Gran Turismo 6 prepares to launch – check out the opening movie


Hey there race fans. As many of you know, it’s a huge week for GT. Gran Turismo 6 storms onto PS3 this Friday, and to mark the occasion we held a grand launch event in Ronda, Spain

Polyphony Digital president Kazunori Yamauchi was present to make a number of announcements, including the arrival of three new Red Bull cars in GT6: the Red Bull X2014 Fan car (X2014/F), the Red Bull X2014 Standard car (X2014/S) and the Red Bull X2014 Junior car (X2014/J). These three cars were designed by Polyphony Digital Inc. in collaboration with Adrian Newey, Chief Technical Officer of four-time F1 champions Red Bull Racing.


Also present was a camouflaged version of the yet-to-be-launched BMW M4 Coupé. The stunning new car – shown publicly only as a concept until now – will go on sale in 2014. In collaboration with BMW, Polyphony Digital enjoyed unprecedented access to the car during its development, and it will be made available through a free update shortly after the release of GT6, allowing gamers around the world to drive it before it arrives in BMW showrooms

Not only that, but the city of Ronda also honoured Yamauchi-san by naming a street after him!


As part of the celebration, we also unveiled the official GT6 opening movie that features never before seen footage showcasing the game’s creation. Take a look below.

Finally, we also sat down with Kazunori to find out more about his vision for GT6, including more on the much-teased track set on the moon! Check back tomorrow to read the full interview.

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Like I said in the store update topic, the price inflation compared with other first party titles is why I wont buy GT6


Can’t wait to receive my copy tomorrow. I am really looking forward to friday night. Hopefully the download servers for the 1.01 patch will be able to withstand the traffic.


PS4 please 😉


GT 6 with micro transactions no thanks, who does Sony think they are Microsoft.

does GT6 support stereoscopic 3D like GT5 did?

frenkestein 5 December, 2013 @ 5:50 pm   6

Microtransaction No Thank you !! You say it is OPTIONAL but the cars are going to be priced so ridiculously high that will force me to grind, then eventually I get fed up repeating the same race for the millionth time, I’d give in into buying your packets… Very very disappointed

    Fred Dutton 6 December, 2013 @ 9:52 am    

    I understand your scepticism regarding in-game currency, but I can assure you GT plays the same as it ever did. If you don’t want to use it, it won’t affect how you enjoy the game. Quote from Eurogamer’s review this morning:

    “If you weren’t aware of their inclusion beforehand, you wouldn’t know they’re there at all. The economy is, to all intents and purposes, identical to Gran Turismo 5’s”

fps_d0minat0r 5 December, 2013 @ 6:48 pm   7

@ frenkestein
I agree.
Its a bad business model. The fact that they have the option to charge a premium for ‘convenience’ means the original game HAS to be designed in an unconvenient way, otherwise the DLC wont work.

Obviously there was only one motive for this decision.


I should mention, update 1.01 is already out, and it reduced some (if not most) of the cars prices significantly. You won’t have to grind that much, trust me.

@GANTZn00b I hope so, it must be better 3D than GT6. For me it will be great jump from GT2 and PS one… 😉


For the last time…


You do not need to Purchase any Packs for Credits you can do as you did for the last 5 Gran Turismo Games and Earn your Credits the right way. Through Career Mode, Online & Seasonal Events where you’d typically get Bonus Credits for Competing in!

At no point have PD Forced anyone to Purchase anything to gain entry to a Car that isn’t earn-able the old fashioned way. The Option is there for the Impatient people who haven’t got time to Invest in Earning Credits.

Anyways I’m looking forward to picking up My 15th Anniversary Edition at 9am Tomorrow morning when Game open! I guarantee I’ll be the 1st there to get my copy 🙂

theskillzy 5 December, 2013 @ 9:14 pm   11

who cares about gt6 when half the blog is freaking out about being RIPPED OFF by having a ps3 game taken off us which im sure is breaching our t&c …. fred please read the december ps+ update we are NOT happy and its clear to see … we want some answers from someone in the know and not a pathetic excuse or just being ignored as usual, im not the first to say it but if i get another month of 1!!!!! ps3 game (crapamelee doesnt count) or it just sucks i wont renew and alot of others wont because scee has broken the contract i signed up to and im getting a dismal level of service

ShadowDoGGG 5 December, 2013 @ 9:59 pm   12

Microtransactions are being used to make the game less grindy, instead of actually fixing the game mechanics itself.

I implore everyone to boycott this game. It isn’t acceptable.

