PlayStation 4 launch entertainment apps revealed

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PlayStation has always been dedicated to offering players a rich variety of entertainment options alongside the core gaming experience, and with PS4 we’re very happy to continue that tradition.

Today I can confirm the full list of entertainment apps that will be available at launch for PS4 this Friday. In total, 18 services will be available across the SCEE region, with one more following on 4th December. And it doesn’t end there. An additional 20+ apps will follow between now and Spring 2014, including the likes of TuneIn, Game One, Filmo TV and MUBI.

All of the services listed below can be enjoyed without subscribing to PlayStation Plus. Take a look and let us know which ones you’re looking forward to booting up.

Releasing 29th November:

  • Music Unlimited (UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand)
  • Video Unlimited (Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK)
  • IGN (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Qatar, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, UK)
  • BBC iPlayer (UK)
  • VidZone (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK)
  • Amazon/LOVEFiLM (Germany, UK)
  • Netflix (Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, UK)
  • BBC Sports (UK)
  • BBC News (UK)
  • (Spain)
  • Total Channel (Spain)
  • Demand5 (UK)
  • Maxdome (Germany, Austria)
  • RTBF (Belgium)
  • NOS Sports (Netherlands)
  • Ximon (Belgium, Netherlands)
  • Watchever (Germany)
  • Viaplay (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden)

Releasing 4th December:

  • Quickflix (Australia, New Zealand)


48 Author replies

So when can we expect to see Crunchyroll on the ps4?

YAY !!!! we get ……

Vid-Zone.. :/


Hi! We will have some news about Portugal soon… Cant say just yet though. Watch this space :)

I’m so pleased both Lovefilm and Netflix made it for launch, and unlike the Xbox One we get the iPlayer! So much for it being the best media hub available!

Are these more than on xBox too? :-)

nice :) could do with a few more though… Flixter?


An additional 20+ apps will follow between now and Spring 2014. Keep watching the blog for more updates!


Need to get the SingStar app on PS4. It’s our goto party app!

I hate this only IGN, VidZone and Maxdome in Austria.

It´s not your fault Sony, but its so sad for us :(
Hate our local ORF


We continue to work hard to bring even more services to PS4 in the future

Big surprise, no Video Store for Ireland.

Fred, we were promised that this service would roll out to more regions by Andrew House back in 2009 and nothing has happened.

Will you share with the community the road-map for when this service will expand beyond six SCEE countries? You can’t keep leaving your consumers in the dark and expecting them to just except no information. It’s extremely poor customer service. Or at least admit that the Video Store will NEVER come to other countries. Show us some respect and be honest with us.

Thank you.


Sweden disappoints, yet again :(


Hello Sweden! Im glad to confirm that VidZone will be launching in Sweden on PS4. Apologies this was missed of the list!

VidZone will also be launching in France.

“Accept” no information, even.



Hi there. Although we dont have any news about YouTube, in the meantime it can be fully accessed via the PS4 Browser. Simply go to and press square for full screen. Works great!

MadMaxMcPickAxe 26 November, 2013 @ 13:08


As usual nothing for Poland :-(

What is with the entertainment services in Poland?! We are situated in Europe too!! …


Hi There, thanks for the feedback. We are working hard to bring even more services to Europe in the near future.


Netflix at launch for PS4, any chance we can see it on the Vita like the US have had for the last year?

Now, if only Sky GO would appear on the PS4, you have all my wishes fulfilled. ;-)

Im with you MrGarry. Disappointed there is still no Sky Go!

Any idea if Grece will get at least some of those applications at 13th of december ? ( ps4 first day for GR )

ShadowhunterrX 26 November, 2013 @ 13:17

Jippie TuneIn ;D.

Maybe I am a little too early for asking this question. But can you use TuneIn while playing a game ?


More information about TuneIn will be available closer to its launch. Watch the blog for updates.

Wow I’m mighty please with lovefilm & Netflix it was reported that Netflix was not to be there at launch I’m so glad they were wrong must be a 11th hour deal then my iPad can use Netflix with. The ps3 so my iPad is the to toe control. :)

YOUTUBE… For everyone…. Please!


Hi there, we dont have any news for YouTube yet but in the meantime check out via the PS4 browser and press square for full screen. works great!


VidZone is the only thing I use on PS3. I’m glad to see it carry over to PS4. If I set up another TV I can use it on PS3 while I play PS4 and same other way around


We love VidZone here! Glad you like it

I’d really, really like to see YouTube.

Crumptastic_86 26 November, 2013 @ 13:19

I’m looking forward to ITV Player/4oD being available in the UK. iPlayer has always been so much better (and stable) than these 2 because it was a dedicated app…let’s hope they partner with Sony to make it happen this gen!

Why not Russia?


Hey… Were working hard across Europe to bring loads of cool Apps & Services to PS4. Watch this space!

* dam my iPad sometimes remote control. :/

Any news on Crunchyroll and Now TV for UK?

well we lose VidZone in France… <_<


I can confirm that VidZone will be launching in France at the same time as all other markets. Sorry for the mistake!

‘BBC Sport’ and ‘NOS Sport’. ‘Sport’ is both singular and plural.

… and that’s why it sucks to live on a fragmented continent with right holders calling dibs on their little corners.

