The 12 deals of Christmas – deal #8

pro evo

Hi everyone! Just 10 days to go now until the big day? Why not buy yourself a little gift today as we roll out the latest offering.

This deal will go live on Sunday 15th December and last for 48 hours.

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Deal 8:

Pro Evolution Soccer 14 Digital Premium Edition (PS3)
Was €49.99/AU$69.95/£39.99, now €19.99/AU$24.95/£15.99
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members

Soul Sacrifice (PS Vita)
Was €34.99/AU$47.95/£29.99, now €19.99/AU$24.95/£14.99
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members

Movie rentals:

United Kingdom:
Now You See Me
SD: Was £3.49, now £0.99
HD: Was £4.49, now £1.99

World War Z
SD: Was AU$5.99, now AU$1.99
HD: Was AU$6.99, now AU$2.99

Jack The Giant Slayer
SD: Was €4.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €5.99, now €1.99

The Great Gatsby
SD: Was €4.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €5.99, now €1.99

SD: Was €3.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €4.99, now €1.99

The Assignment
SD: Was €1.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €2.99, now €1.99

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store .

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Ehh back to the sports stuff ay.. Not for me.


Why put Soul Sacrifice on sale? when it will be free on plus on the 24th December..

Its a bit silly to have a PS+ discount on Soul Sacrifice when itll be FREE for PS+ members in a few weeks…


Boring why this rubbish. Put on blag flag or blacklist

PSA: Soul Sacrifice will be free on the 24th of December for Plus subs.

I dont want to be rude, so sorry Sony, but this offer sucks… I wish we could get better deals…

Well, I prefer to see the positive aspect that they announced Soul Sacrifice incoming for the IGC, before they put it on sale. Fair enough. :)

Shinobi-vs-Gast 15 December, 2013 @ 12:08

Nothing for me again.

Don’t forget Soul Sacrifice is coming to Plus, so don’t buy it. ;-)

Any chance Puppeteer is going to be in the sale this month?

@Chris,still not what ı expect… deal 8 , nothing for me again , im waiting for Ac IV Black Flag, Please next deal must be..

Thinking positively, hopefully this can only mean the last 4 deals are going to be gold. Also, is it likely we might see a Playstation Plus subscription discount before the middle of January?

Disaster sale with Soul Sacrifice.

Bad, very very bad.

Will Playstaion Plus offer coming to the 12 days special ?

Puppeteer would be brilliant on the sale

Was planning to get PES at Christmas, best deal so far, thanks!


Ok. We are lucky to get better deals than most stores in the UK at least (and xbone). Most the deals were amazing but this wasn’t doesn’t really fit in because a football game has already been on sale

NHL please, enough football already

Not that I plan to buy PES, but its not even available on PSN. It just says “bundle” instead of a price tag :s

Another footy game? Oh my…

Is it safe for me to buy NBA 2K14?

General_Dripple 15 December, 2013 @ 12:10

IF you buy Soul Sacrifice now…in a few days you’r gonna have a bad time…

Was really hoping for P4G .. but Soul sacrifice? That just makes zero sense since it will be in the IGC in like 9 days!! ?

It’s a real shame .. I just put another 20euro on my account so I’d be sure that I had enough money for P4G when it gets the discount. I REALLY want to buy a game or two for VITA, waiting for what the discounts will bring. But this is just sad honestly …

Still not a single deal for me .. the only deal I did care for was spelunky .. would have liked this deal if it wasn’t for the fact that SS will be free in 9 DAYS. I would have gladly payed the money if I had the wait like 9 months for it to come to the IGC but 9 DAYS!!

Are you guys sure that wasn’t a typo?

REALLY looking forward to the P4G discount .. wish you guys wouldn’t make so many people wait for that game. That would make all our holidays!

I mean the ONLY deal I cared for I missed .. :( (spelunky)

LOL, what’s the logic of putting a game on sale that is coming to IGC next month??? it’s a bit disrespectful to Plus members since it’s a non sale really. This is really bad! At least I’ll have plenty of money left to use on next year’s upcoming games.

LOL @ Soul Sacrifice, seriously.

Anyway Chris, got any news with the Marvel vs. Capcom content? It’s being delisted this week, US is getting a sale for MvC2 and the MvC3 downloadable content. Please reply as soon as you can.

Is it safe to invest now in Sly Thieves in time or Sound shapes?
I want to buy one of them next week.
Thanks in advance for reply.

@ mellorfc
Nope. No PS Plus offer in this sale, that was one of their replies.

