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Welcome to the final Recap before next gen becomes current gen! Exciting times. We’ll be bringing you comprehensive launch coverage over the next seven days here on PS Blog, as well as on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds. Please be excited ๐Ÿ˜‰

Back in the here and now, it’s been a busy week. Highlights? There were plenty. We had a brace of new videos for Media Molecule’s splendid PS Vita romp Tearaway; an exclusive chat with Mr Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima; news on the digital release for Gran Turismo 6; and word on a new update for beloved PS Vita timesink Spelunky. Check out the full reading list below.

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Hello. I recently contacted customer services via email. Its been a full week later and iv heard nothing. How long does it usually take to get an answer? Its the same question I asked on here two week back.

    Fred Dutton 25 November, 2013 @ 9:34 am    

    Really sorry you’ve had to wait. They will get back to you, though it can take time depending on the issue.


First… any PS+ membership discounts for Europe like the US?

Second… why did PS4 EU customers not get the PSN credit US customers got?

Third… how can SCEE justify the PSN store prices for digital copies of the PS4 games? ยฃ62.99 for FIFA 14!!!! I’d be really interested to know how that ties into Sony’s ‘for the player’ campaign.

    Fred Dutton 25 November, 2013 @ 9:37 am    

    1) No immediate plans, though there are lots of sales coming up over Christmas and New Year, so I wouldn’t rule it out completely.
    2) That’s a SCEA-only promotion at present.
    3) I’m afraid I can’t comment on pricing of third party titles. All I can say is that the Store team make every effort to offer the best value possible.

still avoiding the digital pricing issue fred? i’ll ask again.

why are european customers being asked to pay prices that aren’t even comparable to the u.s. store?

‘publishers set the prices’?????

then why are scee allowing certain publishers to gouge eu ps customers a full ยฃ8 more than on your competitors platform, thus making it a more attractive (digitally) proposition?

i don’t expect a reply

SCEE : Shameless Crooks Exploiting Europeans.

dark_angel69 24 November, 2013 @ 10:54 am   4

I tried out the Tearaway trial and must say that game is amazing! The last few months I didn’t even know what to think of the game as it looked just too weird for me but playing the trail it was amazing! Will surely be interested in playing the real thing. Makes quite a perfect Vita game!

I heard on some website people in the UK have their PS4 already and they seen store prices. They said we are paying like ยฃ23 more than the U.S on PS4 games for digital. I hope this isn’t true but can you pass word on to whomever sets the price to keep it as low as possible to match the U.S?

Been watching the U.S bog guys stream their games on Twitch. Some good games there! Any plans for you guys to stream yours too? I suggested to them we should have a U.S vs EU blog challenge and stream it so maybe try and arrange something for us, ๐Ÿ˜‰

Can’t wait until Friday! So excited for the PS4 so forgive me when you don’t see me much on the blog. haha

    Fred Dutton 25 November, 2013 @ 9:40 am    

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying Tearaway. A lovely game indeed.

    Re. game pricing, see above. I will raise concerns voiced in this thread with the Store team.

    As for streaming – yes, we may well do some of that next week. Not sure about a US vs EU challenge. They’ve had a bit of a headstart!

hey fred will my weekend debate entry be allowed from this account as cs have still not unlocked my account ๐Ÿ™

i asked you back at gamescon if the guys from dont starve were planning a post and you said at the time not that week but you thought they would be on quite soon any more news on that front as i have lots of questions that i hope a blog post will clear up.

    Fred Dutton 25 November, 2013 @ 9:40 am    

    Fear not, your entry is certainly valid.

    I’ll check in with the Don’t Starve crew. The game’s not far off, so we should have a launch post.

evilwitch83 24 November, 2013 @ 11:28 am   6

I would like answers about why the US kept the same amount of ps3 games when ps4 games were added to plus and we were cut to 2 ps3 games and why the Yearly Vita games are not changed.

Due to the things which I have said above, I am not going to renew my plus subscription when it runs out because if you cut the games once without warning, what’s to stop you from doing it again? Because I am not renewing plus, I will not be buying any games for my PS3 or my Vita for the foreseeable future unless they are on an unmissable sale (which is very unlikely with the state of our sales compared with US) because I want to play as many plus games as possible before my subscription ends.

However, if in the meantime we get an equal amount of ps3 games as what US gets, or if our plus discounts in sales gets improved (US get 50% off sale price while we only get 10%),then I will renew my plus subscription.