What hole did you crawl out from..? Maybe you should’ve stayed there..?
PS plus is fine, I get plenty of games from it: Sony, keep the good work going.

Rubbish. Microtransactions are not bad in itself, it depends how they’re implemented.
If you don’t like them, don’t buy ’em, it’s that simple.

Mougurijin 6 December, 2013 @ 3:48 am   14

It’s a shame this microtransaction rubbish is screwing up what would otherwise have been an smooth, more popular release of this epic game.

However, if what the random posters who say ‘Shut up everyone! Microtransactions are fine in an expensive, non-f2p game’ seem to be suggesting is true — that the game isn’t going to be designed differently from GT5, not to even slightly more encourage people to want to pay for microtransactions — then I don’t actually mind that microtransactions have been added.

The reason I don’t mind them, is that I can’t imagine anyone even using the microtransactions anyway! I mean, who is really going to pay £7.99 for 1 million credits? It sounds so stupid and unlikely.

That is, I don’t mind them other than the fact that less people, and less of my friends, are likely to buy GT6 now…

I think I’m actually more bothered by the fact I saw Nascar racing in that video… I forgot about that thing from GT5… bleh. -_-

paul-p1988 6 December, 2013 @ 6:46 am   15

Seriously people, you need to stop moaning about GT6’s use of microtransactions, they are implementing them in the RIGHT way. They are completely optional, and only for people e.g. who have families and just can’t grind for 5hrs to get the best cars. It gives them the OPTION to spend more money and get the car a lot faster! The rewards have not changed, as mentioned by quite a few sites/twitter, so those who can still grind, WILL still grind.

IF you are moaning at GT6’s microtransactions then you obviously have not heard about Forza 5, where you HAVE to buy the extra packs to even get anywhere, and they are even forcing people to buy an XP boosting pack because the XP received is RIDICULOUSLY low… that is the evil side of microtransactions, NOT GT6’s implementation of them…

paul-p1988 6 December, 2013 @ 6:48 am   16

On topic: Polyphony know how to make the sexiest intro videos, they are definitely the benchmark for other companies to be trying to aim for! I am hoping Father Christmas knows me well enough to have a copy of GT6 under the tree for me (to go with Tearaway :D), and then i can upset my in-laws by not going to christmas dinner and just gaming all day lol


My PS4’s taking a backseat for a few months me thinks, Time to dust of that steering wheel of mine 🙂


Let me start off by saying I am in no way a fan of racing games .. So this really doesn’t affect me. But people need to stop making a HUGE deal out of this.

micro-transactions really aren’t that bad as long as they don’t make the game in such a way that it forces you to grind extreme amounts of time. The game should ALWAYS stay fun and reward you a LOT for just playing. You should be able to unlock every car in the game with ease.

Again, I don’t mind micro-transactions/short cuts for those who for those who want those for some reason. BUT those prices I’ve seen thrown around on the internet are RIDICULOUS! “MICRO-TRANSACTION” there isn’t much “micro” about 2.5x the price of the ENTIRE GAME for a single in game car. The most expensive micro-transaction should be 15euro at MOST.


@ #5 – Not yet, it will be added via a patch.

I applaud Sony & PD in the way they have included micro transactions. All other developers should take note. It’s been done correctly in GT6 as they are 100% optional on only really designed for people who wish to shortcut their way through the game.

Are the cars overpriced, forcing the use of micro transactions? I’ll know for sure when my copy arrives today but so far I haven’t seen a single car that is more expensive than it was in GT5. So can’t say that Sony/PD have inflated the prices to push sales. I had no trouble filling my GT5 garage with every car available, the in game credits are easily earned, the same will be true of GT6.

Moaning about price – Let’s see, firstly ALL PSN editions of ALL games are horrendously priced. Sony say the publishers set the prices so they don’t undercut retailers. Whatever, it’s Sonys platform and they should grow a pair and force some sensible pricing. That said, who in their right mind buys from PSN? Seriously? I bought GT6 for £35 with 2 x Anniversary Car packs and 1 million credits. If you tie yourself to the PSN you will continue to be fleeced.

Serpantino 6 December, 2013 @ 8:46 am   20

People that are fine with micro-transactions really need to look at the bigger picture. It’s a precedent and if Sony get away with it they’ll do it again & again, gradually making it less palatable and in a few years time games will be even more of a broken, shallow, shell of withheld content and paid progression than they are now.

