Music Unlimited update: What are your favourite tracks of 2013?

Hey there PlayStation Blog. This week, we bring you something special, a playlist chosen by none other than the unstoppable UK rap artist and grime pioneer, Tinie Tempah. He’s chosen some of his favourite tracks for us, and compiled them exclusively for Music Unlimited. Check it out now, as well as his new album Demonstration.

Best of 2013
It’s that time of year again when we re-visit the best releases from the past 12 months. Last year, the Best of 2012 Channel was one of our most popular on the service in January, so we need your help once again to create an incredible playlist for the very best of 2013.

Just list some of your favourite singles below and we’ll include the best ones on the service to listen to on all your devices.

Remember 2012? Including killer tracks from the likes of Alt-J, Jack White, The Black Keys, Psy, Tame Impala, Hot Chip, Adele and Bobby Womack? It will be returning to the service very soon…

Fender Artist Playlist
Also this week, the new Artist Picks playlist from our friends over at Fender, celebrating some of the best tracks from acts currently recording and touring with these iconic instruments. Are you a Stratocaster or a Telecaster person? Regardless, listen now for the best in both!

Eminem Channel
Treat yourself to a comprehensive journey through Eminem’s discography with our new artist rewind channel, from the Slim Shady LP to Marshal Mathers LP2 and everywhere in between.


New Politics ‘Songs for breakdancing’ Playlist
It’s been a busy year for Danish alt-rockers New Politics, releasing their second album A Bad Girl In Harlem and touring with a little known artist by the name of P!nk. The guys have created the awesome new playlist “Songs for breakdancing” exclusive to Music Unlimited. Release your inner B-boy and listen here.

The Clash
Finally, in celebration of the release of the recent ‘Hit’s Back’ compilation, we bring you our Best of The Clash compilation. Still widely acknowledged as one of the most influential British bands of all time, defining both genre and a generation, this back catalogue of their finest hits will have you reeling in 70s punk glory. Listen here!


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Eminem Channel.

The true Rap God and savior of music.

Talking about Music Unlimited, why so many albums available on Google Play/Xbox Live/Deezer are absent of Music Unlimited? Example:

Assassin’s Creed 4 OST
Within Temptation feat. tarja – Paradise
Person Of Interest OST

and so many more… :'(


That PS4 update to play MP3’s can’t come soon enough. Music Unlimited isn’t an alternative.


Where is PlayStation App for iOS in Eu? It had to come today really im been waiting so long time for it

I’m sorry but what’s with all these negative comments, I for one love the service and find it much more convenient than buying and downloading individual songs/albums. Also grateful that Sony have offered another 3 months for £3 to those who took up the year’s offer last year :)

For the best of 2013 do you mind if we post a link to playlist’s here? If so

I am no way near finishing it yet but I have got a fair few of my favorite songs that were released this year on it!


Great playlist bloobat, a lot of similar choices to those in the team. Thanks for sharing!

With regards the Music Unlimited apps/service can we possibly get answers to a couple of question’s?

1. The official Walkman App with MU integration gives us the option to download songs in High Quality for offline playback, will this be included in a Music Unlimited app update in future or is that app being phased out?

2. Any plans for additional sharing/profile options? I mean it is nice to be able to share playlists now but it is rarely used and there doesn’t seem to be any sites/forums where people share their playlists yet. Would love to see profiles integrated into MU similar to Spotify where we can follow each other etc. Realise that that would be a big update but at the very least could we have a way to submit playlists we think people would like and get them featured on the site? Always looking for ways to discover new music ;)


High Quality audio for offline playback will be available in all upcoming mobile app updates, no plans to phase that out. In terms of social sharing capabilities, this is a really important one for us so expect more updates in the coming months here on the blog. Finally, Windows 8 compatibility is currently something that’s being discussed for 2014. Thanks for your questions!

3. Lastly I doubt this is very high on the priority list but are there any plans to release a Windows 8 app? fully fledged windows tablets are becoming increasingly popular (not the RT ones) and it would be nice to see an app on the windows store that allows us to store music offline. If not could we see the web player optimised for touch?

Anyway sorry for the essay. Loving the service and keep up the regular updates/engagement with the community. Can’t wait to try out the PS4 app next Friday :)


I thought the iOS app was going to be released today too, the useless blog app has completely been removed from the App Store.


Hi residentSteve, there is a great new iOS update coming next week, inclusive of High Quality audio download and Featured Playlists now accessible.

@residentSteve I thought the IOS app was already out? My brother has it and it works well with offline support and everything…

Music limited is godawfull it ahs no songs i would ever want 2 listen too cause it’s limted in my type off music. i’ll be happy when ps4 could ever play mp3 again.

Can’t really tell – because it still isn’t available in Poland, just like every other service from Sony…


Stay tuned to the blog, we hope to have more updates on country expansions in the coming months.

When is it coming to Luxembourg? Because I am sure it would be lovely to have access to it like the rest…

I like music unlimited.

Thanks for the replies!

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