Terraria arrives on PS Vita today

It’s really exciting to finally be bringing the world of Terraria to the PlayStation Vita today, 11th December, and to unleash the game on all those many fans that have been requesting us to do so.


There’s been no need to tinker with the awesome core gameplay, but PS Vita definitely allows us and Engine Software to embellish some of the cool things that we’d already put in place for the console version. It looks amazing on the Vita screen too!

Tweaked controls
We’ve redesigned the control especially for the handheld PS Vita, introducing touch support that allows for greater finesse in the crafting and item interface … The whole of Terraria really is one big canvas to play with, and we’re really happy how accessible the Vita version is, just like the console version before it.


Cross-platform play
You’ll also be able to enjoy online multiplayer, with up to eight players, though how you play is up to you; whether you join up to fight bosses together, build added-awesome castles, or duel each other in PvP combat!

Not only that but with PS Vita we’ve introduced Cross-Platform Play and Cross-Save to Terraria for the first time, allowing you to interact and game with PS3 players or save your game and pick it up again on your PS3. It’s the perfect game to play on the go and then return to the warmth of your home and pick up where you left… especially at this time of the year!



New content
Finally, we’ve been able to introduce a glimpse of the recent 1.2 PC update, including over a dozen new items and recipes, two completely new armour sets, and more than 20 new deadly foes including eight new Zombie enemies and six new fearsome new Demon Eye variants! All of that and all the original Terraria content too – 200 crafting recipes, over 25 block types to build anything you can imagine, more than 100 monsters (zombies, wyverns, unicorns, and evil clowns ), over 30 inhabitants to meet and recruit to your home, and over a dozen environments to explore – there’s never been a better time to play!


The PS Vita version of Terraria really does offer a whole new way to pick up and play the game that’s beloved by millions of Terrarians already. We hope you love it too!

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If I wanted to play a game with the graphics of a Commodore C64 I would sell my PS Vita and go find a C64…Seriously who is making trash games like this still??


Give it a whirl. You might be pleasantly surprised.

How much will it cost?


It’s £11.99/€14.99 with a 10% Plus discount

Finally! :)


This is one of the most games on vita and people have been waiting ages for it, if your not interested don’t post or buy it.

Good graphics does not equal a good game!!!!


VenomousAlbino 11 December, 2013 @ 10:18

Precisely. Not every game needs to be 75% particle effects and explosions.


when you don’t know/understand what you’re talking about, you better keep quiet!!! :-)

*runs off to the web-store*

@SuperSaiyan4 @hayzink

To me it seems to be equalling the opposite; I’ve come up with a equation for it:

( “rubbish” graphics == good || “good” graphics == boring ) == true

But this retro style graphics come back has allowed devs to work more on gameplay and less on the looks; the end of the day, Thomas Was Alone has proved that just having blocks still means having an interesting, highly playable and funny game.

Seriously, who is still comparing modern games to CBM64 games? If I wanted to read stupid comments I would sell all my books and buy the transcripts from the Jeremy Kyle show.

Life is not all polygons and voice-acting, kiddo.

TheMoDiiFii3r29 11 December, 2013 @ 10:23

WHERE IS IT!?!?!?!?!

Link brought me to Terraria PS3 no PS Vita



Hold tight – the Store updates in a few hours time.

@wolfieZero : Well said man. Thomas was a great game.

Most games i’ve been playing on my Vita are indies and I’m loving it!!!


You clearly have no idea what you’re saiyan, so I’ll just hope everyone just ignores that remark. To the folks at 505 Games: thanks a million, was waiting some time for this one!

I picked this game up two years go on PC for about €2 and I think it has given me the most enjoyment for my investment over any other game save maybe a copy of Morrowind that came free with a graphics card.

So I’ll be picking this one up on the PSN because I genuinely feel bad about not giving the guys who make the game enough money. The amount of stuff they push out for this game is brilliant. Two massive updates that came out as patches instead of DLC.

I wish I could afford this. But no crossbuy. :(

So much win! What will be the price? Link redirects to PS3 version as @TheMoDiiFii3r29 said

No cross-buy then?

How much will the game cost? I own this on pc and loved it but I’m not going to double dip if the price isn’t comparable (£5.99 on steam.) I see that it’s £11.99 on PS3 which sounds like a bad joke :/



Just look at Minecraft… To me those graphics hurt my eyes, but I’ll not comment negatively on it just cause I don’t really like it!

Terraria is an excellent game & has kept/still keeps me well entertained in between playing big titles!

Wish I had a Vita right now!

Is it cross buy? Since I’ve bought it on my PS3, so will I be able to get the Vita version for free or at a discount?


I’ll buy it today when I get back home. THANK YOU and please keep releasing patches to this version and more content if available!

Woo Hoo! Something to do on my flights!


To the people that prefer a game from the 80’s why don’t you save your money and just go download emulators and roms for classic Atari and Spectrum games instead of supporting lazy developers for games like this which take next to no effort?

Graphics don’t make a great game but there is a huge difference between lazy rubbish like this and a great title which doesn’t have mindblowing visuals like Gravity Rush.

Wow £11.99! Why so expensive compared to the pc version?

Guess I’ll be waiting for this to be on a 50% discount at least.


Apologies for asking here Admins; But do you know if PS+ Members in the EU will be able to get Borderlands 2 in the Instant Game Collection?

