The Last of Us/We Love Fine design contest winners announced


Wow. You guys and gals really love The Last of Us. We had over 360 incredible submissions that poured in over just three weeks during our We Love Fine fan art design contest. We saw some silly ideas and some serious designs but all designs showed an incredible amount of passion and talent. Thank you for sharing these with everyone.

It was very difficult to pick the winners but after the fan voting and the judging rounds a few rose to the top.

The Grand Prize winner, the T-shirt in the centre of this image with the word “Endure” on it, was chosen by your votes. Our guest judges, Ashley Johnson (Ellie) and Troy Baker (Joel), selected the two runner-up winners while Neil Druckmann (Creative Director) and Bruce Straley (Game Director) awarded the special prizes category winners. All these designs are now available as T-shirts you can proudly wear. You can purchase these and many other cool items on the We Love Fine website.

We loved so many of your designs that we talked it over with the awesome people of We Love Fine and they agreed to potentially make more T-shirts and items based on your art. News about this will be coming once we have worked out all the details. Look for more awesome Naughty Dog merchandise from We Love Fine in the coming months.

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So pretty O.O


Sony….WHEN are you going to give us our 30 Day PSN codes from this promotion !!! This is crazy, all registered in time, but seems people have to contact you several times to get anywhere with getting this code you promised with your promotion. Yes….registered a new vita and fully eligible, yet ignore all emails and just tell me to phone the 08 number to receive one, but I cannot call 08 numbers from my phone as they’re blocked!! Please sort your promotions out


Fred Sorry to be a pain but I also have not received a email for the month of ps plus for purchasing a Vita or the offer of the ps4 competition that comes with it.

Thanks in advance :) (and sorry for posting unrelated there is literally no other way)

Here is the link:

And on topic I hope that those designs will be available in Europe some of them look amazing

It’s such a shame that it’s difficult to get anything like this outside of NA.

There were better choices in my opinion, both serious, symbolic and funny. The winner is a bit meh. This could be a Tomb Raider T-shirt. Funny enough another entry from the same artist had my vote – it was aqua-rel of Ellie and a giraffe. Similarly one of the funniest posts was Joel and Ellie riding a giraffe. For a T-shirt though the entry with both their silhouettes merged with a Firefly logo in the middle seems the best choice.

Oh well. I guess variety is the spice of life, which is a big bowl of Clicker soup. I’m still making myself T-shirts with the designs I like.

transpondster 22 January, 2014 @ 06:40

Wow, didn’t know about this, and now I spent $200 on t-shirts -_-

want them all, they look sooo fine ;)

We had over 360 incredible submissions… 360… irony?


Wow, those are awesome! Especially love the blue, white and black one.


Really going to have to start looking into purchasing (gaming inspired) clothing online :p


Hack. Ps3

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