PlayStation Plus in January: DmC, Soul Sacrifice, Borderlands 2, more

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Hi everyone! It’s time again to share details of all the goodies coming your way as part of PlayStation Plus over the next month. We’ve got a brand new PS4 game, two huge PS3 titles and two cracking PS Vita games to keep you entertained over the festive period.

PlayStation 4 (From 8th January)

Making its console debut is the beautifully crafted Don’t Starve from Klei Entertainment (Shank, Mark of the Ninja). Set in a world of science and magic, Don’t Starve is a wilderness survival game where you play as Wilson an intrepid gentleman scientist who is trapped by a demon and transported into this dark and mysterious world.

You must learn to exploit the environment and the inhabitants you will encounter if you want to have any chance of getting back home!

And don’t forget, a PlayStation Plus membership will also provide you with access to PS4 online multiplayer.

PlayStation 3 (From 24th December)

First up on PS3 this month is DmC, Capcom’s latest entry in their Devil May Cry series. You play as Dante, a young man caught between worlds. The action plays out in Limbo City, a place secretly controlled by all-powerful demons. It’s a cracking action title, and a real work out for the thumbs – just the thing for burning off that Christmas excess.

Next up, I’m pleased to announce that PS Plus users will be able to download the brilliant Borderlands 2. In this acclaimed sequel, you jump into the story of four new Vault Hunters as they fight to free Pandora from the clutches of Handsome Jack, the brilliant, charismatic, and utterly despicable CEO of the Hyperion Corporation.

PS Vita (From 24th December)

First up, from our very own Japan Studio, the simply breathtaking Soul Sacrifice. Prepare yourself for a brutal combat experience where every decision made has significant consequence. You take on the role of a slave who stumbles upon a forbidden book that allows its readers to relive epic battles between sorcerers and monsters of the past. In order to use the magic during fierce battles, the player must be willing to make a sacrifice in exchange – ranging from personal belongings, a limb, or even a life. What price will you pay for power?

Last but certainly not least we have beautiful 2D fighter, Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend. The latest title in the franchise offers the most substantial BlazBlue experience to date including all previous DLC characters as standard, the Calamity Trigger & Continuum Shift stories as well as brand new game modes, new stories to play through, and the all new playable character, Relius Clover. Relius Clover and his robotic puppet Ignis, join the fight with 23 epic scenarios to play through.

On top of the great games mentioned above PS Plus members will also have access to huge discounts this month so keep checking the PS Blog for regular updates. Also, don’t forget The 12 Deals of Christmas sale is in full swing, so stop by PlayStation Store to grab a bargain!

In summary:

Leaving PS Plus:

Entering PS Plus:

Not a PlayStation Plus member? Then join today from just £5.49/€6.99 per month. To find out more visit our PlayStation Plus site .

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store .

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Yes Borderlands 2! Was hoping it would come our way after being on the US PS+…

24 dec, not 25? Because 24 is Tuesday.


We all love working at PlayStation but Xmas day would be a little extreme! :)

GodOfWarGreece 13 December, 2013 @ 10:07

The best month for ps3 and ps vita hell yeah you are the best sony i love you

Those are some great additions for PS Vita, good stuff!


Awesome update!

I hope the ps4 stuff gets better soon, contrast and don’t starve are starting to make the ps4+ look like the early ps3+ i guess a few months of garbage is ok until there are good games that aren’t brand new to offer but if sony think they can screw us with (CENSORED) games just because we have to have + for multi player now then that is extremely disappointing.


RE: PS3 and Vita, This is more like it, thanks!

Obscenely good


this is a brilliant monthly package.

thank you. ps plus is awesome.

@vivan000 The 25th is Christmas Day and I’m pretty sure these guys don’t want to be working then.. ; )

This is thrilling! After poor december update, now You give us something to sing about. Borderlands 2 and DmC is right at my top list of games I didn’t play and was wondering if Playstation Plus will give me the opportunity to do it. Sincerely I thank You.

Best month ever !



OK I have played DMC and B2 BUT I traded them in and I welcome the opportunity to play them again

for VITA AMAZING!! So looking forward to Soul Sacrifice!!!

PS4 – its just cool that we are getting another free game!!


Hm, only one game for PS4? I assume you don’t have too many options for now, but I hope to see two PS4 games for month, and not both indies.

Awesome update Chris :D Just a question though, is it safe to buy plants vs zombies for my Vita? Is this something your’e looking to get into PS plus?


It is something we have been looking at but we have not been able to strike a deal with the publisher as of yet. It doesn’t mean it won’t come in at some point but it’s not planned at the moment.


SS is welcome, as is DMC, but any surely everyone must have picked B2 up by now… not as interesting as original imo, though few sequels are… anyway am sure there’ll be lots of positive replies for this post.. nice one

Best month so far. Was hoping to get DmC and Soul Sacrifice. I already have Borderlands 2 for PC, but hell, playing it on bigger screen sounds like a plan!

