also were awesome and amusing, bring their kind back! In fact make more Timesplitters, lets do whatever it takes, petition the queen get it in her Xmas speech!


First of all I want to congratulate Guerilla for delivering a stunning looking new Killzone. I wasn’t that exited until I saw the story video and it blew me away! It’s cold war Berlin wall vibe is presented stunningly and I’m sure many times I’ll stand still and look around to take in the stunning vista’s.

I loved the Half life series. The story and action are interwoven in a compelling and intelligent way. Never step a gamer in a world so complete and perfect and never felt the action so fitting to the story. Loved it.

DoYouLikeMyID 25 October, 2013 @ 8:33 pm   25

The Oculus Rift!

I have never been too much into FPS-games, but it would be awesome to play a real FPS-game, with great graphics, story, gameplay and so on, through the Oculus Rift. And what would make it even better, is if there was bullet time in the game as well, so you could activate it and just see the bullets fly right past you as you turn your head. You could even shoot with PS Move with the gun-attachment equipped for added immersion!

Of course, I don’t want this to become the norm for FPS-games, as it would be kinda gimmicky. But the entire idea behind this, is to do something different with the genre, and I think this could be quite a fascinating experiment. It would most certainly pique my interest.

Developers, make it happen! 😀

And sorry 1 more thing I totally agree with sk8r goldeneye was the greatest thing since I invented waking up late, and I’d be ashamed to know how many hours we all put in to it, but then came timesplitters, just wow.

Stonesthrow 25 October, 2013 @ 8:38 pm   27

The Battlefield and Killzone series are my favorite shooters, so this is based on those. I think the overall technical quality is the most important. That involves many things like how accurate and quick the controls feel, how big and open the maps are, how many players it supports, how different each weapon feels from the other and overall balancing, the draw distance and overall shooting range, bullet detection, frames per second, even the maximum sensitivity it can handle. It pretty much needs a beast of an engine that can handle all these things, and then they still need to get it out of there. If a FPS doesn’t FEEL right to me, I’ll look for other options.
Graphical aspect is important too ofcourse. Great graphics and animations really help you immerse in the game. And a great FPS offers a great multiplayer too, which should make the whole experience feel less superficial because there is no story pacing and linearity or AI.


A great story and a strong AI, since the singleplayer campaigns, at least for me, are the most important in any game.

Vonbloodbath 25 October, 2013 @ 8:58 pm   29

I love a good FPS; single player FPS campaigns are often exciting, but brief. Replay factor can be frustrating, too, as certain choke points result in you dying and retrying again and again and again. And again. And again…

So for, for longevity’s sake, an interesting MP set up is a must. I’m really a Battlefield player now, more than anything else. I find its team-focused gameplay more appealing than the twitch-reflex style of certain other brands of shooters. My favourite ever FPS was Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory on PC, because each map had a set series of objectives that one team or the other had to capture, or defend, or destroy…how you did it was up to you, but you had to work together, you had to be creative. It wasn’t a tedious run around shooting each other game – which, I’ll grant you, has its place and can be fun, at times. But the added depth of W:ET kept me coming back.

And so it is with Battlefield; you can do things there you simply can’t in other FPS games. And if you have a good squad – and I have some good mates to play with – there is simply no better gaming experience.

tiago-kun 25 October, 2013 @ 8:59 pm   30

I think it’s the attention to detail and visual creativity are what make first person shooters great.

Call Of Juarez Gunslinger had this cool visual effect on the edges of the screen that gave it a distinct western vibe, something so simple was very effective.
A very different example is Bioshock Infinite, the arrival to the city is so well done it’s overwhelming, but then you have all the nice details when he picks the weapons and the vigors, the rollercoaster rides with the hook, the motion all very pretty.

And since you mention God Of War in the prize, there’s also a great scene on 3 when you see how Kratos treats his foes in first person through the eyes of poseidon, it’s fantastic and you can almost feel the brutality.

