The 12 deals of Christmas – deal #l


Hi everyone! As promised, the 12 Deals of Christmas is back on PlayStation Store and we are kicking things off with EA Sports’ latest football masterpiece FIFA 14. Get 50% off both the PS3 and PS Vita versions so no matter where you are you can still take to the field.

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The first deal starts today, Sunday 1st December, and will run until Tuesday 3rd December when we will unveil the next offer. Enjoy!

Deal 1:

FIFA 14 (PS3)
Was €69.99/AU$99.95/£59.99, now €34.99/AU$44.95/£24.99

FIFA 14 (PS Vita)
Was €49.99/AU$69.95/£44.99, now €24.99/AU$32.95/£19.99

Movie rentals:

United Kingdom:
SD: Was £3.59 Now £0.99
HD: Was £4.59 Now £1.99

The Hangover 3
SD: Was $5.99 Now $1.99
HD: Was $6.99 Now $2.99

Les Profs
SD: Was €3.99 Now €0.99
HD: Was €4.99 Now €1.99

The Hangover Part III
SD: Was €4.99 Now €0.99
HD: Was €5.99 Now €1.99

The Hangover Part III
SD: Was €3.99 Now €0.99
HD: Was €4.99 Now €1.99

American Psycho
SD: Was €1.99 Now €0.99
HD: Was €2.99 Now €1.99

Don’t forget, you can always top up your wallet balance via PayPal. If you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store

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Just a warning. The Vita version of Fifa 14 is apparently the same as the previous 2 games, just with updated rosters.


Disappointing there isn’t some sort of offer on the ps4 version. A 20% discount would’ve likely convinced me to take a punt.

As for the Vita version, Serpantino is spot-on – new roster is pretty much it. I’ll happily stick with the original release.

Some suggestions for Vita related sales

Retro City Rampage
Worms Revolution Extreme
Journey Collectors edition!!! – Perfect for those who missed the bundle with unfinished swan last christmas, and in time for the Flower/Flow ports to Vita/PS4

Full game suggestions:
Rayman Legends
Black Ops Declassified
Arkham Origins Blackgate
soul Sacrifice

Now we have our answer as to why Sony excluded FIFA from the PS4 upgrade program in EU. £35 would have made for a cheap PS4 FIFA.


Fifa 14 ps3 has had the normal price since the offer went live. Is it sorted yet?

Couldn’t agree more with Sideshow_Mang – Recognition of the PS4 users would be nice too (remembering you’ve just released a new console).

Oh wait – we still haven’t got fully operational PSN access yet!

Come on Sony!!!

In the uk store the ps3 version has only englsih language? or it has hungarian too?


Disappointing since I already have Fifa 13 on Vita which is pretty much the same game with updated squads, and of course is inferior to the PS3 version. You need to try harder if you want my money. ^^


It’s showing up at 59.99 sort it out please. This happens too much. Day one is nearly over.

While you’re at it, Disney Universe is still not purchaseable in the Dutch store (and probably other stores as well). It’s listed as a disc only version I think.

Gah! Smelly kick ball! How do people have enough memory for fully fledged PS3 retail games anyway? I can understand Vita but PS3 clogs up quickly with installations and junk as it is. Plus theres a good amount of download only games worth buying. I just don’t see the merit of taking up a good 10GB with a game you can get on disc anyways

I think i need only 2 thing:
The first is Need For Speed: Most Wanted
The second is Walking Dead full season
Both on Psvita
Thanks for your listening! :D

no additional 10% off for plus members ??? why ?

Not that any of that matters to me as I’m here exclusively for Persona 4 The Golden that I know will appear on this sale at some point or else my heart will break. Literally tear open. Do you want that on your conscience? I think not!

I doubt I find anything in the Christmas deals as they’re for the big name games. But the weekend deals has something interesting titles. For example, it has Terraria and Chronicles of Mystara for less than 5€.

presentpreamble 01 December, 2013 @ 19:24

I cant find the deal on the psn store.. can you please update it for india. thanks..

presentpreamble 01 December, 2013 @ 19:26

Is the 12 Deals of Christmas sale not valid in India? Every other sale has been.. You really got me hyped for this. Please say this is not so!!

@Shnoorum: P4: The Golden sells for 20$ on Amazon, fyi.

So the Fifa 14 for PS3 is upgradable to the PS4, right?

Legitimately, I have no interest in picking up a PS3 version of a game when I have a PS4. Considering the absurd store pricing for everything, might as well lump the PS4 version in as well.

