PlayStation Network announcement

UPDATE 5 (10.28pm GMT, 3rd December): We are pleased to announce that Live Item in the Content Information Screen is now live on PSN on PS4. We will continue to update you as we bring new features to PSN.

UPDATE 4 (10.36pm GMT, 2nd December): We are pleased to announce that What’s New is now live on PSN on PS4. We will continue to update you as we bring new features to PSN.

UPDATE 3 (9.09pm GMT, 1st December): We have been working on the PSN service roll-out throughout the weekend and are continually increasing the availability of the voucher redemption functionality. The next phase of the roll out is to introduce the What’s New Activity Feed and Live Item in the Content Information Screen, which we will be able to update you on tomorrow. Thank you for your continued patience as we manage PSN to restore full service.

UPDATE 2 (9.22pm GMT, 30th November): Users will be aware that core network stability has returned throughout today and we are beginning the next phase of PSN service roll-out e.g. users will soon be able to progressively see the content info area for game titles. Voucher redemption continues to be controlled in order to cope with volume. We will have an update tomorrow. Thank you for your patience as we manage PSN to restore full service.

UPDATE 1 (11.22am GMT, 30th November): We are making progress in identifying the source of the current PSN disruption. Currently sign up, sign in, trials, store, online gameplay, share and community functionality is available. Redeem voucher is still not open to users. Further updates will be posted later today.

ORIGINAL POST: We are aware that users are experiencing some disruption to the PSN service. To minimise the inconvenience we have suspended the “redeem voucher” functionality whilst we investigate further. Unfortunately this means that money cards, product vouchers, PlayStation Plus vouchers, PS3-PS4 upgrade vouchers and any other vouchers for digital content are not redeemable at this stage. Other PSN features such as log-in, online multi-player gaming, PlayStation Plus trial, PS Store (excluding voucher redemption), trophies, messages, friends etc. are all available.

We apologise and will provide an update to this announcement soon.

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I can’t seem to be able to log in but i understand there is high traffic today. I am speaking with my friends and we just want to sign in for a second to associate an acceptant with our PS4 so we can start collecting trophies or there is no point to start a game then re start it again when we can log in.

I finally managed to sign in but I cannot redeem the PS plus trial. It was there at first, tried redeeming it but the store threw up an error. Now when I go to the trial section on first page of store there is no option for me to redeem the 14 day trial

Same here..

I have a question, did the UK packs not get the 3 free gifts that USA got, ps us time, £10???

I am really frustrated because the only game i bought was NBA2k14 and i more or less NEED to be logged in at PSN. Or else the whole currency system in the game gets messed up.

I hope atleast the log in gets fixed ASAP!

I cant sign in, United Kingdom here. How did you sign in MrGrey?

People – stop stressing. It’s not the end of the world if you cannot sign in to PSN for a few hours – go chat with you families / friends if it’s not working ! Embrace the moments.

There’ll be plenty of online play available in the coming weeks and months …

Well the problem is @chryogen that i waited in line for over 8 hours to get the PS4 on launch date.
Is it too much for me to ask that i can atleast play it quickly and utilize the fact that i got it first?

Can’t sign in, it just loads for few minutes but then throws the error message. Any idea when this will be fixed and will we be getting some sort of compensation? I really wanted to play some BF4 multi D:


loving my ps4 just wish i could log in to my account on it lol

Been trying to login all day no joy. Expected Sony to be better prepared for this. The demand for PS4 has been advertised as high since august, What did they think no one would try to these the network on release day!!!!!! Very disappointed

I’ve been on since yesterday, only thing is there is a lack of games!!! Other than that I freaking love it…

ahh guys dont cry about this its not that we pay to be on the psn….oh wait we do pay


Faaaail, Sony. How did Microsoft manage with a global release day whilst Sony has messed up in a staged roll out? Time to spend that PS+ money on some better servers guys, Pentium 2 is not good enough anymore.


@toz6666 no we didnt get the extras like the free store credit so read into that what you will……i know what it says too me ;)

“Some disruption” is a major understatement, havent been able to login to PSN all day. pretty bad when so much of the system relies on PSN connection.

Surely Sony could have done more to prepare for today, they knew how many were pre-ordered and they previously announced the sales figures they were anticipating, so theres no excuse here.
If only customer service was as important as sales to them.


Yes I agree chryogen, cause why would we expect to play a console we just forked out €400 for, That’s right, so we could talk to our ****ing families and friends

*Looks for a Slap Key on Keyboard*

Guys chill out play through single player it was always gonna be abit tough to get online. Enjoy your systems. Currently playing through bf4 single player and loving it

Yeah this hasn’t helped at all. Still failing to log in like it did for the last 4 hours.

i got in and sorted took a few attempts and failed at various stages but picked up from wherever it left off each time.


I haven’t managed to link my PSN account all day so I’m a bit dubious about playing games yet.

If you unlock trophies on the default user account, will they then unlock on your PSN account when you can finally link it?


Please hurry sony, I understand the issues with launch I suffered a similar process with FFXIV on the PS3 during launch day. I’ll keep trying until I’m signed in <3

supersmith2500 29 November, 2013 @ 19:36

You know Fred, I seriously knew this problem would come. As you see, not everything works flawlessly day one. Xbox One had the same issue, GTA Online had the same issue and even the US PSN had the same issue.

GTRspeedsterEvoX 29 November, 2013 @ 19:36

I got my PS4 this morning just after 11 I changed my hdd to a 1tb ssd in seconds well easy then updated it set it up and logged in fine.

This is just unacceptable, SONY had over two weeks from the US launch (which had pretty much the same problems), they knew exactly how many consoles they would sell today, and still we get these problems.

Why am I paying for Playstation Plus when I cannot login. I expect some compensation for this.

Huge fan of Sony here but I totally agree with Hyper_Sniper and Chryogen here, i didnt buy a 400 euro console with 200 euros of games with it through PSN to not be able to play on it. They should have learned from previous mistakes and should have setup plenty of capacity this time to make sure this could not happen. We have been sitting for 6 hours now looking at a PS4 without being able to buy a single game on PSN. Oh wait, we can buy one now after that it says communication error again. I was just expecting a bit more from Sony this time around.