    Fred Dutton 25 November, 2013 @ 9:44 am    

    I know a lot of you are asking about this, but I’m afraid I have nothing new to add over what Chris posted in his Plus post last week.

    I’m sorry to hear you’re considering leaving the service. We’ve got some really great titles coming up over the next few months, which I think offer excellent value for the membership fee. I hope we can tempt you back.

I support evilwitch83’s question about the disparity.
Morgan Haro promised that the NA IGC will remain the same that it is, while we pretty much have each month now a new gamble what kind of IGC standard feature we might lose next.

Third PS3 game? Gone
No outdated PSP instead of PSV games? Gone
Never the same game twice in the IGC? Gone
Annual replacements? Gone
Those are just the changes from the last 2 months. What’s next?


Is fifa 14 being available digitally at friday midnight launch?
And can you tell me the price in euros? Need to buy psn cards..


I would also like an answer to evilwitch83’s question, just like Golwar. I find it very unfair, to say the least.


I agree with evilwitch83 and Golwar on the lack of communication but that is the only thing I agree with.

Firstly wait until Decembers update in the US to see if they lose the game then. SCEE and SCEA are different companies and they decided to lose the game in December instead of November. Wait and see before coming each week and complain. We have had the better experience with plus the last 15 months yet you still come just to moan.

The lack of communication on the Vita games is annoying but I didn’t expect a change until June. The amount of work they would have to do to change the games twice a year. It will change in June at E3 with the PS3 games but PS4 games will change during E3 2015. I expect tearaway will be on the list then. There is a lack of first party games to replace the 2 we have now.


Just to let the Irish people who pre-ordered the PS4 from Xtravision know you are REQUIRED to buy a game or accessory when you go and pick up your console. They won’t give you your console if you don’t even if you have it full paid off.

This was the deal with the Xbox One launch so beware.

solarwind12 24 November, 2013 @ 3:34 pm   12

hmmm, i guess that isn’t a problem for you either?, as you don’t seem to mind being asked to ‘pass the soap’, fanboys,, Grrrr..


Like you and the others above are pigeons. You fly in once a week crap over everyones hard work and fly off again.

Look at how many Blog managers we have gone through. They can’t answer the questions and blame them and they eventually quit. Things change and what the “US blog guy says” doesn’t mean anything to us. It is the same few throwing their toys out of the pram for one thing or another.

    Fred Dutton 25 November, 2013 @ 9:50 am    

    I’ve no plans to go anywhere ๐Ÿ˜‰

    This thread can indeed get a bit colourful, but everyone is absolutely entitled to raise any concerns they have. I will answer questions where I can, and feedback any and all discontent to the relevant teams. I’d rather these sorts of issues lived in this thread where I can easily see everything, rather than clog guest posts from talented game developers talking about their amazing work.

darkdudes_2 24 November, 2013 @ 4:20 pm   14

As a playstation + member, is it safe to buy bioshock infinite and persona IV golden in near future?^^

    Fred Dutton 25 November, 2013 @ 9:51 am    

    As mentioned above, we’ve got some great Christmas sales and promotions coming up. I’ll say no more…


“….The amount of work they would have to do to change the games twice a year. ”
lol yeah of course change 2 games with another 2 is really work intensive ๐Ÿ˜€

Do you believe your own written sentence? o_O



If you think it is that easy you have no idea wht you are talking about. There is lots of legal red tape involved and that could take months, then working with developers and sorting out the fees they will get for all the people getting the game for free.

Well I think Morgan Haro’s words can be trusted, rather than our Chris Howe’s. If he said just recently that nothing would change for them, it will probably remain the same.
While Chris … well, I think you have been around during the last 2 months, to know that he’d rather confuse or upset us, than anything else.

But we have a deal! Let’s wait for the next Plus update in the US and if they keep their old IGC structure, I expect to see you join our side instead of finding just more excuses, why it would be oh so much more difficult for our SCEE dudes. ๐Ÿ˜›

Oh and about the Vita … who said anything about changing the games twice a year, as you mentioned?
Once more: A year passed, not 6 months. Chris had plenty of time to organize 2 new games (not even 3, as they get in America).
And maybe you have forgotten Chris blunder: He didn’t claim that it was too much effort or that he had any troubles to get any games, he said “We didn’t feel it was the right time”.

So please, simply stop finding excuses. There are none.

