Earth Defense Force 2025 hits PS3 in February 2014, pre-order details revealed

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EDF! EDF! EDF! Just shouting out this simple phrase brings back fond memories of Earth Defense Force 2017, and now I’m pumped to share more details about the launch of Earth Defense Force 2025 in February of next year. In particular, what fans can expect from some of the upcoming weapon packs that will be available via pre-order or DLC.

We’ve been on tour with Earth Defense Force 2025 for the last few months, showing off all its awesome features at events like E3, PAX Prime, and New York Comic-Con. Fans continuously ask us if the DLC from Japan will be available in North America and Europe. And I can proudly say “yes!” We’ll make sure all content from Japan makes it over here at some point, and we’ll have more details on all of that in the near future.

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In the meantime, we’re pleased to announce that customers at GameStop can start pre-ordering Earth Defense Force 2025 tomorrow, and will receive a special Weapons Pack for free.

Available exclusively to customers at GameStop is the Air Raider Weapons Pack, featuring:

  • Pure Decoy Launcher (Setsu) — a weapon that distracts the enemy by discharging a large balloon that takes the shape of an attractive female, but the enemies will meet their fate when the balloon unexpectedly self destructs, destroying everything in its vicinity.
  • The BMO3 Vegalta Gold — a limited edition, gold-coated model that will reflect radar waves and has a combat burner to throw flames. Players will also be able to take flight for short periods of time with it equipped.

We have plans to include additional Weapons Packs that will be available via pre-order or DLC, and will include the packs below. We’ll be sure to have more details on where exactly to find these packs, soon!

The Fencer Weapons Pack

  • Ifrit — A cannon that launches rockets that will separate and disperse over the sea. Each rocket is equipped with multiple incendiary bombs that will ignite upon contact, causing massive damage.
  • Blood Storm — A powerful cannon that will separate midair and rain down on the enemy’s head and inflict damage on an entire area.

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The Wing Diver Weapons Pack

  • Reflectron Laser — A special laser that fires in two directions and can even shoot through narrow passageways. It’s an effective weapon with giant insects, as it can maximize range without obstruction.
  • Gleipnir — This super weapon silently discharges balls of energy with the ability to launch continuous attacks. Only Wing Divers can use this weapon, as it requires the Psionic Link.

The Ranger Weapons Pack

  • Volatile Napalm — A military grade discharge device that sets everything ablaze and damages the target and surrounding areas.
  • Pure Decoy Launcher (Mian) — a weapon that distracts the enemy by discharging a large balloon that takes the shape of an attractive female, but the enemies will meet their fate when the balloon unexpectedly self destructs, destroying everything in its vicinity.

Earth Defense Force 2025 will be available in February 2014, and we have fun plans leading up to the launch. Earth Defense Force 2025 stays true to what you liked most about Earth Defense Force 2017, but now features more than 700 weapons, dozens more missions, four-player online multiplayer (for the first time on console), high-powered vehicles, and numerous upgrades that you’ll need to see to believe.

Come on over to our Facebook, as we have a great community of fans that share wonderful ideas, and we plan to do some cool reveals on there in the future. I can’t wait to share more about EDF with all of you on PlayStation.Blog as we get closer to launch.


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How much is it?


Is this coming to Vita? Isn’t there an EDL game coming to vita or did I dream that?


EDL game…huh? No there is no game where you rile up a bunch of racists and harass Muslims in the UK coming to the vita or any console.

There was a re-working of EDF (Earth Defence Force) 2017 that did come out on the vita.

Well I loved the original, didn’t like that vita version was only available outside of Japan as digital. Actually would have been nice if it had been cross play, especially as EDF 2017 was originally released on that other console. Couch co-op was brilliant something you sadly can’t do on the vita version – hint why not release the original as a PSN game or as a bonus in a special edition (that I would definitely buy and would pre-order right this minute)

EDF 2017 was absolutely fantastic – I don’t care if the Vita version of 2025 is on a similar level technically, I would love a new EDF game on Vita. A retail release is a must though.

Being able to select from multiple characters as you work your way through the story would be good too (this may have been added, not been following PS3 games)

I can’t wait for another EDF on Vita and have every faith you will support the system – releasing digitally only at such a high price undoubtably affected sales of 2017 and hopefully that will be reflected with a lower release price or (preferably) retail release where you are justified to charge more.

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