Clap clap clap clap!!!

Outstanding deal!
The sh#tiest soccer game along with a vita game that comes for free in a few days!
Why don’t you just put the bl00dy games on sale upfront altogether instead of announcing them every two days? Do you think that you are building hype this way? No, you aren’t!

Lol whats next, Borderlands or DmC. This has to be the worst deal out of 12 deals.


Xcom Enemy Within for £19.99 would be good

@ Golwar, a positive comment XD .. that’s a first ! haha ..

Really? Soul Sacrifice?

Will there be a sale on the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 DLC? The game is being delisted from PSN soon and they are on sale on US PSN atm.


Chris. Is it safe to hold off AC IV and NBA 2K14? I got battlefield through the sales upgraded it straight way. Saves me £25 that was epic id love to see a basketball game as their already has been a football game and AC IV is a must tbh everyone has been asking for that

In this way you will not get my money :( Deal #8 and I still can’t find anything for me.


This is terrible.Another footie game,and Soul Sacrifice,which will be free for Plus members,soon.Is this a plan to get non Plus members to get Plus? Also,I hope there’s not some poor Plus member that doesn’t know about Soul Sacrifice coming to IGC soon,and goes and purchases it.Very poor,Sony,very poor.

For the people that dont have ps+ Soul Sacrifice is a great deal but you should at least take away the ps+ discount, isnt that just extra kickers for non ps+ subbers.

Agreed, terrible deal.

One game is going to be free for plus members soon (and the price is high anyways) and a sports game.

Hey Chris,
Thanks for Pro, I will get it tomorrow. It should have commentary on my local language like the retail edition?
Have you considered a discount on Killzone Vita or Need for Speed Vita?

Not really a first. But I’m glad that you seem able to register it at least sometimes. ;)
And now don’t let me stop you from complaining about the deal. It’s fun! I must know. :p

This deal is somewhat boring, as Soul Sacrifice will join the IGC in a matter of a few days, but I understand the deals with publishers have been agreed upon quite a while back.

May we expect Puppeteer, Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (Vita), in the coming deals?

What a waste of time…. You might as well have call this the 0 deal of Christmas…

Seriously, another football game when FIFA was already discounted, and a game that is coming to the IGC in 10 days, what’s the point?

Only games that have interested me so far have been Spelunky and Rayman legends, but wait… Still impossible to add any funds to my wallet due to some stupid Sony store problem and nobody in Sony support team who cares enough to help the customers willing to give them some money (not to mention the money I had to spend to call your stupid overpriced support line which has been completely useless…)… So haven’t been able to buy those.

Next generation will be without me, I’ll stick with the best gaming platform, which is the PC! With real sales on Steam for example… You should check it out some day, who knows, you might understand a thing or two about how to run an online store…

thinking to buy gt6, but afraid that il’ll be on sale… yeah I know it just released, but it’s christmas… gifts… :)))

@ Golwar, I don’t know if you were being sarcastic .. but I would probably have bought this game if it wasn’t for the facts that they announced before hand it is coming to the IGC

that said .. still pretty ridiculous that Soul Sacrifice is one sale .. the great majority of people with VITA’s (or at least a LOT of us) are waiting for P4G .. It’s practically the only reason I get exited every 2 days just to get a huge disappointment.

Really REALLY bummed I missed the only sale I cared for till now .. (spelunky).


any of these on the sale? (Dishnored, Max Payne 3, Ni no kuni, The Last Of US, GOW Ascension, Metro Last Light, Ac 4 black Flag, Splinter Cell Blacklist)?? Is The walking Dead season 2 coming this week on psn? please answer me.


OMG, how awful


Still nothing for me.

I’m still hoping they made a typo or some temp confused the title that was on sale XD .. (please let this be true .. please update with P4G instead lol .. or at least give us a chance to buy the games we missed .. many people missed Rayman and or Spelunky)

Interesting… I’m really waiting for the next deal, just to see if they can be worse than the previous one… and yes they can!

Nah, I really think it is fair that they announced SS to come to the IGC first.

It wouldn’t matter that much, if the rest of ours deals would be better. But yeah, in general it’s a pile of … and so SS just costs us another one of those rare 12*2 spots. Another wasted opportunity.

Spelunky was the only purchase that I made btw and while I enjoy the game, I’m still pis… off that they only had to pay $3.75 in the USA.

But alas, I don’t want to get too “pessimistic” again. ;)


Nothing for me. I’m dissapointed about Soul Sacrifice. Maybe you guys can make a sale on black flag.

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