Whether or not micro-transactions are entirely optional is irrelevant, it’s unethical and they could’ve easily balanced out the game or added some options/cheats instead of saying ‘you can cheat but only through your wallet.’ it’s almost a pay to win scenario.

This is Sony seeing if they can get away with it and anybody defending it is helping to push micro transactions into every game.


Defending the addition of these in GT6 is fine because that it has no bearing on whether Sony/PD deem it acceptable for future titles. If a developer decides to include them WITHOUT making them a compulsory use item, then so be it. Can’t begrudge them the extra cash from the idiots who will pay to progress.

It’s the players who support the addition by paying for these micro transactions that will tip the balance towards micro transactions becoming the standard.




I found GT5 to be perfectly balanced in as much as Effort vs Reward when it came to Credit earning. GT has always been a time sink and I expect the same in GT6, the problem is the current generation of gamer has forgotten that most games used to exceed 100s of hours, 8 to 12 hours appears to be acceptable these days, so if they want to pay to fast track completion, fine. A fool and their money…etc.

I don’t like any form of micro transaction, I purposely do not buy games (or use F2P) which have them but GT6 has done it right when compared to other titles. The only thing I do not like in GT6 is that that the 20 million credit cap seems to be back (at least in V1.0, don’t know if 1.01 patch removes it).Including the Credit Cap AND the micro transactions is a BAD move.

SamiFFXII 6 December, 2013 @ 4:32 pm   23

I’m not going anywhere near this game, after hearing about the micro transactions being implemented, i’d rather not experience another GT for the rest of my gaming life than contribute to the idea of micro transactions being in my games. I don’t care if the ‘reviewers’ say it’s not impeding on game progression, it shouldn’t be on a game i’m paying full price on full stop! Why not just give us cheats, if your excuse for micro transactions was to save busy people time, oh that’s right, you want to nickel and dime players.

What’s unfortunate is people will actually buy into this crap, so much for Sony’s goodwill generated with the PS4, but i expected this, since they’re a corporation after all, only after your money. If micro transactions continue this level of prevalence, i’m afraid i might have to stop gaming altogether, or literally buy everything pre owned, so the developers or publishers don’t see a dime from me, directly.

jellyhedgehog 6 December, 2013 @ 8:59 pm   24

The aspect I’m enjoying most is the £400 in my bank gathering interest. It will be there until the ps4 is worth getting. Stronger titles and more Media abilities please. Spending money on a “For the gamers” slogan to cover the fact that the ps4 ain’t quite ready is a bit low. Big love x x x

Mougurijin 7 December, 2013 @ 4:24 pm   25

It seems like the microtransactions are almost invisible in the game, and as Fred said, the prices and ease of earning credits are both virtually the same as GT5. Other than the fact you might feel like you’re promoting the use of bad microtransaction features in future games, in this game the microtransaction feature is completely harmless.

I might have sounded a bit too negative in some of my previous posts. I still intended to go out and buy the game on release day, from the shops (getting the completely standard version with no annoying pre-order/anniversary bonus stuff at the start of the game).

Now I’ve bought and played the game, I’m very happy with the quality of the game.

The menus are much, much better; everything runs very slick and polished; the car lots are laid out and organised much better; it’s easier to be able to buy the cars you want, when you want – they’re a lot more available than before; there’s some fun new tracks; the licence mode is a lot less time consuming and boring.

I definitely encourage people to buy this game, and not hold too much of a grudge against the microtransasctions. 🙂

davecarno 7 December, 2013 @ 9:44 pm   26

So I’ve played it 2nd day now. PLEASE stop moaning about the inclusion of Microtransactions.

They have no impact on how you would normally play a GT game in any shape of form from the evidence I have seen. In fact they are quite out the way it’s a bit labour heavy to find where to get them.

So my fears were allayed and Yoshida was telling the truth. At no point have I seen them ever advertised or pushed onto you and the credit system seems as normal to me.

I played GT5 to death and I will now play this one to death. I can see the improvements all over the game so far. Mechanics \ Handling and the Cars and Tracks are more polished. And getting Brands Hatch \ Silverstone and Mount Panorama in (great)

My one gripe is I expected every single GT5 car to be here including new ones. I cannot find either of the Ferrari F1’s this time round.

Quite a biggie that for me (I played the game to death to get an F1 Ferrari so I could use them on the seasonal events.

Can Sony confirm if they are in somewhere or will come back.

You need at least 1 F1 car in here.

The bonus for me was getting 1 mil credits and 12 free cars as part of the pre-order bonus.