Can’t wait for new deals from the 12-deals promo!

got both these allready . 2 great games for those who aint tryed these yet

Yep fair play Sony, I’m happy with Borderlands 2! I suppose if I wanted to split hairs I could ask why did we not get it the same time as Uncle Sam’s PS+ subscribers did but it’s only a month later I believe.

A Christmas peace offering to the downtrodden European PS owners from SCEE is most welcome, but a long way to go for total parity between regions yet.


Good update this time. Thanks guys!

Don’t starve? Awesome!!! Soul Sacrifice? KILLER!

Thank you, Sony! :)


There’s no one there Christmas so they upload it before hand but at least we don’t have to download these on Christmas Day coz psn is probably going to take a battering from all the new ps4’s joining the network.

Borderlands 2 played it, loved it will download it again!! Never played a DMC game before so it should be interesting and don’t starve… We’ll merry Christmas to you to Sony you’ve made it a good one thanks.

And why is the PS+ icon not showing on my avatar?

Wow, hats off to Sony for this amazing month! Can’t go wrong with Soul Sacrifice, BL2 or DMC. Looking forward to Don’t Starve on PS4 as well!


Great update! But content isn’t a surprise :)

I hope there will be huge discount/sale on Borderlands 2 add-ons, since there is GOTY with almost all DLCs.

And maybe we will finally get Mass Effect 3 and Kingdoms of Amalur DLCs sales…? :)


Well…since Ninja Gaiden Sigma+ is the SS in IGC best deal for me…I was hoping for some good stuff, since the latest months were not my preference….:)
so, thumbs up…

but…again a fighter game for vita? come oooon..:)

Yes, yes, this pleases me muchly. Nice one, guys.

Finallygotit_Pom 13 December, 2013 @ 10:17

Simply awesome!!! time to renew the subscription :)

nice going! Really excited for Soul Sacrifice, as well as Borderlands. I already own DmC, and it is a great game. However I was expecting something bigger for PS4. Maybe next month…


Over here in mainland Europe everyone gets their presents Christmas Eve teatime, rather than Christmas day morning like we do it, so best start downloading bright n early mate.

Awesome update! Now I can play Blazblue Extended on go without having to double dip (I own PS3 Limited Edition)! And always wanted to try Soul Sacrifice, excellent Vita update! :D

Will pass on DmC, I own Trilogy HD Collection and still haven’t finished even the first one. Might give it a try after first three games. Definitely going to play Borderlands 2, enjoyed the first one (which was on IGC too!).

We’ll see Borderlands dlc on sale, right?


Keep an eye out next week!

Awesome update, was hoping we’d be getting Soul Sacrifice after seeing the US get it.

Is it true that we are getting a large firmware update for PS4 around this time as well?

Thomas_English 13 December, 2013 @ 10:19

Hello Chris! Is there any chance to see LA Noire in IGC? I know this game is too old, but it’s a really good game.


I would like to say yes as it is a great game but it’s not available in all regions which makes it a little difficult for the IGC


lol at comments at ps this last year or so.. ‘is it safe’.. seriously though, thats real, i mean it Does actually interfere with your planned spending budjet.. i must of saved over a thousand, easily.. But i do miss the days of knowing I was in charge of my own gaming time, i hate ps plus, (joke).. anyway Chris is it safe to..?..

Wow. Omg. Those are big games. Way to kick-off the year !

Thanks to Sony for the best christmas present !
Any hints on possible PS Plus subscription discount/special offer ?


We have no plans to discount the PS Plus subscription anytime soon I am afraid


amazing. let’s see people complain now.

I have a ps plus subscription till 2017… Happy days


@chasloyal. thanks for the heads up :)

Don’t starve is a is fantastic game that I have been waiting for, played it lots on PC and it will give me something to play on the ps4 which has seen way less use than I expected.

I’ll queue up the 2 ps3 titles for next year.

Blazeblue should be good as I’m a big fan of 2d fighters not so sure about soul sacrifice as I don’t like monster hunter and I hear its like that.

All in all its a good update, just missing the 1 ps3 game that the USA still have and we would obviously still love the 2 vita titles to rotate.

WHY OH WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US SONY! :D I got to much to play already! :P Nice 1 SONY;) & Happy’Gaming’Christmas ;)

This is, hands down, the best month ever for this service. Merry xmas indeed!


You most welcome mate, this will be my third consecutive Christmas here in Austria and I’m really getting used to their ways. In fact I’d go as far as to say I think Christmas over here is better and far more festive than it is back home.

Im a happy bunny

Awesome update ! Borderlands 2, Soul Sacrifice, Don’t Starve and Blazblue Continuum Shift ! It’s a shame that one spot for PS3 title was taken by DMC (just to be clear ->me – love the orginal series), but you can’t have everything :)

This is a lovely update!

I was waiting for Soul Sacrifice to enter the PS+ stage and here it is. Got DmC and Borderlands 2 and those are awesome too.

The bigger games for PS4 will come soon enough when the catalog is a bit larger so i’ll just wait and see what happens.