What wouldn’t I give for Netflix. And in best case a Netflix enhanced by Hulu content. ;)

Thanks for the list..great to see netflix. Pity NowTV, Blinkbox and possibly Flixster haven’t made it

Ooooh yea! Looking forward to this! Netflix FTW :)


Glad you are happy :)


I wonder how long we have too wait for the youtube app because xbone has it, hope its not a long wait.

wish friday would hurry up :D

What a nice surprise yesterday to see 4 events in Poland for the PS4 lunch, more than any other country.

What a let down today to see not even a single app available in Poland. What a developing country I live in God damn.


I’d love to hear about the Apps & Services you would like to see in your countries!

to me IGN appp
vidzone app

rtbf app = 50% of contry speaks dutch no french ( so no use to dutch peopel in belgium ) do some deal with vrt to dutch peopel
stil missing = facebook – you tube .


I’d love to hear about the Apps & Services you would like to see in your countries!

Pretty pleased we are getting iPlayer and Netflix. Now I just need DLNA and to be able to use my PS3 bluetooth remote and I’ll be fully happy now :D


Is there some apps for Russia in the future? There is many PS fans lives in Russia. Don’t forget about us.

What about Flixter and Sky Go??

Hi Fred,

I can’t get answer from anyone on twitter or anywhere else but can I use the PS4 1.5 update from the US on my UK PS4? Or is there a EU version available somewhere?

I want to download the update early to save on waiting on Friday?!


YOUTUBE – come on, must we wait again for years?

YOUTUBE please

So remind me again why am I paying 420 euro for a console (priced like that in Poland) and not get any services and perks with it?

Pay more for half the value is it?



lol we just get on ps3 nowh them take away , xbox one get day 1 you tube .

No applications will be available in Russia? I’m disappointed. Very, very disappointed. =(


Hi there.. sorry to hear that :( We are working hard to bring more Apps in the future, so watch this space!


So, zero apps in Russia (thumbs up to guy from Poland above).
Sony, Sony never changes. The entire value of the console comes from the fact it’s region free.
Myself being interested in games only I still think PS4 should come with free towels in Russia. Sony spits in our faces so much they have to provide something to wipe it off.


Come on lads. Ireland is the highest concentration of PS4 preorders in the world. Get the RTE and the new TV3 Player on the console ASAP.

I am so happy that Vidzone and IGN are among the launch apps on PS4. Now PLEASE give us the Youtube app release date?????


HI there, we dont have any news Im afraid about YouTube but in the meantime give it a try via the PS4 Browser. and press square for full screen


This launch app list is a lot bigger than I expected (for the UK anyway).
Any idea if any of them will be available early? I noticed IGN, BBC iPlayer and music unlimited are already on the store for PS4, any chance more will be up when the store gets updated tomorrow? I Would like to add them to my download queue before I pick up my console.



Sorry for being off topic mate n I don’t want to sound ungrateful but do you know if they’ve sent over the codes for Tearaway from the debate yet? Just that I’ve not got mine n I’m DYING to play it! LOL

If Poland gets nothing cause of ZAiKS… I’m really angry then.

Eh, how come no VidZone for Sweden? But Denmark, Finland and Norway gets it? Strange as we already have it on the PS3 in Sweden.

Need Youtube, HBO Nordic and Video Unlimited asap.


Hi! Sorry about that. VidZone is launching in Sweden. just a mistake :)

Can’t wait for november 29th !


Me too!


I like andrewsqual idea. Need the RTE especially in the UK as Northern Ireland has that channel. Would be nice if Northern Ireland has both all UK and EIRE apps


What about Portugal? A new generation and we dont have services like the video store. Put those guys at Sony Portugal doing some actual work and give us some content!


HI there, we are all working really hard to bring some cool services to Portugal soon. Watch this space!

Nothing exciting coming to DK

I’m disappointed by the selection available for Ireland but hopefully the browser will compensate for the lack of options available.

Will Netflix ever be updated to allow funding from the psn wallets or will it always be limited to only those who own credit cards?

Can i remove/hide Netflix from my Homescreen if it is of no use to me?

Sad to see that Vidzone isn’t coming to Sweden. I really hope we get it soon after launch, it really is a great service!


VidZone will be launching in Sweden. Sorry for the mistake!

Not even IGN on Greece, so cooooool… Not.

Would also like to know if and when cruncyroll and sky go are being added , with all the people asking for them on PS3 I thought sony would have tried to secure them for release of the PS4 , but guess not.

Wonder if I’ll live long enough to see Netflix in Poland… It’s not expensive, it would really help fight piracy, but it seems no one cares.

No Youtube app? I use Youtube on my Ps3 more than i actually watch television. Hopefully it won’t be too long before it’s back with us.


Hi there, we dont have any news about Youtube but give it a try via on PS4 browser.

Also is there going to be any info released today regarding the playststion app and especially the firmware update , will the U.S. Update be fine or do we have to wait for a E.U. Update , would appreciate a response Fred as we are only 3 days away from launch now and I would like to play my PS4 a.s.a.p on Friday , Thanks.


