Indie exploration game Proteus is out tomorrow on PS3 and PS Vita

Hi, Rob from Curve Studios here! We’re proud to announce that Proteus will be available tomorrow to buy directly from the PlayStation Store. The game has Cross-Buy functionality and is available to buy for £9.99/€12.99.

Proteus was designed by Ed Key and David Kanaga, and was released in 2011 on the PC. It’s a game all about exploring a dream-like, island world. The game’s music and sounds change depending on where you move, creating a different journey each time you play.

We’ve been working on this game all summer, and after releasing three other PlayStation titles this year here at Curve, you might not be surprised to learn our version of Proteus has a few additional features that are exclusive to the PlayStation versions of the game.


On the Vita version of the game, Proteus can generate an island based on your geographical location, and on the PlayStation 3, you can generate islands based on the current date.

Islands generated in this fashion will be the same for anyone in the same location or on the same day, and will also be more ‘wild’ than regular islands in the game, featuring various twists on the original’s islands and shifting, surreal colour palettes.


Players can also use the back-touch screen to gently affect the world around them, changing the island in subtle ways and remixing the colours of the world.

You can check out both our gameplay trailer and a short film starring Ed Key himself to get a feel for the game. Let us know what you think!

Proteus is a very unique experience, so if you have any questions about how the game works, I’ll be on hand below to try and answer them.

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£10 seems like an extremely steep price for this game. I’m still looking forward to playing it, but it’ll have to wait until I’ve got a bit more extra cash for that amount…

With that said, I just wanted to say thanks to you guys at Curve for all your support of Vita. People like me really appreciate it; you’ve been bringing across some great games that have been keeping me occupied on my favourite hardware at the moment.

Thomas was Alone was fantastic and Stealth Inc. is great fun at the minute. Looking forward to playing Proteus (eventually!) and whatever else you have in store in the future :)

Please, please say that you’ve improved fps on Vita. On that video from PAX Prime 2013 it runs at like 10-15 fps :(

P.s. Kresnik258, they’ve also made really great port of Lone Survivour.

10£ seems a bit expensive IMHO. But you guys make great games. All the best for your future projects :)

Does the game have a platinum trophy?

If it does, will we able to get a platinum trophy for each version (PS3/Vita) or are the trophies shared?

Also thanks for not making us wait until Friday for us UK folks


Saw this in a PWYW, minimum 16 pence I believe (which included a steam key) a few months back when you guys had it on one of the PROPER INDIE/charity sites.

The PC crowd actually talked me out of buying it even at 16p. Some said it wasn’t a game and the rest said it was quote “Pretentious” & “*SIGH* another “experience” game”, wouldn’t repeat some of the other comments that I read but to be fair they weren’t the mutterings of kids or “OMG is it running on Cryengine 3?” types.

Great tester imo to see just how much the Sony community is willing to embrace true Indie games as opposed to the 100 piece philharmonic orchestra, marketing budget/development costs which run into the millions “indie” titles. :)

There is zero game-play, graphics seems to be from NES era and it’s priced £10?!
I hope there is a free trial, so people won’t make any purchases by accident.

TheNeonSpider 30 October, 2013 @ 01:36

played this game on the pc and its really good dont knock it till you tryed it and £9.99 is nothing if you dont play this you will regret it BIGTIME

graphics 5/5
sound 5/5
music 5/5
re playability 1000/1000

Sorry Curve, I’ve owned every one of your Vita releases so far on release day but £10 is too expensive for this.

I don’t really take my Vita anywhere so having the island generated by the date available on handheld too would be a selling point rather than just location. Presumably you will need the internet for location generation too so you cant walk a while and do it anywhere?

I was looking forward for this game for £5.99 or £6.99 at a push but will wait for a sale. Can’t wait to get my hands on your next projects, thanks for supporting Vita.


@#8 aros2011

You can generate an island by date on the Vita too. After completing the game for the first time subsequent generations are random, date or location.

Guys, why not available in Poland? :(

Thanks PMurphy1978.

I see there is an introductory Plus reduction to £8.99. While I would like to have seen £6.99 I am considering it now.

I’m used to seeing replies from Curve so I’m surprised they aren’t here talking to fans – perhaps they are concerned about the high price too which I suspect was beyond their control.

European_Gamer 30 October, 2013 @ 16:40

It’s a good idea, but the Vita screen isn’t very clear when you are outside.


I played through the Linux version from the Humble Indie Bundle a while ago. Whilst I definitely enjoyed the “game”, it’s also very short and doesn’t really hold much in the way of content and assets.

Even with Cross-Buy, there’s no way this is worth £10. I’d grab it at maybe £6, but only because of Cross-Buy.

Firstly, wow. It took me about half hour to ‘get it’ but when I did I was hooked. Headphones on, music up and get ready for an hour+ of relaxation. The game may be short but the trophies and therapeutic qualities make it good value.

On price I also feel £9.99 is too steep when compared to what else is on the store at that price point. I did somehow manage to grab it for £8.09 (ps+ discount of 19%!!!) which I’d say is what the standard price should be (£7.99).

Thrilled to have it on PS3 and Vita, loving my indie machines:/)

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