PSN on PlayStation 4 at launch

With the launch of PlayStation 4 in our region only a few hours away, we wanted to give you a quick update on what to expect from PSN when you finally get your hands on your PS4.

Following the successful launch of PS4 in North America on the 15th November, we have seen an unprecedented influx of players onto PSN. When we launch in Europe on Friday, once again, we are expecting record sales and record numbers of people logging onto PSN at similar times, alongside the North American players already on PSN.

We want to make sure that your online experience is positive. To help ensure that this happens, we have made the decision to switch off a couple of features for European customers on day one. These features will then be switched back on a few days later, once the intensity of launch day calms down.

The features we are temporarily disabling are:

  • What’s New – Discover and engage with all of your friends’ PS4 related activity
  • Content Information Screen – See friends’ activity and information specific to the title you are looking at

Not to worry, all of the other features of PSN will be fully available on day one. You’ll be able to play online multiplayer games with friends and your gaming community, get trophies, make friends and share videos and live broadcast your games so you can have a great online gaming experience.

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If it keeps it going Great

Hi Fred, great news thanks for the heads up!
My PS4 was dispatched last night and should be here in the morning however I am dubious about downloading the update from PSN and wanted to know if you can point me in the right direction to download the file to USB stick so I can update it that way.
Thanks again.

Why is Putty Squad the most expensive Indie game ever?

My price translated to misc currencies.

30.UK Pound

rossthebassist 28 November, 2013 @ 11:52

If it keeps the PSN from melting down tonight then great!

thanks for the heads up fred, doubt i would have noticed if you had not told us ill be too busy enjoying the games :)

woestijnkroket 28 November, 2013 @ 11:53

I dont care much about the above, I just want to know where I can download ps4 firmware 1.51.


Full details about how to download 1.51 can be found here:

This may be a little off topic but perhaps you could answer: why don’t the youtube clips in the blogs work on the iPad anymore? The funny thing is, the “Videos of the Week” on the right column still works fine, it’s just the main videos in the blogs. They used to work…?

I really hope you can answer as I don’t know who else to ask.

Thank you!


Hi PJZ. Sorry you’ve had trouble with this. I’ve got our tech team on it now, and hopefully we’ll have a fix very soon. I’ll keep you updated.

good move guys!!


don’t buy it and wait for a sale or a price drop.
if people dont pay the high digital prices they will change the price model in future.

people currently pay the high prices so its understandable why companys keep the prices high, vote with your wallets people it has far more impact than words.

i digress from the topic at hand……………….ps4 yay :D

Those are useless anyway lol

I don’t remember anymore how many lottery competitions Sony has held for EU where the prizes ranged from set of TV+PS4 to just PS4.

But to my question. When are these lotteries drawn out? Could you release a timetable for them? I guess I have taken part in 3-5 different lotteries but I don’t remember anymore when they are drawn out.

Does it mean we’ll have no problems with logins/downloads/activations?

Fred will the servers be able to cope with high volumes of players ?


We’re planning for very high volumes of players tonight, tomorrow and through the weekend, and we’ll be working hard to make sure everyone has a smooth experience.


i have been waiting on the results of the ultimate gamer prize keep checking web and nothing, it closed ages ago as well.


Yes, this competition has closed and the winner has been selected – it was Paul McQuilter from Aberdeen, Scotland.

I just want to get my hands on the PS4s sexy angles first so you can disable what ever you like imo, aslong as i can still immerse myself in a stable next-gen experience ill be happy.

ThatUndeadLegacy 28 November, 2013 @ 12:23

can anybody authorize more ps4s to my country lol, i think we are sold out 3 shipments (new zealand)

Still waiting for the yearly Vita titles to get replaced as promised by Fred and Chris. I have filed an official complaint with the information of the blog included. Hope we get an answer this way cause Fred obviously doesnt feel responsible for the things he promised and just ignores all the complaints the past few months.

@Fred Dutton
There’s an issue with the “Upgrade From PS3 to PS4” section on the PS3 Store, I bought “Injustice Gods Among Us” yesterday from that section for the sole reason that I’d be able to upgrade to the PS4 version tomorrow.

Looking in the store there is a separate version to download and upgrade but you’ve put the wrong version in the “Upgrade From PS3 to PS4” section.

You’ll want to sort that section out because I can imagine other people also being mis-sold due to the error. Also can you please arrange for the upgrade license to be applied to my account or refund me?


We’ll get this looked at right away.


Fred Dutton could you confirm the reson for going into safe mode when updating the firmware to 1.51 via USB. Will all future updates need to do this.

Also how do we go about changing our avatars to a custom one?



I guarantee you’ll get the same canned responses to any questions posed within your complaint. They’ll take a good couple of weeks to give you them too.

It is, unfortunately, either put up with the service you’re receiving or stop using the service.