I still can’t log in to psn on ps4 :( that’s a shame. I was expecting this to happen but Sony should have learned already…

GTRspeedsterEvoX 29 November, 2013 @ 19:38

But now I am at hospital on a dialysis machine (since about 1630) and have still got 1hr 29 mins to go before I can go :-(

“Other PSN features such as log-in, online multi-player gaming, PlayStation Plus trial, PS Store (excluding voucher redemption), trophies, messages, friends etc. are all available.”

wait … what? why am i not getting online then the whole day? ;)


The network is being naughty and I can’t even sign in.

As of writing this comment, my bro has managed to sign in.


Really can’t get into killzone so far it’s a little to hard for me on easy hope the psn starts working so I can download something fun.

Given the predictability of launch, lessons learnt from the USA and the known number of new PS4s that expected to go online today, this really isn’t acceptable! What’s the use of being a loyal fanboy / supporter and buying a new PS4 on launch day if it doesn’t even work properly. I trust Sony will be compensating us all somehow – once everything is running smoothly again, which is obviously your first priority. I understand the situation and doing my best to be patience, as you have asked, but at the same time this is immensely frustrating :-(

wow – now the log-in works, then it says maintenance :-/


Utterly shambolic. Another PR disaster and a complete own goal.

GTRspeedsterEvoX 29 November, 2013 @ 19:46

@Tenjin because of what they said, only redemption codes are unavailable.

This is part of the deal when you get a new console on the first day it is available. That said, I’d like it if Sony could have offered the same deal as the US with the PSN credit, etc.


can’t sign in .. sort it out sony … you should have been ready for launch ????

ah, i can’t log-in because redeeming vouchers is not available? tell me more about it >_< i try to login and it sasys maintenance … sure, it needs it bad, but hey, who could've known, that milliones of people qan to go online today? what a surprise sony … planning big shows fpr launch, but not thinking about getting prepared with your network? good old sony … when will you ever learn?

GTRspeedsterEvoX 29 November, 2013 @ 19:50

Stop being fools it could be any number of issues and I bet the majority of people with gd speeds are on it fine. Home time hurry :-(

Have been trying to sign in since 8.30am, JOKE is an understatement sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes i’m in :)

GTRspeedsterEvoX 29 November, 2013 @ 19:53

Tenjin well once upon a time someone accidentally miss-read your post lol am sorry thought you said have been, eyes go bit funny on dialysis.

THAT’s why when I tried to redeem voucher codes it just send me back to the home screen! I thought it was an invalid voucher or something!


Unable to log into PSN on either new PS4 since lunchtime when it arrived or on PS3 either. Absolute shambles as expected from Sony. You have had a year to invest in the back office infrastructure and yet have failed to do so. Will be sticking with mS for multiplayer stuff this gen same as last one because Sony just can’t deliver in that respect.

Argh, I added some money to my account through paypal and it hasn’t shown up. Now that the login process seems to work, I added 5EUR more and that appeared immediately. The bigger sum still hasn’t :( What to do? Customer service for Finland has closed for the whole weekend!


no multi player isnt available it says psn isnt available and is undergoing maintenenc for second time today. why you no tell truth?


wow . put a post … now signed in

GTRspeedsterEvoX 29 November, 2013 @ 19:56

@BIGTONYUK have you got fast internet? I got in fine earlier got mine @ 11am. cant check if i can, not @ home

Been trying all day to login to PSN – epic fail!
This just isn’t good enough Sony and reflects really badly on you, why have I bothered to preorder and get a PS4 on launch day?

Cannot belives Sony has got into another pickle with its Servers, last time it was hacked and no body signed in for a month. Now inadequate server client provisions for a launch? Sony needs to learnt a thing or two from Microsoft.


I’ve been trying to get my new PS4 to download the 1.51 update. I’ve been at it for over 2 hours now, and it always fails claiming it’s timed out.

Classy Sony, very classy.

So I have a PS4 launch day and can’t play anything, great.


Guess this is a good thing and the ps4 launch has been successful in terms of numbers logging in\signing up!! What are the chances of getting a ps4 at retail?

Just a tip, if you’re stuck waiting indefinitely for your console to sign into PSN, don’t be reluctant to back out and try again – it took 4-5 attempts but I was able to sign in.

Finally given up after 7 hrs of trying to log in, played a bit offline but it just ain’t the same. Not a great start Sony, and it’s not like release day crept up behind you and said Here I Am Let’s Play. Not the best 500 quid I’ve spent, should’ve kept my PS3 in hindsight.


#48 It’s got nothing at all to do with a persons internet speed whatsoever, stop trying to apologise for sonys shambolic showing yet again. It is unforgivable and indefensible so stop even trying.
Have been unable to get on here all day and I have 126Mb download and 11Mb upload via Virgin.

Looks like I will be watching the double episode of coronation street OMG. Please sony be very quick!

I have BF4 and AC4 that need upgrading to PS4 versions and the fact that I can’t do that and it is now 8pm is making me really angry.

SPIDER-STEVE88 29 November, 2013 @ 20:05

I set up my PS4, had to use a USB to install the Firmware update, but I still cant sign into PSN… its just stuck on the ‘Please Wait’ screen then eventually it errors.

GTRspeedsterEvoX 29 November, 2013 @ 20:06

TZEKIN888 lmfao go cry to mummy, give it a break will ya, all of you are being very disrespectful and it is very sad.

Guys/gals – keep trying, it took me a while but I got in and playing happily since then. Even though I prepared 1.51 the patch before on a USB stick I didn’t need it as a PSN login wasn’t required for that (although strangely the patch got downloaded 3 times). After that a dozen or so “sign in” button presses at it was all that was needed.
So yes, shame on Sony that this problem exists, but it isn’t the end of the world.


I don’t want to play online I just want to be able to link my account!