Glad I went with PS4 on 29/11 but Sony I’ve said this on twitter and fb the download prices you have in uk are CCCRRRRaAAZY compared to USA £60 for need for speed mad fools please sort this . Otherwise love it but please try to add sky go :)


Happy that Netflix is making the launch.

Any plans for NBA Game Time?

@Kellerassl You are incorrect, it is up to Sony. Look at their own overpriced video service, it’s only available in a few countries for many years now but they find it to hard work to copy the service to other countries. They also could lobby more to get other services on their consoles, something MS is doing much better. Take the Netherlands, we have many more options to rent movies with Pathe and services like uitzending gemist but Sony is to ignorant to have them come to their platform, heck you can’t even play and mp3 or a cd on their system. They don’t understand we expect at least a continuation of the current gen, not a leap backwards.

IGN, Netflix and lovefilm are gonna be the most useful for me! Roll on Friday!

Hang on…
My playstation experiance went from “It only does everything” (ps3)
to “It only plays games” for ps4.
You mean to tell me I cannot play any media on ps4 in Poland?
Not off my hard drive/pendrie (no mp3, is there even divx support??)
not of my legal audio cd’s, not nt 3d blurays, not even through subscription services (no music unl./vidstore etc.)
No media at all?? How is this oversite possible, and yet you give us promotional ps4 events in my city?
Way to kill my hype…

What stops us to download apps from anywhere in EU and just login with our respective account? Poland doesn’t have amazon, but its not a problem to set up an account and use it, same with netflix etc.
What is this, the age of region free plug and play internet or ???
If we can make a new account and just switch, why make it hard for the end user…why not add regional stores/services to one account and just make you confirm/sign multiple adresses or agree to multiple ToS…

I wanted to get ps4 day1, just like wit...

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Hang on…
My playstation experiance went from “It only does everything” (ps3)
to “It only plays games” for ps4.
You mean to tell me I cannot play any media on ps4 in Poland?
Not off my hard drive/pendrie (no mp3, is there even divx support??)
not of my legal audio cd’s, not nt 3d blurays, not even through subscription services (no music unl./vidstore etc.)
No media at all?? How is this oversite possible, and yet you give us promotional ps4 events in my city?
Way to kill my hype…

What stops us to download apps from anywhere in EU and just login with our respective account? Poland doesn’t have amazon, but its not a problem to set up an account and use it, same with netflix etc.
What is this, the age of region free plug and play internet or ???
If we can make a new account and just switch, why make it hard for the end user…why not add regional stores/services to one account and just make you confirm/sign multiple adresses or agree to multiple ToS…

I wanted to get ps4 day1, just like with vita, but I’ll guess im not repeating that mistake… I really want to…but not this time

,,Poland (Polish: Polska), officially the Republic of Poland (Polish: Rzeczpospolita Polska; Kashubian: Pòlskô Repùblika), is a country in Central Europe” – from wikipedia

They hate us all… THX to SCEPolska

Netflix on vita PLeeeeeaaaaaaassseeee x x x

Netflix on vita PLeeeeeaaaaaaassseeee x x x

I wouldn’t mind seeing some apps devoted to anime. Also is 4OD coming and will it actually run on the PS4 unlike the PS3?

They are all great services however I was Preying that Crunchyroll would be on there for the UK but it’s not there at all :(

any chance of a sky go app not the now tv app altough get that aswell also will you do a freeview app sell the freeview app for say 50 quid but with no subscribtion the channels are already free to watch you just need a reciver (basically like the playtv but in app form)

Where is Poland !

No VidZone to Sweden?


Yes its coming to Sweden

aww…. f* it anyway… I want it for games… but it is a shame that VITA has more apps than PS4 in Portugal :|

When we getting youtube???

Netflix for PS Vita?

Please add SPOTIFY. I beg of you.


Great, All we’ve got is IGN app, Why Sony , WHY ?!


Europe, I believe.

Netflix and Viaplay for Norway? That’s great! :)

Maybe. not the right place to ask , sorry , but is there any particular reason why Jawad seems to be answering less and less posts each week to the point where he’s replying to less than 10 out of sometimes hundreds of comments(Less than 5 the past 2 weeks) I do appreciate you guys must be quite busy at the moment but surely one of you guys(Jawad) could spare a couple/few hours once a week to answer more than 4 or 5 comments (In the store update blog) from you’re loyal paying customers , thanks in advance for your reply.

Will there be any chance of sky go coming this time?


Czech or Slovakia nothing?


Happy Netflix will be there and hoping I can choose the US or UK version of IGN in the Netherlands, as the Dutch IGN site is horrible! Also hoping NOS Sport will include all their livestreams? Then it would be awesome :-)


all i want is DLNA streaming and MKV support

I remember that some SONY boss told that Music/Video Unlimited in Poland depends on the number of Playstation/Bravia TV bought there.
Yet we have the most expensive PS4 in the whole EU (~€420).

Don’t know what to think about it :-\

That Poland love.

Currency exchange rate on PS Store got changed yet again so we will be paying more for PS4 games. No Playstation Mobile. MSRP for Sony published games in Poland is higher than any other publisher here.

Now it’s no apps on PS4. I was hoping for at least Music Unlimited. That would be basic, but cool enough.


Hi ibrowsky. We’re looking to roll out Music Unlimited in more countries in the coming months. We’ll update via the blog in each case.

