Tearaway: Launch trailer, free trial incoming, community site live


We’re nearly there! Tearaway is out this Friday, or if you’re reading this from Australia or New Zealand, then it’s out right now!

We’re really, really looking forward to you folks finally getting your hands in our new game, it’s so exciting to be this close!

Just in the nick of time, we’ve launched the Tearaway community site – Tearaway.me – which is where all your photos and papercraft models will be displayed. You can check it out right now, and get a few free papercraft models for signing in, even before you own the game. You’ll also see some of the photos of people who have been reviewing the game, or picked it up today down under, go look see: Tearaway.me

To celebrate our imminent launch, we’ve put together this new trailer for the game, a final little teaser of what awaits you come Friday.

There are still two days left to pre-order the game and get your hands on some tasty pre-order bonuses, and if you don’t have a PS Vita yet, there are several bundles available, check out this post for more info.

If you still haven’t made up your mind about the game after watching it, you’ll be able to download a free trial of Tearaway on Friday, and unlock the full game if you like what you see.

It’s really great once you see the world up close, and experience what it feels like to hold a little papery world in your hands – try it, you might like it!

We’ve really poured a lot of our love into Tearaway, so we hope you enjoy it. Shout out in the comments if you’re going to be picking it up on Friday!

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Oh yes a trial! That’s just what I needed! Thanks and I wish your game well!

Will saves carry over from the trial or is it a select section that it doesnt matter about saves?

New Zealander here.

I downloaded the game a few day’s ago and it went live early this morning. I’ve played a few levels and tried out Tearaway.me and I can happily say the game is amazing. The world is really pretty and the soundtrack is great too.

The ability to upload paper craft models you unlock to the internet to print out is really cool and works seamlessly. I couldn’t recommend it more to any Vita owner.

Great work (as per usual) Media Molecule!


Can’t wait the trial!


Pre-order in and downloading now… my game should be available to play in like a couple of hours and I’m looking forward to it!

Loving the game you guys are 2 from 2 now. Keep em coming. Just wondering if avatars can be used with vita? Also where do i get the vita wallpaper? Once again game rocks. it is goodbye reality for me for the next few days.

Thanks for the trial. Reviews so far look great but I’ve never much gotten into the LBP series and with Christmas around the corner and money tight, having a trial to see if I like it ups the chances of me buying it.

Hi want to preorder to get the special delivery pack but want a physical copy which shop has this pack thanks

I dont need a trial for this gem., pre-ordered it long ago. Nice for the people who are still in doubt but for me its a day1 purchase.

I got the game at retail this morning along with my preorder DLC and cute Sackboy Iota keychain.
A couple of hours into the game and I absolutley love it.
It’s absolutely dripping with charm and the soundtrack is amazing!

COOL free Trial :P Was going to get it soon anyway when i finish my billions of games i still got to play(& PS4 incoming to) :D

ive already finished this and am replaying all ove again its exelent even better than lbp imo! and thanks for releasing early in aus coz we often get the short end of the stick!:)

Is the trial a full game download? I have a 32gb card but rapidly running out of space.

Tempted to buy without trying due to the rave reviews from our Aussie cousins!

Most anticipated game of the year has (almost) finally arrived! Looking forward to pig riding :D


Had to cancel my pre order since it’s so close to EU PS4 launch. Horrible launchdate guys :(

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