This is a MASSIVE FAIL for Sony and an absolute disgrace. I’ve spent over £800 will all the games and want to play ON-LINE!!!

Sony I expect some CREDIT on my account after this SHAMBLES!!

At least Microsoft has prepared Xbox-Live to take care of their customers on the purchase on their new console, but NOT SONY.

Also guys if you want to change your hdd do it before you update because there is no firmware out for 1.51 with the reinstall software included. I phoned sony ps4 support and got cut off three times before phoning the ps3 support and asking the question there,

SPIDER-STEVE88 29 November, 2013 @ 20:15

Yeh I just want to link my profile so I can get playing games, had a mate round and everything but sadly it was a no go. Im still trying to sign into PSN…. I can’t understand really why Sony wouldn’t have prepared for this. didn’t they see the amount of Consoles that were Preordered?

Not sure what time this post was put up but any update on when the redeem functionality will be up and running again?

supersmith2500 29 November, 2013 @ 20:17

Guys, Xbox and GTA Online also had the same issue. Why not let Sony fix this and wait and try again tomorrow. It’s because too many people are trying to connect to PSN on PS4 and that’s it.

SPIDER-STEVE88 29 November, 2013 @ 20:18

I even tested it by inputting a wrong password, it swiftly detecting it is wrong… so this is defo just about the Servers not being able to handle the connection to PSN.

Any update Sony on the ‘Please Wait’ Circle of Doom?!

How long did they have issues for in North America with the PSN any ideas?

I just added 80 EUR to my SEN wallet with paypal and got his message “There may be a delay in processing the transaction”. There is no money in my sen wallet and my credit card has been charged. Where ther F* ios my money Sony??

GTRspeedsterEvoX 29 November, 2013 @ 20:22

ITSNev get out xbox fannies lol @BIGTONYUK ur comment don’t make sense, who would update first if not using that drive?


Ok I’ve just managed to sign in and for everyone that’s worried about starting a game and the trophies not counting… I can confirm it has synced my AC4 and Knack trophies I earned earlier ok! So start those games!!!


Music Unlimited does not work. “A connection to the server could not be established”. Sony please fix this.

Still cant signin getting the now famous NW-31453-6 connection error when setting up my PSN account. This is beyond words really, after spending so much on this console + games!!!!!!

It makes perfect sense to try the console first before upgrading the hdd

I expected a few gremlins but this day has been an anti climax

Why did you stop redeem codes and adding funds, makes zero sense!

Fred, I think Sony should compensate this code redeeming downtime, why? Well I can’t redeem my PS+ code which is needed for online play —> WHICH is a part of every game I purchased today

I won’t demand 10 pound vouchers like others, just give us free online for time being while you fix your stuff and we’ll be cool.

Saying sorry for incovenience on PS Blog won’t be enough, this is launch period and I want to play my games ONLINE.

Please take it under consideration.

Kaiju_Park8190 29 November, 2013 @ 20:36

I’m glad I got to redeem all my vouchers last night after I got the bundle. Seems like a lot of people bought PS3’s last night. Hope it’ll fixed soon


I’ve just managed to get onto psn

GTRspeedsterEvoX 29 November, 2013 @ 20:42

BIGTONYUK not really if the hd is broken its broken and it only takes less than two mins to swap.


Yeah its all very disappointing, I booked the day off work and I’ve spent most of it searching Google to find out what all the error codes mean(I’ve had 56 errors today, checked log) I’m a diehard sony fan and feel let down

Eh guys it may of been a fluke but when I set the ps4 to auto login it hasn’t had a problem since then at connecting after manually trying to connect for a few hours.

and this is the reason,why i didnt go with a launch console.played that game before (360) launch..

SPIDER-STEVE88 29 November, 2013 @ 20:47

Don’t you need to sign in at least once to enable auto-login?

I’m connected for about two hours now, but still not able to redeem any codes which I need for Battlefield 4 at least. I agree with Nero-2082 that there should be some sort of compensation for this trouble. I mean, they had this problem two weeks back in the US so you would think they would have learned from it, but apparently not. Hope they will fix it asap! so we all can finally enjoy our PS4 other then only learning the homescreen by heart.

What about the fact it seems that anyone who purchased FIFA from the PSN store can’t play it?

Just look on google/twitter, we all have a ce-34632-8 error code meaning we can’t open the game at all.

Not happy.


Tried to play online but got the message that I needed ps+ to play on line what haen happend to the years membership I paid for last week. Sony please get it sorted and let all your loyal gamers play with their new toy!!

northmr_taylor 29 November, 2013 @ 20:54

I got my PS4 around 12pm Finnish time (2pm uk time). I was able to setup/patch/redeem BF4 and AC4 within 1 hour. However around 4-5pm Finnish time I started to get odd errors and been signed out all the time since the last 2 hours. Netflix works as does internet browser but every time I try to log in I get “please wait” till error.

Sony. I like the console and the launch games. BF4/AC4 and shadowfall look and play great. but you must fix these network issues. Furthermore please integrate the library feature away from the network log in requirement. If the network goes down some of the games are hidden and you cannot play them (to my knowledge).

Kind of a shame. Because the console is awesome ;D


I’m not sure how this goes in other territories, but via the Sony Entertainment Network site in the Netherlands, I put money directly from my bank account into my PS store wallet. My money is from the bank account (though still in a reserved status) but it’s still not in my wallet (usually it’s there straight away). What’s up with that? Is it not available just like vouchers aren’t? because of that’s not fixed before monday when the sale ends that would be a real [deleted] move…

Some people need to take a step back from the discussion and look at how they are behaving as their behaviour is appalling. There will always be problems on launch and it is damn near impossible to stress test a system prior to release and thus difficult get the resources right. It’s far too easy to be critic these days and share your ill informed opinions, if you guys can do better then you know where to send your CV’s…

Mines been fine since around 7pm,i’ve paired my Vita up,paired with Facebook to get my photo on my profile,initiated blu-ray discs and downloaded Resogun and Contrast.

