The 12 deals of Christmas – deal #2


Hi everyone! The deals come thick and fast here at PlayStation as Diablo 3 and Spelunky join the festivities! Check out all the details below.

These will go live today, Tuesday 3rd December, and last for 48 hours.

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Deal 2:

Diablo 3 (PS3)
Was €59.99/AU$89.95/£49.99, now €39.99/AU$59.95/£29.99

Spelunky (PS Vita)
Was €14.99/AU$21.95/£11.99, now €6.99/AU$10.35/£5.49
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members

Movie rentals:

United Kingdom:
Star Trek into Darkness
SD: Was £3.49, now £0.99
HD: Was £4.49, now £1.99

Olympus Has Fallen
SD: Was $5.99, now $1.99
HD: Was $6.99, now $2.99

SD: Was €3.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €4.99, now €1.99

Fast & Furious 6
SD: Was €3.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €4.99, now €1.99

World War Z (Extended Version)
SD: Was €3.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €4.99, now €1.99

Bad Boys II
SD: Was €1.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €2.99, now €1.99

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita you can also buy through our online store.

1 Author replies

€39.99? Naaahh, still overpriced…

well at least the vita title has the extra % off for plus so thanks for that as thats the one im buying.

im guessing any indie titles in this sale will get that extra % as well?


Not necessarily.

So the “deal” makes it the same price as a boxed copy? Nice.

CHRISGAMER2011 03 December, 2013 @ 11:17

no rpg

It’s not the pice that puts me off, but Blizard has yet to announce anything about the expansion for the ps3, while we know that ps4 will get and if I am not mistaken, it will be bundled with the main game.

Good deal on Spelunky, I’d be tempted if I didn’t have such a huge backlog of handheld games to get through. I have over £40 of PSN store credit so hopefully there’ll be a deal on Plus membership at some point and maybe even a PS4 game deal in the mix!

Disk copy of Diablo 3 can be had for around the same price for those who prefer a disk (like me.)

Good offer on Spelunky, will pick it up tonight, keep the Vita offers coming Sony!

Spelunky? Great.

Shou_Kobayashi 03 December, 2013 @ 11:20

I would love me sole The Last of Us or God of War: Ascension … also some God of War 3 on PSN would be nice, the filesize argument doesn’t count anymore *looks at GoW:A*

I have to say that’s not a bad price for Spelunky, I just might pick that up.


Yeah, right..


Nice. I will grab Spelunky when I will get home.

Great deal on Spelunky, got my Vita coming in tonight!
When will this go live? The store still shows €14.99 for me

Would have been tempted by diablo but holding out for ps4 version

any news on when it might come out?

I’ll rent star trek at that price tho

Nice price for Spelunky, although i hope to see some real Vita titles and not another 10 indies. Price of Diablo 3 isnt really a sale as its the same as retail price atm. Games on offer are a lot better compared to the usual sales so i still have hope there ll be something worth the purchase.

FghtOffUrDemons 03 December, 2013 @ 11:30

Last years deals were so much better.
Stop trying to get deals with greedy company’s like EA and you might get better prices.


Hi, I hate the moaners on here but have to join them today, you can get this game (not digital) anywhere for less than this price! If you’re going to have a sale, at least try and beat shop prices otherwise it’s not worth looking!

Hmmm, I hoped that Spelunky would be part of the sales, but once more I’m disappointed about the poor discounts. And yes, Spelunky has already seen a 75% discount (3.49€) elsewhere since its release.

It’s always being said that publishers set the prices, but if that’s true, why do they all follow the identical pattern in Europe?

Imho SCEE must offer them something like:
1. Do you want to make a sale? Please cross the discount you wish: 25% 30% 40% 50% (60% is a rare option too)
2. Do you want an additional Plus discount of 10%?
Yes / No
3. Are you the distributor of P4G and want to once more deny European gamers a better price than those horrible 40€?

How SCEA makes their deals (simplified):
Do you want to offer your game in a 50% sale with another 50% for Plus subscribers?
YES / no

There is of course an alternative explanation: Absolutely every publisher and indie is part of an illegal price cartel, they all use the identical setup and are determined to offer SCEA the best deals and SCEE not.

Seriously, this are the christmal sales. Your chosen 12, supposed to be the best offers of the year. It would be about time to show some real effort and try to compete with the US, especially after our IGC got exclusively crippeled.
That we see popular full games matching retail prices and smaller games following all the same traditional 50+10% pattern is NOT satisfying.