Ohh come on guys how much longer do we have to wait for YouTube? Even thevamericans doesn’t haven’t most important app in the history of apps.
Another note where isothermal Video Unlimited support in Scandinavia?
A good thing is at least that Viaplay is a launch app=D

Nice to see Netflix from launch, but when is the UK getting Crunchyroll?! It’s so annoying that other countries get it but we dont..

Irish-Warrior-GF 26 November, 2013 @ 14:39

why cant Ireland get the bbc player apps if we can get them on our pc

jimbo2windsurf 26 November, 2013 @ 14:40

Still a massive lack of crunchyroll outside of the US, considering anime is an eastern creation this lack is weird! Will the rest of the world get the Crunchyroll app this time?

Been an active user on the official playstation forums since 2004, and truthfully still do not understand why the platform is and has constantly bee very distant from the Playstation consoles. An app linking directly the ps4 to the community forums should definitely be taken into serious consideration. Thanks.

Video Store in Denmark is it still coming?

Why don’t ITV & Channel 4 in the UK ever do a APP for the PS3 & now PS4? I never get that + No YouTube APP on day 1? :(
Apart from that not a bad line up for day 1 ;)

@ Me 96
Sorry i was wrong about ITV & C4 for the PS3 :D But they are not good anyway the versions of that on the PS3. The BBC one is good tho ;)

Hy, just to aks if those nice app’s are coming also for Croatia, Slovenia or others countries that are not on the list ? And did not see NBA game time APP, is that only for US region ? Thanks


Hi there. keep checking the blog for more updates :)

Come on Vita app for Finland!!!!!!!


NBA Game Time, please, guys?

The app has already been written and the NBA’s fanbase is global. There’s literally no reason not to release the app globally too.

Is Netflix free with PS+ or do you still have to pay the usual Netflix subscription fee?


Netflix isnt included in PS+

PiccoroDaimaoh 26 November, 2013 @ 14:51

Sony, please release Video Unlimited in Portugal. We don’t have a single video service! :(

@Antony Clark

Well I heard that only way to listen music on PS4 will be Music Unlimited so I would expect it and Video Unlimited as basics in every region. However I aware it’s not about making wishes come true.

Which is why I would like to simply read the reason why lack of all the apps in Poland. Is it because of a low gaming market here? Some law issues? Or something else? I would just like to see why e.g. Netflix won’t appear in my country.


Hi there, Thanks for the feedback. We will pass this onto our partners. Keep watching the blog for more info about future services coming to Europe.

Only Netflix is any good. More importantly when are we getting dlna and cd/mp3 playback?

JimmyDahlquist 26 November, 2013 @ 14:58

Any news on Video Unlimited coming to Sweden?

How about SVTplay and other swedish play-services?

@gnysek – Poland is not getting anything cause of SCEP, not ZAIKS. Just check out Polish AXN Player. Sony’s console, Sony’s channel.
You launch they player and get “Service is unavaible”.
EPIC FAIL thanks to Sony Computer Entertainment Poland!
Well done!!
And I’m keep reading Jim Ryan telling how SCEP is good. I’m almost certain he has no clue how it really looks in PL.


I have officially given up hope that Netflix will launch on UK Vita.

Although I understand that payable apps such as Netflix and Video/Music Unlimited are somewhat restricted for various reasons, can I ask why apps like IGN are not available in all regions? From what I can see, in my country (Greece) not a single app is available.


We will pass your interest back to our partner. We are working hard to bring new services across Europe in the future.


Which apps we’d like to see?

You already know that all of us would like to see a YouTube app. Can I safely assume this is in the works? Really, it’s the only entertainment app I’m interested in.

Ok, that’s nice but where are all the US apps, where’s our IGN, FB & YouTube? I’m loving the system but I’d love it that much more with those apps. Oh and Sony since Microsoft has a deal with the NFL how bout you guys do a deal with the NBA…..I mean every locker room seems to have Sony Bravia TV’s I’m sure you can do an exclusivity deal and get the games streamed to the ps4.

I also would like to know when we expect to see Crunchyroll on the ps4.

Or another alternative for Anime streaming in the Netherlands.

SCEE needs to get us youtube, it’s a must. As a swede I would like to see svtplay on PSN it’s like bbc but Swedish.


For YouTube, we dont have any news yet but in the meantime it works great on the PS4 Browser and press square for full screen

This is good news. However, I am increasingly turning to Youtube for news and entertainment. Please consider adding it to the media options.

can we download crunchyroll and crackle from the US store and use them with our UK accounts? They still require logins like netflix

Boo no Video Unlimited for Ireland. I would rather that to music unlimited.

I have money to throw at you but you don’t want it.


Who should be contacted if would like to add more services to Finland?
Company, whose service on you needs, or directly to Sony?

Finland’s largest TV-channels common platform would be a great and amazing additional app on PlayStation 4-console. Or maybe just YLE Areena, which are already for PlayStation 3.
Maybe stand-alone applications for MTV Katsomo and Nelonen Ruutu may come PS4 someday?

And where’s Youtube for PlayStation 4?


We dont have any updates for YouTube but in the meantime it works great via the PS4 Browser: and press square for full screen

How come no Nowtv for the Uk I was really looking forward to that.