Sony you really messed up. There is NO excuse for these consoles not to be able to connect on day one. A company with your skills and resources should have got this right. I don’t care what any one says, you knew how many consoles were due online today and here we are with people not able to enjoy, so it’s a crummy launch day for many

Fortunately I don’t need to go online so thanks for a great machine, COD looks amazing.

Would be nice to get a error message explaining this instead of being dumped back onto the main screen when you enter a code.

This is a joke, I just buy a brand new console and you can’t even let me redeem a code for a game I already own. Sweet.


Oh nooo. And i read this now and loss 20€.

Ahh, this is why my voucher codes wont work.
Everything else is currently working fine.

albaniankiller11 29 November, 2013 @ 21:34

same here I went to pickup my ps4 and I buy a 1 year member ship ps plus card and it just takes me to the home menu on the ps4

nextbigthing91 29 November, 2013 @ 21:36

Crap, I’m signed into PSN after waiting all day and NOW can’t redeem the PS+ thing so I STILL can’t play online -_- not impressed


Hey everyone,
If I try to redeem my playstation plus trial code, then I have to fill il my creditcard info, but I don’t have a credit card.
And my parents don’t want to give it.
What do I have to do now?

This is quite frustrating. I just bought a ps plus card and now I can’t redeem it? It would be at least nice to know that how long this is going to take?


Hi all, whilst a bit frustrating I was able to get in after 10 attempts. Seems from 6:20pm tonight everything started kicking in and I was able to get signed in and update BF4 etc…

I’m always surprised by the upset minor things like this produce, really all it’s the best system on the planet and its taken some hits due to the sheer volume of traffic from fantastically huge sales. Think yourself lucky you didn’t buy your kids a Wii U last xmas. We sat for 5 hours whilst it updated, despite a pretty solid fibre connection.

Guess that has tempered my patience, BF4 is fantastic and totally worth it once it’s up and running!

King_Of_Bones__ 29 November, 2013 @ 21:46

Is there anyway you can go back and check codes that have been entered but maybe not went through because I grudge paying another £35 for a years subscription to PSN Plus ?

There is bound to be some disappointment but it’s not like you can’t still use the console.
The only thing I’m annoyed about is that the PSN Plus 14 day trial is limited to people that have never used the plus subscription service before. I find that a bit harsh on existing PS owners that were given a 30 day pass when Sony had that massive security breach and PSN was down for weeks.
Come on Sony, the box says try PSN Plus for 14 days at no additional cost.

There is no small print to say not offered to old psn users that may have used PSN Plus before. You are breaching trade description act by misleadingly advertising.

Sony should make PSN free until they are able to fix the issue.

REALLY bad service….


I was wondering exactly the same thing, have checked transaction history – nothing there, but if the voucher redemption service is suspended for the moment it wouldn’t be and also won’t be recognising the codes.

Hopefully back up and running shortly.

This is so annoying anyone know when it will be up again?


I am now back up and running, so it looks like it is starting to come back – ‘ . :)

King_Of_Bones__ 29 November, 2013 @ 22:19

Glad to see am not the only one just wanting answers only thing I got to do is active PSN Plus as the trial only allows me to play multi-player for a day :|


As per king of bones. I lost my PS Plus status bought earlier today. I have the code redeemed in store as proof as it wa a pre bought code. Now iI cannot get online. Given the popularity of the Ps4 reported in the presshow cou ld Sonynot prepare for this?

King_Of_Bones__ 29 November, 2013 @ 22:26

Seriously weed ? did it just De-activate a noticed some adverts on the PS3 page saying “PSN Plus coming to soon to PS4” is there something there not telling us a hope not


Have tried voucher codes via PC as well get the message:-

‘The Prepaid Card code you entered is incorrect or is no longer valid’

It is possible the codes have been redeemed but have not been added to the account because of the problems, have been wondering if those using PS3’s can still redeem vouchers?

King_Of_Bones__ 29 November, 2013 @ 22:45

I am getting the exact same message via console and sony entertainment I know they have disabled redeeming codes as part of trying to stabilize the network but no message comes up on console just reverts you back to the homepage on Ps4 unless you actually googled what went wrong you wouldn’t really know this is all going on tbh

350 for console , 120 for hybrid drive , 50 for cod ghost and already payed 35 for PSN Plus I am not forking out anymore money

Perturbadisima 29 November, 2013 @ 22:46

Well i picked up my playstation 4 today without games becouse i planned to get home and downlad the one on plus but plus doesnt work so now i am just going to sit and watch my new console while crying till the service is on again. burn in hell.

Hawk_The_Slayer1 29 November, 2013 @ 22:46

Well, I guess I was fooling myself in thinking I would actually be able to play a game online after £500+ went Sony’s way again today – why not do the decent thing and remove the stupid restriction for PS+ if the users can’t actually register their redeem codes to be able to play online? Wouldn’t that make sense until you can sort yourselves out? I mean, where is the “and will provide an update to this announcement soon.”? <— That was posted over 3 hours ago…


Cant use my redeem code for playstation plus I bought today from game for my ps4. All ready had a free trail of playstation plus so can’t get 14 day free trail. So how do I get to play c.o.d ghost on line. You need to sort this out fast. Why have I just payed £410 on a ps4 and have to go back on me ps3 to play online. Not happy , in fact tamping

I can now sign in to psn, but i cant upgrade my 3 games, i hope they can enable this soon. System update and ps plus games downloaded really fast, so hopefully they can get the rest up to speed aswell.

I tried to redeem my PS Plus trial earlier today but it failed with an error on the card details/address screen. This announcement says the trial should still be working but if I click it on the store it only offers me the paid options.

It’s like my trial was redeemed, but never applied to my account and now I can’t have it at all. Anyone I can contact about this? I’d like my trial.

I’ve been trying to use 2 vouchers of 20 dollars to buy a game on the PSN store.

get message that is fails all the time.

if i lose these 2 code of 20€, I expect sony to to give me money back if freaking 60 euros

meant 3 vouchers af course 3*20€

I got a £25 psn card to upgrade my bf4 to ps4 but the code didnt say nothing about accept £25 it just went to the playstation main secene and didnt do nothing after that what can i do.