PHEEliNUX 25 October, 2013 @ 9:04 pm   31

My favorite FPS series are Bioshock

I would like my FPS to have an interesting story and a good gameplay(Including Weapons, World, Etc), I can overlook it if one of them is mediocre(But not bad) but the other is great
Graphics is the least that matters, Music is great, But sometimes, I would prefer static or no sound at all

Kelvin1309 25 October, 2013 @ 9:34 pm   32

A good story, thrilling gameplay, stunning visuals and concourse in-game variety.

ten-bucks 25 October, 2013 @ 9:35 pm   33

For me its got to be battlefield 3. Even with all the new games I keep going back to it. Single player is awesome, graphics, controls for vehicles and huge range if customizable parts for weapons. The co op I really enjoyed except for the sniper part as that was nails trying to get platinum. Multiplayer maps with the choppers, tanks and dirtbikes (I love dirt-biking people:-D). The only gripe I have is the amount of people on servers who dont let you use c4 or shotguns. Its war, death comes to us all. Its not meant to be fair, its meant to be brutal. The mechanics for knifing someone is my personal favourite. The frostbite 2 engine shows games like this is possible. I am looking forward to battlefield on ps4 and hope it is a big leap forward. 😀

A great FPS for me is based on these two factors:

– Replayablity, do I want to play the game again after the initial playthrough of the campaign. Or if we’re talking multiplayer, after around 10 games do I still want more?

If the answer is yes for the campaign. What does the game offer me in terms of objectives for the second playthrough. Does it require me to complete a certain task for a particular trophy, is there more to the game than “Collect X amount of collectibles”. The game must offer me something exciting to do in the second playthrough, so I feel that sense of achievement again after the initial completion of the campaign.

If the answer is yes for the multiplayer, what does the game offer me in terms of unlockables. Are the battlefields exciting and engaging. Is there enough variety in game-modes for me to play. Lastly is the gameplay actually smooth, consistent and enjoyable akin to the of the campaign.

– Community, a great FPS must have an active and passionate community. A community which has the ability to change things within the game for the better. The developers must strive to create not just a following for their game but also a community within it.

My favorite shooters of this generation are the first FEAR and the first two Bioshock games (Minerva’s Den is my favorite DLC ever too), and they both offered excellent stories with interesting locations, some cool supernatural gameplay, good enemy AI and good oomph feelings for the weapons (the shotgun in Doom from 1993 is still the best oomph weapon ever).

Both FEAR and Bioshock had very interesting stories and mysteries, about who Alma, Jack and Ryan are. It’s not just “shoot the bad guys”. The endings were a bit anti-climatic, but I’m sure it’s possible to do a good ending too, I hope a great future shooter will offer just that.

Singularity was good too, too bad it didn’t have subtitles support which ruined the story aspect of the game as you couldn’t hear what people said because of all the russian accents and explosions.

Generally don’t care about multiplayer, the only shooters I’ve played online in the past decade are the two Left 4 Dead games and that was on PC.

Such a shame the FEAR sequel was developed in the “wrong” direction and was noticeably worse than the first game, and the third game even much worse. Shows that you can’t take a game in a series for granted I suppose.

AaronSOLDIER 25 October, 2013 @ 10:22 pm   36

You can’t beat id or Valve when it comes to FPS.


For me, it’s 3 core parts. Action, story, and control/mechanics.

Mechanics are simple, if the shooting mechanics are poor, the game doesn’t play well. Simple as that. But I also like to have a degree of realism. If there’s a crate, I want to hide behind it. I never understood why this was missing from so many FPS games. It seems obvious, if cover is there, let me use it, instead of just crawling awkwardly behind it.

For action, you need to make sure that there’s always plenty to do. I don’t need a swarm of 20 enemies every five seconds, but unless i’m choosing to play stealthily then I don’t expect to wander around for 10-15 minutes without seeing an enemy or some sort of interaction.

Story is generally always weak in an FPS, and it’s what turns me off about them. I don’t want to go killing hundreds of people, if I have no connection to the character with which I’m doing it. Give me a story that makes me care about the person I control, or the person I protect (such as BioShock Infinite), and I’m far more likely to care about making sure no one gets past me.


