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Everyone enjoying their weekend? Squeezed in some gaming here and there? I do hope so. There’s been plenty of news to stay on top of this week. First and foremost, we revealed which games are coming to PS Plus in February, but there was lots more going on besides, including a new video for The Last of Us: Left Behind, a fresh Final Fantasy sale on PlayStation Store, an update on the beautiful Road Not Taken and a launch day send-off for the fantastic PS Vita skate ’em up OlliOlli, which has been winning rave reviews all week.

Take a look at the best bits from Blog below, alongside an overview of some of the fun stuff we’ve been up to on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram too. Any questions? Feel free to sound off in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer. Until Monday…

Top 5 most read PlayStation Blog posts this week:

  1. PlayStation Plus in February: BioShock Infinite, Metro Last Light, Outlast, more
  2. Big savings on classic Final Fantasy games start today
  3. PlayStation Store update: OlliOlli, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, more
  4. Delve into the dysfunctional world of Danganronpa on PS Vita next month
  5. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII demo out tomorrow on PS3

Top 3 most viewed videos on our YouTube channel this week

1. The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC – full cinematic reveal

2. inFamous Second Son – Reactions trailer

3. PlayStation takes over London’s OXO Tower

Top three most RTed @PlayStationEU Tweets this week:




Most ‘liked’ image on Instagram this week

15 Author replies

Hi Fred :) any news on PS Vita TV coming to EU?


No, we’ve nothing to announce at present around that.

Gamesgbkiller 26 January, 2014 @ 10:20

What a great week!

Can’t wait for next month :)

It will be goooood :D


So, the Recap’s over for good? I guess it’s the birth of a new era…

I’m particularly excited for how Delsin will blend into LBP. I’m also wondering if there will be any plans to bring us Knack or Killzone Shadow Fall to it.

Or LBP for PS4. Which would make a bit more sense…

The Plus Month also is really good! I’ve been wanting to play some Dynasty Warriors and didn’t own the VIta one, so win win situation. Not a fan of shooters though. The loss of the third game on the PS3 side of things means less diversity, I’m pretty sure I’d have enjoyed the smaller title this one time. Please, next month try not to repeat the same genre on the same update!

And nothing else for me this week I guess. I’m back to ACIV, where the Jackdaw requires my attention. Have a nice Sunday Fred, see you tomorrow :)


Yes, a new era! Lots more tweaks coming…

Will there be Starhawk DLC discounts soon?

Why is the inFamous trailer called new when its old footage with new texts?

Why MAG’s DLCs weren’t released as free since next week the servers will be shutdown?


There are no immediate plans for Starhawk discounts, but that’s not to say they definitely wont happen.

Look out for brand new Infamous footage very soon.


Not really. The plus update was as disappointing as usual. You still haven’t explained why we lost our 3rd ps3 game and US didn’t. That’s 4 ps3 games that we have lost now.

Why did you lie in the comments last week? You said that no games that were in the January sales were in the February plus update and Modnation Racers Road Trip was in the January sale.


My apologies, that was an honest error on my part.

Tom_Auditore98 26 January, 2014 @ 11:36

“Get your hands on top-rated* games for your PS4, PS3 and PS Vita every month for as long as you’re a member.
*Top-rated is based on a meta critic rating of 70+”
ModNation Racers: Road Trip – 62
Dynasty Warriors Next – 67

Seriously? Also, why did the US get that awesome “14 for 14” sale when we didn’t get anything?

I wonder if Day Z will come to PS4 eventually(after it is finally out of beta on PC)?

When the XMB for PS4 was first shown, a player profile with the name of DayZ1000 or something similar was shown. A clear hint of things to come, I would say. Yes? ;)


Nothing to announce around DayZ I’m afraid. Great game though!

Hexahedronaut 26 January, 2014 @ 11:55

@Tom_Auditore98 …….we got that insane January sale?


There was never any plans to release the Vita TV outside Japan so I would not get my hopes up.

Saying that Sony has a Media breakfast planned for this coming Thursday morning.

The invite says “Following the biggest launch in PlayStation history, join us for an introduction to the slimmest.”

It sounds like they are planning a Vita relaunch with a slim model and the Vita TV might be included in the announcement.

Shahids was also hinting for a Vita JRPG will also be announced.

@Tom_Auditore98 Chris answered that in this weeks post (and if my link hasn’t worked, it was on page 2 about halfway down)

That Sack-boy is WICKED :P

My Jak and Daxter statue arrived during the week. So this is a good week for me.



Tom_Auditore98 26 January, 2014 @ 13:20

@Hexahedronaut Can’t remember it being Very amazing. I’d just appreciate it if us EU people got some really amazing deals. Like Killzone Merc for 9$/£\€
Like to all the deals The US had.

A_Nonny_Moose 26 January, 2014 @ 13:38

Is TMNT Out of the Shadows ever coming to PS3?


That’s a question for the publisher Activision. I’m not sure what the current status of that game is I’m afraid.


Up to 50% off 178 games and most were amazing. So you would rather have 14 deeply discounted games (most of which I own and the others not that interesting) than 50% off on a much wider range of games.