Worst launch day ever, can’t upgrade or play any of my games. Thanks Sony.


Extremly disappointing from Sony, surely consumer legislation in the UK will deem this product ‘not fit for purpose’

They should get their act together quickly and provide more updates the message that prefaces these comments was posted several hours ago and is no longer satisfactory, lets hope the wider media get hold of this and maybe it will make some impact.

Well I got in after I wrote a few post in a other thread so far I like what I see but I got 2 gripes it all down to PSN high stress level of ppl trying to get on.

This are my 2 gripes the music unlimited does not connect to servers but on my iPad it working fine, the other problem I have is a terrible hit on my superfast broadband 1 game took 3 hours that just wrong so I decide to cancel that download.

When I check the speed of download via connection test on both ps3 & ps4 it quite shocking.

It use to be 18mb approx on ps3 when my Superfast broadband is 66mb the speed test is not 100% accurate anyhows I run the test again on ps3 it says 8.4mb but on ps4 it says 6.4mb so from 66mb to even lower that can’t be right.

I hope after all things are shorted it goes back to ps3 stranded like it was before.

its messed up I don’t even want a ps4 I wanted to get gta5 downloaded but because of this launch I cant redeem my codes on my ps3 sony u F***** up

its messed up I don’t even want a ps4 I wanted to get gta5 downloaded but because of this launch I cant redeem my codes on my ps3 sony u F***** up for real this time

Hey Would Anyone Recommend Activating PS+ Now By Redeeming Or Wait A While?

King_Of_Bones__ 29 November, 2013 @ 23:27

A would wait greggy things are rather unstable and not very secure at the minute.

TheLondonTrooper 29 November, 2013 @ 23:28

GreggyHD the whole point of this thread, is that they have DISABLED code redemption. You can go ahead and try redeeming you PS+ code, but you’re not going to get very far.


Wait GreggyHD,,, I’m trying/waiting for the same


I noticed NBA League pass has been released as an app in the US. However on the PS4 in UK it’s nowhere to be seen. Please put it on the App store. NBA is not on TV in the UK, so the only to watch it on TV is via NBA league pass, currently watch it via subscription on the PC.


Kan geen geld op mijn acount doen maar heb het wel nodig straks voor geen turismo 6 op kan besteld Sony ik snap het maar vind het ook wel erg jammer en ook slecht dat nu dit probleem er is straks krijg ik mijn besteling niet op mij. Hdd hoelang kost dit voor dat het weer goed is heb 3 bonnen van 20 euro Sony hoor graag van u pablof1msc dank u

TheLondonTrooper 29 November, 2013 @ 23:32

This whole situation wouldn’t be half as irritating if we were given an update every half-hour or so, SONY!.. The anticipation is just frustrating everyone even more than necessary. Even if you have made 0% progress on this shamble, a little update wouldn’t go amiss. It’s really not a lot to ask for.


Shambles is correct, noticed its making the news as well, worse than the banks going down all the while

I think there’s more to this than Sony are letting on.

They let us download all game updates, apps, and everything else on the PSN store, but not PS+ activation which is what, a couple of megabytes? The fact we haven’t had an update all night is concerning too.


that’s OK its good to know that your taking action because since the ps4 release its been terrible but i am sure you will fix it and those who are complaining seriously get a life and be patient will ya. i was patient when the network got hacked and guess what it came back on.

TheLondonTrooper 29 November, 2013 @ 23:51

It came back on a MONTH later dude.. You would think that a major corporation like Sony would take extreme measure to secure their networks, and make sure they were hackproof. Also making sure their product was ready for release.. They already had a trial run with the US release, you would think they would buff up their servers after the [deleted] up with that release..

Ive been able to play online all afternoon with no problems. So sony have done a good job for me

Dead4ever The reason why most people are complaining is because they are trying to get a game to use their ps4, like myself I haven’t got to play a game on my ps4 yet

Thankyou for the new plastic 400 pound box, its very nice.

What a shame its turned off and the PS3 slim entertains me with bio shock infinite.

Hang your heads in shame, microsoft didnt have such network problems, you did it in america last week, didn’t that bring up any alarm bells about traffic and good code writing?

Rockstar messed up too, GTA Fail.

I must say that I am pleased with my console, i have now managed to get both user accounts online, I don’t want your free two weeks plus, i wont give my c/c details to your network after the last hacking fiasco, so in a few months time, i will go get a card from the store for my plus network subscription, but i wont need that until you give me a decent game to play online.

Dont stay up too late mr sony, altho having dais that, i hope someone is on overtime this weekend :)

I hope you have people working overtime during the weekend for this and it will be solved by tomorrow evening. Anything less cant and wont be demanded

why are we paying for multiplayer if you cannot support it properly?

Is this some kind of a joke!!

On the same day of release sony? How could you ever mess this up? I would expect delays in downloading stuff due to heavy traffic but to suspend redeeming codes and voucher! Honestly a huge let down specially when we had to wait 2 more weeks after the NA launch. Microsoft gave every one a free game on day one purchase and what did we get? Nothing and did not complain but now after paying for a service that we are not getting we demand compensation and not just a voucher or silly stuff, we need a good reason to see that our loyalty for sony is worthy.

Investigating the problem and apologises would be fine for a free service like in the past with PS3 but now we are forking money for the playstation network, at least we thought it is going to be stable and reliable.

Microsoft gave a free game of choice and immediate replacement for any customer who suffered an issue with the Xbox one. Right now we need to know what will you do to the customer who supporte...

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Is this some kind of a joke!!

On the same day of release sony? How could you ever mess this up? I would expect delays in downloading stuff due to heavy traffic but to suspend redeeming codes and voucher! Honestly a huge let down specially when we had to wait 2 more weeks after the NA launch. Microsoft gave every one a free game on day one purchase and what did we get? Nothing and did not complain but now after paying for a service that we are not getting we demand compensation and not just a voucher or silly stuff, we need a good reason to see that our loyalty for sony is worthy.

