Killzone Shadow Fall: The 5 secrets of multiplayer success

Killzone: Shadow Fall is out today! We can’t wait for you to finally get playing and let us know what you think.

A massive part of any FPS experience is, of course, the multiplayer, and Killzone: Shadow Fall is no exception. The game released just two weeks ago in the US and Canada and our friends overseas have already created nearly 4,000 uniquely customised Warzones.

We’re confident you’ll all catch up soon enough, but to help you along the way Guerrilla have come up with five handy tips for playing multiplayer to share with you – check out the video above.

We hope that you’ll all enjoy Killzone: Shadow Fall. A big ‘thank you’ from all of us at Guerrilla!

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secret #1 acualy beeing able to succesfuly log in to pns..

Why can’t I get signed into pan freaking joke tbh

Meant to type psn stupid iphone


Sorry folks. We are aware some users are currently experiencing issues logging into PSN on PS4 due to the heavy traffic we are receiving. We’re investigating and will update soon. Thanks for your patience.


Bit of a let down. just an hour before i was able to hook up my shiny new greatness the PSN goes down and i was even going to drop another €150 on the store…

So.. here sits a nice PS4 and no way to use it proper..

damn it man, i called the helpdesk and they say try it later and here i am still no online possiblety!!!!!

Least you got yours I’m still waiting for bloody Yodel to show up!


Do you have a timescale? Im sick of trying over and over

@Sony: Have you considered Azure with automatic scaling and load balacing? This is ridiculous!

You should consider Azure with automatic scaling and load balancing. This is ridiculous….

Twitter has more users than PSN, sort this out Sony!!

Give us an ETA, we bought your console, and we want to spend money in your shop.

Annoying as it won’t even let me sign in. So I play a level as ‘User 1’, then have to go through it all again under my proper account?

It’s not as if they didn’t know it was going to be this busy today, so no excuses.

Come on sony sort it out.

The first secret of multiplayer success is TO GET THE F* ONLINE!!!!!!!!

Finally got online, brilliant. But Sony has another problem to fix. Call of duty ghost redeem code to play the ps3 version on ps4. Has anyone else have the same problem?

Great game, but not happy, as I got charged £16.99 for the season pass, only to find out that the price should be £15.99 as stated on a leaflet in the box and now showing on the store as the correct price of £15.99

So Sony where is my refund…

mediaevaichimp 08 December, 2013 @ 15:34

“Don’t stay in one place too long and keep moving” No S**t Sherlock

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