The 12 deals of Christmas – deal #12

Deal 12

Hi everyone! We’ve reached the final offer in our 12 Deals of Christmas promotion and I hope you’ll agree we’ve left the best until last. Starting today, you can pick up Naughty Dog’s simply brilliant The Last of Us – or why not include the Season Pass bundle at one low great price?

PS Vita users, make sure you pick up the critically acclaimed – and oft-requested – Persona 4 Golden! These are two deals you really can’t afford to miss.

These deals will go live on Monday 23rd December and last for 48 hours.

Remember to keep an eye out for details of our January Sale and, finally, have a very merry Christmas everyone!

Deal 12:

The Last of Us (PS3)
Was €59.99/AU$89.95/£39.99, now €29.99/AU$39.95/£19.99
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members

The Last of Us plus Season Pass bundle (PS3)
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members

Persona 4 Golden (PS Vita)
Was €39.99/AU$54.95/£29.99, now €19.99/AU$24.95/£14.99
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members

Movie rentals:

United Kingdom:
The Purge
SD: Was £3.59, now £0.99
HD: Was £4.59, now £1.99

SD: Was AU$5.99, now AU$1.99
HD: Was AU$6.99, now AU$2.99

Dead Man Down
SD: Was €3.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €4.99, now €1.99

SD: Was €3.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €4.99, now €1.99

The Croods
SD: Was €3.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €4.99, now €1.99

The Blue Lagoon
SD: Was €1.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €2.99, now €1.99

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store

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Death_-Raven1430 23 December, 2013 @ 12:00

will be other christmas or new year sales?and when?


Amazing Deal! Saving the best for the last.. of us

Thanks you guys, immediately bought P4G.

Thanks you guys, finally got P4g

Awesome deals!!!!!!
Last of us is gonna be epic

I posted a comment on the first deal saying these 2 would be the last deal, guess i was right.

Thats a very good deal. I already have P4G though but everyone with a Vita needs to get it now! it’s a great deal!

Will there be another sale this week now that the christmas deals are over?

Unfortunately for me I no longer have my PS3, would buy TLOU the second it came to PS4 if it ever gets released, which is unlikely *sigh* great deal to end the 12 deals EU blog team. Merry Christmas to everyone!

Shou_Kobayashi 23 December, 2013 @ 12:06

Including Season Pass, guess I’m not gonna pass on this one :3

Two excelent games! I have both games and recommend! The best PS3 game and the best PS Vita game :D Two memorable experiences :)

@8 Yea, you want cookie?


Alright deals I suppose….I mean if you have PS3 and not already got TLoU where have you been?, same goes for if your got a Vita and not already got P4G where have you been?…

Would have preferred games, most people wouldnt already have…Pretty poor sale overall :(

I already have p4g.
Will splinter cell blacklist or ratchet and clank go on sale in the Christmas sale, if there is one?


Great news for P4G! Also,if you aint got TLOU,get it!It’s great.

Great that you offered a bundle with the season pass on TLOU.
And exactly the kind of deal that I hoped for with P4G. Time to get some cash onto my PSN account once again! Thank you. Was really about time. ;)

I’ll end up with buying P4G and Spelunky on the SCEE sales. While I’m very happy with P4G, I’m not satisfied with the rest.

Steam’s sale began few days ago and I already got 5 new games there and I eyed 4 others. It’s just like an huge yummy buffet, while these offers here were mostly a limited selection of dried gras and rocks.

@13 You’re damn right i do!

Absolutely brilliant deal, it’s funny how all the people that spent the month saying the deals were crap are suddenly either gone or changed their mind, i’ve got 2 games from the deals so far and wish i’d grabbed BF4 aswell, well done SCEE on another great month of deals

It would be great to get a discount on the Last of Us season pass for us who own the game already.

I can tell you where I have been: Playing all the other games that you never played. Where you have been with those? Seriously, what stupid question was that?

P4G was the most requested game for a sale, so it seems that your idea that everyone got it already was quite wrong.