I downloaded Fifa14 (for ps3) as a part of The 12 deals of Christmas – part 1, but this one will I miss. Too much for Diablo3 (as I can find used disc from second hand for this price or less).

I´m looking for something blockbuster for Vita – maybe Killzone Mercenay christmas deal :)

That’s a great deal for Spelunky :) Will be getting that later!

To those bemoaning the digital price, remember, a lot of countries out there other than the UK do *not* sell physical content below the RRP like the UK and Ireland does. For these countries the reduced price is actually quite attractive. Though it might appear to “suck” for us, we win in the long run as we can routinely get lower priced games all year ’round.

For me, I’ve been waiting for a Spelunky price-drop so I’ll be having a bit of that as soon as the deal goes live.

Speaking of which, can you provide an ETA? I’m not F5ing!/en-ie/games/spelunky/cid=EP4407-PCSB00359_00-SPELUNKY00000000 all day!

Huzzahh for Spelunky!


SONY: who’re you kidding?

23,95 pounds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SPELUNKEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Been waiting for that to go on sale for a while :D

Offer still not up on the store? o_O

Is Spelunky still Cross Buy? If so, pick this up even if you don’t have a Vita!

Really wanted Diablo, but the price is a total joke. Pass.

I don’t know why people are still surprised by the prices. Digital games are maybe the future but not on the European PS Store. :(

@Serpantino Recently there was a deal on Diablo III boxed at 21€ + a free Diablo III t-shirt.
Check your local stores or other online stores, you could find some interesting prices for boxed games.


Well Locally in South Africa, the D3 game is still at R499-00 on specials at stores fro a disc copy. If the price is less than R499 Im buying it, not matter what… and let me just end off by saying again… We will not mind for a Persona Sale… Just a little P4 Golden and P4 Arena would be lovely this time of year…lol

No deal!

I need to update my english dictionary, because I’ve had different understanding of what “sale” means :D What’s next, great deals like Dead Space 3 or Crysis 3 for “only” €39.99? :D Aww… you are funny :)

PS Spelunky is a good deal.

Splunky yes please, already have it on Steam but be great to have it on vita now it has the daily challange

Will there be a Diablo 3 PS3 to PS4 upgrade?

True. According to Kotaku SCEA even opened up their digital store, allowing other stores to sell PSN games, arranging their own deals and prices. Just similar to the PC, where myriads of companies all arrange their own deals. You catch the best deal and unlock the game on Steam, perfect.

If this would finally come true for SCEE too, that would be such a revelation. The less we depend on SCEE, the better.
But alas, that would require them to understand future markets and to appreciate the interests of their customers. Quite unlikely.

Leave it to Sony to give the word SALE a complete new meaning.


Nothing for me here. You could at least try to get us better plus discounts (50% like SCEA), especially since we lost one of our plus games when SCEA kept all of theirs. These low plus discounts are one of the reasons why I am not renewing my plus subscription when it ends.

Diablo III for £29.99?

It’s not really a deal when your “deal price” is the same as the normal retail price (see Amazon).

Well I would probably pick up Spelunky if I could get a psn voucher

These 12 deals of christmas should be be discounts on! I mean Diablo 3 is not even discounted 50% so that’s pretty lame. Spelunky is 60% with PS+ so that will pass but I think these should be 75% if not then they should be on the normal christmas sale.

Nothing for me again. On with the next deal ;Ρ

On a side note, the movie rental prices (discounted or not), wherever Video Unlimited is available, are just horrendous.

Don’t blame Sony for Blizzards pricing. Sony requests a discount but Blizzard sets the price.

Blizzard already have the money from the retail shops so it is up to the shops to make money. The UK market is too competitive and Sony can’t keep up.

There was an article on Eurogamer last week explaining why the prices are as they are.

I would get diablo 3 if I knew upgrade to 4 was possible.


Never got my PS+ discount for Spelunky – came out as £5.49 instead of £4.94.


good sale. too much moaning going on.


Spelunky is 55% off, not 60%.

Spelunky – yes
Diablo III – nope


Spelunky is very insteresting, and very tempting. Can you please indicate whether it will be on PS Plus in the near future (next two months)? As far as you know, of course..

Spelunky is a good deal. It’s still cross-buy so you get them both.

It’s funny because the PS3 version is not discounted.

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