That’s my experience with SCEE anyway.

Good luck


hi everyone. i wonder if anyone can help i pre-orderd the ps4 and wandered how do i transfer all my friends etc from my ps 3 to my ps 4 if anyone can help you can leave me a reply here. or send me a email to thnxs please please help…….


That’s a good idea. Rather have a minimum of PSN working, than have it not working at all.
I’m all ready for nightlaunch. Cleaned my room but couldn’t manage to disconnect the ps3 just yet.


@XBOSSman_1x : I think that all goes automatically since we’ll be using our same nickname/account, but don’t quote me on it..

@Fred Dutton

thanks for that info fred and congrats to my fellow scot Paul cracking prize you got there mate. :D

anyone who has not pre-ordered and is wanting a console check this list of places that will have stock asda seems a good bet.

sorry link never worked


@21 your friends are saved via cloud

Is the recovery firmware availible if i want to switch out my hardrive?


I’m very excited for tomorrow!! Today is my birthday and tomorrow will be like Christmas! My second PS4 game has been dispatched and will ready for tomorrow. The week couldn’t get any better than this!

Tomorrow is going to be a great day lads :)

“Content Information Screen – See friends’ activity and information specific to the title you are looking at”

So this just the game specific feed. The main feed on the home ‘screen’ of the console will still be there?

This post makes me wonder why we had to wait extra days for the Vita sale, surely doing it Wednesday with the regular store update would have helped slightly to remove the traffic volume …

Hope you post the sale details soon

There’s a weekend sale section on the store already but i don’t think discounts have been applied yet. It’s irrelevant anyway. The sale isn’t great. There’s a few psp games. I hope for the blog staff sakes this isn’t the heralded vita sale as i know how feisty posters here can be haha


*and ladies! :)

Vita sale with a discounted Killzone Mercenary would be a welcome arrival if it were to show up today ;)


Do all launch titles contain the 1.51 update on the disc?

@cleggworth, post 32
I don’t see weekend sale..

I see the DLC sale, the RPG, price drops …but that’s all

I would be happy with some PSP stuff too, still regret not rebuying Motorstorm Arctic Edge for 2 quid something …

Captain9Fingers 28 November, 2013 @ 14:17

Can’t wait, Can’t wait, Can’t wait but I have too :( Wish tomorrow would hurry up.

Good luck for tomorrow, hope it all goes okay :D


not usually one to buy digital psp games but i would snap up chinatown wars if it was to go on sale.


from within the store it doesn’t show up

If u head to the whats new section from the store icon under games on the xmb it has weekend offers there. following that takes you to sale

no sale prices as of yet. terraria is there which might please people as i seem to remember people going wild for that. other than that uninspiring. splinter cell trilogy (again) aliens colonial marines (again) kane and lynch (you get the idea)

then psp versions of splinter cell assasins creed prince of persia. a couple of vita only titles but no big titles to get excited about

also some ps1 titles

like i said i hope fred and jawad have thick skins once the sale post goes live

i think just one of the big titles with a fiver knocked off would keep ppl happy!

thanks a lot for taking the time to explain how to see it – I will keep an eye on that section to get sneak previews in future!


That is extremely unlikely, given that the games went gold before the update was released

I also saw the weekend sale in the store but if thats the sale which gets announced tomorrow we get another lame sale.

@Rancid_Undead: Prolly yes as thats the way SCEE seems to treat customers. Stop using the service is a bit hard when you just renewed your subscription ( based on the false information of Both Fred and Chris ) as it ends in october 2015 at the moment. Luckily there are some other options in case they decide to simply ignore the complaints.

And yeah, I think I’ll skip the sale this time … not a lot of stuff in there that interests me …


Hey guys,

I have a problem with the NBA 2K14 PS3 to PS4 upgrade thing. I redeemed the code from the PS3 version a few weeks ago. Now I can find the “NBA 2K14 Discount” PS4-version for 15€, yet I can’t purchase it. It keeps saying something like I do not own NBA 2K14.

Please sort it out as I really wanna play the game tomorrow on my PS4!


Yes, i wont get Putty Squad until its 75% off. 49.USD? No way!
Does Putty Squad even have more value than Superfrog HD which is 5-6 times as cheap?
They are old based platformers from Amiga released during the same time.

Puppeteer PS3 which is a recent retail AAA game, costed the same as Putty Squad. Thats just wrong. Disc have more value, but so does the Puppeteer game itself.


Any sign of Rayman Legends in that sale section? I’d buy that now that the missing content is available.

@Rancid_Undead: Its not listed in the sale that is shown in the store atm, but its still not certain if thats tomorrows sale. They lowered the price to EUR 29,99 so its a little cheaper already. Game is worth the money, its full of content and 1 of the best platformers available.

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