Soul Sacrifice !! AWESOME !! I was hoping or a discount but this is even better! (I was secretly hoping for it to come to PS+ since US got it too) And Don’t starve for PS4 is also great, for those who don’t know it it’s a REALLY fun game and I’m really exited for it to come to PS4!! ( I already knew it was coming since it was announced back when PS4 was announced )

BL2 and DmC are also awesome games for PS3, but really exited for PS vita and PS4!

Thank you so much guys, a REALLY great month!!


Nice update for Chrostmas. Gonna nab Soul Sacrifice for the Vita and add Borderlands 2 and Dmc to my collection. Thank you very much. :)

Thank you for the AWESOME update!

Awesome update guys!!!

This is a BIG surprise and the best gifts for christmas :)

TerrorOfDeath86 13 December, 2013 @ 10:32

I do own both VITA games and both are great. I still have to get the online trophies in BB.

PlayStation plus the service that keeps giving fantastic line up and its been a superb year on plus thanks for all your hard work. Right better take soul sacrifice off my Xmas list

Chris Can i See more only on playstation game? like sly cooper HD Ratchet & Clank HD PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale Twisted Metal That great game? :)

Was wondering why PS4 owners have to wait until 8th Jan?


That’s the scheduled release of Don’t Starve on PS4, it will be day 1 exclusive in Plus

wow amazing games but i have BL2+DMC i will enjoy this month the soul sacrfice


i’m ps+ uk subscriber i bought 1 year us subscription last month to get borderlands 2 now its coming to uk lucky me ! XD

Captain9Fingers 13 December, 2013 @ 10:35

What an amazing update, mind blown, wow! Thank you. Can you hear that? It’s the sound of Xbox owners crying

Gtreat Christmas gifts! THX Sony!

PS4 update is soooo disappointing… I want to see Knack or other AAA titles!

Nice update. Gives me a chance to try out Soul Sacrifice as I wasn’t sure about it because I never play multiplayer. Also I nearly bought BlazBlue yesterday so I’m glad that’s going to be on Vita too. As for the PS3 I’m sure I’ll download DMC at some point, already own Borderlands 2 twice but it’s a great addition.

Would it be possible to put the file sizes on updates though? My 32gb vita card is always teetering on full as is my 500gb PS3 hard drive.

Yesss, was hoping soul sacrifice would come to psplus. Already own blazblue but nice update nonetheless!


Solid month. All the games are fantastic, and worth the retail price, but even better included as part of PS Plus. Incidentally I own all of them except DMC which I held off getting after seeing the ‘leak’ suggesting it would be in the IGC months ago; I’m overjoyed that it is finally here :D

Also, Soul Sacrifice isn’t really Monster Hunter like beyond the fact that you build up a character and go kill big monsters. The content in broken down into decent sized arenas and most ‘missions’ can be down in 5 or so minutes; very pick up and play/have a romp on the toilet as opposed to investing an hour to explore, prepare and complete a Monster Hunter mission/take down a boss.

was just about to buy the double pack of borderlands.

And devil may cry ….awesome

just hope I can drag myself away from the PS4 come xmas


While this is a good update, I am still very unhappy about the loss of the PS3 game while US kept all 3 of theirs. We have now lost a total of 3 PS3 games now, and our sales plus discounts are still at 10% while US gets 50%. Very disappointed, Chris.


The games are great doubtless. But it’s one game less than a month ago and two games less than 3 months ago. So what’s next? Do we get a game less every month now?

Great… PS4 owners get a game no one has ever heard of. Could be good but could also and more likely be a right stinker. How about discounting some of the criminal prices for PS4 owners as well? SCEE really need to improve their PS+ discounts.


Where in Hungary you from? I’m just across the border in Eisenstadt

DiscworldDeath 13 December, 2013 @ 10:42

Awesome stuff – I already own all these games, so this is of little use to me, but I own all these things because they’re /good/. Have fun everyone :)

I’ll play my Muramasa Rebirth and Ys: Memories of Celceta :D


Wish I had kept my ps3 as ps+ on ps4 isnt giving the same value, its like a barren wilderness atm with 1 game in jan n probably 1 game a month for how ever long plus ps4 is being left out in the cold with all the Christmas goings on, I know we wouldn’t get sales like on ps3 but a little something wouldn’t kill you to make us ps4 owners feel we matter but then after what the americans got with ps4 (1 month ps+,1month music unlimited AND a free tenner store credit) compared with our 14 day ps+ that not everyone could use kinda shows how much we matter to scee…….rant over =p


@Nemeth How is it two games less? Wasn’t one of the PS4 titles (Resogun by the looks) equivalent to the ‘yearly’ games that PS3/Vita already have?

You still got 2 PS3, 2 Vita and 1 PS4 game, which seems to be the new rotation/offering now that the PS4 is out.

I already have blazblue.
I never liked dmc, but I guess I can try it out.
I don’t know anything about soul sacrifice, just gonna check gameplay on YouTube.

