OlliOlli slams onto PS Vita today, with 20% PS Plus discount

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OlliOlli is out today, exclusive to PlayStation Vita! We’re super chuffed (yes, chuffed, we’re chuffed), we can’t wait to get your feedback and see what scores you post, especially on the Daily Grind. We’re giving you a five day head start before Nikos our senior Coder is allowed near a Vita and starts busting some serious high scoring moves. You have been warned….

So, the all-important question: Price. It will set you back €9.99/£7.99. However, those of you with a PS Plus account will get a 20% discount on those prices for the first week!

Once everyone has trained up enough and we start to see some ludicrous scores we’ll be running a competition to see who can get the highest score on a particular day of the Daily Grind. The lucky winner will receive one of our exclusive (there are literally only two of them!) OlliOlli Skateboard, Helmet and MANDATORY First Aid Safety kit, but more about that soon!

We really hope you enjoy OlliOlli, we poured a lot of love, time and devotion into this project and we really hope that shows!

If you fancy any tips and advice on how to rack up some radical scores then do check out our Creative Director John Ribbins displaying his uber skills in these videos here. Or you can check our out very informative illustrated instruction manual above.

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Sweet price Tom. Always a pleasure when indies don’t follow that $1 = 1€ rule.

And congrats on all those amazing reviews and all the cheers & support you get from industry insiders. Hope it pays off for you guys.


Thanks! We’ve been blown away by the review,s we didn’t know what to expect so are very happy!

Was just coming to say the same as golwar $12.99 usually means £12 or even £10 so its nice to see you guys buck that trend and with a sweet 20% off for plus users its a no brained what I’m grabbing tomorrow ;)

All the best, i m looking forward to the frustration this is bound to cause lol


With price we literally converted the rates as they stand so I’m glad people are happy with that, enjoy it when you get it and let us know how you get on!

*i love that instruction manual* okay i dont have a helmet but.. ill take you up on that daily grind challenge anyway :’)


Health and Safety is our TOP priority ;)




Neither can we, can’t wait to see what scores get posted! Good luck!

I promised myself I won’t buy any game before I clear my backlog… I guess I’ll have to make an exception.



You do that! :)

theo_andravida 21 January, 2014 @ 16:54

Nice game but even if the price is converted correctly dont you think 10 euros is too much for this game?Because i do!Prove me wrong!What is it going to offer that deserves paying 10 euros for it?


Hey, thanks for comment and respect your point, I’m obviously biased so I’ll point you towards our reviews, hopefully they might persuade you :)

I can’t believe it’s finally nearly here… In fact can anyone lend me a time machine so I can make it tomorrow already?

Great looking game for a great price!

Also congratulations on the fantastic reviews so far!


Cheers! You’re gonna need a flux capacitor, let me know when you get your hands on one!

First hot title of 2014. Congratulations on the reviews!

I can’t hesitate for that price.


Awesome! Enjoy the game!

If you haven’t played the game yourself or seen a couple of reviews,pls do not judge the game just by the screenshots or random videos. I hate people who judge games just by screens or not playing the game at all. That applies to price too. So I write it again if you’re hesitant, try several reviews and then decide whether it is something you would like to play and pay for.


You know that if this game was using some flashy 2.5d engine and had “better graphics” but was the exact same game the price complaint would not be an issue, look at don’t starve it was being judged as some crappy indie before people even played it and its the hottest thing on ps4 ATM(I see the same thing happening with this)

(I like pixel art hence the ” “)

Glad your also someone who is willing to give games a look in before passing judgement


I’ve been playing OlliOlli all day and can confirm that the reviews are spot on – it’s excellent!

My scores, on the other hand…..

Whats the Australian price??


Not sure I’m afraid, I’ll email my Sony contact and find out!

Looking forward to grinding a different way for a change!


@theo_andravida: you are PS Plus, so you get 20% off. You don’t HAVE to pay 10 Euros, but only 8. Which is a 100% reason to get this instantly!


his dex yon


Looks like a fun game that’s easy to learn and pick up, but is difficult to master. I have to pick it up, especially when you consider that incredible price point. Can’t wait!.


I’m a bit worried about what the Australian price is going to be. Straight conversion implies around $15 but we have been screwed before when it comes to pricing for no reason other than they figure they can rip us off to make a bit of extra money.

Game looks interesting, though. I’m looking forward to at least trying a demo.


Want! Depends on the Aussie price though.


We think Aussie pricing will be under $15 before discount!

Games livbe now but the plus discounts missing, hope its fixed soon wzant to buy it and start playing like yesterday lol

The PS Plus discount isn’t showing up for me? Is it working for others?


It’s up on the web store now. $14.45 Australian. Better than I thought it would be, and it’ll only get better when the PS+ discount gets applied.


lol obviously I should have refreshed the page

“The PS Plus discount isn’t showing up for me? Is it working for others?”

Not for me anyway.

The plus discount is def not showing on UK webstore


The people who do these things are lazy and never just apply the discount when the item gets put up on the store. It’s a dumb way to do it but what can you do?

Maybe if all PS+ subscribers organised to buy games before discounts get applied and harass support about getting refunds every week they might notice. :P

It is now on the Store via the Vita with the discount.

Thanks for the heads up rob :-D


I have to say though, I’m disappointed that there’s no demo. It shouldn’t be that hard to just lock you out of everything but the first few levels without an unlock file.

Awesome, I’ve been a supporter of this since your second post when you announced you would rethink and rework the whole game when you realised noone wanted an endless runner on a console rather than a phone. I will purchase later today when I get home. Well done guys and a big congratulations for getting into the promotion too!

I hope you let us know how things go, the review scores are looking great too.

Wait, this isn’t out in the Netherlands?


Played it for a bit and I’m digging it already. The only annoying thing is that the menus can’t be navigated with the Vita’s buttons.

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