The 12 deals of Christmas – deal #9


Hi everyone! What’s the weather doing where you are? Here at PlayStation Store we are in for plenty of Rain as this beautiful PSN title enters the 12 Deals of Christmas, alongside Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut.

This deal will go live later today, Tuesday 17th December, and last for 48 hours. Enjoy!

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Deal 9:

Rain (PS3)
Was €12.99/AU$18.45/£9.99, now €6.99/AU$10.35/£5.49
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members

Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut (PS Vita)
Was €12.99/AU$18.45/£9.99, now €5.99/AU$8.85/£4.79
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members

Movie Rentals:

United Kingdom:
Olympus Has Fallen
SD: Was £3.49, now £0.99
HD: Was £4.49, now £1.99

A Good Day to Die Hard
SD: Was AU$5.99, now AU$1.99
HD: Was AU$6.99, now AU$2.99

Man of Steel
SD: Was €4.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €5.99, now €1.99

SD: Was €3.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €4.99, now €1.99

SD: Was €3.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €4.99, now €1.99

The Next Karate Kid
SD: Was €1.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €2.99, now €1.99

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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Death_-Raven1430 17 December, 2013 @ 12:01

Is it safe to buy sly cooper thieves in time?

Can I hope for a Tearaway discount?

This is a good deal, i was hoping Rain would get some love

cant even hate on them cos i don’t know this games :P

next Deals ;)

The Last of US
Persona 4 Golden

oh dear

XxjalaldevilxX 17 December, 2013 @ 12:05

Was expecting Black Flag, this is really poor!

I am waiting for AC4, still :)

Ooooo! Rain? I might. I think I just might.

Lone Survivor looks interesting, might have to jump on that.

I have to ask though, is there any chance of a discount on Hatsune Miku or the Atelier games in the near future?

Fantastic Deals, I’ve bolstered my Vita library considerably so in December so thanks for the fantastic savings guys. I already have Lone Survivor but at that price it’s well worth a punt for anybody.


is it safe to buy Persona 4 Golden?


Great Deals! Reaaly great! Im getting them both!

BloodMountain88 17 December, 2013 @ 12:08

Will definitely be buying Rain. Is Lone Survivor a cross buy game? If so I’ll probably get that as well.


This is beyond disappointing..

Considering that those games are quite new, that seems to be a decent deal combo.
But to be honest, I’d rather grab Rain in the US for $3. And I got Lone Survivor already on GOG.

So still just Spelunky for me. :(

Is Street fighter x tekken for ps3 safe? I have bad luck with fighting games. Lands on ps+ almost immediately. Buy it or something else


Both look great for me


give us black flag and batman pls!!!
thanks for the Rain though


I want rayman legends for ps3

Remember that lone survivor is crossbuy guys, I got it at launch so nothing for me but if you don’t have a vita you can still grab this great game


Oh come on !.. ok Merry Christmas to all of you, here end my despairing 2013 12 Deals of Nightmare.

No Dragon’s Crown, no Blacklist, no Black Flag. and The Last of Us incoming, you know that game every PS3 user bought on day one…


Hey Chris, could you please ask Fred when the Tearaway codes from the Weekend Debate last week will be sent ?


These will be going out in the next 48 hours. Sorry to keep you waiting.

wackojackosnose 17 December, 2013 @ 12:13

Hi, is there going to be a sale on the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 games and DLC.

It’s being removed from EU PSN in 2 days and it seems everyone but us are all getting 50-75% off sales and discounts in preperation for the removal. Details here:

Any help / comments are helpful, thanks.


interesting deal, but not for me


Money spent so far: €0.

Seriously NA had better weekly deals than all these “special” Christmas deals we’re seeing here.


@haxterwolf (#3)

Tearaway is already cheap… it launched as a budget game.

Do the devs a favour and buy it now.

poor deal ! nothing for me again. im still waiting for Ac IV Black Flag, what if he doesnt put that game on sale , Europe Sony will make me disoppointed,not only me, but also all players who wanna Ac IV !!

Lone Survivor is tempting, but I think I’ll hold out for Guacamelee or Hotline Miami if there are going to be more indie discounts.

Thanks for the crappy sales SCEE. I knew i shouldn’t have expected much from you!

Decent games if you wanted them I guess ..

Still no deal for me though, missed the only deal I cared for so far (spelunky). Still waiting for a deal that interests me. P4G was hinted at, will definitely be getting that one.

Ho well .. back to BF4 on PS4, I just wish they would fix the bugs already. My SP safe game has been wiped 5 times now. Haven’t been able to get further than Singapore, while I wanted to get all SP trophies in one playtrough and MP is also pretty buggy and laggy (have 120mbit internet, so it isn’t my connection)


Lone Survivor…result!!

Just popping to the shop now.


Have to agree with Leighroy’s question, is there any chance of a discount on Hatsune Miku in the near future? Especially with the Vita version incoming.


P4g was hinted to be among the discounts ..


I’m with you on that question, want the vita verion as missed the last sale I’ll pay full price if needed but would not want to if the discounts should be there so an answer would be great.

I asked Fred on twitter about this so if I get an answer there I’ll update you on here.

The Last of Us is going to be the last one, isn’t it?


Rain for me, thanks! :)


It’s safe to buy the Tearaway before christmas? Thanks!


Please please do Persona 4 Golden, forget everything else! If its just one sale you are going to do then make it this one!

Also please redo the Rayman Legends sale! We weren’t able to complete our purchase with that sale as it fell on the PS Store maintenance day last week Monday. Where PSN was down for the whole day! Please re-add that to a sale day!

Thank you

Why are the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLCs not on sale before they are removed forever from the store on Wednesday.

Please fix this before they are removed. Get on the horn with Capcom.

CHRISGAMER2011 17 December, 2013 @ 12:22

is their any chance for valhalla knights 3 being on here

Just watched a review on Lone Survivor and it sounds like a game I’d enjoy! Buying that later on :)


The first deal I’m going to actually get!

Although it’s not that great of a deal (Considering the event), I was intending to buy Rain anyway, this just makes me do it now :)

Anyone know if Lone Survivor is cross buy? If so I’ll grab that too :)

I’m hoping the last 3 deals make up for the rest of the lackluster sale

No retail game? Rain should of been a sale for this weeks store update and not part of the 12 deals.

So The Last of Us and AC Black Flag are coming, so what’s the other game? Give us a hint at least

D’oh! Was hoping for AC4 :-( . I have a feeling, that it might be part of this deal later on, but the waiting is killing me :-D.

I’ve tried to keep it semi light hearted but there’s nothing even slightly amusing about this, we the Playstation owners of Europe are clearly lower down Sony’s food chain than cockroaches in their Chinese factories. But should we be that surprised seeing the silence from the mods has been deafening for the last few days?

Pathetic is the understatement of the year so prepare for a whole lot more moaning and unhappiness for the next couple of days SCEE!

Will there be any big sales on the Assassin’s Creed series? I mean other games than Black Flag. Buying all the games to catch up on the series gets quite expensive with the normal prices you have at the moment.

I played the first one only and I liked it.

Oh my comment’s awaiting moderation again, surprise surprise

Another day another disappointment, where is the last of us mr howe mentions it along with black flag and then we get ????????

a response would be nice, manners and all :-)

merry xmas

Assassin Creed IV Black Flag hinted guys ? if so can you send me link ”posted” by @Chris , cause ı dont wanna miss games anymore, i missed battlefield4 , nfs rivals both of it good games for me after ac4.

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