What is your policy on submitting apps to the EU store that will only work in a country where the store is not available?

So zero apps for Poland. Not even those we already have on PS3.
Hope that at least we will be able to sign in at launch…


Rest assured we are working hard to bring exciting new services to PS4 in the future

It’s really cool Sony cares so much about us (Polish gamers, but also Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian as I see) getting distracted from gaming that they don’t give us any non-gaming services. Thanks Sony!


4od and itv player for the UK

and ask them to make proper apps this time. 4od’s attempt was laughable and itv’s web based player was horrible and outdated when it first appeared years ago!

As a basketball fan i’d also like to see the NBA gametime app make an appearance. NA has had it for ps3 for months now and for ps4 since launch. They also have an and nhl gamecenter app over there. I know they’re American sports but they do have a global audience. I think the sellouts they’ve had at the o2 (basketball) and wembley (nfl) show there’s a want for it

why can’t ireland get video unlimited…. pretty crappy line-up

Youtube and Spotify is missing.

When Poland?When Poland?When Poland?
When Poland?When Poland?When Poland?
When Poland?When Poland?When Poland?
When Poland?When Poland?When Poland?
When Poland?When Poland?When Poland?
When Poland?When Poland?When Poland?

I understand there are legal matters and it’s not easy to strike a deal, it’s even harder the fact that a lot of these services are not managed by Sony, and to make it almost impossible is the fact that Europe is made of countries, each with it’s specific laws and deals when it comes to entertainment but…

On Playstation 3, Portugal got Mubi and Vidzone… and that was it. The Youtube app is already available on Vita but not on PS3 for reasons I can’t understand. I actually would like a service for Movies and Shows on the demand, so I can continue to make the most of my future PS4 when I’m not gaming. And a lot of people in other countries, where such services are not available, would be on board.

Just look at how big Spotify is, and they lost A LOT of time negotiating country specific deals. Relay this to those companies: We want to be your costumers, bring those services to us. Thank you.


Hey, thanks for the feedback. We continue to work hard to bring more Apps across Europe. Keep checking the blog for updates.


All I want is Crunchyroll.

I have to resort to downloading it through my US account and playing it on my EU account.


This is sort of irrelevant to the news article, but I have a question about headset support.

I’ve heard that somewhere in January we can expect a PS4 firmware update that will include support for the PULSE headsets. Will this also include support for the Sony Wireless Stereo Headset (the official PS3 headset with virtual surround sound)?

You promised a long time ago that they’ll work, but I’m curious if that’s still true.


As always it’s always the same sad thing to Portugal.
Give us Apps in English, and if someday they had Portuguese, nothing that an update to the App can’t resolve.
Here the the only thing that we get normaly in our language is movies from the likes of Disney and Pixar that get dubbed, and Sony first party games, that if they have the option, i always prefer to ear them in english too.
So, if our country don’t do too much to improve this, release everything that you have in English that we will be glad, and i think that many should say the same.
It’s better something than nothing.


Will these all be native apps? The PS3’s web browser really couldn’t handle services like 4OD (STV Player in particular had a lot of issues) so I was glad when they upgraded. Most of them did anyway.

Now that I mention it, will STV Player or ITV Player be on the PS4 any time soon?


Yes they are all Apps and not running via PS4 web browser

This has already been mentioned loads already but Sky Go needs to come to PS4! Please make it happen!


I was really hopping Video Unlimited would be supported for Sweden, that was the reason I gave to my wife when asking me why I want to get the PS4…Netflix, Viaplay, Vidzone are already there on PS3 just like BR-player so I can say that’s why….”better gaming experiences” is unfortunately not enough reason for the family if not everybody game.

So please, Video Unlimited is that kind of stuff that adds value to a purchase, more variation to the rather limited movie offering than Netflix has for Sweden…will MUBI come to PS4?


Hi, Yes MUBI will come

Any chance of seeing Magine app on Ps4 in the future ?

supersmith2500 26 November, 2013 @ 16:03

Hmm, no 4oD or EuroSport and plus, No YouTube?

Swiftbackarrow 26 November, 2013 @ 16:08

I would like to see Eurosport app please and how about vevo

supersmith2500 26 November, 2013 @ 16:11

You still need the Netflix subscription to use it.

Nice. Zero apps in Poland and no media support in the console. So who do you want to sell your hardware in PL to, Sony? Why even make launch events here if you clearly don’t care about Eastern Europe market.


Hi Fred, chuffed that Netflix and bbc iplayer are included, they’re the apps we use the most.
Can you confirm Flow, Escape Plan and Flower will be available for us on launch night and will they automatically appear in our download lists for those who already own them? Quite looking forward to Flow.

When will youtube and twitch app release?(sweden) Would also want a few TV apps. How about svt play or a eurosport app?


Thanks for the feedback! Regarding Youtube, we dont have any news yet but give it a try via the PS4 browser Works great!

Oh and a football app.


No 4OD?

Granted the PS3 4OD app is unusably terrible. What are the chances of getting a working one on PS4?


Nice lineup :)

Don’t suppose you know anything about 4oD and NowTV?

Still no apps for Croatia :( There is still hope.