Investigating the problem and apologises would be fine for a free service like in the past with PS3 but now we are forking money for the playstation network, at least we thought it is going to be stable and reliable.

Microsoft gave a free game of choice and immediate replacement for any customer who suffered an issue with the Xbox one. Right now we need to know what will you do to the customer who supported the console and bought on release????


Hear! Hear!


I just need to know if my code will still be valid for £35 PS Plus even though I entered it when the redeem codes was disabled

Seriously. Some of the comments here are ridiculous. This was always going to happen. Its unrealistic to expect Sony to be able to deal with the launch surge. The system is dealing with a temporary surge, it will pass, CALM DOWN.



I think its highly likely your voucher is ok there has been much discussion on AVForums about the issue, and all are experiencing the same – after redeeming the code it just takes you back to the main blue screen, have also read reports that voucher redemption is down everywhere across all platforms. The system is not recognising the codes at all because this function is offline,very frustrating I know am glad I only got a 90 day voucher.

CoolRichy007UK 30 November, 2013 @ 00:50

it will be fixed by monday and SONY HURRY UP AND TURN EVERYTHING BACK ON

my advice SWITCH OFF THE PS4 SERVERS FOR 12 months and fix ps3 stuff


Could I perhaps get some closure regarding”The network connection has been terminated (nw-31453-6)” and another error while making a party chat. Also, any time I tried to speak via Skype on my phone I was kicked off EA servers and any party chat, any chat I did manage to get on had a 15 second delay. Thanks.

fix this issue come on you geeks I wanna dork out

sorry brittanz im not trippin cause of the same issue I went to buy gt5 online I got the prepaid cards and now the psn is down now I didn’t want a ps4 because of these stupid flaws but now ps4 is screwing everything up I really want to dork out zombies is fun but I need to switch it up and I cant so im turning off the ps3 if they say till Monday then shoot there goes my weekend gaming


Sony give is a update i Am need tot do money on mij acount tot pay gran turismo 6 iets stupid real tings like today wand me to play Xbox And i am like my PS3

I’m in the U.S. And we had the same launch issue with psn as you guys are. I’m not sure how long it lasted network wide, I gave up trying after about 2 hours and decided to go to bed. After I woke up a few hours later everything was good to go. The bad thing for me was that the only game I bought was BF4 and I’m sure you all have heard of the issues with that. And if any of you are wondering, no Sony will not give you any freebies for their own screw up. Unless you fortunate enough to get the psn credit that U.S. Systems came with.


Sony hurry op need money on acount 3 times 20 euro pay gran turismo6 hurry up now

I went to redeem a PS Plus voucher i purchased and it didn’t work.

Ahh well no big deal they’ll get it sorted and apart from these “minor” issues i’m very pleased with PS4 :)


I Am sorry sony its weak real And stupid i am need my pre paid money on my acount my PS3 hurry up now wand to pay my gaem gt6

i can’t redeem my Playstation plus 7 day trial


“An error has occurred (NP-31952-0)
Forgot to mention that one, Google brings me nothing on the matter.

Yeah, great spend over $700 on new console and games, a PSN subscription and i cant even use the code or online features yet, multiplier included. Oh and Sony:

“Other PSN features such as log-in, online multi-player gaming, PlayStation Plus trial, PS Store (excluding voucher redemption), trophies, messages, friends etc. are all available.”

^ Means absolutely nothing to me because i cant even access most of these features because you won’t let me use my PSN sub code.
You knew how popular the PS4 was, you knew the launch was gonna be huge, there is no excuse for a screw up of this size. Fix this!


Does anyone have any more info on when this might be resolved




Come on sony – an update would be good especially as we are PAYING for this service now…

Just Wanna play some COD, however can’t redeem my silly voucher from the ps3 redemption as they’re disabled…


I know why disable the one thing most people need to play makes no sense what so ever


Does anyone know/tried: To purchase the PS Plus thru the playstation store and see if it works that away? Maybe you don’t have to enter a code and it will be like an automatic thing once u pay…? Any thoughts??

@schillin128 yes, that works. I bought 1 month’s PS+ and it worked fine


Stand in lines and wait all night to get the ps4 to get home and have to keep waiting

Hi guys, just thinking I can lend a helping hand here. I just found a solution for me and I’ve already had a month trial of PS+ after the outage.

Go to Settings -> Application Saved Data Management (you’ll need to quit your game) -> then select the option with the PS+ icon. It’ll then ask if you’d like a 48 hr trial, which I’m sure will cover the time Sony will take to re-enable the code redemption service. Just getting on BF4 online now! Add me if you want to party up!!! :)


Any other weekend wouldn’t be a big deal but this is completely unacceptable on the weekend Battlefield is offering us double xp as an apology for their game issues. I cannot play since I cannot redeem my codes. I have two trials and a one year membership PAID that I cannot use.
I had to buy a one month membership to actually be able to play. Will be e-mailing Sony about this tomorrow!

Well a brief message of hope for those of you unable to get logged in. Once you do the initial log-in to recover your gamertag, and choose your new privacy settings etc… everything seems to run supersmooth.

I’ve downloaded 90GB of game data files, all at a decent speed and played some online games without too much issue (tiny bit of lag, but I was downloading at the same time)

Not failed a log in once since I got past the set-up stage, even though it took me 6 hours to get past it. Hopefully it will be sorted out soon, because this really was a let down. Last weekends debate showed what everyone wanted to do today. No ones debate answer read “stare at a black piece of plastic I cant use”


Nice Dude. My buddy is super psyched to play bf4 with me tonight and weren’t sure if there were any other options. Thanks so much for confirming!

When will the option to use vouchers be available?


