Tearaway and the PS Vita – a match made in heaven

Hello again! We do hope you’ve been enjoying our Behind the Scenes Tearaway mini-series. For the fourth video in our little collection, we wanted to show you why this papery platforming adventure really couldn’t have been made for any other device or console.

On your quest to help iota or atoi deliver their very special message to you, you’ll solve perplexing puzzles with the tilt; defeat your enemies with the front touch pad; capture and customise your journey together with the front and rear cameras and microphone; and, best of all, reach into the game with the rear touch pad. It truly is a ‘hands-in’ experience (sorry).

For those of you who are not yet proud owners of a PS Vita, we’re pleased to announce that we have made two very special Tearaway bundles*. One comes with a PS Vita (WiFi) and the splendiferous Tearaway ….


….and the other includes the PS Vita (WiFi), a voucher for the full game and a 4GB memory card.


And for those of you living in the UK you can also get your hands on an extra special bundle which includes:

  • PS Vita (WiFi)
  • Voucher code for Tearaway
  • Voucher code for LittleBigPlanet Vita
  • 16 GB memory card


How marvellous! Don’t forget there’s still over a week to pre-order Tearaway before its 22nd November launch, and please stay tuned for the final videos in the series next week.

*Participating retailers/countries only

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I assume bundle #1 (PS Vita WiFi + Tearaway) comes with a physical copy of the game? If so, is it a copy in a box, or just the game card like with the Assassin’s Creed: Liberation bundle?


It’s a physical copy in a box :)

Already got my pre-order :)

Anyway 4GB is kinda a joke. 8GB shoould be the standard included in every box.


I want this!

Hopefully i should be buying tearaway next week

I am going to try and support this one as I usually dont buy games new due to them being to expensive. But for £20 its a great deal and considering this is the final retail exclusive vita game on the horizon i want it to do well :D

You know the really sad thing…Tearaway should have been a launch title for the vita. I can’t think of any other game that showcases all that the vita can do in one game. I guess that is kind of the point for bundling it with a vita as this is the kind of game that sells a system.

I’ve had Tearaway on pre-order for awhile


@1: Notice how the box pictures a download voucher.


The first box has a PS Vita pack on the side – if you compare it to the 2nd bundle image you’ll see the latter has the voucher :)

Mm are probably the devs of the generation. They created my game of the gen – LBP2 and are now about to release what could be the best game on Vita – Tearaway.

I know Mm didn’t develop LBPvita, Double Eleven, Tarsier Studios and XDev did, but i must say, that is the the best instalment to the LBP franchise yet. They improved the foundations set by LBP2 perfectly. Hearing rumours that the same teams are doing LBP3 and not Mm would initially, worry me, but LBPVita gave me complete confidence.

Anyway, can’t wait for Tearaway!



Are u.s. Citizens able to get this bundle?


Unfortunately this is exclusive to the UK :(


@Alex: Ah! I didn’t see the very first box pack — sorry for the confusion! Thanks for clearing that up, it’s great to have more options :)


No worries! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Still waiting on Vita 2000 :( (although you guys are making it hard by these awesome bundles :) )

Hope the Vita will get more 1st party games like this gem. You should have someone port Nexus also to the Vita, that would look awesome on the OLED screen. Looking forward to receiving my copyright of Tearaway next week.

My copy* :)

DuskbladeKaiph 14 November, 2013 @ 19:40

I notice that Bundle #1 shows a picture of a physical copy on the side of the box. It looks like Bundle #3 has the same picture, yet the description says both games come via vouchers. Clarification?


Hi – the 3rd image (LBP bundle) is a mock up but definitely comes with a voucher code not a physical copy. The only bundle with the physical copy is Bundle #1.

Hope that helps!

Do we know if any retailers in New Zealand are participating?

Anybody know of any UK retailers already accepting pre-orders for this? I don’t see it on Amazon, and I absolutely HAVE TO secure one of these for my daughter for Christmas.

Great news!! The 1st bundle will become mine :) !

Does anyone know when the first two bundles, Tearaway + Vita and Tearaway + Vita + Memory Card will be released in the UK? I’ve been searching all over to buy one of the two but no luck :S

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