The Pinball Arcade arrives on PS4 this week


The holidays are here and we’re happy to be launching some awesome pinball! We’ve been working hard all year on re-mastering and relighting the classic pinball tables in our game to take advantage of the PS4’s power.

We want to congratulate Sony on a great launch! The PS4 is a great machine and we’ve really enjoyed developing for it. Pinball Arcade didn’t quite make it out for the PS4 launch, but hey… at least we made it onto PlayStation Store before Christmas!

We were very happy recently to see that IGN recognised our efforts and gave us a 9.0! They also added that the game is a “must download” since we’re giving you a table on PS4 for free.

That table happens to be one of the best pinballs of all-time, Tales of the Arabian Nights, which was designed and manufactured by Williams in 1996. We can’t wait for people to try it who may never have tried pinball before. Pinball is a much deeper game than some people think.


The digital version goes live this week in North America and Europe. The Blu-ray is also getting delivered to a few retailers this week – a great stocking stuffer for anyone who likes pinball, hint-hint.

We’re launching with all of our Season One content included. That’s over 20 tables worthy of first ballot Pinball Hall of Fame inductions. In fact, nine of the top 14 ever, according to, are available from day one on PS4! We’re humbled to get to re-create these masterpieces for all of the real pinball fans out there.


Lighting tech
Since we started re-creating pinball tables digitally, a decade or so ago, we’ve wanted to implement point lights – the illumination of light from specific points. Pinball tables are a great way to show off this technology. Some tables have well over 100 points of light that have been designed to flash on and off during the different modes and features of the table. I’ll always remember the PS4 for being the platform that we developed this on first.

Also adding to the eye candy is the amount of real-time environment map reflections we can add. Pinball tables are made up of lot of plastic and metal parts. Lots of chrome, combined with lots of colored lights going on and off makes for a beautiful lightshow!

Since we first released the Season One tables on PS3 and PS Vita, we’ve been making fixes and improvements to our engine and each table. These fixes will soon be released for those platforms in a big patch that should be out in January. The PS4 version will get this updated gameplay on day one!

We want to give players who own the PS3 and PS Vita content a discount on PS4. There have been some technical hurdles, but we’ve been able to work with Sony to implement a loyalty discount on PlayStation Store for the Season One Table Packs. Players who own all of the Season One tables can buy either of the Season One Packs for half price!

We’re also offering 10% off these Season Packs to PS Plus members for the next two weeks.

Happy holidays to all of you guys from everyone at FarSight!


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Congrats guys. I think you were one of the first developers after February 20th 2013 to be on the Blog announcing that you were developing for PS4. Can’t wait to play on Wednesday. ^_^

Great news.
Some questions regarding the discounts.

Will players who do not own all of the Season one tables buy the separate packs for half price as well or just the season One pack?
Or will we not get any discount at all?
Have most of the tables but missing one or two table packs from season one.

The Season one pack was released quite late after Pinball Arcade was released on PS3, so some of us never bought it.
Instead we continued to buy table packs, not the whole season pack.
Will the same discount be valid for the season two?
This I bought as a season pack.
Appreciate your answer

I own the PS3/Vita versions already and will be getting this on PS4 as well! Looking forward to see the improvements! :)

TPA is just great. Good to read that the big patch fixing a lot of issues will also be available for VITA :-)

Congratulations on the PS4 release!

I’m so happy that it’s coming out this week. When TPA didn’t hit PS4 launch I was thinking that it would be a long wait so glad to be proved wrong and looking forward to seeing how good the tables look with all the new light effects.

Too bad previous owned tables aren’t free. I don’t pay twice for the same content. (i would have bought additional tables). So I’ll skip this one.

icecrasher_zero 16 December, 2013 @ 21:41

I hope you will fix problems with vertical view in PSVita version e.g. some buttons location. Changing tables by sweaping with finger should be adjusted too.

How many tables on the retail disc? All season one tables?

After buying all of the tables released so far on both the vita and the iPad, I don’t really want to buy them yet again on another device. Might have to skip this, even though I was looking forward to it….

Snake_E_A_T_E_R 17 December, 2013 @ 05:22

Is Pinball arcade coming to south africa? Digitally

Is this game free for plus members ?