Took me 5 hours to get into PSN but even then my music unlimited is not connecting to server struggling to connect to EA servers too for NFS Rivals love the machine but surely Sony must have realized how busy it was going to get took the shine off a great launch but its still better than the xbone 1 ;)


Bloody right on time, if I can say so myself. Wanted to pick up some stuff from the Weekend deals, but now it looks like I’ll have no way to add funds to my wallet. I always buy redeemable vouchers for this, and with the anouncement that I no longer have that option, I’m left without a way to purchase Dokuro and a few other titles. Will the kinks be ironed out of the system by Sunday so I can still get what I want or should I call it quits?

guys, had the same problem trying to redeem cod voucher. For some reason I logged onto the ps store on my pc. redeemed voucher and the download appeared instantly on my ps4. downloading it right now! hope this works for all.

You have got to be kidding me. Its now been 20 hours since I have gotten my PS4 and I haven’t been able to play ANYTHING on it. Utterly ridiculous.


I got one pre-paid card through, and when I tried a second I got an error. I looked it up and found out there was an issue with redeeming codes, and to try the SEN website. It says the code I got an error on is “incorrect or no longer valid” so I’d sure as **** like to get an update from Sony to let us know what’s going on. I’m going to be pretty mad if I’ve just lost $50 because Sony are too incompetent to just take the system down rather than expecting everyone to check their blog before they do every single thing on their system.


I haven’t had any issues so far. Last night I was able to set up my account, purchase PS+ and download from the store.


Should we extend the Weekend deals?


In reply to PhotoGroupie – did you purchase PS+ using a credit card?

My understanding is you can only if paying with that method NOT if redeeming voucher codes.

I can’t add funds :|

Absolute_Filthh 30 November, 2013 @ 08:34

When will you be able to redeem code? I really want to play online and can’t put in my ps plus card!

SONY you screw it up !!! No just kidding. PS4 is wonderful and PSN down´s at launch was kinda expected. But with all the super-special-bonus-vouchers that are comes with almost every game it´s kinda lame situation when u cant redeem them. Ubisoft wants me to use their Uplay, EA wants me to use their Origin but neither of them i can use their freaking codes.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Grid 2 is still 59 euro’s in the Netherlands for Plus customers.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

For everyone who is new: The new console is awesome and Sony will deliver awesome content for it. Fred is a nice guy and “thank you for your patience” is something you need to get used to because the store team is consistently incompetent for 7 years now and it’s not going to change.

Last night I purchased ps+ 12 month Subscription and had some trouble when paying, as I got an error message all the time… After a few try’s I got it working, and now you have charged me triple!!! GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK NOW!!!!! AND I MEAN NOW!!!!! This is not good enough Sony, I expect to have the money back TODAY!!!!

@Tufsehue That better not happen to me as I tried adding funds 8 times using different methods!


Hmm tried to redeem my psplus code last night and kept getting dropped to home so left it until this morning, and now it says the code is invalid. Sup with that?

Sony, whilst I am forgiving to an extent of the issues arising on launch you are letting us down with regard to communication.

You need to provide regular updates, even if there isnt much to say. You need to give us an eta on resolution even if that changes over time. People were hyped about this launch and we are currently having a substandard experience AND we are completely in the dark about it.

There are a lot of people needing to redeem PS+ codes or upgrade games or download digital titles before they can even get started, we need to know how long this will last.


After seeing the launches in Rome and Berlin, this doesn’t really come as much of a surprise. Take a look. It’s absolutely insane:

Crazy queue in Berlin:

Crazy light show in Rome

Crumptastic_86 30 November, 2013 @ 08:59


I think your definition of “incompetent” and others is very different. I have had no major issues with the PS Store and the staff have been fine, just stop trolling because some obscure JRPG hasn’t been brought to your PSN yet.

I think Sony has done a good job of handling unprecedented volumes, given no-one understands that it is impractical to buy/rent servers to cover the load for the first couple of days. That is why you see networks going down within the first few days of release and then dying down.

It’s been 16 hours and we have had NO update. It’s now 24 hours since I got my PS4 and haven’t been able to redeem my PS4 versions of BF4 or AC4.

“We apologise and will provide an update to this announcement soon.”

More than 12 hours, no update. On a P1 issue… humm.

Very professional guys. I suspect most of support team off for the weekend too? Just one poor guy on-call (if that)?

Who could have predict that it would go [DELETED] up… everyone beside Sony, obviously! Next time: Free PSN+ for the launch week, that would give you time to fix issue (or just do nothing and spread the volume) without [DELETED] off customers.


If Sony would update the situation for everyone it would calm things down somewhat.

The fact that they are still silent is making matters worse.

There are a lot of people worried that vouchers paid for with hard earned money are now invalid (probably not but…)and the guy who had his CC authorised multiple times is unforgivable.

when the redeem code is entered the game crashes to the home screen

crazy Germans fighting for PS4 :D


I had pretty much no problems.. Immediately managed to retrieve my account and got to playing Killzone and BF4.. Never completely rely on digital software guys, this is why physical copies will always be superior. The one thing I do hate though, is that I still have to download huge chunks of the games on my HDD, even when playing via disc.. I had no idea of this and it does downgrade physical copies.. Should’ve added a bigger HDD, no matter the costs (not into switching HDD’s, I’m not a pc gamer). Guess I’ll have to do a lot of deleting. On the other hand, you can (instantly, via disc)play while installing so it’s not that much of a problem.

Same thing also for me falkaw39 :(
I hope they’ll let us know soon When they’ll restore the service


Sony update give is update i am need money on my acount PS3 psn iets stupid update fast now stupid stupid stupid stupid

I managed to log in quite easily to the PSN, my problem however is that neither cc or anything else are working on any PS Store. I really wanted to download some games that have extra content if you download them before the end of today and I couldn’t until yesterday due to various reasons. Please have the payment options fixed by then or else see if you can extend all the offers affected by the downtime even if they’re on third party games.

For people still having issues things will be awesome when you do manage to get in, the free PS+ games on the PS4 are excellent and I quite enjoy them and those will definitely kepe me entertained when I get home from work. Why did I sign up for weekend overtime in the PS4 launch? Why? T_T


What will Sony be doping to ensure that the people that redeemed the code will get connected once this is fixed?

Like many people they have redeemed the code which technically is not valid when trying to re-submit.

Sony were aware of the demand and should have also been aware that users would have.

