OlliOlli release date confirmed, all modes & trophies detailed


Hello there! We’ve finally finished OlliOlli on PS Vita and what’s even better, we now have a release date! 21st January for North and South America and 22nd January for Europe and Asia!

As you may know this is our first console title so it’s been a big challenge for us to get the game onto PS Vita, but one that has been well worth it (we hope you’ll think so too!) We did originally plan to release pre-Christmas but due to some technical issues we had to push back. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who patiently supported us throughout 2013, including fans, press and all the crew at Sony, especially Shahid and Spencer!

So, now that we’re on the edge of releasing OlliOlli into the wild it seems pertinent to give you the final details about all four modes and the Trophies (in case you didn’t see them when they accidentally leaked last month)!


Career Mode: 50 deviously handcrafted levels split between Amateur and Pro, the further you progress the more accuracy and timing you’ll need to reach the adoring crowd at the end of each run.

Each level has five challenges including Combo and Score attacks, and is linked to its own global leaderboard, think you can get that number one spot? Better get practicing…

Spots Mode: Everytime you get to the end of a Level you unlock the corresponding Spot. Spots are also individually linked to their own online leaderboards, the difference being they require you to perform one stupendously large styled combo to reach the end! It’s going to be a case of working out the best possible combination of tricks and grinds that you can fit into the spot’s limited obstacles in order to get the best score. Sam, our lead QA got 157k on Spot1 (see if you can beat that!).

Daily Grind: This mode really heightens the element of competition combined with massive risk. Each day everyone in the world gets the same spot to pull an amazing combo on. You can practice that Spot as many times as you like, but you only get ONE GO to set your score. Slam on your face, or mess up the landing and there’s no second chances! So you better make sure you’re fully focussed before playing it for real!

Check OlliOlli’s Creative Director, John Ribbins demonstrating this with ‘hilarious’ consequences:

RAD Mode: RAD mode alludes to the initial concept demo and only allows Perfect Landings and Perfect Grinds. Basically when we first made the game, this was how it played (it’s really punishing). We kinda had to tone things down a little make the game more approachable, but for the hard core pixel skaters out there, this is the ultimate challenge. Beat the game 100% perfect (some of our testers actually lost fingers checking that this mode can actually be done.) We’re not sayin’ how RAD mode is unlocked, but let’s just say you’re going to have to prove you know what you’re doing!

So that leaves Trophies: one Gold, three Silver and eight Bronze. You can see the full list here.

My personal favourite is ‘Explorer‘. We made five little hidden spots throughout the game and hid golden skateboards in them – not only will you get an achievement for finding all the spots but they’re also a sneaky way to extend your combo and get a better score! Sadly, we don’t have a Platinum in there (maybe next time?). But we’ve made the last gold a bit hardcore, so high fives to the first person that can get 100% trophies!

Finally, price – we’ll be letting you know on Launch day. Thanks for reading and do check out the full trailer below!

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Hell-Raiser-85 09 January, 2014 @ 15:29

Will there be a demo?


No demo, but hopefully the reasonable price will tempt you in!

Can’t wait!


Thanks Coheno!

There’s hardly any skateboarding games out these days. Looking forward to playing this when it comes out. Day one purchase for me. :-)


Awesome! see you on the leader-boards! :)

I’ve been following the progress on this for a while so I’m very happy to hear it’s coming out soon!
Congrats Tom and Roll7, what’s next for you guys? Another awesome Vita game perhaps?!


Cheers! Hope you enjoy! There’s quite a lot for us next we’ll be making various announcements over 2014 but for now we’re solely focusing on OlliOlli :)

Don’t know if you can answer this but here goes.
Your first post about olliolli here on the blog was may 22nd last year. There you said it was coming this year (meaning 2013 then). How much work was left to do on the game back then? How long does it take from a finished game is given to Sony before it releases?
The last question might probably not be answered but anyway.
It seems many games are being posted here as ‘coming soon’ and nothing is heard from it in months. Would like to hear your experience of this.


Hey Rhasget, thanks for your questions…

We did originally plan a late 2013 release, but this was our first console title so there were a lot of technical challenges for us which we hadn’t accounted for and that why we delayed into the new year.

Once Sony get the game, it can be released quite soon from what I know, but it has to tie into the publishers marketing plans.

As for the last question I can’t speak for other devs, but we tried to keep articles running each month across a range of different sites!

Majik_Meerkat 09 January, 2014 @ 17:40

Not worried about the price Tom I’m buying this the second my PSN store updates. Feels like I’ve been waiting for ages. You, John, Simon and the rest of the team have done some great work.

Now I’m of to Street fight X tekken to practice on me quarter and half circles ;D


Haha, yep Street Fighter is a good place to start for practice though in OlliOlli you’ll have to delay pressing X until you are near the floor, otherwise you get a sloppy landing and/or SLAM!

Wish I could get this on ps3 :-(


Not tempted to buy a Vita ;)

I can’t wait for this game.
Day one purchase for me.

The developers are awesome by default due to being British :-)


So glad its a day one, hope you enjoy!

Excellent guys well done in getting the game out that fast :) will be showing support by buying.


Thank you very much! Your support means a lot!

Hope to see sum dlc hopefully aswell.

Absolutely cannot wait, the money is in m PSN wallet just waiting to buy this on day 1!


Cheers sk8r1066! Hope you enjoy it!


This game looks brilliant, the video really sold this game for me. I cant believe he smashed the score then utterly failed lol Great idea!

Congrats on the game and the trailer Tom. Both are very professional, it seems that you know what you are doing.
Daily Grind is an excellent addition. Love that feat for Spelunky.

And since absolutely everyone seems to adore your game, from Fred here to Kuchera and Shahid, I’m quite certain that it’ll be among the best of its kind.

I almost wish that the genre and setting would suit me, but alas … I know it better.
Be it Urban Trial Freestyle, Joe Danger, Jet Set Radio – none of them ever entertained me. So to use the famous break up words: It’s not you, it’s me. ;)



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