PlayStation Home update: Do you accept the Challenge?

Home will briefly be offline from 8.00 a.m. BST on Wednesday 30th October for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

This week sees the release of Home Challenges, a new feature that provides you with fun challenges and exclusive rewards to earn! This system will run in seasons with each season offering unique rewards for those that complete enough challenges. Click here to find out more!

Halloween is here!
You may have noticed that there are some suspicious goings-on in Home Square at the moment…. Hang around this week to see what gets unearthed!

Make a killer saving on some value bundles. Choose from a wide range of ghastly attire or go large with the Halloween Ultimate Collection which includes the Gothic Manor Apartment. Decorate your grottos and hovels with some eery furniture, or perhaps it’s time to get your very own severed hand, cute ghost or Black Cat companions.


Casino Sale
The Casino’s Chip Sale starts this week! For the first time since the opening of Paradise Springs, Digital Leisure is dropping the price on its 40,000 chip bundle. For a limited time you’ll get a plethora of chips, the VIP Hotel Suite, a VIP top hat, and access to the exclusive VIP area for 25% off! You don’t want to miss out on this amazing deal!


Flashman Studios – Star Trek: The Next Generation
Flashman Studios announced today that their first avatar collection for the sci-fi favourite Star TrekTM will be available on PlayStation Home EU. Under license by CBS Consumer Products, the initial avatar collection will launch with STAR TREK: The Next GenerationTM, with additional assortments launching soon. Star Trek tells the tale of the crew of the Starship Enterprise-D as they explore the universe. Now, fans can do just that with their avatar! Trekkers can select to have their avatar be assimilated into the Borg, battle as a Klingon or join Starfleet. The choice is theirs, so make it so!




Granzella – Witch and Wizard costumes
Now you can dress up like a witch or wizard and soar through the Halloween sky! Wearing these costumes will give you access to the Halloween 2013 Limited Time Flight Game at Glittering Sands Beach Lounge.


Hellfire Games – Home Tycoon
The biggest Home Tycoon update ever from Hellfire Games has arrived with Home Tycoon: New Heights! Visit the Home Tycoon Train Station today to check out the new update, loaded with gameplay improvements, new building animations, stat upgrades, fresh VIP Pack rewards, Train Station renovations, bug fixes, and much more!

Toylogic – Accessories
This collection of accessories includes a lot of items! Each one of the floral inspired creations are delicately designed, so be sure to go through all of them to encounter the one that speaks to you the most. The glow of the crown and tiara will make you look even more radiant and stunning!


Lockwood – Eagle Mount
You used to have to be a wizard in the know to ride on the back of a giant eagle, but not anymore. Lockwood’s majestic Eagle, Aquila, is in store now just waiting to take you on your first flight. Don’t be scared!

Party Dances
It can be difficult getting the party started. The music seems too loud, or not loud enough, no-one’s eating the chips and dips, everyone’s too self-conscious to get on the dance floor. That is, unless someone gets out there first and makes an exhibition of themselves, which is where Lockwood’s Party Dance Pack comes in.

Lockwood’s formalwear brand Figment is amongst their most popular. Incorporating the hugely successful Dream Universe, plus numerous chic clothing options, it all began with two outfits. Now, the women’s Evening Elegance clothing and the men’s Gentleman’s Formal Dress range are available in the Gift Machine in Exclusive new colours.


nDreams – Love and Rude Gesture Packs
Show how you really feel about those around you in Home with the Love and Rude gesture packs. Including a variety of different gestures these packs could help you woo that person you have had your eye on, or help you or let them down if you don’t want the attention!


Masquerade Ball Clubhouse
The Community asked for it and nDreams have delivered. You can now pick up The Ballroom as a Clubhouse for those more regal club meetings!


The Gothic Masquerade Ball Collection
You can now host your very own spooky balls inside the Gothic Ballroom or Clubhouse as well as lounging on the Gothic furniture.


VEEMEE- 3D Printer
Have a look at the latest additions to the 3D Printer this week: Street Style Furry Winter Boots and new LMO’s like the Animal Avatar transformation or the Ranger assault rifle and Centurion machine gun Run and Gun, check it out!

Animal Avatars – Safari & Big Cats
Take a walk on the wild side and transform into Safari animals! Travel the African plains as the swift Zebra, wallow in the cool water as the powerful Hippo and guard your territory as the aggressive Mandrill… Or become a big cat like the Lion, Cheetah or Cougar!

Still in need of a spooky costume for Halloween? Look no further! This week there is a new selection of Halloween themed Morphsuit™.


Run and Gun
Grab your rifle, soldier! Run And Gun Locomotions are coming to Home. Arm your Avatar with one of three guns; the Scout, Paladin, and Sentinel and charge around Home re-enacting all your favourite Stallone and Schwarzenegger scenes!


There are some great new additions to the Billabong catalogue this week. The Phantom Spinner Tank Top, the Orange Blaster Boardshorts, the Blue Heather Transit Snapback Cap are just some of the new items.


Snapback Bundles
This week VEEMEE release the third, “White” selection in their range of Snapback Caps for PlayStation®Home. The hats are bought in bundles with each bundle containing eight hats that allow you to adjust where the hat sits on your avatar’s head.


Codeglue – Halloween outfits
Codeglue celebrate the upcoming Halloween with new hot Thunderstorm outfits designed by Home user Dani as well as the memory reduction of some of Codeglue’s Halloween classics, like the Creepy Painting, the Guillotine and the Skull Chair.

Codeglue_Halloween outfits

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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Great update! The Challenges look particularly good. :)

thunderking1981 29 October, 2013 @ 17:31

awesome update ty sony keep up the good work happy halloween

residentSteve 29 October, 2013 @ 22:57

@3 don’t get it playstation home does exist, but not for much longer thankfully.

TheNeonSpider 30 October, 2013 @ 01:43

Retro_1973 i agree and as long as sony keeps ps3 home going till about 2014/2016 and lets us transfer all our items when we all move to ps4 we will all be happy and yea its a very awesome update and for anyone who hates ps3 home bad news

ITS POSSIBLY COMING TO PLAYSTATION4 so either get used to it or buy a xboxOne

has a good halloween all :D


the article is a joke.

its basically saying no one plays home or cares about it.(not my opinion i’m indifferent towards it)

look at the other articles

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