FPS must have a good campaign as well as multiplayer online. My Personal favorite FPS game has got to be Infinity Wards ground breaking Call of Duty 4 modern warfare. Best campaign game I have ever played. It had it all stealth,insane battles and great cut scenes. The opening sequence was superb, driving through the streets of some middle East country.The first FPS I really got into with online multiplayer. Killzone is good but dosent give the realism of COD. But Treyarch do seem to some how ruin Infinity great work..anyway would like to hear what other gamers think


(Part 1) I’m most likely in the minority here, but I think a good story makes for a great FPS.

I’m not really a fan of FPS games, you could say I despise them with a vengeance. But I adore games like the ones in the Bioshock series and Killzone series because, unlike a bland military shooter where your objective is spelled out so vaguely and matter-of-factly, the backstory to those series has depth.

You don’t just play as a hired or volunteered gun in Bioshock, you play as a normal guy. You’re on a plane, it crashes, and you’re stranded at a lighthouse that leads to a nightmarish underground city. The quality of the game shines not only from it’s experimental combat, but from the way the game reveals it’s story. It’s not just told to you. If you truely feel immersed and want to know more, you have the freedom to dig deeper and uncover more of what happened.


(Part 2)

And, though fans may disagree strongly, I personally think one of the best things about Killzone 3 WAS it’s long and dialogue filled cutscenes. If the average Jo wants to go around and shoot Helghasts in the face, that’s fine, but the reason Killzone shines out against the genre I despise so much is because of the effort that’s put into it’s story. Sure, your the typical army soldier, but the games give you the backstory to HOW and WHY the war started. It’s not just “Here, go kill these guys ’cause they’re bad.”, it’s “Here, go kill these guys because we personally think it’s the right thing to do under the circumstances.”. Most of the time during Killzone 3, I actually felt myself commiserating with the Helghan. Sure, they’re methods are detestable, but they went through a lot of hardships. And those “boring” cutscenes that chopped up gameplay? To me, those were valuable and VERY interesting insights into the Helghan government, how it’s run, the debates and even the corruption.


(Part 3)

Sure, the average player might value the gameplay and the action in an FPS mostly (which ARE still important factors). But it’s the incredible story of games like the Bioshock and Killzone series that make me look past my vandetta against First Person Shooters and actually play them. Heck, I even tried out the Killzone Multiplayer (and I’ll be honest, FPS multiplayer is one of my biggest disappointments in the gaming community) and I found that I really enjoyed it. The community that played the Killzone games was certainly different than the one that plays Call of Duty and the likes.

So, maybe the story of the game reaches them, too? I don’t know, and I can’t say for certain. But it proves a point. You can make a popular FPS easily. Call of Duty, Battlefield and Medal of Honor prove that. But you need to put in time, dedication and emotion into the story to make a BELOVED, QUALITY and GOOD FPS.

Shinoda_2qx 25 October, 2013 @ 11:26 pm   42

The thing that pulled me to Killzone (aside from the whole space setting), was the nicely weighted controls, so that the player doesn’t feel like he’s floating on air – a massive (pardon the terrible pun) step in the right direction for FPS games! However, now that I’m a big fan of the franchise, I must say my favourite element is the Multiplayer.

The truly awesome feature about the multiplayer, is that no 2 matches will ever be identical. I’ll never again manage to time my ‘nade so sweetly that it’ll catch an explosive barrel on Blood Gracht and wipe out 8 enemy players. But hey, that’s part of the fun, I’ll always have that special memory, and I get to create new memories every single time I boot up the game! (Albeit, not always one’s I’d like to remember!)

Elegant-Gent 25 October, 2013 @ 11:31 pm   43

For me, A good shooter isn’t told by the gameplay or the weapons. But through the environment of the game, Examples of this are like in Resistance 3 how the world looks barren and foreign, you feel Capelli’s sense of hopelessness, how the only thing he can do is go forward.

