Guacamelee Bundle Fantástico out next week

Guacamelee! Bundle Fantastico

2013 was an amazing year for videogames, and an amazing year for DrinkBox studios. The critical and commercial response to Guacamelee! has been staggering and humbling. To celebrate, we’re releasing the Guacamelee! Bundle Fantástico new Wednesday 22nd January, priced £13.99/€17.99. It includes:

  • Cross-Buy game (of course!)
  • El Diablo’s Domain DLC
  • Costume Pack DLC
  • Official game soundtrack (remastered)
  • All 3 Guacamelee themes
  • Our 10 favourite avatars

Only €5 more than the game itself! €5?! I’m buying 10 copies RIGHT NOW.

Guacamelee! Bundle Fantastico

If you think he’s scary now, wait until he wakes up

Wait… what’s Guacamelee?
A modern Metroid-vania style action-platformer-brawler set in a magical Mexican-inspired world. Featuring beautiful graphics, non-stop fighting action, multi-dimensional platforming and two player co-op. Some people say that it’s one of the top digital releases in 2013. I’m incredibly jealous that you’ll get to play it for the first time.

But I already own Guacamelee!
Thank you so much! While this bundle isn’t meant for you, know that we love you.

Guacamelee! Bundle Fantastico

Hell is a bureaucratic nightmare, obvious if you think about it

What is El Diablo’s Domain?
17 trials set inside the office tower of the devil. Each trial has a different goal – race against the clock, perform a huge combo, fight without dodging, etc. Player’s will need to think differently and develop new strategies to overcome each unique challenge. The flexible and the successful are rewarded with medals leading to new costumes and finally… respect.

Guacamelee! Bundle FantasticoGuacamelee! Bundle Fantastico

There are costumes, and then there are costumes

What’s in the Costume Pack DLC?
Three costumes that not only change how you look – but how you play! Can you finish the game with infinite stamina (and no health orbs)? Can you finish the game with weaker throws (but extra damaging punches/kicks)? Those brave enough to conquer the game while looking more ridiculous than usual will be rewarded with trophies.

Guacamelee! Bundle Fantastico

Now THAT’s how you cut a rug

Official game soundtrack
30 re-mastered tracks (over 1 hour of original music) PLUS four additional remixes not heard in the game. Rom Di Prisco and Peter Chapman’s genre defying soundtrack expertly marries mariachi with electronica. Trumpets soar above atmospheric synths, while Spanish guitars accompany electric beats. Don’t forget – you can copy the soundtrack to your computer

Guacamelee! Bundle Fantastico

While you browse, Juan enjoys nachos with… guacamole.

Themes and Avatars
The smoothly animated dynamic theme, and other gorgeous static themes add some spice to your lonely XMB. The avatars ensure your online profile will never look better, or ever get dull.

To recap, for €5 more you get the El Diablo’s Domain, Costume Pack, Official Game Soundtrack, all three themes and 10 favourite avatars. Even the harshest critics are impressed!

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Too bad you can’t actually buy a game more than once…

Would have been nice to have the DLC bundled for those who already own the game. I’ve had it since release and would have paid £5 for all the DLC in a bundle.

Yeah I bought the El Diablo’s Domain recently to get more out of the game as I enjoyed it so much. I’d like to pick up the costume pack at a discount as I feel it is a little too much right now.
Really hope you guys make a sequel though, bigger and better!

What’s price “£13.99/€17.99”? Or €5?


Hey there, bundle is priced at £13.99/€17.99.

How about PS4 version?

A_Nonny_Moose 14 January, 2014 @ 16:13

How about making it possible to use all of those costumes in the Vita version? I bought the costume pack and El Diablo’s Domain a while ago but was disappointed that only Juan’s outfits were accessible on the Vita. On the Vita store the little picture for the DLC does show them all. I did pay for all of them.


Absolutely my favourite game of 2013.

The amount of depth in the combat system alone is staggering.

pmf (bar none, even TLoU)


Thanks! Being your GoTY is great :)

No DLC/extras bundle for those who have the game already? ;(


loved playing Guacamelee when it was free on Plus last year, the game is very cool :). this bundle looks pretty darn awesome and a nice price aswell 8).

its so exciting, hopefully theres a Puma Pants costume in there somewhere :D


Yep, one of the best games of last year IMO, Metroidvania has been done to death but this really surprised me.

I saw some on the Plus thread calling it a “flash game” and a “phone/tablet game” which is the equivalent of saying you haven’t played it.

Can’t wait to see what Drinkbox do next.


Playing the game with a touch screen would seem a bit difficult…

I already own the game and I’d also like a DLC bundle only… Will that be available somewhere in the near future ?

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