Will Fred Dutton commit to ensure that my and my fellow users get the PlayStation + services restored?


Guys heres a work around to collect your redeption code it just worked for me. Log into sony online by clicking on the following link once you have then loggged in click on account then prepaid card. You should then be able to redeem the voucher. Once that’s completed log in on the PS4 and everything should have updated. I just done this and am downloading call of duty now.

PSN this is an update you should have mentioned and I shouldnt need to provide a walk through because your staff can’t be bothered to look into this.

Hope this works for everyone :)

For anyone that is trying to add funds, I just got a phone call from my bank saying that someone (me) has tried to send £100 to Sony. So basically for anyone waiting, DONT EVEN HIT THE ADD FUNDS PART. Apparently the payments are still going through?! Just had to tell my bank to cancel them all.

THANK YOU, Oioi-Savaloi. Your tip worked like a charm!

To add to my last post, even if you get the message about “invalid credit card” or whatever, the payments ARE still going through.

This week I bought the digital version of FIFA 14 for PlayStation 4 through the sony web store. Yesterday I got my PlayStation 4 in Portugal and I downloaded and installed the game with zero problems. But when I’m trying to launch the game, it always appears “Its not possible to start the app (CE-34632-8).”


I don’t care for JRPG’s so I don’t really know where you are talking about.

I worked for many years in ICT and had many times to role of Incident Manager (ITIL). I handled the process for Prio 1 incidents myself (at huge companies). The incidents that occur could have been foreseen and the facts there are hiccups could also been foreseen. It’s just the poor way information to paying customers is handled. You should inform the at least every hour (even if there is nothing new to mention).
In relation to the store, that is an repeating incident with mistakes happening every week. it should have become a problem and investigated (hardware and procedure wise) and a change had to be rolled out long ago but they do nothing. In my book that’s incompetence. I’m glad you are happy with the store, I expect a more professional store (like apple store for instance).

Big let down Sony. You knew exactly how many consoles were going to be plugged in on release day and you still manage to screw me over. The future looks annoying and frustrating on PS4. Letting down your most loyal fans on release day (sorry,WEEK!!) Isn’t a good start.

Good job oioi! SCEE should offer you a job. Wonder does that work around work with a PS+ code as well?

People need to expect things like this to happen on release days.

I couldn’t get into the PSN last night so I went out as it was Friday!

Logged in this morning, set everything up, bought ps+, no hassle whatsoever. Downloaded Resogun and contrast from my phone which was cool. It’s been a relatively good process for myself, being I had the patience and understanding that the network was gonna have problems.

For the sake of a nights sleep, was it really worth everyone having massive rants about nothing. Once they sort the teething issues then you have the next eight + years to enjoy the ps4. Are people really that impatient? It’s one day

@Tommy-G- The fact that you fork out easily £400+ on launch day and cannot play on it for over 24+ hours is a joke. It doesn’t matter if it is one day or not.


Like I’ve said before if you are making purchases via CC these should be ok, the problems are mainly affecting those purchasing/redeeming vouchers.

If you are having no problems then great – most of us are and are using this forum to express them ie people being charged multiple times is something to rant about.


@Voodoo341 I’m not sure I haven’t tried it yet as I already have a PS+ account but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

The work around mentioned above worked for bf4, but has now stopped and none if my other codes work!!!!

Think they have blocked it :(

tried to do as oioi said and redeem my code (which i already tried to redeem some times yesterday via psn) via the website.
“code incorrect or no longer valid” is what i’ve gotten. so this means this is either not working at all, or my redeemcode is now totally useless due to these psn problems we experienced since yesterday.

how is sony going to solve this?

Kyser_soze_SW2 30 November, 2013 @ 11:12

Hi Sony – why won’t you accept my MasterCard anymore? First I had MasterCard calling me this morning having blocked 3 transactions and now after speaking to them and confirming he trans were ok, I still can’t buy my PS+.

All I wanna do is play Resogun.


@wizz_fts Sony has probably blocked it. For some reason I don’t think they want people using the system! People downloading content must be causing a huge strain on the server.

@ oioi, hope that’s the issue and not that my code is now useless. :(

Thanks oioi. I got my game downloaded and installed, was less than 2 mins after that other codes stopped. Def blocked it now, I got confirmation emails, but not for other codes I put in.


So whist I can’t redeem a voucher I paid £40 for to open my ps plus account because of errors you expect me to register my credit card detailing you so I can start a 14 day trial of the same functionality. Ridiculous and with past performances of security there is absolutely no way in earth you are storing my card details. Surely preording consoles gives you an idea of network usage. Complete tosh Sony releasing hardware before the backbone infrastructure and software is ready just to compete with Microsof. Very upset at this. Also taking nearly 45 mins to download day one update…….. Come on sort it out

Sony ones more confirms its really


Glad I didn’t bought a PS4 at launch as:

Disappointment awaits.

I’ll be hanging on my PS3 and PSVita for a while, see they’re ironing out all launch problems, fix no MP3/DLNA, fix no support for their own Pulse Elite headset, will make clear if Logitech G25/G27 wheels are still supported etc etc.

Till then, I won’t buy a PS4. And make sure on the box it says ‘Made in Japan’ as the Chinese batch seems to have a fair amount of Blue Line of Death. As always, it is better to wait about a year before one buys into a new gen.

Thanks Oioi-Savaloi, my code for ac: black flag worked. But after that the codes for cod: ghost and battlefield didnt. So i guess Sony blocked it. But thanks to you i can play a game now :)

Does anyone know if Credit Cards work yet?


At last sony issue an update! But just more of the same really and promising another update later on.

We want to know when you are going to fix it.

Should offer a full refund as its not fit for purpose.


Patience is running out fast! Yeah we’re all in the same boat, and i’m sure some of you are trying to download Call Of Duty Ghosts on the PS3-PS4 upgrade thing! I must mention that this weekend is a double xp bonus for next generation consoles… can i get double XP no because i can’t even get online to play the multiplayer! Is anything gonna be done about this?!