New Ratchet & Clank: Nexus weapons trailers unveiled, Before the Nexus app detailed


Hey everyone. Ratchet & Clank: Nexus is coming your way in just a couple of weeks. Our great franchise is always known for great weapons, so to give you a sampling of some of the new and fan-favourite weapons in Nexus, we put together these videos showcasing them.

You can select which weapons you want to check out from this “youtube weapon wheel” and then see Ratchet using them in Nexus’s Arena level.

In the videos, you’ll get to see Mr. Zurkon, who upgrades to bring along his family members (who also have all their own dialogue). The Classic Ratchet & Clank morph weapon returns as the Winterzier, a weapon that spreads holiday cheer with holiday musics, presents, turning enemies into snowmen that vary by enemy. The game’s “spooky” theme plays out with three weapons in the videos, including the Nether Beast, Nether Blades, and Nightmare Box – which throws out a creepy device to scare your enemies.

RYNO 4Terachnos Rails

We’re also excited to announce that a Ratchet & Clank mobile app is on the way. Ratchet & Clank: Before the Nexus brings the excitement of infinite running to R&C. You can hop between grindrails while avoiding hazards to collect bolts which can be used to upgrade your weapons and armour. Better yet, you can score Raritanium which you can sync with your PlayStation Network account and use to upgrade your weapons in PS3’s Nexus.

That’s all for now, we look forward to you checking out Nexus soon!

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LionheartRonin 31 October, 2013 @ 17:08

Hey guys, do we have a release date for the mobile app? Gotta get grabbing that Raritanium ASAP!

Cannot wait for the game BTW – Ratchet and Clank can do no wrong! :)

Can’t wait to play this just as much as I can’t wait for my PS4! Infinite running games are always a good time passer and if it snags me some extra Raritanium then I’m down for it, any idea on a release date for the app and price of it?

Hi James Stevenson

I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this title. Do you know if the game will be translated into for example Danish (and other languages as well) or if the game is English only? (For playing with younger people from Denmark who do not understand English)

Thank you in advance.

Any word on an European collector edition for the game? The last few games had one.

I realise I’m more likely to get a reply from you on the US blog (or NeoGAF), but just in case:

In an IGN video earlier in the year it was mentioned that you were discussing a possibility of a Vita version. Any word on this? Since you managed to find a studio to develop a mobile app for the game, would’ve been nice if you could’ve found someone to port the game as well!

Still, very much looking forward to this. Had it pre-ordered for about a month.

You should have made and release this on both ps3 and ps vita at the same time. That’s a shame a game like this that fits perfectly on the handheld isn’t going there.

No money from me its for sure.


Not buying this now, due to the unfair treatment of the eu region regarding ps4 game prices and the eu IGC ps3 game reduction.

it’s a ps3 game, not a vita game. there is a possible chance it may get port, but for now. it’s a ratchet and clank game for the ps3. also no one cares if you won’t be buying it.
this is a ps3 game for fans that enjoy the series, you don’t want it? fine by me, don’t buy it. don’t bother posting about it. no one wants to know the reason why. and in regards to ps4 game prices, that’s up to the publisher, store, tax etc btw is that really an excuse? you won’t buy a third party studios game because of ps4 prices? seriously

ps plus isn’t just about free games, it offers discounts, themes, avatars etc, they are changing it two games because of the ps4. yet again what does it have to do with insomniac?

looking forward to this game!….right after i finish getting a platinum for ratchet gladiator :D

Looking forward to this, just finished a Crack in Time for the first time. God I love that game, one of the best of this generation I think.

Is this App coming to Android devices by any chance?

Guys, I love you and Qwark as much as the next guy/girl, and that’s why I feel compelled to tell you that you screwed the pooch on the weapons trailers. I’m all for interactive videos on Youtube, but the interaction design of them is seriously flawed.

Here’s how you made the users interact:
Ask the users to pick a weapon -> Users pick weapon -> Users get redirected to new video -> Ask the users to pick a weapon -> Let’s hope they don’t pick one -> If they don’t pick one they see the video they wanted -> Show title and Ps3 outro -> Force the user to go back in the browser history or scroll back to the start of the video to choose next weapon -> Repeat

Here’s how it could have been done:
Ask the users to pick a weapon -> Users pick weapon -> Users get redirected to new video -> Show the video -> Show title and Ps3 outro -> Ask the users to pick a weapon -> Repeat

Before the Nexus App sounds cool :P (hopefully coming to Android to?)I can’t wait for more R&C;) + PLEASE make a R&C game for the PS4??? :P

I have a friend who plays nothing but subway surfers so am gonna put her to work on this. Lol

SabreSephiroth 01 November, 2013 @ 09:48

I’ll get round to this eventually. I’m just waiting for the Ratchet: Gladiator code SCEE promised to email to me back in March.


I am not buying any more games at release for ps3 or vita until ps4 games cost a FAIR price and either our ps3 IGC goes back up to 3 or the US goes down to 2 like us. I have also cancelled my Tearaway preorder as well.

I may decide to purchase them in the future when they go to below £10. I was just pointing out to Insomniac that Sonys actions has costed tham a sale.


Have it pre-ordered :)

I guess it’s a long shot, but can you confirm whether or not there is a full length R&C in the works? I prefer lengthy games which I can get stuck into. Thanks


i might buy this


Remember when the PS3 first launched the games were £50 ? What prices are they now ? i think the PS4 prices will drop in a few months. Also as unfair as the prices may seem and i do agree the prices are very steep but depriving yourself of a PS4 or PS3 games is not the way to go about getting your point across…. Its the publishers you want to contact directly. The more people who complain directly to them the more chance there is of getting prices dropped.

Regarding IGC i was expecting PS+ prices to go up at launch if PS4 the fact that we are stil getting 5 games across all three platforms for less than £40 is a bargain. It is a natural process that the PS3 gets less games to accommodate the more expensive PS4 games. Over the course of the next 12-18 months we are going to see PS4 completely take over PS3+ games. Just enjoy your games the next Ratchet games looks too good to miss :D


I didn’t get my ps3 until the slim models were released so I didn’t know they were that much, but it is still unfair that they are exchanging a $ sign for a £ sign with the game prices. I probably should have point across a bit better though. I am still going to get Ratchet and Tearaway, but I am just going to buy them when the price goes down instead of buying them at launch, just like I intend to do with the PS4 and any games I want to buy for it.

As for the IGC it is not the fact that we lost a ps3 game that I am angry about, it is because US kept all 3 while we lost one. If both regions were treated the same then I would not have minded.


I see your point about the US IGC i don’t think i was aware of the fact the US PS3+ remained unchanged as i don’t read the US blog. But i can see why your a bit angry about it think i would be too, but i think i’m just too excited to be annoyed at the moment !!!


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