Pre-download Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS3 now, double XP weekend announced


With less than 12 hours to go until the launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS3 we wanted to let you know about a few great things you’ll want to know before the big launch.

Pre-order Call of Duty: Ghosts on PlayStation Store before launch and you’ll be able to start downloading the game immediately, meaning you can begin playing at 12:01am GMT on 5th November.

Then, once you’ve got your game, make sure you also take advantage of the first Double XP weekend which will be running from Friday 8th November 6.00pm GMT to Monday 11th November 6.00pm GMT. You’ll earn twice as much XP on all of your multiplayer accomplishments during that weekend.

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Also, for those of you planning on picking up a PS4, don’t forget you’ll be able to upgrade your PS3 version to the PS4 version for only £9.99/€9.99.

When you upgrade to a PS4 console from PS3, your Multiplayer stats and progress will move with you! All you need is your Call of Duty account. If you don’t have a Call of Duty account, you will be able to register in-game in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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The size of the game is 11.3gbs to download since everybody will be asking this.

Why dont we get the free fall map pack for pre orders? If I had known I was not going to get it in the PSN bundle I would have pre ordered elsewhere.


This is not part of the EU pre order. EU pre order customers get access to an exclusive theme

Will it be like Battlefield 4, so that people in the rest of europe can download the game 1 hour earlier than in the UK? Or will we be forced to wait until 01:01 CET/CEST before we can play?

If so I’d like to tell you sony has to stop focusing on the UK, europe is bigger then just the UK!


The game is already available to download, you just will not be able to play it until 12.01GMT 01.01CET

already downloading. thank you :)


If I pre-order Call of Duty Ghosts on the EU store, do I also get bonus free fall map(for MP) ?



No as above this is not part of the offering available to EU pre order customers. You will however recieve an exclusive theme.

We should get Free Fall DLC as well. That’s just not fair…


The Free Fall preorder bonus map is not available with the digital version of Ghosts outside of North America & Latin America due to retailer exclusivities.

If you download the game.. how do you upgrade it when the ps4 comes out?? Someone answer this please


This should help to explain:

Let me know if you have any other questions

Chris. Do you know if you can play Extinction mode in 4 player splitscreen on either PS3 or PS4? Or does the game support 4 player splitscreen at all in any platforms? And what gamemodes and will the game have bots like in Black Ops?

Sure! After all it’s only 69.99€! A real bargain.
Can I get two?


OMG, definitely! At that price it’s a steal.


when will ps4 upgrade be online for uk

€69.99 for an online map pack expansion of a game?

€69.99 for the same old same Call of Duty game, year after year?

Well, it’s an absolute steal. Literally.

Can I transfer all my game play when ps4 comes available

GhostRiderzElite 04 November, 2013 @ 16:29

Price should be reduced in eu as for digital version with a theme no map we still paying more than Americans who get a map, sort it sony we always paying more on store or in shops?. Hope you sort this come ps4 release?.

Just pre-ordered the game. Do I have to put money in my ‘Wallet’ or will I be charged directly from my bank account?


You need to have money in your Wallet for it to go through, it wil not take money directly from your bank account


What will Sony do against the hackers who already ruining the game? If Sony cant stop them then i want a full refund.

£50? You are joking right? Even Game will only be asking £45, and they’re ripoff merchants. Supermarkets and elsewhere are £40… All places you can get it at midnight too.

Ok, Sony tried to take the funds from my ‘wallet’ already but I have now just made sure that there are sufficient funds in my ‘wallet.’ Will Sony try a second time to retrieve the money or do I have to do something manually?


@19: You should be charged again on release, if I’m not mistaken (you should also have a mail explaining you).

By the way, the Store will only take the funds directly from whatever you’ve tied to your account if:

1a) You don’t have enough funds on your wallet AND…

1b) You allow the Automatic Funding (Spelling? Not sure of the English name).

Hi, what languages are included in the PSN store version? i have an italian account but i’m interested only in the english version. thanks

*Sigh* I really don’t get why people actually pre-download titles. Even when a title I’m anticipating comes out, I wait for a review just to make sure.

I was reallly ambitious after hearing about Arkham Origins but by waiting, looking at a few reviews and asking questions to people who have the game, I detirmined I wouldn’t get until it either went on sale or goes down in price. If that title was available for pre-download, and I pre-downloaded it, I would be left with a game that wouldn’t have lived up to my expectations.