I for one see the sales were far better here than the US we had more choice on titles.

Sorry, but that is a sad joke. All of the best offers we received, NA had too. Just even cheaper. The only exceptional thing was that all those sales were massed together, while SCEA offers a good selection wih great prices pretty much all the time.

At the end of the day the January sale was exceptional for 3 reasons:
– great prices mostly for EA titles
– few others as Ni No Kuni, Brothers etc.
– general quantity

Nothing of that means that we surpassed SCEA sales in any way. It was just a better sale than we are to used from SCEE.
But feel free to name me a game that we had for sale, that the US didn’t receive too. Be it now or previously. And most likely for a better price.

And that is what matters, SCEA constantly knows how to do great sales, while it is a rather unique event for us to see even a good one.


Hey Fred,

I got a PS4 but don’t you agree that it is somewhat strange that I can’t use it to buy and transfer games to my Vita? Can you pass this the suggestion to add Vita stuff in the PS4 store or give me relevant contact info to do this myself?


Suggestion noted. Have you tried using the webstore? You can purchase for all PlayStation platforms from there:‎

ryannumber3gamer 26 January, 2014 @ 16:19

Hey Fred I have some questions.

1.Is there a chance for a patch for Music Unlimited on PS4. It’s extremely glitchy including When songs are playing during the game, it stops randomly and says ”Song Playback has Stopped”. Also sometimes if on Music Unlimited and looking at your playlist or searching for songs etc. Music Unlimited will randomly stop and quit to the PS4 menu saying “the servers are busy” and you need to relaunch it.

2.Is there any chance of Mega Man Anniversary Collection,Mega Man X Collection, and Mega Man Powered Up coming to the store?

3.Is there any chance of The Amazing Spider-Man and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 coming to PS Plus?


1. Sorry to hear you’ve had trouble here – I’ll pass your feedback along to the MU team
2. That’s a question for the games’ publisher, Capcom
3. There’s always a chance, yes, but no plans at present


Hi fred I hope aswer my comment below

I was thinking why not enough stuff on ps4 store and this following what needs to be done on store.

1. Need PS4 Demos for store since not much on there.

2. I think need to bring some old psn games to ps4 and I know up to the pubs to do so.

3. think costumers sick waiting for new stuff to come on store and really know not your fault but ps4 collecting dust and need to put great stuff for ps plus as well.


Hold tight. January is always a quiet month for new releases. There are plenty of great titles coming to PS4 – and PS3/Vita – over the next few months.

i asked this on the store update post but got no answer so i’;; try ask here again.

Will Syphon Filter 2 ever be making another appearance on the psn store and will Syphon Filter Logans Shadow ever get vita compatability, would love to play all of the good ones on my vita


It’s certainly possible, but I’m afraid we’ve nothing to announce today.

Hey Fred, although I agree with the new way of doing the week thingi, I preffered it when ALL blogs of the week were listed, maybe in the future you could either at the bottom list links to the posts, or, although this may be too much trouble, post all blogs in descendnig order.

It helps, as sometimes I refer to these posts for my blog and rather than searching through a few pages I can click on this and gander at them all at once :)


Hi What update do you need when you replace the hard drive for the PS4 & where do you get it from ? Thanks


Fred Sorry to be a pain but I also have not received a email for the month of ps plus for purchasing a Vita or the offer of the ps4 competition that comes with it.

Thanks in advance :)

Here is the link:

This weekend I have been playing Olliolli to death! and in those spare moments blazblue been awesome


I’ll look into this now for you.


I’m investigating. We’ll update asap.


Looking at it now. Should be fixed fairly soon.

Project2insanity 26 January, 2014 @ 22:11

What’s your perfect Sunday?

dogwalker4000 27 January, 2014 @ 01:04

Just to let you guys know the Asgard pack still seems to be unattainable on the PS4 :(

my name is dalmar ….please halp me my life …please…

please save me my life ….

Hi Fred

Will the media event be streamed on Thursday?


No, we’ve no plans. It’s a PlayStation UK event. In the interest of managing expectations, please don’t anticipate any software announcements.


There is a special firmware needed for upgrading the HDD. It is about 2GB.


I like the new format of the weekly recap. Much more useful for those that follow the blog on a day-to-day basis, as it also covers the other media.

However, the ‘most liked’ and ‘most retweeted’ are bound to overlap reguarly, especially wit the tweeted pics :-)

Oh, and did anyone already mention it’s PSPlus update week??
YAY! PS Plus update week! *happyface*

Fred, Jawad i have few questions:
1. Why indie hits bundle in vita its for free? Atomic nimjas and foosball separetly cost money. Bug?

2. Any news on replace Uncharted and Gravity Rush in IGc?

3. Will PS4 in future will be have have yerly games like Ps3/Vita?

4. Any chance on price drop for Rainbow moon, stick it to the man, in nearly future?


Great month for PS+, is there any plans for a sale on the BioShock Infinite DLC as its in there?


Hey Fred this might be a bit too early but any update on the situation?

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