European_Gamer 24 November, 2013 @ 5:30 pm   18

You are launching to many games within a very small time frame. I can’t buy all of them.


i give+ want ps+
1 = do give use beter servers + faster dowloads
2 = cloud save
3 = corect digital prices like usa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 = % of games
rest = not so intresting ( give me abo of 20 โ‚ฌ to al above then i do not need you rent game colection where on 15 games i find only 1 intresting )

comunication = al gamers need to read internet = faster then sony blog.

-when update patch on euro so i can put on stick
-you tube update

to many games European_Gamer ????
not good ones , like infamous – minecraft – planetside 2 ……


edit (i give+ want ps+)
i give mony so i want the service level to have next points


The ‘Tearaway’ demo was LOVELY ๐Ÿ˜› (Shame i just haven’t got time to play everything really) ๐Ÿ™ + Can’t believe i will be getting(if all goes well) the PS4 on Friday ๐Ÿ˜› So even more to play ๐Ÿ˜€

Nightmare966 24 November, 2013 @ 9:11 pm   22

I’ll also like to ask about the whole IGC debacle. I can quite imagine why the Annual Games haven’t been swapped yet, but the whole game less in the IGC is perplexing to me.

And I’d also like to inquiry a bit about the lack of responses from Jawad lately (not really pointing a finger at him, blaming). Pretty sure you guys have a lot of stuff going on with the whole PS4 launch and all, and I doubt he just doesn’t care either, but if the man’s busy at least try to get someone to look/answer the comments. It’s frustrating when a week you have a number of issues going and those can’t be easily fixed because the reports on the Blog are (or seem) buried here, forgotten. Those could be easily fixed if someone could report ASAP, since the Store starts updating early in the morning.

Anyways, looking forward the PS4 launch in Europe and all the titles we’ll get next year (starting with inFamous). And, let me say, I’m really proud to have bought Tearaway. Haven’t advanced much yet, but this game is clearly what Vita needed. Congrats to MM, they’ve done a great job (as usual!) and their game is indeed the star of the week for me ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks for your time Fred ๐Ÿ™‚

    Fred Dutton 25 November, 2013 @ 9:54 am    

    See above re. Plus. I’m afraid I don’t have anythign additional to add at present beyond what was posted in the Plus thread last week.

    Re. the Store post – yes, we are indeed pretty busy right now. That said, I’ll work with Jawad on Wedensday to see as many queries are answered as possible.

MissDreamer 24 November, 2013 @ 9:34 pm   23

Absolutely love Tearaway this week. Also looking forward to finally getting Persona Golden 4 next week as well. Been waiting for it to go on plus. ๐Ÿ™

RossyWilson 24 November, 2013 @ 11:04 pm   24

I try to stay away from negative comments on the blog as they are usually not a constructive form of criticism, but I feel compelled to write about the digital PS4 launch prices. I do prefer to buy digital for convenience sake but I feel the price is too high to justify it for myself. I understanding why 3rd party titles are set by the publisher but not why sony couldn’t lead the way with killzone and knack which are both game I am interested in but cannot justify buying until they reach a more affordable price, probably on Blu-ray.


You know, there is a lot of hate in this comment section. I can understand it, but still…

Anyway onto Positive news: Persona 5 has been announced and is apparently PS3 exclusive. You should probably do a blog post on this fact xD

    Fred Dutton 25 November, 2013 @ 9:55 am    

    Yes, exciting news! We treid to get a post organised but it didn’t happen in time. You will be hearing more about this one in the future, worry not!

theskillzy 25 November, 2013 @ 3:11 am   26

iv raged enough in the ps+ update thread and need a time out but please, PRETTY PLEASE, with glitter and sprinkles on top stop abusing your customers and either say “im sorry we will give the ps3 game back next month and fix the vita situation” or “inflation is a b**ch so quit your mooing” because we are SICK AND TIRED OF BEING IGNORED!!!!! …. i only play ps3 games so my 3 games have been slashed to 2 (2 AWFUL games at that) … fyi i just bought tomb raider for 15 pounds in a high street store and without the disc ps store wants a stupid amount so if you want more money out of us these ridiculous prices need fixing


We are still waiting on our two annual p
Vita games. Our money is paid, now its time for you to fulfill your side of the transaction. Stop trying to rip us off. You abuse your existing customers in the hope of getting new ones, do you not think the damage you do to your reputation might just affect that?

Any official info and apology for passwords reset on european accounts? Do you think such SCEE behaviour is acceptable? Do you think it’s normal to get a useless sign-in error message from PS3 or Vita without info what’s happening or without instructions what to do? Then if you look at official Playstation pages or PS blog after that, even there isn’t any info? Still think everything is OK? I’m not!