Ps4 guys you won’t be dissapointed with don’t starve its better than most of the ps4 launch titles.

Awesome work, as always!

You guys are doing such a great job with the PSplus content. Borderlands 2 is one of those games I ditched when going all digital, but one I’m really happy do get a hold of again and will be sure to pick up a few of the DLCs!

I really could ask for more regarding the IGC but just want to ask if we’re likely to see any one of the Dragon Age games in there anytime soon, or at all? I, for one, really liked the second game, but wouldnt mind giving Origins another try aswell.

Again, thank you for providing the best subscription service ever, and have a very merry christmas!


It is a franchisethat we have looked at for PS Plus in the past but we have not been able to strike a deal yet


What’s the 12 deals offer today?


I think the post will be going up at 12 GMT for that one so just an hour to wait

*”couldnt” ask for more…that word made quite the difference =)

OnionMarmalade 13 December, 2013 @ 10:49

Hey Sony. Just wanted to say thanks for this.


I missed the sale on Spelunky Last week and I hate myself for it. Can I expect it to be discounted anytime soon or do I just throw a rope and buy it right now?

I missed Rayman sale for vita on Monday cos the store wouldn’t work for like 5 hours will that be on again?

While I already have (or rather, had) Borderlands 2 and Soul Sacrifice, this update is actually quite good. will definitely check out DmC with emo-Dante ;-). Blazbleu I don’t know, so that will be interesting to check out. And Don’t Starve is of course an excellent addition to the IGC!

Bought a PS4 launch day, payed for PS Plus, to play smartphone games, awesome. Worst launch titles ever…
Going back to ps3 again…i’m a sad panda

Huge month for PS3, nice.

Soul Sacrifice makes it all worth it :P


Will we get 3 ps3 games again in the future, like we used to?

we wait for seventh deals is black flag . Thats extreme deal :)

Very disappointed that PS+ subs won’t be discounted any time soon, I was sure I seen Fred comment that it might pop up during the 12 days of Christmas sales so I bought PSN store credit specifically for it, but obviously made a mistake. Does PSN store credit expire after a year or does it stay on your account after it has been redeemed? I seem to recall a ToS change in relation to this.


Thanks for the great update! I was definitely a bit underwhelmed when a PSP game (albeit a great one) was added in Vita IGC. Good to see it not becoming a monthly trend.

Great job!

King_Sephiroth 13 December, 2013 @ 11:02

This is an awesome update! This is the playstation plus we love, Thank you sony


OK, that’s a good Christmas. Too bad you guys don’t give out Vita memory cards as well, my 32GB one is basically full!

And besides that, I basically feel like hayzink, missing the third title. But those 2 are awesome, thanks Chris :)

Now looking forward the Offer rotation at midday…


@54 Also it is nice of Sony to give people time who first sign up to Plus on Xmas Day or get their console that day, time to get Contrast.

Nice update, was going to buy borderlands 2 for PC , now I can play it on the conolse, also not played soul sacrifice so will give it a go.

Ps4 games stacking so when I pick up later next year am good to go while I wait for uncharted 4 and the order.


wow i cant fault this choices well done!!!


Oh, and here is me missing that Edit Comment button again:

Let me say I bought DmC at launch. Anyone that has NOT tried the title yet, and loves the good ol’ DMC, please give it a shot. Sure we mostly love the old Dante and co. better, but the game on its own is quite good. Give it a shot and remember the Bloody Palace is on the Store for free :)

amazing month pals!!!

4 great games on ps3 and vita, amazing, and thanks to not include one vita and one psp game… psp as a gift like this month it’s ok, but replace vita with psp it’s not a deal

anyway, thanks again for an amazing month!!!

So all that is left to finish of this year is the last of us.

Thanks team Sony for the cracking update.

Merry crimbo to you and yours

Chris, can I get any info about new DLC to LBP2? When it will be available to download and what will be the cost?


Sorry I don’t have any information about that at the moment. Keep an eye on the blog as any new DLC for LBP2 will be announced there

Now THIS REALLY MAKES UP for a lot of stuff that was going on recently. A total surprise having such great games in one big combo. Congratulations and thank you for being able to secure such great titles for us.

Great IGC content for January! Looking forward to Borderlands 2, I’ll try DmC (didn’t really like the demo) and BlazBlue. And I’ll go for the Platinum in Soul Sacrifice (sold it a while ago).

@ Chris Howe

May I ask about any news regarding the PS Vita version of Borderlands 2? If it is coming soon, I ‘d rather play it in my handheld than PS3. Is cross-play (PS3/Vita) online co-op possible, like we see in games such as Dragon’s Crown?


I don’t have any information about Borderlands 2 (VITA) I am afraid


…nuff said.

PS3/Vita content is very good
PS4 is disappointing. I get it, there is not a lot of content yet but I was hoping the Plus content would highlight the power of the new console and not a game that looks like it was made for the C64.


Thank you very much. Great games!
And can be expected to add to the PS + TOMB RAIDER 2013???