Im surprised there’s no 4OD considering channel 4 are are running a campaign with playstation this week. Grateful for what we do have though.


the wont go on your download list they will just show on the store as free for you to download

@ wiiplay

with the ps4 having a much better web browser you will prob find you can just set a bookmark and use the site via the web browser without issues


any news as to when ps4 is releasing in india???

@Antony Clark

will youtube be added again in the future? be horrible 2 lose that one.

also you sure about netflix at launch cause i don’t see it at the store for ps4 stuff. i can see all the other one’s but not netflix.

also any chance for crunchyroll.


Hi There, the PS Store on PS4 doesnt have all the services loaded yet. It will be there :)


Also for Youtube, it works great on the PS4 browser:

Hey Antony,

As you seem to be the only one replying, can you comment on the roll out of the Video Store beyond the core six SCEE countries that already have this service?




hi there, Im sorry I dont know about the plans but i will pass on your request

Mr. Antony,
Poles – like you can see – are waiting for official statement about Sony’s politics at our country. Specifically, we are curious why we are treated like piece of (CENSORED).
Youtube, not working AXN Player, two poor services: TVN Player and Ipla – that is all for PS3… And now nothing for PS4?! Maybe you wiil be suprised, but we are – like peoples at other countries – listening to music and watching movies too! Do something with that or start a war with us.

disappointed PS3 owner.


HI there, thanks for your feedback. Rest assured we are working hard to bring exciting new Apps across Europe.

Really hope SVT (swedish BBC sort of) make a SVT Play app in the future.

nothting new for Denmark come on sony stop this pick the fight with nordiskfilm I have buy all my playstation at day one and now on playstation 4 we do not get some new stuf or service or apps come on sony this is bad and we have to wait for years now on cros game chat us get that at day 1 all in eu pay more for game and we get smaller servire from sony


Glad the main ones are covered. The launch support is way better than the Xbox One user had.

iPlayer and LoveFilm were prerequisites on my PS4 pre-order, rather than leaving it until later. Now they are confirmed, I can jump in now.

It’s just the missing DLNA that’s leaving a sour taste in my mouth still. I’m really hoping Sony have some more solid news on that soon.

also 1 question
why responding put mesage on you tube on vita do not work ?

Can’t wait when Sony discover Czech Republic…

Manda vir uma garrafa de champanhe. Finalmente Portugal vai ter… esperem… não vai ter nada novamente… suspendam a garrafa de champanhe!!!!!!

I hope we get 4OD and ITV Player at some point too.


Although we cant comment on Apps and Services that arent announced, we are working hard across Europe to bring the very best to PS4.

Still no Video Unlimited for Finland..Antony can you tell me when Video Unlimited and IGN softwares come to Finland?


Hi there, thanks for the feedback. We will pass on your comments to our friends at IGN and Video Unlimited.


Bring Netflix and IGN to Portugal please.


Thanks for the feedback, I will pass this onto our partners

I see loads of polish people asking why their region has nothing .. like on ps3

but NO ONE of them gets a reply.

Why is sony Always avoiding the tough questions ??

Just reply to them .. they got played with enough through vidzone. When poland became a famous line even sony people laughed at. Kinda unfair to them .. so reply plz

stedadestroyer 26 November, 2013 @ 18:03

Will we see skype on the PS4?? I really hope so, would be the cherry on the cake if so

PS4 is game console, i know that. But zero possibility to play music on PS4 in Czech Republic…


Guy no App Love for Portugal?


Keep checking back for more announcements


Solid launch selection for the UK, but the lack of Now TV, CrunchyRoll, and 4OD is less than idea.

I’m sure we’ll get Now TV and 4OD before too long, but CrunchyRoll has never been available in Europe on Sony platforms, and nobody has ever given a reason why. It’s odd, as CrunchyRoll is available in Europe on just about every other platform, including Xbox One.

If we can just use US accounts to download CrunchyRoll from the US PSN, that will suffice as a workaround, but we shouldn’t need to do that.

Problems like this really should be a thing of the past at this point, as it looks amateurish.

Please … Portugal is always forgotten… But everything is in English here, e v e r y t h i n g … radio, TV and we all understand and speak English. There is a market here for things like Netflix, IGN …please please. Trust me, it would be worth investing


Thanks for the feedback. We will pass this onto our partners.


I am wondering, what Czech Republic did bad to the world that Sony has no PlayStation Mobile, and NO Music Unlimited, NO Video Unlimited, basically nothing from that list :( So sad… I wish it could change one day…


Seriously??? Why don’t all countries get Video Unlimited??? you promised sometime ago that you would look into the matter but come on this is totally screwing with peoples minds…. i was really looking forward to be getting my hands on some decent movies that i could actually buy… notice BUY!!! seriously do you really want us danes to get an Xbox just to be able to buy digital movies??? i really think this is (CENSORED) with people i was literally looking forward to be getting the ps4 because i though we scandinavians and the rest of europe would be treated better than with the ps3 but nooooooooooo that’s obviously not gonna happen anytime soon….

YES, Netflix in the Netherlands!! This is all I wanted to know, got very worried when I saw that it wasn’t on the Ps4 webstore and on preview pics I saw on Dutch IGN from the store! Will it be on the system by default? Or will the webstore/ps4 store be updated with netflix for netherlands before the 29th?

