King Oddball Ends the World launches on PS Vita today


Greetings from still miraculously snowless Finland, PlayStation Blog readers! This week 10tons is back with another game to PS Vita, and what a game it is.

I’m quite frankly not sure what to say about King Oddball. Or, King Oddball Ends the World, as the full name goes in all its glory. The game is a bit peculiar, you see. You’re probably better off trying the free trial.

While it’s technically true that King Oddball falls in the same physics-based puzzle category as Angry Birds, the fruitfulness of the comparison doesn’t last long. Sure, you lob objects at things in both games, but that’s largely as far as the similarities go.

First of all, King Oddball is a bit weird. What the heck the titular main character even is? What is he a king of? Why is his tongue so absurdly long and stretchy? Why is he in such a foul mood? Your guess is as good as mine. All I know is the eccentric art style and accordion-heavy soundtrack fit the game perfectly.

Gameplay-wise, and this is probably the part everyone is the most interested in, King Oddball is equally uncommon: The main gameplay features a single push of a button.


The goal of each level is to clear the screen of tanks, soldiers and helicopters with three rocks or less. The way it works is The King automatically picks up a boulder and swings it back and forth by his tongue, like a pendulum. The rock is released by hitting a button, and from there on it’s all about the physics.

The trick is to make sure each boulder takes out more than one target, and that can be ridiculously challenging. Sure, it’s easy at first… But you’ll just have to get to the later levels. There’s more than 120 of them, by the way, and a secret moustache world to boot! The game isn’t much about luck either, as the physics engine’s accuracy is wound as tight as it goes, and we’re really quite proud of how predictably the rocks behave.

Check out the trailer, download the free trial and have fun! The full download will set you back £3.69/€4.49. We’ll be back in February with more PS Vita games.


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ooooo this looks quite fun
came out of nowhere too, pleasently suprised iam! (yoda voice)

One of my favorite mobile games. Better than Angry Birds ;)

icecrasher_zero 08 January, 2014 @ 14:28

I hope game like this will end up in INDIE category no PSVITA GAMES. I will not buy it.

Jaakko Maaniemi 09 January, 2014 @ 10:15

King Oddball is certainly not for everyone. Try the free trial though, it just might grow on you!

Good to see a trial!

Jaakko Maaniemi 09 January, 2014 @ 10:21

We aim to please :)

Seriously though, we feel that try and buy is a great model and we’re really happy it’s available on Playstation Vita. It makes our life as a relatively unknown developer (especially in the PS Vita scene) much easier, even if there is some extra work involved in making a free trial available.

So yeah, try the game! It’s free :)

Crimsonland pls :)

Jaakko Maaniemi 09 January, 2014 @ 10:13

It would be great, wouldn’t it? Let’s see…

looks interesting; I love the art style.

This post immediately sent me to the Google Play store, as this game is free over there.
That mobile version gave me a great impression of what this game is about. It’s probably best described as a take on Angry Birds with a bit more crude graphics, but the same addictive gameplay.
And before anyone asks why this one is free on Android/iOS, and paid on Vita, the Vita version is ad-free, so that’s worth the purchase price alone!

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