Looks like Zen 2 will be my choosen Pinball on Ps4 as they offer free upgrade, even with the ps+ discount I think the asking price is too much to ask! (Bought all the tables seperate in season one and two) And think I have already paid a fortune for this game!, maybe someday if even further discounted for previous ovners! (Atleast 75% off)

I have loved Pinball games since the 80s (and digital ones since then too, starting on C64), so the more the merrier and it’s awesome that we now get two at once for PS4, so early in the cycle!

I played the demo for this one (in store) and really like the new lighting.

It’s a matter of personal preference and I love that you guys recreate existing tables, basically preserving them for posterity. But gosh do I wish you’d partner up with the Zen Pinball 2 guys for everything surrounding the game – UI, DLC, graphics engine, 3D support, friends integration, all so hugely superior with Zen Pinball 2 so far …

ZEN Pinball offers all my previously bought tables for free on PS4.

So that will be my next gen pinball game!

(sorry, because I think you have nice content, but it’s too expensive)

Have to say, extremely disappointing for you guys who have already bought this on previous devices, imho should be free.

I will grab this though for the fist time with the free table, looks stunning.
Don’t think I will buy more tables though, bit pricey in the long run.

Zen pinball is going to be my choice too! As I will get all my tables on ps4 at no extra cost even if they are direct ports as claimed – I have already bought about 14 I think.
Will give the free table a go though, but I was rather disappointed by the vita version and deleted it shortly after when I got the original 4 tables and I don’t fancy buying them again.

zen pinball will always be my first choice far superior physics and fun and way better design on the tables and now also zen have announced that all table will be cross buy from ps3/vita to ps4 just amazing..then you guys think that asking people to pay twice is ok…haha epic fail :) zen all the way :)

Although Zen and PA are Pinball games they are totally different in feel. PA offers recreations of genuine tables with realistic physics (ZEN does not have ‘far superior physics’ unless your living on a planet with 3g). Zen offers fantasy tables with elements that would not be possible on a physical table. Take your choice but for me PA is by far the superior product and tables. As for the cost, PA have redone the entire engine for PS4, it’s not the exact same product, Zen have simply upped to 1080 resolution. Try out both and buy what you like. PA comes with 1 free table Arabian Nights which is an absolute classic.

so does zen dude comes with “sorcerers lair” for free…also i think zen has worked on an overhaul too like you say each to their own but just think zen is way more fun, pinball arcade just seems like such a effort to just get the ball to the top of any table lol

So at what time will the store be updated, can’t find the game yet.

Yes, Farsight said on their FB page that it would be available in SCEE on the 18th yet nothing on the store.

Search for it manually.

I much prefer the Pinball Arcade to Zen but the discount doesn’t appear to be working for me. The store tells me I have purchased Season One on Vita and PS3 but it doesn’t offer me the discounted price and tells me I don’t qualify.

Will this be fixed soon?


Have the same problem

Same here! Got all the season one tables, but don’t qualify for the discount! Please help!

So Arabian Nights looks amazing with the new lighting as well as being super-smooth and now I’m dying to see how all the other tables look with this new engine. Hurry up Sony and get this sorted out……


How long does it take for Sony to fix this problem :-(


Well, the PSN+ discount has expired and Sony STILL haven’t fixed the discount pack so we can actually buy it.

I hope this means they will re-launch the discount when they finally DO fix it as its not like we haven’t been TRYING to buy it for the past two weeks, I have tried every day.

The problem is still not fixed, there was a store update, but it has introduced new problems. Pro discount pack expects you to own Pro table versions while it should be available if you own only standard versions. On the other hand, the standard discount pack requires you to have standard table version. If you have purchased the Pro version of any table (not a Pro upgrade, but a Pro pack from the start), standard discount will not be available for you.

It has been terribly broken for over a month with no fix from Sony. Please resolve it ASAP and offer a Plus discount again. If you can’t manage the upgrade discounts properly, just give all the tables for free to all the users like you did for Zen Pinball.

Another issue is preventing me from downloading the discount package. The store thinks I do not own Star Trek and Twilight Zone. I obtained the two tables via Kickstarter, it even says purchased when I check in the store. It seems that Kickstarter backers are being penalised here. Can this issue be addressed please.

My mistake! Nothing to do with Kickstarter, I forgot the kickstarter tables were both pro tables. If I try to buy the Pro Pack discount offer, only the tables I haven’t bought as Pro show up as non purchased. My issue now seems to be trying to buy the basic discount pack, but not being able to as I own two Pro tables.

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