Is a large amount of confusion.

Many Thanks.

And the most ignorant comment of the year award goes to… *DRUM ROLL*

#1 SuperSaiyan4 !

Seriously, why even bother posting. Comments like yours should be removed it is not only very rude but shows you to be a complete idiot.

Anyway finally the game is here (though not on the store yet!?)
Can’t wait to get stuck in!


No one has once said the EU were getting borderlands in December update so don’t see why there’s confusion.
Next months content will be disclosed to us by the end of the week and it could be there who knows.


Na his comment at 21 tops the first one.

to ThugETH

He just doesn’t understand the gaming in general :D. He sounds similar to some people who say that games should be the most realistic otherwise they’re garbage…I guess there’s only one way to deal with these guys – ignore them.

Hi, Is this game cross-buy? I have it for PS3 already, would i need to buy again, or would the Vita version be free? Thanks


@hayzink When Playstation says all PS+ Members, and I’m a member….

Using your logic they never said it was US only either.

WOW .. that first commenter should be ashamed of him self. I LOVE TERRARIA .. thousands of people DO! .. Not every game has to be about the graphics Terraria is an awesome game. I’m really really happy this game is on VITA ..

(the price is kinda steep though, mostly because I already own it on PC and on 360 so shelling out 15/14 euro for it is kinda much for a game I already played a lot)

( for those who get upset about games like this ) Get this trough your thick skulls, it’s NOT like they have a limit to how many game are released on a platform. An indie release doesn’t mean one less AAA release. So if this isn’t your game, just SKIP it .. I for one LOVE such games. In fact to be quite honest .. I would take this over KZ mercenaries (not in too FPS on hand held, haven’t even finished bothered to finish KZM)

I would also love to see other indie’s like FTL, Paper please etc on vita .. just wish prices weren’t so steep.

well, maybe supersaiyan4 is not right in his manners… (that’s what you get for following the gt crap… XD )

but I also prefer the new technologies applied to old concepts… I love 2d graphics, hence my love for Dragon’s Crown, but it’s time to move on from “pixel’s big as bricks” time… don’t you think…

a lot of indies try to call for our memories with this style, but you can also make good old school games with good, modern act…

anyway, I’ll try this terraria, I did not find anything interesting in minecraft, maybe this will work better for me (plenty of enemies and weapons seems…)

How are the january IGC games and deal nº 6 going?


That’s really an insult to people who work on games with retro style graphics but also lacks any validation as to how it’s lazy at all? Also, is that to say that if the graphics are a retro style so the creators are lazy in-spite of the effort of programming, design and all the other aspect that go into building and releasing a game?

May I suggest that you go and watch a lovely little film called “Indie Game: The Movie” and realise what you’re saying is complete hogwash

@ Fredd Dutton

EPIC RESPONSE … THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR INTRODUCING ME TO THAT SONG #EternallyGrateful !!! (I know # makes no sense lol)

guys,SuperSaiyan4 is obviously either trolling or doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Just ignore him.


We really shouldn’t waste our time on trolls like @SuperSaiyan4…

Terraria is a great game!!

TheCursedMonkey 11 December, 2013 @ 11:07

£11.99/€14.99 is really steep. I really like the look of this game and want to support the developer but even with my plus discount its still too high. I read on IGN that it will cost $14.99 in the U.S so the euro price should be €10.79 and the sterling should be £9.13 which i still think is steep compared to £3.14 i could pay on android and possibly cheaper other places.


I don’t know if your new to the blogs or not so I’ll assume you are.

Things posted on the USA blog apply to the USA only unless the same post is made on our blog, our plus posts are made by chris and he tells us our full content line up for the month.

Don’t know if its a 3rd party news site you read about borderlands on but if that’s the case then you should always come here and check, an easy way to find the post is to Google “PS plus update PS blog eu” its much faster than trawling through pages of posts to find it.

Even when it gets announced here its still not certain. Evergreen Vita titles is a good example.

2bad, just got the PS3 version when it was on sale.
Guess there is no change PS3 owners can get a cross-buy version?
Also own a PSvita would be nice if I could also play this game in the go while my GF is playing it at home! :D


@hazyzink I originally saw it on the @Playstation Twitter account. Quite surprised at the ‘wide brush’ used.

Thanks for your help.

Very disappointed!

No discount for the owners of the PS3 version (like it happened with Rainbow Moon)?

theo_andravida 11 December, 2013 @ 11:29

I would have maybe bought it but tell me that it is not just me that thinks it is way more expensive than it should be!


That’s the issue you want to follow @playstationeu for news relating to us, @playstation is the USA twitter account.

Offers cross-save and cross-play but no cross-buy…

Once again, 505Games overcharges for something you can get on the PS3 for a lot cheaper…

Already there, use search :)

So, how long till we get a PS4 version?

Ok so why is the PS3 version the same price as the Vita one? There should be Cross-Buy end off…

Todays Christmas deal for those interested = Velocity Ultra

Again no RPG and no deal for me :( .. ho well.


There’s really no cross buy?
Seems a bit ridiculous to me I guess I’ve been taking that feature for granted. At least stick it to the man bothered with this feature.


@SuperSaiyan 4.So innovating games like Tetris are ‘Trash’ to you,because of simplistic graphics? I feel sorry for you,mate.Also,if you are British,you shouldn’t be using Americanisms like the word ‘Trash’

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