FINALLY!!! Persona 4 Golden, Thanks!!! and The Last of Us!!! but now i am supper broke but happy :P

Respective GOTY for PS3 and PS Vita. Best deal!

Thanks Sony. Great sale for a new owner of Vita, like myself. I just hope neither Killzone nor P4G will be a freebie in January.

Wow, P4G! I’m expecting for this.
Finally, that deals are very good for me, only for P4G.

Was hoping for deal on Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Oh well, these deals are good too, though I already have The Last of U. But would it be safe to buy Splinter Cell Blacklist at the moment or do you guys have plans for it? Like PS+ or some christmas deals?

WE know that tomorrow we will get the PS+ games, but do you also plan any christmass deals/sales ?

Shou_Kobayashi 23 December, 2013 @ 12:18

@14 financial obligations, no time, because of work etc. I’m happy for the TLoU deal :3


still showing old price?

TescoAppleJuice 23 December, 2013 @ 12:19

Already got last of us. Would’ve definitely bought it for that price if I didn’t. Will be getting persona right now though.

Excellent deals… good for those who will profit..

I waited for this deal but ended up buying TLOU on Amazon for 32 euros.


Nice deals! Thanks SCEE and merry christmas to all!

I literally just finished The Walking Dead which was on sale here – so itll be good to jump into another post apocalyptic dad/daughter thing with the last of us.

It is shame that sharing Vita with your family is so troublesome, we must buy every game on card instead of digitally… Gladly it isn’t the same on PS3.

This is great. Just bought Persona. The 12 deals of Christmas has had some fantastic games. Thank you Sony and have a happy Christmas.

Thanks Chris, been waiting for this deal (Persona 4: Golden) since the sale began!

Quick question: How much memory does Persona 4 take up on a Vita memory card?

Reggyx3_Clover 23 December, 2013 @ 12:22

Thank you Admin-san love u psn blog team <3

When does the store update then?

PS. Using the webstore.

Only bought TWD so im 1/24 . Not impressed and definitely not singing another song.

@Jamil_K 3.2GB for P4G


People haven’t played this game!? Buy it now silly people! You should’ve thought about this game a very game a very long time ago. Merry xmas everyone and playstation I was hoping for NBA 2K14 but ahh oh well picked up 2 games on the deal anyway. This is a Great deal for everyone. Great stuff

Thank you Sony very much for this offer!!!!! I am very happy!!!!! Merry christmas! :)


Getting my Vita on Wednesday and haven’t played the Persona’s before so that sounds good, might even go for TLoU as I rarely play on the PS3 but I do have several other PS3 games to play…

Disappointed overall though, I expected some discount for us in the UK on PS+ and better bargains generally on the store.

AU$22.46 for P4G with the PS+ discount which is cheaper than the AU$27 is going for in stores at the moment, so a good deal :) This’ll make about 8 or 9 games I’ve picked up during the sale, and with Christmas on Wednesday (my Vita got wrapped and put under the tree ^^) I’ll have plenty of things to play over the new year!

Shou_Kobayashi 23 December, 2013 @ 12:29

Just to be sure, if I buy digitally, I don’t need no network pass, or?


aaaaaand P4G has now been purchased.

Thanks SONY for a great price reduction, very generous. I wouldn’t be suprised if every VITA owner (who hasn’t already got it) doesn’t pick this one up.

BTW, if you have the physical copy, you can trade it in at Amazon for £19, therefore making a tidy £6 profit!!

Helvedeshunden 23 December, 2013 @ 12:32

You knocked it out of the park on this one! Been waiting for those to drop in price for ages. Bought.

Shame you didn’t offer the last of us season pass discounted on its own for those of us who already have the game.

May get persona. Not sure. Do you need to play the prequels to understand the story? Plus I reckon it will be on igc since there is a limited amount of vita games till they run out of them for igc.

Shinobi-vs-Gast 23 December, 2013 @ 12:35

Yeah buddy, finally The Last of Us. Just bought, now I have to wait two hours for the download to complete.

Merry Christmas guys.

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