PS. Pretty sad lineup though if Netflix wasn’t among them it would be outrageous. Ximon is pathetic, NOS sports is useless.

Please someone convince people at Sony to get Netflix to the VITA too.


Any word on NFL gamepass? or crunchyroll?


Thanks for the feedback, we will pass this onto our partners

Sad, really sad…:( At least give us Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited and VidZone (for PS3 too). Sport and anime app would be nice too. Besides me there is many more gamers from Poland whom like to give their money for using such and other services. Please.


wow, not a single app for greece!thanks!


Why do we have to pay the same price for a next-gen console that brings less applications then rest countries, as always Portugal is left behind and it’s a shame


What I don’t understand is the restrictions put on playing music and video when you don’t have services ready yet.

Ireland not have as many apps as the UK is a joke. Music Unlimited, VidZone, Netflix. Who wants IGN anyway.

Youtube and RTE Player missing.
Why is there no Real Irish content is the Question! I sold my PS3 only to find the PS4 missing some of its apps?

Looks like it truely is just a games console.

Ok this really sucks! Why the hell does South Africa always get the bottom end of the stick when it comes to entertainment apps for the playstation products?? For once could sony please do something about this!


Hi There, for folks asking about YouTube support. Although we dont have any news about YouTube, I wanted to let you know that it is possible to access YouTube via the PS4 Browser. Simply go to and then press SQUARE to enter full screen mode. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Poland as usually sucks ;( I’m not suprised at all…


Yeah, it could change. Like previously working AXM and Animax players on PS3 with “Service Unavailable” now. They aren’t able to repair two simple video services now (usual SCEE customer support ignorance), so don’t expect anything.


Thanks for all the feedback on the Apps & Services line up. And thanks for letting us know about your favourite local services.

We are working hard with our existing partners on PS3 as well as a whole host of new partners from across SCEE region (not just countries listed in this blog post but many more countries) to bring exciting new Apps & Services to your PS4 in the future.

Keeping checking the Blog, PS Store and the TV/Video icon on PS4 for the latest new Apps & Services avaliable in your country.

I still dont understand. Portugal is a freaking Sony land, what apps do we get? Vidzone or Youtube. Thank you so much. Give us Lovefilm and Netflix. Doesn’t have subtitles? Does not matter. We want it.

“Hi! We will have some news about Portugal soon… Cant say just yet though. Watch this space :)”

After giving some love in being the most PS Nation we finally get some app services :D

Still waiting for Crunchyroll! Will it ever release here in europe? :(

I am gutted no youtube app and no play tv and no movie app what a crock.. Come on its not like ye developers did not know it was being released. Surely someone told you tube they would need a ps4 app.As for the movies on demand is irish euro that uuntouchable or is Netflix paying sony to stay out.. I just spent €600 for a machine further back in time than ps3. I knew I should have waited till next year.


Does the ps4 come with a standard warranty?for how long?thanks

What about NHL Center Ice? I’m sure I read somewhere that it would be available on the PS4. You’ve got some catching up to do though, the 360 version is far superior so far. But I’d really love to have it on the PS4.

Well at least we get some responds, sure most of them are just ctrl c ctrl v but I find that better than no respond at all which always makes me believe that no one read what we post here.




Sony you forgot Crunchyroll app, which Crunchyroll confirmed to be available ad PS4 launch.


In Australia, will we get a link to ABC iView like we did on the PS3? That was the only TV feature I used.


Britain’s consumer law probably has that covered. So many warranties are a scam, in Australia everything is covered by law for “a reasonable period of time.” You buy a product with a particular expectation as to how long it will last, in the case of a PS4 I’d say minimum three years, and if it breaks within that time they are required to fix it, even if the warranty has expired. The very large majority of warranties have no reason ro exist as the products are covered by law.

What we REALLY need is XBMC or similar. That would take care of DLNA/MP3 etc.


Really?that’s something I didn’t know..I finished paying for my ps4 today at game and they were offering me 2 year warranty for 40quid they were actually making me buy it like they knew it was gonna break soon..thanks a lot for the info bro.


Thanks for the reply. It’s nice to see the apps coming to the PS4 so quickly.


No problem

Please just give us Spotify!!! That’s all I’ve been asking for! XD I understand these things take time, but I’m sure they’ve gone on record as saying they think it’s a great idea. Speed it up, Sony! :P

We are working hard across Europe to bring the very best to PS4.

That is really laughable. The PS4 is in development for 5 years (Sony is telling us) and many, many, many features aren’t ready.
They where working hard to bring us the comic store until it died.
They promised in 2009 we would get Video Unlimited, guess what, nothing.
They promised us to give us a better store and we still can’t select and brows the stuff we bought.
They told us Mobile would be rolled out soon but I still don’t see that service in any other country then the UK and AU.
Don’t mind me if I can’t take your promise seriously.

When do we get NHL Gamecenter? I’d really like to have it in europe too.


NBA gametime??