Shooter’s rely on their environment to tell us a story as opposed to lengthy cutscenes or dialogue choices. I believe that this is more effective as it compels you to go forward. An example is the world of Metro last light. The game will give you a glimpse into it’s atmospheric world and what has happened to it’s citizens, throughout the game you see how the world has changed from the beginning’s walk through the last remains of civilization found within the metro’s to the game’s brief glimpses into the reality of the barren hostile wasteland that is the world. This environment helps express a more emotional and isolated experience.

First-Person shooters that are situated in horror understand this well as they make the player realize that just having a gun isn’t enough, I feel that by making the experience of being isolated and going through a decrepit building one that is haunting.

thank you for reading my response.


what makes a great fps,good powerful guns,and a controller layout that is similar to other fps after that in multiplayer it would be somthing to work towards set the bomb in call of duty,take down the bunkers and get the truck in mag/massive action game(is there going to be a mag 2)or defend the mcom in battlefield 3


It has to have a hook. Either, a great story or characters, interesting extra mechanics (ie the leash in Bulletstorm, special abilities or hella guns in Borderlands, invisibility on Crysis 2) or not take itself too seriously.

Something like Fallout 3/NV is almost perfect, not a straight up shooter, has RPG elements, optional TPS (albeit crappy) a good story and campaign and lots of stuff to do.

co-op is nice too.
For mp though? Im not overly fussed, no one has really done remotely good lag comp this gen which will hopefully be worked on for next time.

A_Nonny_Moose 26 October, 2013 @ 12:42 am   46

As someone who’s really bad at FPS games, the most important thing is a very engrossing environment that stands up to close scrutiny. I’m never that anxious to get the next battle because it just means dying a couple more times, so whenever I play FPS games I spend most of my time examining the world. And because of the perspective you don’t get all that expressive character animation during gameplay, so the world needs to exude personality to compensate.

Far Cry 3 did this pretty well, and it’s the FPS I spent the most time on this gen.


Call of Duty 4 on PS3 was the daddy of FPS games when the console launched, it had great comms, a good lobby system and most importantly it waa fun to play.
Single player storyline was gripping and emotional.
Multiplayer was fun with decent sized maps.

The game wasn’t in my mind childish, didn’t use stupid buzz kills etc.

A great FPS needs to be fun, action packed and realistic, currently I would have to say Battlefield fills the role perfectly.

It is true however to say that the FPS market has become a little bit stagnant, too many games feel like bolt on map packs.

I look forward to KZ for a change of pace, scenery, and hopefully some originality.

randomtrav132 26 October, 2013 @ 1:21 am   48

I have spent an hour thinking about this question, It’s around 1:15, and I don’t know what to say so I wont delete what I type this time.

I think what it comes down to is simple, most games try to make it flashy, others make them look nice, but the thing that matters the most in a FPS, at least what I think it is, is weather the game is worth coming back to once you have gotten bored of it.
First Person shooters can be boring, they can become repetitive, convoluted messes and not make much of an experience since they all boil down to the same thing. Your task is to kill things, and that is all. You are there for a kick and once it’s gone you will get rid of the game, sell it, trade it, give it to a friend. But, if for one second that game pops into your head, and you have an urge to play it one last time. That game is truly great.
This counts for all FPS games. my favourite has always been Doom. I think I have bought it at least 6 times. But it truly is, to me, Great.


Easy. Timesplitters.

It stood out for the local multiplayer, but later entries had full single and co-op campaigns.
I think, particularly now FPS are so common, creativity is key. Timesplitters had great humour, extremely varied characters to collect and choose from each with different stats, unusual varied interesting a well designed levels. It had the biggest range of game types I have ever seen. Plus all of the clever and crazy challenges. It was very hard to get bored, it must have been the last ps2 game I played on backwards compatible ps3.
I love shooters with crazy weapons where it takes more than one shot to kill, the best at that now would be Killzone, but I miss the sense of humour. I guess Borderlands would also fit.

TheMoDiiFii3r29 26 October, 2013 @ 4:11 am   50

one word, “Community”
yea people hate how CoD seems the same every year but hell, it has a huge community of gamers, so that’s where i am

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