Pure Pool shoots for photo-realism on PS4

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Over the years we’ve worked hard to create visually stunning games. From the the critically acclaimed Hustle Kings, winner of Kotaku’s Best Downloadable Sports Game of the Year‘ award, to the visual tour-de-force that is Pure Chess, the most realistic looking chess videogame you’ll ever play. We certainly like our games to make jaws drop here at VooFoo.

More recently we’ve announced the soon-to-be released Backgammon Blitz, another title that looks just as good as it plays. In fact, VooFoo have been building quite a reputation for bringing you gorgeous looking games; and today is no exception with the announcement of our latest labour of love, and the next instalment in the Pure series: Pure Pool for PlayStation 4.

We like our pool games here at Voofoo and so when Ripstone approached us with the opportunity to develop one for Sony’s new hardware, we literally jumped at the chance.

Pretty much forget everything you know about pool games thus far because we’re skipping several levels and taking Pure Pool to a whole other dimension! This game will bring a living, breathing, connected Pool Hall to the convenience your living room.

You’ve probably got a good idea by now that we enjoy pushing hardware to the limit to create photo-realistic games. Well, using the huge power of the PS4, we’re currently working on graphical techniques that will blur your perception of what’s real and what’s a game. Sound over the top? Wait until you see this thing in action!

Check out the teaser trailer to get a feel for the game and rest assured, we won’t be happy until Pure Pool is not only the best pool game out there, but an essential purchase for every proud owner of Sony’s amazing new console.

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Real shame this isn’t cross-buy with Hustle Kings, but it looks a nice idea to bring these pool to PS4. Might wait to see what gets MOVE-enabled in the future tho… :)

Looking really nice! Looking forward.

Dem next-gen balls.

Is that teaser video from ingame Mr. Read?

Looks tidy :)

It looks very real, except for the characters…

Will this also be getting a snooker mode ?

Dont really like pool :p .. but snooker i can play for hours.

Plz add it

Looks cool, the chick has nice ankles..
You guys are using the old $100 bills..?

The balls and cue look very realistic, as well they should, the people…….not so much

Return of them shiny balls. I know this early to ask but did the snooker DLC do well enough to consider it for this game?

That last pic looks REAL :P So i guess Hustle Kings won’t be coming to the PS4? I know i want things for free :D that is why i.e like flOw & Flower i.e if you bought them on the PS3 then you get them on the PS4 for free. Anyway looks cool the Video :P

Is her outfit meant to look like Bubble Wrap?

Those graphics are truly “stunning” .. character models not so much though.

LordOfThePies80 11 December, 2013 @ 08:19

So you’ve basically taken the Hustle Kings formula, and asked yourselves what can be added to improve the game?
And the only answer the team came back with was “[DELETED]!”
Once again you’ve cracked it VooFooians. Its looking brilliant, a nice update to what was possibly the PS3’s greatest title.
Good luck with it… the first game to really make me want a PS4.


Pool is for Americans, how about giving us a Snooker game for EU? Makes more sense imo.

Hi all, thanks loads for your comments.
Leylifter,the in-game shots do indeed represent final game quality visuals.
Guys asking about the possibility of a future snooker add-on. No plans as yet, but our MD likes snooker so who knows?
ThugETH (nice username, by the way), the budget was indeed thrown at the ladies ankles, glad you like them! :)

Be sure to keep your comments coming!

This game is gonna be mind blowin, voofoo n ripstone are gonna get this right.
I will defo be buyin this.
lookin forward to avin game with lots ov ps3 hk players, coz they are defo gonna get a ps4 wen they hear about this1.

the pool table and balls look real is can get, cant wait for the game to come out

The characters at least in the trailer are lacking in realism, they look fake, not sure how real you can make those look.

I’m not basing my decision on purchasing this on the chars anyway, as I plan on buying this game.

I love the realism of hustle kings and the game play even better so pure pool is sure to be a huge hit.

I know with me it will be…

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