Happy new year SONY and Chris!:)


Possibly but that would be telling wouldn’t it!


Chris I have a question: is Guacamelee going to stay into IGC? I don’t see it “leaving”


Yes Guacamelee! will be i the service for a while yet

Hi there!
Just wondering what the likeihood that Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus will enter the IGC. Being holding off buying it, just in case.

Holy Maria!

That is just to awesome. Well done you guys.

Everyone is like: Woot! Woot!

Everything as expected, with Borderlands 2 and Soul Sacrifice. And Hayzink was right that people would ignore Chris’ sins over their enthusiasm for BL2. :P

But hey, we cricisize when it is due, so praise should be handled the same way. BL2 and SS are obviously great content.
And before I forget it, I want to give a late thumbs up for Remember Me too. Game had its woes, but it still was a pleasant experience. Something that most people would miss, if it wasn’t in the IGC.

Back to cricitism: I hope you this month’s quality isn’t the exception, just because it’s christmas. The last 2 updates had a clear trend downwards.
And that you shared BL2 and SS this month, doesn’t change the fact that we lost our third PS3 game either Chris.
As long as the US keep theirs, our IGC will automatically always be inferior, for the simple reason that same quality (even that is doubtful meanwhile) and lesser quantity can never represent the best IGC.

So nice job on those games Chris, my general verdict...

Show full comment

Everything as expected, with Borderlands 2 and Soul Sacrifice. And Hayzink was right that people would ignore Chris’ sins over their enthusiasm for BL2. :P

But hey, we cricisize when it is due, so praise should be handled the same way. BL2 and SS are obviously great content.
And before I forget it, I want to give a late thumbs up for Remember Me too. Game had its woes, but it still was a pleasant experience. Something that most people would miss, if it wasn’t in the IGC.

Back to cricitism: I hope you this month’s quality isn’t the exception, just because it’s christmas. The last 2 updates had a clear trend downwards.
And that you shared BL2 and SS this month, doesn’t change the fact that we lost our third PS3 game either Chris.
As long as the US keep theirs, our IGC will automatically always be inferior, for the simple reason that same quality (even that is doubtful meanwhile) and lesser quantity can never represent the best IGC.

So nice job on those games Chris, my general verdict is still that you failed us, with the IGC changes and the utter failure to establish any improved standards in the sales.


Oh well, can’t please everyone all the time I guess


Another great selection of games on all formats. The only problem I now have is finding the time to play them all!!


Can you send me your c64 please as it must have some power, don’t starve could never run on a ps2 never mind a c64, there’s lots of visual effects that while subtle are there and enhance the experience that I won’t got into as its a good surprise when these things start to happen.

I stand by what I said before don’t starve is better than most the current launch line up.


Looking forward to playing Borderlands 2 having played the first one through PS+ and also looking forward to playing the rebooted DMC having enjoyed DMC 1-4 :)

And for god’s sake, when will we finally see the option to edit our comments? It’s been over a year that Fred mentioned an incoming blog revision. Still waiting … as much as we still wait for the promised improvement for the download list.


Sorry chap. These things take time. Blog revision coming very early in 2014, but comment editing might take a while longer I’m afraid :(

Nothing for me this month, but thats because i already own these great games. Awesome update for the people who havent played these games though, well done Chris.

Looking forward to the Borderlands Sale though as i didnt buy any DLC on PS3 yet. Hopefully we ll get a bigger discount compared to the standard 10% for Plus, but since you said huge discounts im keeping my fingers crossed.


Guys – anyone know if I’ve played Borderlands 2 to death (disc copy) and I get this through PS+ next month, will it carry over my saves and will I still be able to access the DLC?


You always knew I’d be right on that one, so stop being a crybaby these games are awesome ;). :D lol


As far as I’m concern it’s a decent update, and say this because I haven’t forgot the bad treatment we have been receiving from SCEE, namely:
1-No update on the ps vita yearly collection;
2-Only 2 games on the IGC for ps3;
3-Last month update for the vita was a complete joke (a psp game… honestly, a joke);
4-The prices on the European store are a joke.

I know many are willing to forget these points fon the sake of a great update, but please be fair in treatment you’re giving Europe and North America.

p.s. l do love this update, give us disgaea instead of Blazblue and it would be perfect.

YoyoMcDingdong 13 December, 2013 @ 11:33

Borderlands 2,nice one.thank you.


@Chris pls answer^^

is it safe to buy bioshock infinite or persona IV Golden?^^


I would hold off on both of those for now

Well you could please me if you’d explain why the US managed to keep the promise that the IGC won’t change with the PS4, while you failed that promise.

You could please us if you’d have improved our sales to the level of the US, as much as they managed to improve the level of their IGC to ours.

But if you think that we should be satisfied with inferior sales AND the inferior IGC just because you put Borderlands 2 into the IGC … think again. Maybe you won’t bet that surprised anymore then.


@Chris: just a quick post to say thank you for being as responsive as you are in this post. Keep it up, and ppl will be much, much happier!