This doesn’t just apply to FIFA.

Can you upgrade to the PS4 version for €9.99 with Fifa 14?

@kivi95 it’s not listed as being able to


when will the add ons sale end?

I chuckled at the subtle pun of ‘kicking off’ with a football game.

Not to my taste this one, although I’m sure the rest will have something for everyone.

@Takaros that’s easily established, you just need to click on a addon in the sale, it lists ending on the 4/12

@Chris Howe
Hi Chris! Totally unrelated but I produce and cohost a show and I need to speak to Sony Australia’s PR department. Can you point me in the right direction or give me their email?

You can find me @Shade_Aurion or at @DudeGoBack

Sorry for being off topic. Getting in touch with you guys is TOUGH

FIFA 14 on PS Vita is essentially an updated version of FIFA Football, a PS Vita launch title, and it was a good one.

Still, it’s disappointing EA are reselling FIFA Football and pricing it as a “new”, full price game, even though it’s really a 2-year-old game, let’s hope next year they design and release a proper and totally new FIFA 15 for the handheld.

I want to believe the next deals will be much better. Like, Rayman Legends, or Ratchet & Clank: Nexus ;Ρ

Too expensive, not worth to spend more than $20 for PS3 game after the release of PS4!

21# Well that’s too bad :/.

Im also hoping for persona 4 golden and arena. it’d be awesome if they both show up like fifa 14 ps3/vita versions :D today


Hi Chris.
Any sales on Ps Plus Subscription?



well something I would like to see is a little Persona 4 Golden 75% Discount…

In 2011 you gave 12 free games (Only for PS+-members). Why not now?

I paid for the HD stream of Oblivion but trying to get it to work on the PS4 is only outputting SD…

My Internet connection is perfect for full HD but all I’m getting is this dribble…

If this keeps up, I would like to request a refund as this is driving me crazy…

(in best Bob Marley voice)



(I’d have bought the PS3 version and then upgraded to PS4 when that arrived but I won’t support a game if its publishers won’t support us)

Will muramasa be in any of the 12 deals?

Ain’t no way I’m buying FIFA 14 on Vita. I’ve recently bought it for less than 10 Euro. It’s called FIFA 13 and there is no difference in gameplay.

When it comes to the PS3 version – I’m not buying a single cross-gen game on PS3.

Deal I? I think you mean Deal 1

elevated_canine 01 December, 2013 @ 21:55

Just as long as we get a PS+ deal at some point to match the sweet deals NA had with black friday then I will be a happy happy man.


Ill give you a hint on how you ll get my money:

Rayman Legends: under 20€
Diablo III: under 20€
Grand Theft Auto V under: 30€
Gran Turismo 6: under 30€
DuckTales Remastered: under 6€
Spelunky under: 5€
Final Fantasy IX under: 5€
Sonic Generations under: 10€
The Last of Us: under 20€
Dead Space 3: under 20€
F1 2013under: 20€
RESIDENT EVIL 6: under 10€

Personally, I’m hoping for a Dragon’s Crown deal.

@39 THIS!!! but yeah we already know that GTAV and TLOU is coming together in a bundle for £5 so you might as well make it the next deal…. OK I tried it was worth a shot :P

I also would like to see Persona 4 Golden as one of the deals (yeah, Dragon’s Crown too), though the games must have been decided already…


Why is there no plus discount on these deals?
We lost one of our ps3 games when US didn’t and now we lose getting plus discounts in sales as well?

sergio_santos95 02 December, 2013 @ 00:32

I buy a promotion code to buy fifa 14 , but the code dont work…and i only have 1 days to buy the game , what i do???
I´m so dissapointed with sony , they put fifa 14 with a price of 35$
and now i can´t buy it because the code dont work.

For the next 11, I want
Persona 4 Arena
Persona 4 Golden
Splinter cell blacklist
Assassins creed on Vita
Beyond Two Souls
Batman Arkham Origins
Injustice God Among Us
And any good co op games

Great sale, bought the game 3 days ago, if only I had known :(
Can you please fix the Disney Universe sale error, no one was able o buy it discounted, there are a lot of comments related to it on the sale post. Sort it out please!

Jeff-Andrew-NL 02 December, 2013 @ 01:50

Fix Disney Universe please. Was looking forward to buying it. :(


If games like assassin’s creed 4 and splinter cell blacklist are also part of the deals…That’d be great :D

No special price for the ps4-fifa
No deal for me

You can buy FIFA 14 for PS3 and then upgrade for PS4, so stop with that PS4 nonsense :)

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