Delve into the dysfunctional world of Danganronpa on PS Vita next month

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

*BRRIIINNNGGG* Attention students, class is now in session. Visiting professor David from Prinny University here (AKA NIS America) to give you a little lesson on Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, which launches on 14th February in Europe exclusively for PlayStation Vita.

Trigger Happy Havoc is a revamped edition of the very first Danganronpa that appeared on PSPs in Japan in 2010, and now includes updated graphics, touchscreen functionality, and a new game mode. Now get your thinking hats on, because murder’s afoot, and you’re going to need more than a #2 pencil to survive the tests this high school’s got in store for you.

Imagine attending the most elite high school in the country, Hope’s Peak Academy, where only the best students get their education. Your classmates include the Ultimate Swimming Pro, the Ultimate Fashionista, and the Ultimate Baseball Star. And then there’s our main character, Makoto Naegi, who’s not much of an Ultimate anything.

It’s hard enough trying to find your niche in a regular high school, but when it’s revealed that the students have been locked in by the headmaster of this school — a psychotic black and white bear named Monokuma – things get a little more complicated. The only way out is to murder someone and get away with it. However, if the other students unveil the murderer, he or she will have to endure a poetic death at Monokuma’s hands.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

The gameplay utilizes the investigatory elements of the Phoenix Wright series with the dark storytelling of games like 999 and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. Throughout the game, you’ll gather clues and establish ties with other students. Once a murder happens, you’ll then enter the “Class Trial” period, which consists of a series of adrenaline-laced, timing- and rhythm-based games, shooting down falsehoods and shining the light of truth in the darkest corners of the school halls. On top of that, you’ll build relationships with the surviving students. But keep on your toes, because nothing is as it seems! It’s just like high school, except with crazy bears and murder.

So keep your friends close and your frenemies closer in this game of mystery and deceit. You’ll need your wits about you to reveal the killers and survive the deadliest high school you could imagine.

Thanks for taking this crash course in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Please keep your eye out for the game in February, and until then, this professor has some apples to polish. Prinny out, dood!

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

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Straight to the point: Trophies including a Platinum Trophy? ;)


Hello Tii__,

You bet! Many trophies, including a wonderful Platinum Trophy awaits!

pinkplaybunny 21 January, 2014 @ 15:11

Looks like the type of odd game i will like :-)

@Tii – The Chinese trophies have been released for this game – not Reload 1+2, but the first game by itself – and, yeah, it’s a Platinum.


PS+ list for February??

Is this getting a retail release or will it be PSN digital only?


Hello lzorpo,

Both! It will be coming out in retail form on February 14th, as well as digitally the following week.

Death_-Raven1430 21 January, 2014 @ 15:17

will it be available in russian psn?


Hello Death_-Raven1430,

Yep! It’ll be available on Russian PSN.

Should be a day one purchase for me. I love that you guys aren’t making us wait 6+ months for European release.


Hello croze343,

Great to hear! We’ll do our best to continue this trend =)

#4 & #7 – please stop spamming the threads with your irrelevant posts.

Fred has already said that Febriary’s PS+ IGC titles won’t be announced until Thursday at the earliest.


Oh, and Danganronpa looks great! Looks like it’s gettinga physical release in the UK too :)

Hey NIS America! Thank you so much for publishing in Europe! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

I’m a 999+VLR fan, so this game has me very curious. Looks bearific! Will get! Hopefully you can bring us the sequel as well in the future.

Thanks once again! The wait will be, ahm, unBEARable.


Hello Andrefpvs,

Waaaa-! You’re so very welcome! It is simply not pawsible to bear any more of your kind words.

@9 If someone at Sony would answer my emails, tweets and posts i’d gladly stop posting. Until then I will continue to do so.


Hey Smash. I’m looking into this now for you.

If we could try and stay on topic that would be greatly appreciated. I’ve answered questions about the Feb PS Plus reveal on a few other threads already:

Thanks everyone.

Well done nis for your continued vita support I’ll buy this and I hope you will bring the disgaea 4 vita port to the EU _:)

Now just put disgaea 3 onto the EU stores it currently missing from so everyone can enjoy your fantastic games

I watched the anime and it was weak 5/10 maybe.


The game is better. That is what people have been saying :)

Looking forward to checking it out in due course.

^If the anime adaptation of a video game was an indicator of the game’s quality, then Persona 4 Golden wouldn’t be the best PS Vita game.