Superb update! Now if we could only get some nice discount for P4G…

Bloodlust_1138 13 December, 2013 @ 11:39

Great Christmas line up!
Any plans for Rain, Flower or Star Wars Pinball?


No plans for any of these at present

Yes! Excellent update. Last month I complain, but now is perfect. DMC and Borderlands is so much better than GRID and Guacamelee.
Like the last months, I need to ask: some possibility of Injustice and Tomb Raider?

Thank You!

Bloodlust_1138 13 December, 2013 @ 11:41

@108 Yes it will.

Of course I knew. That’s why we are around, to remind Chris that people didn’t forget. At least not all of them. ;)


Absolutely amazing month guys!
WELL DONE! I’ve wanted to get Soul Sacrifice for a long time, but I figured I’d wait the year out and hope for it to be on the PS+ list. I’m not really playing PS3 anymore, but Borderlands 2 and DMC are pretty big games.
I’m looking forward to Don’t Starve, looks like a good indie title.

Again, awesome job guys!

Thomas_English 13 December, 2013 @ 11:44

Hello again Chris!
Quote of message: “I would like to say yes as it is a great game but it’s not available in all regions which makes it a little difficult for the IGC”

I was sure it is…
And now I see why:!/ru-ru/cid=EP1004-NPEB00850_00-PLANOIREXX000004 or!/ru-ru/cid=EP1004-NPEB00850_00-LANOIREDEBASE001

P.S. Thank you for your attention.

Fantastic update, thank you –I don’t have any of those! Merry Festive Season everyone!


Okay, since nobody is mentioning – is anyone looking at Killer is Dead for a deal or IGC over at EU Sony?


Chris can you help me out?
I want to get AC IV: Black Flag for PS4 and The Walking Dead Season One on vita, should I wait or can I buy them now knowing that they will not go on sale or be part of PS+ any time soon.

Great month of content yet again for PS+, looks like my retail copy of borderlands 2 is off on ebay soon ;)

@Chris: Could you guys look into a JRPG themed sale? I have seen lots of people asking the past few months. Maybe february or march would be nice with the releases of Ys, FF13-3 and FFX HD in those months. You could include some Tales of games and some FF titles ( as many people were asking for a Square-Enix sale again ). I think you would please a lot of people with a JRPG sale which included some Vita titles.



Thanks for the awesome update mate!

Back on track after last months quite tepid games.


@122: He said on another post to someone who asked about AC:IV that he “might want to hold off for now…”

Take that as you wish! :P


That is a nice surprise (not Borderlands, but another good ps3 game). Personally, I am not thrilled with both Ps3 games ( I don’t think I would’ve tried them any other way), but like everyone else I appreciate the effort you put in to this month’s update.

Hi Chris,
any new info on the y…. oh long term Vita title what’s the shedule to replace them?
And could you do a Escape Plan DLC discount for “The directors Cut”?


@125 Yeah I saw that, just hoping that if the PS3 version goes on sale that I can still pay an extra £10 to upgrade it to PS4, I would of brought Need for Speed when it was on sale but you couldn’t upgrade it


Any plan for a discount on Kller is Dead?

Any chance that Splinter Cell:Blacklist will be added next year??

Great month btw :)

Fair play!

After a terrible December update, you guys do come good just in time for Christmas!

Thank you, and merry christmas ;o)


Bought BL2 at launch, fantastic game that everyone should play.

Very happy about DMC (finally ;)). Nice update

If you taking requests, SSX & Dishonored would be very welcome

Flugsvampen_97 13 December, 2013 @ 12:01

Really good update with big titles but nothing for me im afraid. Havent been so interested in any of these games but I guess I´ll try DMC and Borderlands 2 since I dont have a Vita or PS4, yet.
Keep up the good work Chris! Hoping for something more in my taste in the future, still great work. :)

got a Vita last week and downloaded souls sacrifice demo – glad to see it on PS+

nice offerings

can we have some dynamic themes please, i miss them

Blog sure has improved their customer service, with all these replies lately. I appreciate that. ;)

And as much as I love this new update and wait eagerly each 12 Deals post, I think Golwar is right. US gets more games and better sales, it’s the harsh truth. If I didn’t love my Vita (with possibility of only 1 account) and all the IGC games we’ve got this far (the backlog is HUGE), I’d probably change to US PS+. :(

Been playing Grid 2 (which is okay) and Guacamelee (which is awesome), so I don’t think past months have been THAT horrible… But this month with BL2, SS and BB:CSE is going to keep me busy on holidays. Seriously, great update once again. Didn’t want to sound all negative, as I wanted to thank you as much as criticize. :)

and more cross play titles would be nice

Awesome update, besides Borderlands 2 I played all of them and every single one of them is worth the PS+. Good thing is my Killzone PS4 bundle will arrive next week so “just” Borlderlands 2 will be fine if I manage to beat Killzone in this week until the 24th.

