New inFamous Second Son trailer: Recreating Seattle in stunning detail on PS4

From the start, Seattle felt like the perfect locale for Second Son. Sucker Punch Productions is located just outside of Seattle and we saw this as an opportunity to recreate the feeling of our home town. We wanted to capture a level of detail we had never attempted before using the amazing speed, graphics processing power and high resolution output of the PlayStation 4. Not to mention, being from here, we just couldn’t build a fake city with a fake Space Needle… I mean “Galactic Tower” just doesn’t sound right to us.

Our goal was to create an urban playground for the player as they experience Delsin’s amazing superhuman powers so it was paramount that we capture the essence of the city. We wanted to give the player the feeling of walking down an alleyway and seeing the rain accumulate between the cobblestones and the reflections of the rain streaked brick buildings and neon market signs. Or the feeling of looking up at the sun as it breaks through the clouds, sending rays of light through enormous pine trees.

We challenged our team to create all the painstaking details of the atmosphere, architecture and weather of Seattle, an open world complete with traffic, Seattle denizens wearing real, 3D-scanned clothing, expansive vistas, and destructible environments that are interactive with your powers. It’s also running at true 1080p.

The city also tells a big part of our story. Seattle is under martial law, and the presence of an oppressive police state is visible on every street. We licensed real local businesses to lend a credible feeling of being in Seattle, so as you recognise these well-known sites being suffocated by the DUP’s tactical gear, you get the idea that this nightmarish scenario could actually happen. Icons like The Space Needle, the monorail and even local quirks like the “gum wall”, gives Second Son the feeling of a living, breathing city that needs Delsin to set it free.

We’re lucky to have one of the most talented and hard working environment, lighting and effects art teams in the industry who are pushing hard to ensure that everything is the definition of “next gen”. We’ve worked hard on making the environments in Second Son look beautiful and feel as realistic as possible while also supporting a compelling narrative. We’re all very excited to have players jump in and make their own adventures in our Seattle.

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G0disinthehouse 27 January, 2014 @ 15:09


Is the song in the trailer an OST sneak peak or I can find this track somewhere?

Pre ordered the game (something I never do).
Now I only hope I’ll be able to buy a PS4 before the game comes out because of now I’m out of luck of finding one. :-(


Thinking about buying PS4 just for this, looks really amazing and hope there is still have two ending way, anything developer says about this?

How alive will the world be? I didn’t feel like neither infamous 1 or 2 really captured a alive world. I did like what you did with the vampire PSN Infamous game as that was on the right direction with a more alove world. Really hope you have taken a step further on that field.

Cant wait!!!! :D . Will the special edition be released in Greece?

Hey, I just want to know one thing, Will there be a demo and if so will if be avsilable before release? I would love to play just a bit of thi now my PS4 is starting to collect dust.



OttoT: You can buy a PS4 at I bought one yesterday and it will be delivered between the 30. january and 8. february. :)

Nothing but a blank space here on the eu blog, so I’m off to the us blog to watch it because they support the ipad.


Looks incredible. This was always my favorite open world game after GTA. AC4 was lovely as a launchgame but can’t wait for this.


Please give us more videos like that! :)

residentSteve 27 January, 2014 @ 21:29

@10 I wondered what was wrong with my iPad, this will be my 1st infamous game I will be buying the other two I got with ps plus I just couldn’t get into them.

I just didn’t like Coles character hope the new guy is more likeable.

Strangeheaven 27 January, 2014 @ 22:31

Just pre ordered the Infamous Second Son PS4 Bundle on Amazon UK. Lovely box art.


Should be PS4’s killer app if it is as good as it looks like it could be.

@DAKR91 Sure but then it has a different socket and I need to put something between it and I don’t like that.
Also I’m a bit done buying stuff from the UK. All good things happen there (PlayTV, video store, comic store, etc.) because headquarter thinks PlayStation is selling there really good but its due to a large part of people like us who buy their games/hardware from the UK. I’m done being treated like a second class customer.

Wow such a great graphics PS4 rocks. Just bought it PS4 can wait to play inFamous Second Son on it. Yeah!

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