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There are just two weeks to go now until the launch of PlayStation 4 across PAL. Game creators have been hard at work, and I think game players have a lot to look forward to.

One of the launch titles is of course Knack, the game that I and the internal Japan Studio have been hard at work on for the last three and a half years. I love character action games, and over the years I’ve helped create a number of them, including Crash Bandicoot on the original PlayStation, and Jak and Daxter and Ratchet & Clank on PS2.

Our goal on this project was to bring back that kind of classic gameplay, but with a next-gen twist. Knack has the ability to pick up pieces of the environment and grow larger, so over the course of a level he can grow from a three foot tall “mascot” type character to a thirty foot tall rampaging monster. This is a kind of gameplay I’d never tried to create before, it gives a very unique feel from the game. We’ve also focused on the narrative that drives the action – there is a full CGI film worth of story embedded in the game.

We’ve kept two types of players in mind while creating Knack. One is hardcore players who like the old school challenge present in Crash Bandicoot and the like – those were tough games, and even on a Normal difficulty setting Knack will definitely keep you on your toes.

The other type of player we had in mind was light or beginner players. As lead system architect for PlayStation 4 I knew there that the launch lineup would include Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, KillZone 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and other amazing AAA titles for the core gamer, but I wanted to be sure there would be something for the rest of the family – son, daughters, spouses and the like. So on an Easy difficulty setting, Knack is a game that pretty much anyone can play, it can even be someone’s very first video game ever!

We’ve also added in style of local co-op play where an experienced gamer can help that beginner get up to speed – just pick up a second controller and play as Robo Knack. You can fight side by side with Knack, clear out enemies together, and if you build your strength far enough you can even heal Knack when he gets into trouble.

Another goal we had with Knack was to bring connected gaming to the character action genre. Scattered throughout the game are secret rooms with treasure chests – these hold parts of gadgets that can help Knack in his quest, as well as rare crystal relics. As you find these rooms and open the chests, you’ll be able to see items your friends have found there as well, and choose which item you want as your reward. As a result, the more friends you have playing the game, the faster Knack can gain his special abilities!


We’ve also worked to push the boundaries of play past the living room – we created Knack’s Quest, a free “match 3” puzzle game for iOS. An Android version will be coming soon. By playing this game on your smartphone or tablet, you can pick up these same gadget parts and crystal relics, and send them over via your PSN account for Knack to use in the PS4 title. You can work on unlocking items when you’re away from the console, or even enlist the help of someone else to do it for you.


That’s all for now! You can pick up Knack at your local retailer from 29th November, or buy the digital version right from your PS4. We’ve been counting down the days until PS4 launches and the gaming world can see what we’ve been working on – really hope you enjoy it!

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malachimanyusa 15 November, 2013 @ 19:11

Mark Cerny your the best I cant wait to try knack it looks great

Don’t care about any of the nagative reviews, gonna get this Day 1 along with my beautiful new PS4 and have a knacking good time! :)


I know this hasn’t received the most compelling review scores but I am still looking forward to this game. This along with R&C will quench my action/platforming thirst.

Why is this game priced at $59.99 in the US while it is £59.99 (around $90) in the UK?

And why is the Knack’s Quest app not available for the Vita as well?

I read this post in Mark Cerny’s voice :D

Can’t wait for Knack .

supersmith2500 15 November, 2013 @ 20:19

Cerny is awesome. ^^

Will be on ps+ in 2 months no doubt after the reviews

I love the look of this game and I’m getting it as soon as I’m fortunate enough to get a PS4 =)

I must agree with inside gaming KNACK KNACK KNACK KNACK YAY

@#4 Well its quite simple to understand, north america is xbox/microsoft territory and they need to appeal the masses so in order to do that they charge less and give them proper costumer services etc., I could go on the whole night.

IF EUROPE wasn’t their best costumer/consumer when it comes to playstation brand then probably we’d be in the same boat, so the reward we have for keeping the brand alive is to pay what the americans don’t.

Its been like this for a long while now and unfortunately I can’t see it change because WE could make them learn their lesson, by voting with our wallets, but in a continent so big with so many countries you’ll always have way too many not giving a damn and buying anyway.

Long story short, they know EU will always be there so they just crap on us in favour of the usa [period]

So there you go.

what do you do about the hardware problems that are facing your customers recently?

it’s really a let down….

totaly richt .

but I and other Europeans should not accept, by not buying their games until they are at regular price.
59 dollar = 59€ ( = sony policy in al , buth them make diference in games = not done )

I will get this ‘but’ if game prices will be over £40 then i will wait(well i don’t want to pay over £30 for my games anyway) :D

Disappointing that Sony didn’t bring Knack’s Quest to the Vita and that people with an Android phone have to wait (some more weeks).
Would be nice if Sony could tell us why they only managed to release a game for iOS.


bit of a let down imo, for a launch day title i mean, sure it will be ok, but launch day material?, pity the DR series has gone back to m$, as DR3 looks like THE launch day game of both consoles, though i suppose the average knack player will just write that off as another ‘generic’ type gamer with nothing good to say… still it ( DR3) may just be a timed exclusive, like others were, (except 1st).


oh, reason i posted here ( forgot lol), the game i mentioned above is a full triple a, and m$ are selling it at £49.99, from there webstore, so why are scee going to be raising the ps4 prices, for us EU punters?.

hi do you know what apps will be on the ps4 in ireiand etc netflix ,you tube

cant wait to share my knack stuff with my friends!!

oh wait…………..

i cant as with a sub account the share button is useless to me well done sony!!


Metacritic 59, Eurogamer 4/10.

I love Mark Cerny!


Hi !

Do we know if the uk version contains french audio or french subtitles ?

Thank you.

well this is cool I got a PSN card code and it was valid! You can get one too from

What?! We can’t add PS4 games from the PS+ subscription without owning a PS4? People can add Vita games without owning a Vita!

I don’t plan on buying a PS4 until it has some interesting games and the firmware has been ironed out. I also don’t want a first production run console for obvious reasons. I’m not buying a PS4 until this time next year.

If I can’t add PS4 games via the web store I am going to cancel my subscription. The Vita is practically getting no new games, so PS+ is useless there. There’s nothing I want from the PS3 library at this point in time either.

It’s going to be glorious PC gaming on my monster PC for the foreseeable future. Bye for now, Sony!

So can’t wait for knack just 11 more days.

Can’t wait to play this game with my girls.


I’m in my tub Mark-sama.

Thank you for taking kids into account when designing this game (control schema, adjustable difficulty setting, etc) but foremost for thinking about us old timers that have been dreaming about playing REAL old school gameplay in a nexgen console!! Can’t wait to play KNACK, that’s the first game I will play.

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