Season’s Greetings from the Killzone team at Guerrilla Games!


2013 has been an absolutely phenomenal year for all of us here at Guerrilla Games, from launching Killzone Mercenary – the go-to shooter on the PS Vita – to the honour of launching Killzone Shadow Fall alongside PS4 this November with unprecedented love and affection from fans old and new.

We stand amazed and humbled by the love that fans have shown, and the thousands of hours of gameplay and live streams that stand as a testament to their engagement. We are committed to supporting you all with many more hours of content and events as 2014 begins. From Guerrilla, best of wishes for this season. *Raise toast* For the Players!

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Merry Christmas only Killzone I’ve played is mercs but it’s amazing so thanks! Can’t wait to play Shadofall when I get ps4!

Any words yet on the issue with Pinball Arcade discount bundle for PS4?
We are still unable to buy the PS4 Season one discount bundle, even though we own all the tables.

I guess Farsight are losing money on this, as well as getting bad PR…

When will this be fixed?
Will it be fixed before Christmas?
Why has this problem occured?
Thanks for your reply, the sooner this gets fixed the better.

Awesome Guerilla games :-) merry christmas to all and your loved ones. thanks for these awsome games the effort and love that goes into them and i look forward to 2014 when i pick up my ps4 with shadow fall.

look forward to the futre and many Happy retuns for 2014.

Cheers to Guerilla !

No run! head for Home, fast as you can ! 2 MORE SLEEPS TILL S A N T A

Merry Christmas Guerilla and thank you for the gift of a perfectly working game day one with my PS4. Honestly, Killzone with Resogun resulted in my favourite launch day ever.

Thank you and Merry Christmas. Go easy on that wine though!

Steve_Of_The_O 23 December, 2013 @ 16:03

Happy Xmas! Mercenaries validated my Vita purchase in a big way, literally played it to death. So pleased you’re fully supporting it with updates and additions as its a mini masterpiece that fully deserves it.


Merry Christmas! Playing Shadow Fall for the first time right now, and bought Mercenary in the sale. Hope you have another great year!

Happy Christmas to you all at Guerrilla Games.

I got Killzone Mercenary shortly after its release and thought this game looks and plays really well for a game on a hand held device. I enjoyed it so much I decided to get the Platinum trophy for the game.

As for Killzone Shadow Fall. The game is amazing. I remember part of the way through the first and stopping to have a look at the Vektan and Helghan sides of the wall. Well I have to say view was amazing,I mean the detail in the cities was unreal.

I really enjoy playing such a game. Again well done and thanks for such an amazing game. :)


Looking forward to see what your next ps4 game will be next year hopefully, I didn’t like shadow fall I just couldn’t get into it.


LOL…… manners please!

Shadowfall is a great game, thanks and Merry Christmas to all at Guerilla Games, looking foward to your next release as graphically your title is head and shoulders above the rest.


Thank you very much!!!
Merry Christmas Guerilla !!

Captain9Fingers 23 December, 2013 @ 19:34

Merry Christmas Guerrilla, thanks for giving the world two awesome Killzone games this year, I have both and love both.

Since I offered myself a ps4+Killzone Shadow Fall and I’m loving the game I thank you for giving me a merry christmas! I’m really liking the game, didn’t match the harsh reviews it got. The singleplayer is fun, has some flaws but some great moments in there too. The multiplayer is the most fun I had with a mp shooter since COD:MW2. Really well done, perfect gunplay , very balanced and team oriented. It’s so much fun. Don’t let the critics get you down, chin up and keep doing your thing ;)
Happy holidays to everyone at Guerrilla Games. ;)

Hope the team all have a great Christmas!! Thanks for Killzone: Shadowfall as it was Amazing… The graphics !!!!

@Paquete89 I agree, it defiantly didn’t deserve them. I think most game critics concentrate too much on the title of their jobs and criticise too much!! They are to quick to point out the negatives and don’t give enough praise/credit.

BleedingDreamer 24 December, 2013 @ 02:33

Killzone Shadow Fall is a great game thanks for the good times and Merry Christmas to all the gals & guys on the team.

Merry Christmas to you all

Merry Christmas PlayStation family ^_^

..and Guerrilla? Come on with this new IP :S

Da-Slaughterer 25 December, 2013 @ 21:25

Very Disappointed with Killzone….How long do they want to make the intro?
Would be ok if it was exciting.
Gameplay is poor.
AI is very poor
Graphics are ok..

But overall I feel it is rubbish!

If only the focus on the gameplay as they do with the graphics, Shame.


Hi is any one having trouble with killzone s/fall when finishing a round of muit player it just freezes. Only started doing it since the update on the 22nd. Can any one help?

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