Chilliheatwave 13 December, 2013 @ 12:08

For goodness’ sake, now I have to buy a Vita. Can’t see all of those PS + games I’ve gotten over the last several months go to waste!

Absolutely awesome… been waiting for soul sacrifice ever since i bought a vita last month, thank you so much!
BTW whats the chance of getting assassins creed liberation on ps+ in february??

Awesome. Just, awesome.

Every game there I’ve wanted to buy at some point so you’ve saved me a lot of money. Thank you PlayStation. :)


Cracking lineup, I don’t beleive anyone can complain. But there is still one qestion that many people are asking and which really needs to be answered?

Will PS+ in Europe be returning to 3 PS3 games each month after January or will it stay at 2, whereas Norths America get 3?

Personally, if we get 2 retail games every month like these (Bioshock Infinite+Tomb Raider or Dishonored+Metro Last Light etc.), then you certainly wont be hearing any complaints from me.


Some great titles, thanks!

Thanks. I probably should rather bother to fix my frequent typos. ;)

Thank you. And I hope that I didn’t seem to ungrateful either. Thought that I had presented a rather well balanced mix of praise and criticism.
The games are good, but as Voltaire said:
“Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien”

And sorry Chris, currently you are only the second best in class in all subjects. I expect more. So should you.

Excellent stuff! I’ve been hoping to play DmC for a while now. Great work, guys.

Very nice set, two thumbs up!

I intend to play Borderlands 2 on my Vita, but this gives me opportunity to try it earlier, and for free!


Awesome update once more!
1 question: is The Walking Dead Season 2 coming to the psn this week?

Nice one looking forward to Borderlands 2 Christmas Day sorted :0)

zalwelgoedgaan 13 December, 2013 @ 12:22

Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better. This is why people have PS+, Soul Sacrifice will be mine.

GREAT update i LOVE it
cant wait till the 24th….
goood job ps plus eu keep it coming
thanks a lot chris


Thanks, you really outdid yourself on this one! Two great PS3 games for free. Makes up for the fact, we no longer get 3 PS3 games. Quality over quality is a great approach :)


great games this month thank you sony!!!
any plan for some rockstar games in the future??
greetings from italy

Awesome Month! Thanks :)

DMC in IGC, Great! I am happy for every slasher game in PS+. I will try Borderlands 2, maybe is much better than first one (boredomlands). I would like to ask if God of War Collection vol. 1 or vol.2 or Dante’s Inferno is coming to IGC in foreseeable future? Thanks for another great games :).


Wow – This is a great update, and I dont see anyone complaining for once :P
Very happy with this update, only way it could be better is if borderlands 2 for vita was announced to be cross buy (so I already have it available when it releases)

@ Golwar, you are the most pessimistic guy ever dude .. all I see you do is complain. Like ALWAYS in every comment you post.

There’s been nothing of interest (for PS3) in the IGC for months, or the 12 Days sale for me so far :(

Already own Bioshock infinite (which is obviously in the sale) and most the ‘sale’ prices have been really… not so great. i.e. still more expensive than retail.

Really hoping to see some decent content in the DLC sale (Max Payne Rockstar Pass, FFXIII-2 DLC, Castlevania DLC)

My main beef though… what has happened to Arkham Origins’ Knightfall? US got it on release, still no sign of it here?

Great month but that still doesn’t excuse the lack of vita refresh. Please give us details on when this will happen.

Also I wish the region thing could be sorted out. Even if its only next gen the fact that some countries don’t have games shouldn’t affect others. Just arrange a good alternative maybe from their own country.


Golwar would not be complaining in every post, and neither would I if EU and US were being treated equally. Do you think it’s fair that we get less PS3 games than US every month? Or that we only get 10% plus discounts when US gets 50%?

Bravo. That’s why I have a playstation 3, playstation 4 and playstation vita.

Great update especially blazblue :) keep it up with good games.

Only game i’m actually interested in is BlazBlue, Which i already have on PS3
I’m not sure if i even will play it if i get a Vita :U
I’m just SOOO TERRIBLE at every fighting game, Except Touhou
But this is how most Plus updates to me, Usually nothing that i’d like but i don’t mind it since the service is worth it anyway, And variety is… good i guess

What i’d really like to see in the IGC…
Tales of Graces f
WipEout Fury/HD(I think it have been on Plus before though)

The MGR and Remember Me update was surprising, I have both installed and ready to play them, But never get to play them for some reason, Oh well, I am planning to play them anyway, Must force myself through the first step i suppose


excellent month!!!!

Also This probably wont be answered, but why is star ocean the last hope international not in web store ? its an awesome game.

This is really amazing, one of the very best months in PS+ history, thank you very much, really great job guys :-)

Good month, time to clear some space on my PS3 and vita.The only game I won’t grab is Blazblue – the only “fighting” games I like are those like Dynasty Warriors.

Nice to have something else to play on my PS4 as the first retail game will be Yakuza Ishin when it releases in Japan on 22nd of Feb.



Will drive club still come to playstation plus because before it was held back it says it was going on playstation plus?

