BEYOND: Two Souls – Advanced Experiments DLC available today

Today sees the launch of the ‘Advanced Experiments’ DLC for BEYOND: Two Souls on PS3.

This DLC is an additional scene for the game in which you test your rapid problem-solving skills as you guide Jodie and the mysterious entity Aiden through a series of tough training missions.

Over the course of more than 30 minutes of gameplay you’ll determine your ability to keep an ice-cool head in high-pressure situations.

The ‘Advanced Experiments’ DLC is available when the Store updates later today, priced €4.99/£3.99.

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Any news on the Digital version of Beyond? Still waiting to pick this up.

This was really disappointing for me. I expected an actual 30 minute scene including cutscenes, choices and everything that makes QD games so great. Turned out to be a “30 min.” tutorial/puzzle which you can do in 10 min.
Publishers and developers really have to start adding better DLC and extra’s for those who purchase their games on release at full price, especially considering how quick they drop in price nowadays.
This and the basic OST and theme I frankly found insulting for a 70 euro game that released a few weeks after GTAV. But that’s mostly the case with this pre-order DLC..

Any news on the Digital version?


Just so people know this is not “over 30 minutes of gameplay” it is in fact a few puzzles with a 30 minute time limit. I ended up completing it first try in 10 minutes. To put it simply I was disapointed with this dlc and I got it for free with the special edition. Would not recommend buying.

@4 Same here pal.. Isn’t marketing just grand? -_-

Stonesthrow, I totally agree with you. It’s a 10-min tutorial scene with no sense, especially after you finish the game.

£4 for 30 minutes of gameplay? What a rip-off and that’s before you factor in everyone else commenting that it’s barely 10 minutes of gameplay. Poor DLC for a poor game.


Yep I have to agree. Loved the main game and this was just annoying, couldn’t wait till i got to the end, which apparently wasn’t quick enough. ‘would you like to try again?’ er no, turns off PS3..

Compared to this the Burial at Sea DLC for BioShock Infinite sounds like a steal, even if it isn’t.


You are asking €4.99/£3.99 for this? Nope!


I got it free with the Steelbook edition of Beyond: Two Souls, back when the game was released.

It was pretty fun, but the “30 minutes of exclusive gameplay”-thing is kind of misleading, since I personally completed it in 13 minutes on my first (and only) time through.

Over 30 minutes of gameplay. Lies.

I finished this with 11:29 left on the clock. That’s less than 20 minutes of gameplay by my calculation. It’s not good for you to outright lie to your users.

The puzzles are mildly entertaining as a freebie for the Special Edition, but I’m not sure they’re worthy of £3.99.

Why wasn’t this in the game at launch?


sicmay: only special edition has the voucher code.

After the promising Heavy Rain Chronicles were cancelled I had high hopes for this dlc. I think the more episodic nature of the story has great potential for dlc it just needs some of the story telling and creativity that Chronicles might have had.

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