It just seems silly that people would charge head first into buying a game like that. I mean, look at Battlefield 4. From what I’ve heard, there’s a 50%/50% chance the game can crash on any server, and the single player is just a complete mess of glitches and laziness. And yet, if somebody pre-purchased it, and wasn’t happy with the result, they wouldn’t be able to return it for a refund or anything, even thought it’s clearly broken. It’s just nonsensical.


i’m trying to download it on AE PSN but it’s not downlaoadable

can any body help?

Billy_Boy_55555 04 November, 2013 @ 21:16

downloaded fine. waiting for midnight unlock now.
No queue to join at the shops, no cold night out…

My wallet was empty, but added funds and just hit buy button again!

excellent. with the seamless upgrade offer to PS4 this is a no brainer!!! I guess we can see that when they launch the PS4 store at some point.

why do we have to pay more in England considering the exchange rate for the upgrade or anything else for that matter the u.s get stuff so much cheaper…

@24 My wallet was empty when I downloaded the file but added funds to my wallet shortly after and still not been charged. Cant find a ‘buy’ button, only a ‘preordered’ button exists now. Will I be able to play this ad midnight? Why haven’t sony tried to take my money again? JUST TAKE IT!!!! lol

bawls-of-steel 04 November, 2013 @ 21:56

How come i cant buy the pre order off play station anymore

Why can’t I download Ghosts? It says unavailable . FIX THIS

does it support couch co op on ps4 using the vita as second screen or vice versa?

Absolute joke that you don’t get the “Free Fall” map, very poor form, ohh ye get an “exclusive theme”. How in the name of God can ye justify this? shocking.


I pre ordered mine from game and have received an email from them with a 13 digit activation code. Anyone else had this problem?

why cant i play?? it should be playable by now, but i get this error 8002951E

LETHAL_-_RECON_ 05 November, 2013 @ 00:20

I can’t play and it’a well past 12:01 here in London and I get this error code: 8002951E and I can’t load the game… it just won’t come!! IT’S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!

Why the hell can I not play .. Been waiting to DL and install for the last hour ! .. It’s after 1am here in the UK !

Getting the same error. Only purchased digitally so I could play tonight, otherwise would have waited and bought cheaper. This article stating a midnight GMT has me irritated.

ye must be something because i didnt had my payment settings right, wasnt set on refill wallet automaticly…


Problem Solved:
you need to cancel your preorder and rebuy it

transactions in account management – purchase with 0.00, click it, cancel, go back on store, buy the game, cancel download

then just go on the game and it will load, also you gotta do version 1.02 update when you load it up

tommyxthirteen 05 November, 2013 @ 01:30

If my start time says 2:00am then how come people including yourself Mr. Howe are saying 12:01? Which time for the N. East can we start playing this pre downloaded game at?

tommyxthirteen 05 November, 2013 @ 01:32

Ghosts cod game I’m talking about sorry.

Nice one, cheers x-_Hirsty_-x

tommyxthirteen 05 November, 2013 @ 01:39

If you guys want to know what time you can start playing you can go to where your ghosts is downloaded press triangle go down to information and it will have a start time. I live in the N. East….. anyways it says starts 11/5/2013 2:00a.m. Wow! How friggin disappointed am I right now that I’ll be playing this crap tomorrow instead I can’t believe that we pre downloaded this isht and still can’t even play it!!! Wow that pre download was a Massive Friggin FAIL! I could’ve went to gstop and been playing by 1:00 a whole friggin hour earlier than the pre download which I thought was so we can start playing at 12:01 ? Wow what a friggin rip off Sony you FAILED miserably with this.

tommyxthirteen 05 November, 2013 @ 02:00

So how come Chris Howe EU gets to play at 12:01 and we don’t? How come we pre downloaded ghosts cod early with no reason?


The download goes by your timezone :) therefore on the 5th at 12:01 you can play it :) Each time zone is different

tommyxthirteen 05 November, 2013 @ 02:54

43 that doesn’t answer anything all you said is goes by your time zone and I can play at 12:01.. If you press x on you download of ghosts then press triangle then go down to information it has a start time mine is 11/5 2:00 am

it works.. had to cancel the pre order in the option menu, and go th psn store and buy the game again.. now the payment did happen..
you dont have to remove the game, just redo the payment

Why do I have to wait till 2am, makes no sense


(CENSORED) this pre-download you have to wait because it keep the date you download the game and don’t take care of your real time..

Is anyone in the US having this problem? Why do I have to wait till 2? It specifically said we could start at 12:01


3:56 in Brazil, wich means that is 5:56 in Greenwich, and I still get the 8002951E … 4 hours waiting for this… What time will be this available to play???


It says mine does not unlock for another 47 minutes.. I mean come on it is 7:13 am in Brussels right now… -_-

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