I saw you were asking for multimedia app recommendations. Here’s a list ;)

Blink Box
itv player
Sky Go
Sky News
Sky’s Now TV
Twitch tv
Virgin Media’s Virgin TV Anywhere

WWE PPV’s via Video Unlimited ;)

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I saw you were asking for multimedia app recommendations. Here’s a list ;)

Blink Box
itv player
Sky Go
Sky News
Sky’s Now TV
Twitch tv
Virgin Media’s Virgin TV Anywhere

WWE PPV’s via Video Unlimited ;)


Would love a Eurosport app! That and Netflix are my two favourite apps on my phone ;-)


Thanks for all the suggestions for the above few comments

Why doesn’t New Zealand get Video Unlimited but Australia does. Are there any plans to bring this to us or is it not possible to do so?

“Hi! We will have some news about Portugal soon… Cant say just yet though. Watch this space :) ”

Yeh, yeh… never. Like PS3 launch… 7 years has passed and nothing!

and czech republic nothing :(( so sad :(


Antony – can you please update everyone on what the situation is with CrunchyRoll? There is a CR app on the US PS4 store, and a CR app on the Xbox One (and X360) worldwide. Why isn’t it also available for EU CR subscribers?


Sorry no news about that but will pass on your comments

Bit unrelated, but is the vita ever going to get a lovefilm app?


GhostRiderzElite 27 November, 2013 @ 01:06

@antony Clark would like to see fox and now TV apps

“Now PLEASE give us the Youtube app release date?????”

I think the ps4 browser works if you use the html5 player.

I wish we got proper browser support. We wouldn’t have to worry about app’s or their exclusivity. I could just fire up the sky player or whatever service I wanted.


18 apps on the launch date. 0 of them in Russia.

The Greek launch is also close (13th December), any news on when we will be able to enjoy at least one of your apps?


I know we gave have mentioned thus here before but please so some love Portugal.

So to reiterate, we would love Netflix. And Hulu.

No Portuguese subtitles required…. Really.

Also something else game related as well.


Sorry for all the typos… crappy cellphone keyboard and auto correction…

FallingStickman 27 November, 2013 @ 09:19

Abysmal job by SCE Poland with the PS4 launch – price is higher than in the rest of Europe, there is not enough consoles to go around, there are no media apps and yet they will have 4 launch events. Why?

The fact is that SCEP showed many times they simply don’t care about Polish customers and they are have absolutely no desire to improve the situation of Polish Playstation fans.

Get to work SCEP! I will definitely buy my PS4 in a different country… on principle.


Netherlands wants Crunchyroll, please! :(


No love for Greece? :(

i don’t know about others apps but the Tunein is amazing for ps3/Psvita and works in Greece perfect :) i hope on PS4 to be listen Tunein while play a video game or doing something else on UI. I still don’t understand why we don’t have the video apps Greece love playstation :) at least why have Grecee subtitles to the games thanks to Sony Greece

Looking good tough i had expected youtube to be there from day one….

We really need some Sony love for Portugal. We still don’t have the Youtube app for PS3 (although it was already released for the Vita), we don’t have any video streaming service like Netflix, we can’t get Music Unlimited, we don’t get IGN…

Please give us some love!


Hi guys

Any chance on word for ABC iView and SBS On Demand that are currently available for PS3 in Australia?

Microsoft already have a Channel 10 app, I’m not getting an Xbone so I’m hoping you guys are working on this :)

And we only get the IGN app. No music unlimited or any other way to listen to music on the system :\


Great to see the comments get so many replies.

Any news about more apps coming to Vita?
Netflix maybe???

Wow. It’s nice to see so many replies! :D Good job Antony!

Will there be anything available in malta

Not even Netfilx Pandora or nothing

only one App for Middle east which is IGN… ,
sony you should improve your support for middle east , we have to wait & pay more for your services & we get much less .

what about switzerland??…… I know small country but cmon even on ps3 switzerland gets no support… it suxx :(

thepuppystuffer 28 November, 2013 @ 07:24

And South Africa gets…. IGN

why wont the ps4 app work on my samsung galaxy 2 smart phone ?


On the future updates we would like to see the same media features as the ps3 like the video player may player photo viewer and be able to access our external hd for videos and such

rapturestation 29 November, 2013 @ 14:45

This is very good, but where is Youtube & NOW TV!

As I pointed out on the first page, it’s ‘BBC Sport’, not ‘BBC Sports’. The app on the PS4 is called ‘BBC Sports’, despite the fact that the icon says ‘BBC Sport’.

Can you please change that?

rapturestation 30 November, 2013 @ 01:04

I would also really like to see a blinkbox app. Hopefull this will come onto PS4, any new system takes time to develop and I trust Sony to deliver.

Vidzone is on the list but nowhere to be seen on the store….

IINathan_DrakeII 01 December, 2013 @ 00:46

Wow Ireland has seriously got kicked to the side here, i got the PS4 on launch night and the only apps that are on it is Netflix and IGN, we need a hell of lot more services, even the UK has more then us and not too mention the US apps! come on Playstation!

IINathan_DrakeII 01 December, 2013 @ 00:50

i forgot Music Unlimited but only one major app for video content? need really good apps such as Skype ect

Why havent Crunchyroll come in sweden

Some other apps id like to see on swedish consol


I would like to know what apps and services are planned or in discussions for Norway… Why was mp3 and divx playback removed for the ps4 also are there any ways of transfering existing media on laptops onto the ps4 like music and movies?