Sp4rkyM4rk1337 13 December, 2013 @ 13:22

Excellent update – looking forward to checking out Soul Sacrifice in particular. Is Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories not leaving the IGC on the 24th December 2013?

Funny thing though: I still have a physical copy of Borderlands 2 which I won from the Weekend Debate at the beginning of the year. Maybe one day I will get round to playing it, along with the first one which was in the IGC last year.

Just to clarify, does this mean that Resogun on PS4 is a year long PlayStation Plus game as it does not list Resogun as leaving PlayStation Plus in December 2013 or January 2014?

Either way, it is great strategy to swap out Contrast on PS4 on January 8th 2014, as it gives people plenty of time to get PlayStation Plus for their PS4 this Christmas and add it to their download list.


Oh man, Soul Sacrifice was what I was hoping to see, that’s great. Already own BlazBlue on PS3 but I play it a hell of a lot, so a portable version is appreciated. DmC and BL2 are both great choices too, and all of those just in time for christmas! Don’t Starve looks fun too.

Fantastic update, keep up the good work.

Awesome month :)
For some reason I haven’t renewed my PS+ this month.
But for DMC I will definitely renew it!
Borderlands 2 was everything I wanted out of a sequel to the original, and I hope everyone who hasn’t experienced it yet
will enjoy it as much as I did :)

In terms of what to include on the following months,
I think we need another fighting game in PS+, as one of my favorite PS+ games in the collection was surprisingly D0A 5.
Which turned out to be great fun with my friends.
My most wanted fighters that would fit for the PS+ collection
– SSFIV Arcade Edition.
It is really cheap on the store right now and would fit perfectly with USFIV coming next year!

– Soul Calibur V.
Very cheap right now too.

– SF X Tekken (PS3).
Just as cheap as SCV and was already in the vita PS+ Collection,
so why not spread some love to PS3 also?

Anyone else agree with me?

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Awesome month :)
For some reason I haven’t renewed my PS+ this month.
But for DMC I will definitely renew it!
Borderlands 2 was everything I wanted out of a sequel to the original, and I hope everyone who hasn’t experienced it yet
will enjoy it as much as I did :)

In terms of what to include on the following months,
I think we need another fighting game in PS+, as one of my favorite PS+ games in the collection was surprisingly D0A 5.
Which turned out to be great fun with my friends.
My most wanted fighters that would fit for the PS+ collection
– SSFIV Arcade Edition.
It is really cheap on the store right now and would fit perfectly with USFIV coming next year!

– Soul Calibur V.
Very cheap right now too.

– SF X Tekken (PS3).
Just as cheap as SCV and was already in the vita PS+ Collection,
so why not spread some love to PS3 also?

Anyone else agree with me?

Maybe you should check the definitions of words before you use them?
Pessimism is about ones fearsome anticipation of undesirable future events.
I criticize the status quo and events in the past. I have facts, not fears.

So seriously, try harder next time. You made no sense at all.


Is it safe to buy Dishonored at this time, or are you guys planning to bring it to the igc? I would be really glad if you could answer :)

By the way really nice games, looking forward fot both :))


Great update thanks guys! Will have lots of games to play over christmas!


I think the word he wanted was cynical which your not but at least it would make more sense. Lol


Wow! I already have Borderlands 2, but I’ve been wanting to play DmC and Soul Sacrifice for a while now, and Blazblue looks interesting too.

If you keep offering quality like that, I won’t even mind the cut in quantity :) Now my only problem is that I don’t have enough space left on my 32 GB PS Vita memory card. I sure hope we get the 64 GB card over here soon.

As for suggestions… First of all, I’ve been thinking about Bioshock Infinite, considering we’ve had some recent games in the past months. If it’s too recent, maybe it can wait a couple of months. Secondly, I’ve really wanted to get Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F for some time, as it seems like a really fun rhythm game. Still, I realise it may be too niche for the IGC. Then again, we actually do get a wide variety of games in the IGC, which is exactly what makes it so great. So I’m still hoping for it! :D

Anyway, awesome month. Keep it up! :D

Well, “negative” would have probably been his most appropriate option. And wrong nevertheless, as I am just critical and not easy to seduce. ;)

As evilwitch83 already said, all we expect is some effort to offer a comparable service for everyone. That’s neither negative, cynical and surely not “pessimistic”. It’s a reasonable demand and expectation, end of story.

Is Assasins creed for Vita a possibility?


As bad as this might sound if they can’t give us back the game to level the playingfield then they should be taking a game away from the USA just like us.
Then possibly the money saved from the plus pot(the money the give to publishers) can be spread more evenly worldwide and we can all benefit from better plus discounts.

People seem to forget that USA get day one plus discounts on pretty much all new psn titles and when we asked before why this is and we don’t it was explained away as it was part of there plus offering and as a result there igc was not as good.

As the roles are now reversed and its us that ultimately has the inferior igc we should really start seeing benefits elsewere .

(I know none of this is new to you but your the most natural to quote to continue the conversation)