    Fred Dutton 25 November, 2013 @ 10:00 am    

    Yes, some gamers have reported this issue. We’re very sorry if you’ve been inconvenienced in anyway. It’s a simple fix: just click on the ‘forgotten password?’ link when you try to sign in, and your password will be re-set. It will ask you for your date of birth as part of the verification process. If for some reason you’ve forgotten it ;), a quick call to customer services will get you up and running.


Hi Fred, just wondering about the PS App’s functionality. All of those features described in the PS Blog post ( from the Second-screen, which certainly exists for PS Vita) will be available on PS Vita too, or only in a smartphone/tablet?

dark_angel69 25 November, 2013 @ 10:33 am   30

Thanks for your reply Fred. I wouldn’t worry too much about them having a heads start. You can still beat them!


got my account back ๐Ÿ™‚

i was sweating a bit that it would not be done by friday but all good now ๐Ÿ™‚

Tearaway is awesome! One of the very best games of the year.

Which brings me to… what’s next for the Vita, Sony? Nothing announced in terms of western support. Not a single peep. What about God of War collection on Vita? Has that been silently killed off? Are you done with supporting the Vita with games?

    Fred Dutton 25 November, 2013 @ 11:00 am    

    Heaps of lovely stuff coming up for Vita! I’d recommend OlliOlli, Flower, Stick it to the Man and Terraria coming next month, straight off the bat. Also, off the top of my head: Murasaki Baby, GoW Collection, Hotline Miami 2, Rogue Legacy, Helldivers, Luftrausers, Fez, Final Fantasy X, Road Not Taken, Volume, Borderlands 2, Minecraft, Football Manager… 2014 is going to be a cracking year!

Arthurlantern 25 November, 2013 @ 10:42 am   33

Cant fault plus to be honest we had some absolute corkers over the last year, great value for money. Keep building my back catalogue. Also Fred any news on borderlands 2 for vita.


now i have my account bk i want to buy some games.

muramasa is something i want asap and i know it has its pausing issues but tempted to buy walking dead on vita as i have decided to donate/give my ps3 to my nephew as my sis cant afford to get him a console for christmas(going to wait till some point next year and ill just get myself a superslim as wanted to upgrade anyways) and with season 2 on the horizon i need a platform i can continue on and vita seems the one.

ill wait till wed to see what the sale brings before laying out any money

evilwitch83 25 November, 2013 @ 11:10 am   35

Fred, you can tempt me back if you offer better plus discounts in the sales. US regularly gets 50% plus discounts, while we get 10% plus discounts with the occasional 25% discount.

Also can you give me a guarantee that our amount of plus games will not be lowered again in the future? And will the 3 yearly PS3 games in June still be replaced with new titles?


Yes, reseting password does have a simple fix. I did it next day after i got answer from czech PS support, so i can write here. I don’t have anything against password reseting if it’s needed. My complaints goes to form which SCEE choose – useless error message followed by complete communication void!


Any plans for a big EU launch like the one in New York?

    Fred Dutton 25 November, 2013 @ 12:06 pm    

    As luck would have it, I’m posting details of our launch events later today. Our situation is slightly more complex than in North America. They have two territories (US and Canada) to plan events for, we have 30!

The really annoying part about this password reset affair wasn’t the process of getting a new password, it was that Sony simply confronted all users with the message that their account + password combo isn’t working.

Seriously, whose first thought wouldn’t be that either they or Sony got “hacked”?
Not really a fear that a company should spread, just because it (once more, nice tradition meanwhile) couldn’t communicate what happened.

Best solution would have been to inform us AHEAD of the procedure.
And naturally it would be smart not only to tell users that their login data isn’t working when they tried to log in, one could have explained too that it was an enforced pw reset due precaution.

But nothing of all that happened and the relevant information was only shared in one well hidden answer by Jawad in the Store update and in some forum thread. No tweet, nothing official on the blog.

So let me repeat once more, communication leaves much to be desired.

    Fred Dutton 25 November, 2013 @ 12:09 pm    

    You’re right. If this was to happen again, I’d do my best to make sure those affected received due warning. This one took me by surprise somewhat – we’re always learning, and we’ll do better next time.

Oh, the minimum that I’d expect about the “annual” PSV games replacements is to share the alternative date, when this will finally happen.
Within the next 3 months? Together with the PS3 games in June? November 2014?

