12 Deals of Christmas returns to PlayStation Store!

Hi everyone! It’s that time of year again when Santa gets his sleigh ready to deliver all the goodies he has been preparing and at PlayStation Store we are no different. What better way to celebrate this festive period than by delivering some great savings on a range of the very best games?

Starting on 1st December, every 48 hours we’ll post two new discounts, one for PS3 and one for PS Vita (so 24 game discounts in total across the month), as well as some great savings on movie rentals. PS Store really is your one stop shop for full on, action packed entertainment, up to and over the festive period. Make sure you keep checking PlayStation Blog for details of every deal as soon as they hit the store.

The first deal starts this Sunday 1st December so make sure you grab it before it vanishes quicker than the last mince pie! We’ll be back on the day to unwrap the first treat!

In the meantime, just for a little bit of fun, why not try and guess what the first one will be?

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DiscworldDeath 29 November, 2013 @ 13:01

Heck yeah!

No “What about Vita? :(” this year!

I own both a PS3 and a Vita, so this makes me VERY happy :)

Need for Speed Rivals for £58.99? ;)

I love sales but this method is silly. I like to see everything on sale up front so I can pick and choose. Sales like this make me less likely to impulse buy because I’m waiting to see if the next batch of games on sale are better for me.

It’d be way better to at least post details of what will be on and when like MS does so I can plan my purchases in advance and make sure I have the money set aside, especially at Xmas time when money is extra tight.

Most of the deal games of last year have sequals, hopefully the same discounts will apply :)

Good to see the Vita getting some attention, after the somewhat disappointing sale.

I dont have a clue on what the first one will be though, one can hope, but i dont have a clue..

“Vita is dead” – Sony.

Anyhow, Beyond:: Two Souls discount pls :D


But Chris, why not announce at least the first deal in advance? :(

Oh well, I hope the selection is the finest :D


No cryptic clue?


Not this year! Too easy last time!

Hi Chris, will we be treated to discounted PS3 games only, or PS Vita games, too (I know, PS4 is off the table)?

Regarding the 1st offer, what about a 3-month PS Plus subscription at a reduced price, like last year? :p

Are you guys still working on getting all deals up and running? if not, Disney Universe can currently not be bought in the Webstore (Dutch).


will there be any discount on PS+? US got amazing Black Friday deals going on, hope we get a discount on Plus as well..

Would love to see a discount/sale on Armored Core Verdict Day or Killer is Dead.

good to hear the vitas getting equal amount of sale items.

hope they are all vita titles and not psp, also the 12 deals are usually things that have not been discounted often so look forward to seeing some new stuff in there.(although id take disgaea 3 as i missed it last time)


No, there are no PSP titles in this promotion.

also any plans for a discount on music unlimited any time soon?

So I guess I won’t be buying anything else until the sales are over :/


Will the Vita games really be Vita games? Or there will be PSP game?

Also, kindly don’t put up any 50 Hz PSX games or PSP games as deals please. Persona 4 Golden for 75% off for Plus members? Now that’s how you do a deal.


I love a good sale but it is worth noting that at least 6 of last years deal have made it into the IGC this year.


please please please….add Dragon’s Crown and(or) Escape plan collection to the sale!!!

For the love of god let one of these deals be Persona 4 The Golden! NIS, don’t be Melvins. Discount your game already


Oh I forgot something!Dragon’s crown for ps3!!The couch co-op will be a blast in the holidays!!!


Any sales in Ps Plus subscription?



Im expecting Rayman Legends to be in the sale at a price between 10€ to 15€, so I can finally play it with my girlfriend this holiday. Don’t disappoint me please!

I think i’ve lost all hope after the abysmal Summer discounts.


@Jawad ,is there any information as to whether the ps4 games on IGC are getting changed each month ??

The. Last. Of. Us.

That is all.

My guess: Persona 4 The Golden for Vita

Muramassa Rebirth and Dragon’s Crown for the Vita would be awesome as well!

supersmith2500 29 November, 2013 @ 14:00

Cannot go in the Store. Please fix.


I like these deals. Always feels like a little surprise.

will the vita deals include psp as well?

supersmith2500 29 November, 2013 @ 14:05

Can anyone access the PS Store? I tried it on all 3 systems and it won’t work.

not on my vita or the web, my ps4 is here in 15 mins and im not even going to be able to use it as my retail games have not arrived and i was relying on plus and my cross buy stuff for today.


Is there a great deal for Killzone mercenary?
I really need to know, a small hint will suffice :D


No hints I’m afraid. That would ruin the fun :)

There should be something for everyone though – some cracking deals incoming…

They have server issues due to the release of PS4 and many people logging in. I just added money to my account but i didnt get added, money was taken from my bank account though. Just contacted customers service and they said there are server issues.


I hope Atelier series first. Just do like US deals, that was awesome…

Ishan_The_King 29 November, 2013 @ 14:31

Would have really liked to see some PS4 deals.

Great deal!

Any Ps Plus subscription discounts?

I am hoping for The Last of Us and Bioshock: Infinite. I haven’t bought them yet, since my religion forbids me to buy games for more than 100PLN (c.a. 20GBP).

I was actually planning to pick TLOU on Amazon, but I guess I’ll hold on then.


No PS4 deals? come on…

And please bring back the 1 year Music Unlimited for 9,99€ or 14,99€ promo :-)

Im hoping for a sale on The Walking Dead for PS Vita, only played the first episode and really enjoyed it.


It’s good to hear that you are including Vita games in the sale this year. Will you be offering the usual 10% off for plus members, or are you actually going to start offering better plus discounts like the US gets? After cutting our PS3 games down from 3 to 2, you could at least try to offer us better plus discounts.

assassins creed for vita

My guess for first is “The Walking Dead” for the Vita and “GOW:Ascension” for the PS3. What do I win?

I hope these cracking titles wont crack my mind…..

any ps4 games say you put cod ghosts on sale will it be both versions also payday 2,ac black flag,ride to hell will they be on sale,btw the light bar on the ps4 controller is annoying will you tell them to firmware a way to turn it off also will you make it so i can turn the ps4 camera off without unplugging it

My guess would be disgaea 4 for ps3 and disgaea 3 for vita :)


Some PS4 deals would be nice :-P Although ive got a Vita so will keep my eyes on it.

no ps4 savings?? Think I might just wait to buy one then :P

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