VidZone arrives on PS4: This is for the music video players

New VidZone Branding

Whether you have used VidZone before or not, if you like music videos and own one of those shiny new PlayStation 4 boxes that everyone has been talking about so much, you will definitely want to read on.

For those that have, you will find that the new and improved VidZone has been fully optimised for PS4 to offer vastly faster start up times and super quick navigation. This means no more waiting to get to the music videos, your playlists, TV channels and everything else you already know and love about VidZone.

We are also using the enhanced social integration that displays a user’s recent VidZone activity in their ‘What’s New’ activity feed and also allows them to share screengrabs of their favourite music videos with friends.


For those that haven’t, you will probably be asking “What is VidZone?” Well, VidZone is a completely free music video application that lets you:

  • Choose from thousands of music videos and stream them in stunning quality on your PS3 and now PS4.
  • Create unlimited playlists and build a library of your favourite music videos in My Zone.
  • Watch hundreds of VidZone TV channels and let the music videos roll.
  • Let your friends know which videos you love by recommending your favourites via Facebook or the PSN.


We really hope you love VidZone as well as everything else about your PS4. Take a look below if you want to keep up to date with all the VidZone news or email us. There are loads of way to do so – we look forward to hearing from you.


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Hi Ben. When I downloaded this yesterday and try to start it, the PS4 tells me that I am not the owner with the license to run it but it was downloaded on my main account and the it is the only account on the PS4. It is even in my Downloads List for PS4 too and when I delte and download again, the same problem occurs.
Why would it be doing this?

Already tested yesterday night. Great app! Thx Sony!

Is the video quality better on the PS4?

@ kivi95
I’ve never tested before on PS3, but on PS4 is acceptable. Not a perfect HD but with a very clean image and a good sound.


@ #1

Go to Settings then PSN & select “Restore Licences”

I would like to arrive my broken PS4 from repair already. But in Germany, PlayStation customer support seems non-existant… :-(

@moriarty1975 Oh rly? Why did the error start do you think? I will try this when I am home.
Add me if you want, I’m from mid-Louth, home of Postman Patrick :)


@ andrewsqual

will do ;)

Not sure why it happens but it works! If you ever see anything to do with licences (with apps or games) just do that.

The PS4-system keyboard (with gyro and PlayStation App typing) really needs to be made compatible with search-as-you-type systems in apps like this and the PlayStation Store.

I hope you will add videos in 3D aswell :)

VidZone arrives on PS4: This is for the chosen ones only. :-(

Does it finally have even 720p videos? I really hate that 480p max or so on PS3

I really like VidZone and appreciate the free service but on the PS3 I did find that the adverts became rather too frequent and, given that they were always the same ads over and over again, this got a bit annoying.
Obviously I accept that you need the ads to fund the service but there has to be a reasonable limit, will the quantity of ads be the same on the PS4 version?

Is the app accessable in game or do i have to quit game again and p.s. About ads please bring adds if man goes to next song when 10 sec or less left and if no songs on playlist still play ads and not when starting next video also play ads between 4 vids it’s so annoying thats it between 2 songs also make option to select if i want full screen video on mini screen (same as while ads playing and viewing menus) also make option to set up where the always song starts i dont want always skip all 2 mins or so of trash talking so i would like it to always start the song at example 2.44 and not 00.00

As i mentioned elsewhere on the blog, i was pleasantly surprised to see my playlists were all intact when i installed Vidzone on PS4 and it also loaded up much quicker too.
However – and i do understand it’s a free service but – having to sit through four adverts in between every two videos just killed the experience for me. If that aspect can be improved upon i’ll give it another go.

I agree about the amount of ads between songs. There are far too many now, you should be able to watch 2 or 3 videos before having to watch an ad but you end up watching one video and then have to sit through 2, sometimes 3 ads!


This is a surprisingly nice app, though let down rather by masses and masses of ads, and poor video quality.

Any word on a media/blu-ray remote control coming for the PS4? I know you have this whole ‘for the gamers’ thing, but gamers also like to watch movies too. Navigating blu-rays/lovefilm/netflix etc on a dual shock 4 is really clumsy.

Stunning video quality!? Really?

It’s nearly 2014 and we still don’t have HD on VidZone!

Hi Ben, I was in the charts section and could not do a “play all”. Seems to be an option everywhere else, had to select each song individually. Can this be fixed?

Candice Haridimou 06 December, 2013 @ 15:41

Hi @bitbydeath,

Unfortunately this function isn’t currently available in the Chart Zone but you can ‘play all’ from the Most Watched playlists (which are the same as the charts) from within the different genre Zones i.e. Pop Zone, Rock Zone etc.

The app is great but the video quality is not as good as one could wish.

Not particularly interested in this, but glad we’re starting to see more video stuff coming to the PS4.

Hopefully this’ll pave the way for a proper remote control (like the PS3 blu-ray remote — I can’t believe this doesn’t exist already!) and DLNA media player support.

At this point I’d be willing to pay a one off fee to see no ads, because they’re taking over


How do you check your messages on Vidzone?

Candice Haridimou 06 December, 2013 @ 15:43

Hi @agm2502

You can access your messages by going to My Zone where you will find your message inbox.


Installed yesterday, started crashing a few hours later every now and then. Does not even load at all today. Just stuck at black screen with Vidzone logo…
Agree with the amount and quality of ads. Far too many and too repetitive. Would rather pay one off fee or some subscription to have it ad free.

I used to really like this app, but the ads took over and now I spend more time watching repeated ads than I do music vids. What happened to not showing ads after 8pm?

Are there any plans to take adds away for Plus subscribers? I think this would be great if it was to happen. How many of you agree?

It’s a great app considering it’s free to use, but the UI feels rather clunky and not-so-optimized. I see where you are trying to take it, but I figure you could make it better by just simplifying it.

The quality is not that great, it’s equivalent to 480p (or slightly higher) on Youtube. It’s far from crystal clear, but theres always room for improvement. Still, a very good app that I use a lot and would recommend to friends.

Good news … for a great free app


I look there’s no such app on my ps4 kinda [deleted]

is there any way to share an entire video clip with the Share button using Vidzone?


How do you put it to Fullscreen on ‘VidZone’ ?


When Poland?

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