Well i also watched that one and that one was far better then this one.
but i am biased on shin megami tensei series since its my favorite, and the anime was quite good.

@Smash41 #12

There used to be a comment above yours that was asking about the IGC that has since been deleted, so #9 wasn’t actually talking to you :)


My point is that the source material is almost always better than the adaptations :)

I’m not saying Persona 4 The Animation is bad, but I simply would never see it as a substitute for Persona 4!

Wow, these are some awesome news :) I love VLR, so i will probably give this a go too :D I really hope 999 will also get ported to vita someday.

DoYouLikeMyID 21 January, 2014 @ 16:01

From what I’ve heard, the game is great, and I absolutely LOVED Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, so I’ll probably pick this up sometime. I just have so many games I still need to play at the moment, so I might have to wait a bit, but I’ll pick it up at some point! :D

supersmith2500 21 January, 2014 @ 16:08

NIS America is amazing for publishing titles for Europe. Keep up the great support.


Who said that this was a substitute for persona my post was that compared to persona this new game is mediocre at best.

hey! do you guys at NISA have any more releases coming soon?
what will the price point be for this game at the PSN store?
thank you for bringing games over


Hello rutea7,

We have a boat load of games heading to Europe! To name a few, Ys: Memories of Celceta, The Witch and the Hundred Knight, and Demon Gaze. Subscribe to our newsletter if you’d like to be in the loop!

The price for Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is set at 39.99 Euros.

Thank you so much for localizing this, hope it sells well!

theo_andravida 21 January, 2014 @ 16:55

What about the price?And is there a platinum trophy?It MUST be if you ask me!


Hello theo_andravida,

The price is 39.99 Euros, and yes, it most definitely DOES have a platinum!

Why do the HUD, pictures etc. remind me of Persona 4? Do they have something in common?

@ Mardolina
– It’s made by Spike Chunsoft, so, no, it doesn’t have much in common with Persona 4, outside of the school murder mystery plot.

Really looking forward to this. Hope it does well for you guys so we can get the sequels/spin-off as well.


Why have i not seen this before? The screenshot alone got me excited then you mention 999 and vlr? Also a slight persona feel im getting from it. Buying it for sure!

Hey dood,

i have this game, ys:memories of celceta and demon gaze on pre-order for the vita. But what i really really want is disgaea 4 on the vita – any news that this may be coming our way in the next year or so? Also, is there a ps4 disgaea game in the works? Keep up the good work with the localisation of great games! Cheers, dood.


Hello djburty,

Thank you for all of your support! We don’t have any news on Disgaea 4 for the Vita, but if something comes up, we’ll announce it on our newsletter =)

Thank you for bringing the game to the West. Definitely day one buy for me.


Hello RaijinPL,

Very happy to hear that! I hope you enjoy the game!


Thank you for bringing this to Europe in a timely manner AND have retail release unlike most publishers these days who think digital only is good enough for us lowly Europeans.

Question: Is it NIS America or NIS Europe? Or were these two the same company under a different name?


Hello DizzyQViper,

You are most welcome!

It is solely “NIS America”, however at one point in the past, we did have a separate entity titled “NIS Europe”.


Really glad I didn’t buy this last month when I was Japan now! In English it will be much easier to understand.

Can’t wait for this, getting it day one!
Do you have any plans for localising the sequel?
And of all characters you could of shown off in the article why did you choose Junko? ;)


Hello Redworthy,

Thank you for your support ^^
We don’t have any announcements to make regarding the sequel at the moment. And why wouldn’t we choose Junko Enoshima!

this game looks fairly interesting. i like the whole dark story telling theme plus it looks like it may be similar to persona 4! :D especially the odd and ominous bear character haha.

should be a good game looking forward to it!


Alright got this pre-ordered such an amazing game, can’t wait until the release the 2nd one as well.

infernalmonkey1 22 January, 2014 @ 11:10

Thank you so much for bringing this over, and with a retail release! I swear, NIS has quickly become my favourite European/Australian publisher. <3

Hopefully this sells well enough to consider localising the sequel!


Thank you, NISA. I am looking forward to buying this.

I’m gonna buy this one for sure.

Small question: will there be an option to choose between English or Japanese voices?


Hello Kevlar013,

Thank you for your support ^^

Yes, there will be dual audio, so you can choose between English or Japanese voices!

Saw a great write up about this on Kotaku – looking forward to this one!

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