CES ’14: The creative vision of Media Molecule

On Tuesday, Sony’s CEO Kaz Hirai gave the opening keynote speech of CES 2014. He spoke about some of the successes (and failures!) that Sony has had in the past, and took the opportunity to lay out his vision for the future of the company, emphasizing that its products and services need to deliver “wow” experiences to its customers.

We were honored that Media Molecule was highlighted in the keynote as a kind of apotheosis of this concept (yay, us!), embracing the desire to deliver something special and truly unique and “wow” in each of our games. We were excited to work with the team to put together this little video for his prezzo, where we discuss our creative process and vision for our games.

If you didn’t catch the livestream, we wanted to share this video with you here on PlayStation.Blog, as it gives our fans and the gaming community another look into the happenings that go on behind the scenes while we work on developing our creations.

That wasn’t our only involvement though — if you watch Kaz’s full speech you’ll spot our very own Rex Crowle, Tearaway‘s creative director, taking part in the live performance shenanigans on the live animation screen behind Kaz.

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Nikos_the_great 09 January, 2014 @ 20:09

Wasn’t aware that Sean Bean worked at media molecule! Really cool!

Really hope we’ll see MM tech demo that was shown Feb last year, although I’d probably suck at it! But that wouldn’t stop others from creating awesome structures/things I could say then use to build a 3D world where I could… place a sackboy (in non sack related stuff) Even the dudes playing music on the thing was crazy! Possibilities endless!?

Show Project Spark who’s boss!

Problem of that in LBP, soooooo limited by materials, layers, models in the like.. Being able to create your own & share it! Dream come true for limitless possibilities!

But really how does it even run on PS4! The world that MM created and showed looked tooo detailed for something sculptured & not ‘effectively made’ with polygons, even if it was untextured.

I LOVE MM ;) + LBP & TearAway are WOW Games for me :P But i am really am dreading the next MM game(sorry guys it pains me to say it) :D ‘if’ it uses PS:MOVE :-/ If you can play it without PS:MOVE then fine tho ;)


LBP3 will be WOW!

Such a talented bunch.

I’m so glad I gave Tearaway the time of day as the originality and creativity involved was mind blowing.

It put Mario to shame.

Thank you for being the talented people you are, and providing us with both LBP and Tearaway. Your name is on my instabuy list for everything you create. Keep doing that please!
My nearly-four year old son loves being the face of the sun :-)

why is the PS4 still as rubbish as it was on launch day why have we not had updates yet why realease somthing when its not ready it is still a jumped up ps2

I agree with XSpike. I can’t wait for Media Molecule’s PS4 reveal, it looks like their gonna let us create full 3D worlds!

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