Destiny beta available first on PlayStation

What’s up, PlayStation Nation? Heard any good news lately?

Everyone here at Bungie is thrilled to help ring in the next generation of gaming, and to celebrate the launch of the PlayStation 4. Though we couldn’t bring the entire studio to the launch event in NYC, we thought it was only right to deliver a little taste of in-engine footage. Check it out!

We also announced that the Destiny Beta will be available first on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. To reserve your seat, pre-order the game at select retailers.

Hope you had a great launch night! See you in the Beta in 2014!

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can i have code please?


I pre-ordered my game a while back and was given a code, then went onto the website to redeem it. But I didn’t get any code since then to redeem into my console. Do we need to wait until PS4 is released here before we get our code for the beta?


You know it wasn’t launch night in Europe, right? ;)

I will preorder but I need to know if there’s going to be a collectors edition first?

I preordered at amazon and got sent a code for Bungie’s website but they haven’t sent out the actual beta codes yet.

having to pre-order for a beta is just wrong, your doing them a favour by beta testing and you have to buy the game for that.

The fact that the PS plus thread is being ignored is pathetic. If I need to post in every thread to get someones attention I will do. I hope I don’t have to.

Attention for what? They don’t owe you anything. All you will do is get banned.

Number9dream68 15 November, 2013 @ 13:24

yeh u could post on every forum,or you can go downstair an get the toast an jam your mum has just made for u,the choice is entirely up to u.

yes I uk waiting for ps4 gamer reviews

So much for beta’s being offered to PS+ members.

Not sure if I should preorder this or not.


they already said pre-order the game you get send a code by the company that u pre-order from there you go to Bungie website enter the code and wait…. when they get close to release “Destiny Beta” they will send you instructions by email… you then go to Bungie website select whatever version you wanna beta test ( ps3/ps4 ) they will then send you a beta code than you enter on your ps account and download Destiny Beta!!!

now if you cant follow this steps or even bother to read them, i wonder if you should really be beta testing anything ;)


This game is going to be so awesome, looking forward to having a Bungie game on my PS4. Seems like such a long time since they made a game.


Is this really supposed to be a selling point nowadays? Getting early access to a beta? Got it pre ordered but didn’t need the beta, I don’t download 50 gigs just to give a game a try..
Hope they offer some better stuff for pre ordering when the release comes closer..

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