It’s indeed ridiculous that a settled date passes by “because we don’t want to” and there isn’t even given a vague idea of an alternative date. We just have to wait, till Sony might feel like it?
I wonder whose mind had the impression that this surely is the way how business should be done.



you know i share your feelings on the vita titles but its obviously a corporate decision thats been handed down that fred can’t comment on, i think he has pretty much said all he can say on the matter because we are not getting any new info passed to us.

uncharted and gravity rush are still 2 of the biggest aaa titles on vita and i think its just down to not being able to swap them out for other “system sellers” you could only really put up killzone, lbp or tearaway to equal those titles.

@fred you are the messenger with these updates and im guessing lots of times you must feel the whole dont shoot the messenger vibe from here but is there any place you can direct us to where we can share our displeasure about the changes to the service that would be classed as the correct channel?

    Fred Dutton 25 November, 2013 @ 1:20 pm    

    You can be sure that all feedback left on blog gets heard by the relevant teams. In most cases the relevant teams will be reading your comments in any case.

Ofc I know that the decision wasn’t made by Fred, did I give that impression?
But this is the best official channel to share criticism. And such acts and decisions deserve criticism, right?

And I disagree about Uncharted and Gravity Rush being kind of “irreplacable”. Soul Sacrifice would have been a perfect candidate for example. And SCEA even managed to put it in their November IGC …


So you are busy this week then Fred. ๐Ÿ˜›

Will there be game announcements?



no not at all but i think like me your kind of fed up of nothing being added to the discussion and would like to move on and go to the right place to actually get answers.fred will know why this has happened and will have known for a while but he has been told to not comment on it, somebody must be able to shed more light hence my post, i quoted your name as you were last to post i would have quoted whoever posted last on it.

i think we will get soul sacrifice next month in the normal rotation


also would soul sacrifice be a good candidate for a 12 month game i thought jrpg’s lacked mass market appeal (i love them btw)

Not each RPG that is from Japan automatically represents the classic JRPG definitions. ๐Ÿ˜‰
And I doubt that Soul Sacrifice should even be considered a RPG. It’s rather an Action-Adventure. It reminds of Monster Hunter and Phantom Dust.

I also doubt that Soul Sacrifice would have less appeal than Gravity Rush. I was so disappointed by that game. Nice art and style, but the rest … gameplay was imho bland and repetitive.


i have only managed to give 2 hrs to gravity rush myself, it has potential but i just have not fell in love with it like many others, same with uncharted played 1hr tops.

i really do like my indies on vita and im keen to try tearaway.

i thought soul sacrifice was a proper jrpg thats why i wanted it ๐Ÿ™ never really got into monster hunter as it seemed more suited to multi player, guess ill be waiting for ffx for my jrpg fix(turn based yay :)) unless theres something else on the cards i have missed.

on another note while i mention jrpgs, SEGA PORT SKY’S OF ARCADIA!!!!!!!!!!


Hey, Fred, I’m still waiting for my free Gladiator/Deadlocked HD Code and have been asking about it for some weeks now ๐Ÿ˜› Any chance you could help me out (I have signed up on the forums and I have received the Motorstorm RC code in the past just fine)?

dark_angel69 25 November, 2013 @ 3:25 pm   48

Following my first comment about the PS4 prices, I just seen this today which is worth reading.

Need to make EA fix them prices. It’s not right at all. As long as their games are so expensive like that, I won’t be buying from them. Well not brand new anyway and certainly not digital. I hate to be the kind of person that buys second hand as I don’t do that but if their prices are to be so high like that, I will only buy their games on disc and as second hand so they don’t get a penny.

Will we see something similar as the Black Friday deals from SCEA? $30 for one year Plus is a really charming offer.

I wonder if I should even dare checking the sales they’ll have on games, I might simply get depressed when I compare it to our prices (see just above).

    Fred Dutton 25 November, 2013 @ 5:12 pm    

    Yes, there will be some deals on Store this weekend. We’ll go into detail a little later this week.


@Fred Dutton

sales this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ happy days go and smuggle muramasa on to one of those lists ๐Ÿ˜‰

going to top up my wallet by ยฃ40 as the ps4 store will be live at the weekend anyway to see if theres anything on there to buy (smaller titles).

already going to have
escape plan
sound shapes
resogun and contrast to play ๐Ÿ™‚ and i wont have spent any of the ยฃ40 yet.

really want to save the last human and will be spending the first day with resogun and im determined to plat it, dont care if the intense visuals give me a headache im doing it

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